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Brazilian plays try to captivate French audiences with political themes – Cultura



Brazilian plays try to captivate French audiences with political themes - Cultura

Actors walk the streets of Avignon advertising their plays and inviting the public to come to the theatre; lightning presentations are part of the strategy (photo: Nicholas TUKAT/AFP)

Avignon (France) – One of the most important theatrical performances in the world, the Avignon Festival, in the region of Provence, Alpes and Cote d’Azur, in the south of France, reaches its 76th edition with more and highlights for Brazil. . Opened on the last day 7, the festival continues until 26/7.

Residents and tourists live intensely with two events happening at the same time. On the one hand, the Avignon Festival, which is subsidized by the government, has 46 scheduled performances, over 400 meetings (including debates, readings and screenings) and an audience estimated by the city at 120,000.

On the other hand, Festival OFF with 1570 performances, 1300 companies, 300,000 spectators waiting, 33,000 performances in 24 days, 1.7 million tickets sold and the ant work of 138 theaters involved. For a public that moves between one and the other, structural and administrative differences do not matter.

With numbers in superlatives, OFF is the main showcase of the company. 25% of the programs of the show in all of France come from him. So nobody saves. At all times, passers-by are given excerpts from the show. Children and adults flirt with characters who do not skimp on enchanting.

Music is everywhere, in a festive and healthy atmosphere. The playbill spread throughout the city and, as part of the sea of ​​people, artists. Brochures are distributed in droves, and there are no intermediaries in this role. The actors themselves, if they are not on the stage, call the audience, dressed in stage costumes or in civilian clothes.

In the end, in the face of so many choices, in the presentation of seconds, frank and done in private, that the spell is made or not, in a mixture of propaganda and the power of persuasion, as explained by the artist Joanna, who sings French music plays on her accordion, for followed by the battery.


“We are obliged to meet the public on the street, if we do not, we lose something. part of the magic and maybe the person who sees us here will see us in the theater too,” says the singer, who has been living in France for 20 years. An accordion is walking down the street. “The street is free, accessible to everyone. And during the festival, we can play anytime, anywhere,” she says.

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And Brazil is not left out. This year the country is represented by five groups. Trs from Goinia (GO) selected in a public notice published by the State Foundation for Art and Culture. The presentations planned for 2020 had to be postponed for two years due to the pandemic.

For the first time at an international presentation, Grupo Zabriskie further fuels French interest in Brazilian politics with the show “O Brasil 2016 – A hora da sombra”, dedicated to the rise to power of the extreme right and the brutality of the capitalist system.

“To bring this show to life is a reason to be proud, to say that the theater that takes place in Goisa reflects what is happening in Brazil today. The theater is a reflection of the past and the solution of important issues, the flags of the struggle for democracy, for a just and humane country,” says actor, producer and assistant director Alexander Augusto.

Theater troupe Oops..! is “O Olho”, an adaptation of the short story “O corão revelador” by Edgar Allan Poe. A person who decides to prove to the audience that madness is on their side tells in detail about the crime he committed, with all clarity and clarity, making the viewer a witness and accomplice of his story.

“I introduce French words into the show and I also have a lot of dialogue with the audience, I play with them to interact in some way. After all, the theater goes far beyond understanding the text,” says actor and artistic director of the company, Ju Bosco Amaral. “We are funded by a Brazilian foundation, and speaking Portuguese is also a political act,” he adds.

In Lies de mutin, Anthropos Companhia de Arte shows how a simple situation can speak of many situations of violence, many of which are invisible. Actress Renata Cayetano as a retired middle-class teacher is an x-ray of a rebellious citizen who no longer believes in human justice.
In a black dress and yellow coat, the actress supports women
Actress Renata Cayetano lives as a rebellious and unbelieving citizen of justice in the Brazilian show “Lies de mutim” on the program of Avignon. (photo: Constantino Isidoro/Divulgao)

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The words come out, as in a choreography, performed by a large bolero. The teacher has the opportunity to take revenge on the thief who prevented her from leading her peaceful life. “I don’t want to explain anymore, everything has been said, now it’s time to act. In a kind of interrogation, the concept of justice is discussed. The text asks from a dramatic, simple, real situation whether one should obey the bourgeois ethics or take justice into one’s own hands,” explains the artistic director of the show, Constantino Isidoro.

“The sound, the words that we vibrate here, are able to echo in the understanding of the audience. And whoever loves the theatre, must dare this different perception.”

Brazil is also represented by the company Quadrovivo, created by the actor Alexandre Babaioff for a tour in Avignon, with the play “Tom on the Hacienda” based on the work of Canadian writer Michel Marc Bouchard “Tom on the Farm”. And Companhia Projeto appears with “Uma mulher ao sol” about the Minas Gerais writer Maura López Canado (1929-1993), who spent a long time in psychiatric hospitals.

Festival OFF co-president Harold David laments the lack of a bigger presence in Brazil. “Participating Brazilian companies come on their own or with some support from state governments. We want to move forward in this relationship, ensure better acceptance and investment from Brazilian groups, and also seek reciprocity so that French companies can do the opposite,” he says.

“The festival’s role is also to facilitate meetings and exchanges between groups. Performances abroad allow you to artistically nourish yourself, get acquainted with other actors and cultures. An important international window for OFF and I am happy that the first exchanges with Brazil have taken place.”

In white gloves, the actor holds on to the back of a wooden chair, glues his face to it and screams
“Eye” that Cia Teatral Oops..! Filming an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Frank Heart”. (photo: Eder Balthazar/Divulgao)

The range of mounts has options for adults and children.

theater for all tastes, from classical to modern, for all ages, and Brazil is also present in French work. In the children’s musical play “A Wise Man in the Shape of a Monkey”, the complicity and memories of three friends are contrasted with a flea market and the myth of the three wise monkeys: what they do not see, what they do not hear, and what they know. do not slander by closing your eyes, ears and mouth respectively.

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Ancient and pictorial objects form percussion tracks, while the cello sets the tone for fragments of life and the voices of a trio of actresses who question the key to happiness, prompted by oriental wisdom. “Do not ignore the evil that will disappear,” Serena Fisso, Ine Argo and Johann Matali say in the play. They sing and enchant, including Brazilian songs such as “Canrio do Reino” by Tim Maya.

“I am attracted to the songs of the world. Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese seduce me because musically they are very open languages ​​that make me travel,” says Serena. Hlne, a Parisian samba performer, shares the same passion. “Three monkeys are famous all over the world, so I didn’t want to reserve a spot just for Indonesia, where I’m from, and France. I love running down the runway with songs that kids don’t know but that make them travel,” concludes Serena, the playwright.

Leonardo da Vinci walks the streets of Avignon advertising “In the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci” – a time travel made by the brothers Lisa and Lo, who travel back 500 years to tell children about the Italian Renaissance master and teach him how the present feeds on the legacy of the past and its essential transfer.


“Da Vinci’s time was very difficult and special in history, with wars and famines like the one we are living in now. We need to give hope and show that we can achieve more, which Da Vinci always wanted, ”says the author of the play, Estelle Andrea.

How not to be enamored by Wet Chicken, who is sensibly bullying at school. Or even with Abelar. Based on the comic book, it tells the story of an ageless child who, armed with innocence, faces the hostility of the world. “We dare not, not because things are difficult, but because we dare not, they are difficult.”

The theme of time, the migratory wave in Europe, did not go unnoticed in “Some Fall in Cruelty”. In a caustic and furious mood, five actors and a musician act out the story of an African immigrant taken in by a bourgeois family in Paris, and all the contradictions and intrigues revealed with the arrival of Malik. “Political correctness” gives way to the hidden faces of our good conscience, which soon gets rid of prejudices and inconsistencies.

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Donald Trump says he is a “victim” of the FBI. Republicans talk about political attack



Donald Trump says he is a "victim" of the FBI.  Republicans talk about political attack

Donald Trump says he is a “victim” of the FBI. Republicans talk about political attack

After the FBI ransacked the home of the former President of the United States, early Monday morning Donald Trump, several family members and members of the Republican Party point to illegal police actions and “political persecution.”

“After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home is inappropriate,” Donald Trump said in a statement, accusing Democratic rivals of using the U.S. Department of Justice as a weapon to stop him from doing so. run in the 2024 presidential election.

The children of the former president also spoke out in favor of Trump. Eric and Donald Junior say the FBI’s investigation is worthy of a “third world country” and a “banana republic.”

Former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believes in a conspiracy against a businessman and political leader: “Overt politicization of the DOJ/FBI is shameful. The Attorney General must explain why these searches delayed justice for 250 years.”

Rep. Ronnie Jackson even says the FBI has “officially become an enemy of the people.”

The FBI is led by Christopher Ray, who was appointed by Donald Trump in 2017. Officially, investigators have not yet commented on the searches, but US media sources indicate that Donald Trump could have taken confidential documents from the White House without permission.

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On political crime and criminal policy – 08.08.2022 – Opinion



On political crime and criminal policy - 08.08.2022 - Opinion

The escalation of violence that has engulfed the political arena has taken another victim. The birthday party, which had former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) as its theme, ended tragically after a political antagonist intruded and fired a gun, killing the birthday boy. A police spokesman in the case said it was not a political crime.

And how is a murder with a clearly political motive not a political crime? Sometimes there are such things in the law: it has its own logic. This “magic” created by the codes is not always pleasant, but this time we must give a justification to the law.

Attributing a crime to a political one is not limited only to the motivation of the perpetrator, but also to the actual or potential consequences of the action. Thus, it takes a crime to endanger national sovereignty, democracy, territorial integrity, or the head of any of the Union powers. The gruesome murder may have been politically motivated, but the perpetrator’s intended consequences were limited to the party and its members.

There is no rule relating exclusively to political motivation; thus, this type of motivation corresponds to the concept of abomination, which, in the language of criminal law, is a particularly heinous and heinous crime. Since murder qualifies as hooliganism, the crime is punished more severely. Thus, there is no political crime, but there is a crime in politics.

Besides the issue of the infamous crime in politics, there is another dimension, much more complex, that deserves attention: the politics of crime.

The aggressor was reportedly traveling with his wife and child when he fell out with his political opponents. He left them both safely and returned for a rematch. From the killer’s point of view, he was definitely not a killer, but a patriot or some sort of hero against a villain.

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The Manichaean understanding of life, projected into politics, allows for family conflicts, broken friendships, and even marriages, which have been widely reported. Exposing yourself as the bearer of absolute truth allows you to confront the enemy as a hero who must defeat the villain. This kind of absolute contraction is characteristic of religions whose dogmas are guided by love, mercy and tolerance.

Politics, on the other hand, has other dogmas, as it is a stage for disputes over power and ideas. Presenting oneself as the holder of sacred truth outside the religious scene is usually the fuel for the generality of historical atrocities. The politics of crime is born only in the absence of minimum cultural and educational standards, replacing persuasion with knowledge.

There is no other way to suppress criminal politics than to reconsider one’s own convictions, to make room for listening to the opinions of others, no matter how much one wants to convince the other of one’s opinions. In politics, as in science, belief is the worst enemy of consensus, and without a minimum of consensus, there is no nation, only a handful of people shooting at each other.

Articles published by subscription do not reflect the opinion of the newspaper. Its publication is intended to stimulate discussion of Brazilian and world issues and reflect the various currents of contemporary thought.

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Why Claudia Raya left politics after supporting the campaign against Lula



Why Claudia Raya left politics after supporting the campaign against Lula

With the 2022 election approaching, several celebrities are positioning themselves in favor of the main candidates for the presidency of the republic: Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Ciro Gomes (PDT). However, there is one person who does not intend to use her image to influence this year’s elections – this is Claudia Raya.

Claudia Raya, now 55 and most of whom devoted herself to the arts, was already active in Brazilian politics in 1989, when she was one of the most enthusiastic celebrities who supported the candidacy of Fernando Collor de Mello for the presidency. then PRN (current Aghir), who contested and won the second round against Lula.

However, the outcome of this story was a nightmare for the actress. Collor took the unpopular measure of confiscating the savings of Brazilians to curb inflation and was later removed from his position due to corruption scandals.

For being a personal friend of the politician from Alagoas and being active in the campaign, Raya became the target of numerous criticisms and from that moment decided that she would no longer participate in political campaigns, even to support her family. members.

the beginning of friendship

Claudia Raya and Fernando Collor

Image: UOL Reproduction/Assembly

In 1991, Claudia Raya spoke openly about the beginning of her friendship with Fernando Collor de Mello in an interview with the Kultura TV program Roda Viva. At the time, the actress said that they met when she was touring for a performance of “Gatão de Estimação” in Maceio. Collor and his then-wife Rosan Malta introduced themselves as admirers of Claudia Raya’s work and went to meet her backstage.

At the time, Raya recalls, Collor was the federal candidate for Alagoas, and she insisted on supporting his candidacy. With the victory in the elections, the artist recalled that Collor began to consider her a “rabbit’s foot”, that is, a talisman.

“He was a candidate for federal deputies. I thanked them for being in the hall, I already knew him from the newspaper, I thought he was an interesting politician, and they went to the dressing room to greet me, and I said to him: “You will win as a federal deputy.” It was the beginning of our friendship. He won, he thought I was his rabbit’s foot, that I should be on his side, and we became very good friends,” he announced.

In that interview, the actress called Collor a good-natured person and that “no one can deny it.” “AS WELL ASin an absolutely decisive person, very demanding of himself,” he said.

campaign video

The 1989 elections were important for Brazilian democracy as they marked the resumption of elections by popular vote after 25 years of military dictatorship and the killing of hundreds of opponents by the military.

In this scenario, the strongest names in Planalto were Kollor and Lula – the Alagoan won with 55% of the valid votes in a campaign heavily marked by television – TV Globo’s biased publication in favor of Collor in the debate is the most famous episode. Decades later, a PT member accused a carioca radio station of doing a “rut” to hurt him. globe, including already apologized for the episode.

But this campaign also involved several celebrities, such as Claudia Raya, who stood out for her enthusiasm and belief in Alagoas. The actress even starred in commercials in which she urged Brazilians to go vote as she, “in green and yellow, full of faith”, vote “correctly, vote for Collor.”

“I’m going to vote for the president for the first time, like most Brazilians. And you won’t miss this opportunity, right? booth take your ballot like this and vote right, vote to win, score to win, 20 Collor. Vote like me, vote Collor,” said the actress in the campaign.


Three years after winning the election Fernando Collor de Mello was removed from office. The then president was implicated in several corruption scandals, in addition to the confiscation of Brazilians’ savings, which brought crowds of painted faces to the streets demanding his impeachment.

When she was at Roda Viva in 1991, Claudia Raia was asked what she thought of the then president’s attitude and pointed out that “it was a chaotic situation.” According to her, her income was also withheld, and she did not even have money to buy cigarettes.

“O [meu] money stuck, I didn’t have money to buy cigarettes. I remember I started the soap opera “Rainha da Sukata” and Gloria Menezes didn’t have a dime either, so we collected what we had, bought a pack, and we had ten cigarettes each. It was a chaotic situation, but I think that’s part of it, I would also feel really bad if my money wasn’t stuck, if everyone else was stuck, mine would be stuck too,” he said at the time.

Since then, Claudia Raya spoke of her participation in the 1989 elections, when she supported the campaign against Lula and in favor of Collor, always with regret.. In several interviews, the actress said that today she would not even support her mother, Odette Motta Raya, who passed away in March 2019..

“This process was very painful and I hope it never happens again. I just definitely think politics and art are incompatible,” she told Rádio Cultura FM in 2021.

“I believed that Fernando Collor was the guy who would change Brazil, me and everyone else, but that was not the case,” he continued. “And I think that today Brazil is going through a split, and many places in the world are also going through this split. And I think it’s very bad, very harmful. This is a hate campaign,” he added.

Last month, the artist again commented on this issue in an interview with JP magazine and said that she was not going to “ever go through anything like what she experienced at that time.”

“What I went through with Fernando Collor, I don’t want to go through again. Even if my mother reincarnated and ran for president, I would not campaign for her,” he said.

fake news

Due to her closeness to Fernando Collor de Mello, Claudia Raya became known as the mistress of the Alagoan politician. The fake news concocted with her name at the time drove her to the bottom.

In this case Raya put an end to it marriage to Alexander Frotaand rumors arose of her alleged involvement with the “marajah hunter”.

“They said I had sex with Collor in the Casa da Dinda pantry,” the artist said, referring to the former president’s family residence in Brasilia.

Raya recalled this gossip in her memoir Semper Raia um Novo Dia (HarperCollins Brasil), written by journalist Rosana Hermann. The celebrity recalled how she was at Globo Studios and received a personal call from Collor asking for help amid impeachment calls, but she refused. According to him, this episode marked the end of their friendship.

In addition to being identified as Collor’s lover, gossip at the time said she would have contracted HIV because the former president “was very thin and people accused me of having an affair with him”.

“Then I had an empty theater, I had to be on the cover of a magazine with a negative result. HIV. I paid the price for the wrong choice, with the wrong person.”

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