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Benfica Girona FC Direct Preseason



Benfica Girona FC Direct Preseason
private game
🔴 66′ ⏱️
Benfica 3
Girona FC one
Vertonghen (57′)
Bach (60′)
Yaremchuk (67′)
Stuani (52′)

Benfica will play another 2022/23 pre-season friendly, this time against Girona, at the Stadio Municipality in Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) at 16:30. Follow the meeting live and last minute here.


67′ 3-1 GOLO DO BENFICA! Yaremchuk.

66′ Penalty by Benfica for the overthrow of Valleri over Chiquinho.

65′ Left corner in favor of Benfica.

60′ 2:1 BENFICA GOAL! Bach. Nice collective move by the Eagles, Moreira Jr. returns the ball at the entrance to the penalty area, the ball stays in Ba, who kicks with his left foot, shooting for a turn.

57′ 1-1 GOAL FROM BENFICA! Vertonghen. The right corner was pointed out by Chiquinho, António Silva insists, the ball goes to the Belgian defender, who equalizes first.

52′ 0-1. Golu do Girona. Incomplete shot by Meite, the ball remains with Stuani, who scores.

49′ Bach crosses from the right, and Moreira Jr. fights back in a small area.

46′ Chiquinho struck on the edge of the site. The ball passes next to the Spanish gate.

46′ Part 2 has already been played.

46′ Substitutions for Benfica: leave Helton, Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Grimaldo, Florentino, Enzo, Joao Mario, Neres, Rafa and Goncalo Ramos; Enter Odysseas, Bach, António Silva, Vertonghen, Gil Diaz, Weigl, Meite, Chiquinho, Moreira Jr., Enrique Araujo and Yaremchuk.

Interval 45’+2′. Benfica-Girona, 0-0.

45+1′ Benfica transitional exit with Enzo through the center aisle launching Gonzalo Ramos. This one, isolated, cannot fire a shot.

45′ Two more minutes will be played.

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41′ Right corner for Benfica. Neres takes a shortcut…

37′ A yellow card is shown to Sam Saiz for a foul on Rafa.

37′ Turn right towards Girona. Cut Benfica.

36′ Samu Saiz’s shot was reflected in the red defense.

32′ Neres leans in and shoots Juan Carlos to save him.

31′ Arnau’s cross from the right and Stawney’s header from the side.

29′ Let’s get back to business in Yverdon-les-Bains.

27′ Pause to hydrate.

26′ Dangerous move by Girona, but Samu Size is offside.

25′ Enzo takes a free kick, but the ball is higher.

24′ Free directly to incarnations.

22′ Canopy on the left flank of Alexei Garcia with the capture of Helton.

21′ Turn right towards Girona. Cut out the defenses of Benfica.

19′ The right corner to Girona and Stuani is in danger.

17′ Corner to the left for eagles.

17′ Benfica’s persistence, a cross by Grimaldo and Neres in a good position makes the Girona defender leave.

13′ Samu Saiz’s cross, low, hit the target and Helton holds.

eleven’ Girona tries to cross Samu Saiza, but Florentino cuts the offer.

ten’ Right corner for Benfica. Cuts Girona’s defenses.

eight’ Offside Goncalo Ramos.

6′ Gilberto makes a cross, Neres gets in the penalty area, takes the opponent out of the front line and punches with his right foot inches from the bar.

5′ Benfica attack from the left, Grimaldo crosses, but Juan Carlos comes out and grabs him.

2′ Right corner for Benfica.

2′ Great opportunity for Benfica! Otamendi’s deep throw, Joao Mario dominates, assists Gonzalo Ramos and finishes off Juan Carlos.

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one’ Beginning of the game.


Municipal Stadium Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland)
Eleven Benfica
Helton, Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Grimaldo, Florentino, Enzo, Joao Mario, Neres, Rafa and Goncalo Ramos
Odysseas, Samuel, Vertonghen, Bach, António Silva, Weigl, Gil Diaz, Diogo Gonçalves, Meite, Chiquinho, Paulo Bernardo, Moreira Jr., Yaremchuk, Rodrigo Piño, Musa and Enrique Araujo
Onze do Girona FC
Juan Carlos, Arnau, Monhonell, Samu Sais, Valleri, Alex Garcia, Juanpe, Terrats, Bueno, Ureña and Stuani
Adrián Ortola, Oriol Comas, Domenchech, Alex Sala, Pau Victor, Artero, Bill Ferres, Alex Almansa, Marc Aznar and Joel Roca
during break 0-0
Referee team
Referee: Tobias Tees; Assistant 1: Stephan de Almeida; Assistant 2: Thomas Silmann

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BALL – Demoman Lille defeats Paulo Fonseca (France) in the opening



BALL – Demoman Lille defeats Paulo Fonseca (France) in the opening

Lille hosted and beat Auxerre 4-1 in the first round of Ligue 1. Thiago Djalo and José Fonte both started in the match that saw the debut of Paulo Fonseca as manager of the home team.

The big star of the game was Canadian Jonathan David. After passing to Benjamin André (1 foot), he scored twice (3 feet and 39 feet). Zedadka (64′) closed Lille’s scoring in the second half, with Charbonnier scoring the honorary goal against freshly promoted Auxerre.

In other games of the day, Lance (David Costa’s owner) beat Brest (Matías Pereira Lage) (3:2) with a Sotoka hat-trick (27, 62 and 65 minutes) and he still missed a penalty to 33′). Belquebla (66′) and Del Castillo (82′) still gave hope to the outsiders, but the defeat was confirmed.

In Montpellier, Pedro Mendez was on the bench in the hosts’ victory over Troyes (Abdou Conte, injured, not an option). In a half-time game, Saint Luce’s goal (3′) and Savagnier’s brace (15′ and 81′) were the home side’s response to goals from Tardieu (12′ gp) and former Sporting Mama Baldé (17′). ).

See the results of the first round of Ligue 1:

Friday, August 5:

Lyon-Ajaccio, 2-1

Saturday, August 6:

Strasbourg 1:2 Monaco

Clermont-Paris Saint-Germain, 0:5

Sunday, August 7:

Toulouse – Nice, 1-1

Lens – Brest, 3-2

Montpellier-Troyes, 3-2

Lille-Auxerre, 4-1

Angers-Nantes 0-0

Rennes – Lorient (16.05 hours)

Marseille – Stade Reims (19.45 hours)

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Wages account for more than 50% of fishing costs – DNOTICIAS.PT



Wages account for more than 50% of fishing costs – DNOTICIAS.PT

Good morning, this is the main news of the DIARY.

More than 50% of fishing expenses go to wages is the headline that marks the first page of this issue of Sunday, August 7, 2022. “In the cost structure with ships, fuel weight is only third,” we add. “The government of the region is doing a reporting radiography of activities that absorbed 2 million in support in 2 years,” our headline summed up. Read more on page 3.

A day that was supposed to be a celebration and dedication ended in the worst possible way. Tragedy overshadows Rally it’s a title no one would want to give.The death of an 8-year-old girl after she was picked up by one of the Encumeada racing cars dwarfs the 63rd event won by Alexandre Camacho/Pedro Calado,” we explain. Read between pages 18 and 21.

Also in sports “Maritimu suffers a heavy defeat from Dragao (5: 1) on his return to the I league”, in the chronicle you can read on pages 22 and 23.

Growing concern about “tech” addiction – Another chosen name that deserves attention and reading. Nelson Carvalho warns that drug addiction will cause more headaches than drugs. There are already internet-induced hospitalizations in the Region”, we highlight what you can find on pages 10 and 11.

Finally, a culture with a simple name, but important for a sector and a specific association, Teatro Experimental do Funchal. CMF increases financial support for TEF which you can read on page 38.

In addition to these articles, many more can be found in your regular DIARY, in paper or online format, whether you are a subscriber to both or a reader who buys your copy from the newsstand.

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Have a nice Sunday and happy reading.

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Goncalo Guedes to leave Valencia soon



Goncalo Guedes to leave Valencia soon

Gattuso confirmed that Valencia had accepted the Portuguese’s “excellent offer” from the English club.

A victim of the financial problems that plagued Valencia, Gonzalo Guedes is leaving the club he has represented since 2017. Faced with the absence of the Portuguese footballer in the squad for today’s duel against Atalanta, valid for the Taronja Trophy, coach Gennaro Gattuso justified it. with the need to preserve the physical condition of the player in the conditions of his imminent sale. “The club told me that they received an excellent offer for Guedes from the English club,” said the Italian, but refused to confirm the fate of the striker.

Following Gattuso’s words, Gonzalo Guedes was appointed to Wolves and Newcastle and his price was set at €40m, the amount Valencia need to be able to register a promotion for the 2022/23 season in Spain. league. If the sale of the forward for this amount is confirmed, the Che emblem will not be required to be disposed of by any other player.

Remember that Valencia have already prepared the departure of Guedes by hiring Atlético de Madrid on loan until the end of the season, Samuel Lino, the former Gil Vicente.

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