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Amazfit T-Rex 2: durability and parts price | Analysis/Review



Amazfit T-Rex 2: durability and parts price |  Analysis/Review

Announced globally in May last year and officially launched in the Brazilian market at the end of June, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 arrived in line with the proposal to serve users who usually go to extreme sports and visit extreme scenarios, but who do not want to give up a partner. technological.

But does all this reliability and sustainability reflect on the overall quality of smartwatches? This is what you can see below in our full review!

economy and market
May 29

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro: the best value for money

09 Apr

construction and design

Sold in a box reminiscent of a traditional watch, the T-Rex 2 only comes with a manual, certificates, and a charging cable with magnetic contacts; a set that we are used to seeing for this type of product.

A style reminiscent of Casio’s famous G-Shock, made of polymer alloy with a silicone strap with classic buckle, makes Amazfit watch durable.

With military MIL-STD certification, the model is able to operate in extreme temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, as well as withstand – during testing – 240 hours of moisture, 96 hours of salt water splashes, ice and cold rain; besides that it can be immersed under pressure up to 10 atm.

Even testing its strength, the model has already been sent into spacereaching the stratosphere, being exposed to an average speed of 290 km / h and temperatures below -64 ¬į C, returning to earth in full working order, detected thanks to the included GPS.

Available in 4 colors: Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Green and Beige, the new T-Rex features a 1.39-inch round AMOLED screen with a density of just over 460 pixels per inch, ensuring excellent color reproduction and high-definition objects. presented in the interface.

Our only criticism here concerns the proximity between the display glass and the edge of the case. Since they are very close, and since the glass does not have any special certification, we were concerned that the screen could easily get scratched or even broken while practicing any more drastic activity.

In any case, the screen has auto-brightness and an always-on mode that keeps the display visible and always active, bringing the smartwatch closer to that of a regular watch; something that might seem silly, but it adds to the practicality of not having to constantly turn your hand, touch the screen, or press a button to see the time all the time.

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But that’s not all. Unlike most watches that have passed through our booth, in addition to touch, interaction with the system can be done entirely through the buttons distributed on the sides of the watch. One button to go up, another to go down, one to go back and a fourth to select the highlighted item.

This approach, together with the sustainability guaranteed by all its certifications, can guarantee the most extreme users – the target audience for wearables – a great experience even under the most extreme conditions; as this guarantees perfect navigation even if the watch gets completely wet.


And if the robustness of the design doesn’t disappoint, the same can be said for the sensors built into the T-Rex 2. In addition to the aforementioned proximity sensor, the watch also features dual-band GPS with support for five satellites. positioning systems, gyroscope, compass, altimeter and barometer; essentials for navigation and positioning.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and built into Amazfit’s signature Zeep OS system, the wearable still supports mini-apps, ultimately enhancing its usability but of course not allowing it to be placed in the same part of a smartwatch.

These mini-apps, which can be accessed through the App Store on Zeep, extend inches of the watch’s usefulness while being very punctual. Forget Spotify, Strava, Google Fit and more; here you will find options such as a calculator, water time, brushing teeth, etc.

The only apps that interact with third parties are Notify for Gclock, Notify for Maps and GoPro. The first two are for interacting with the watch and Google mapping apps, while the third is for controlling the GoPro.

But, unfortunately, the restrictions do not end there. Unlike what happens even in cheaper watches from the brand, T-Rex cannot answer calls from a smartphone, only refuse them; and the same goes for notifications. Here they can only be viewed, but the response will remain limited to the smartphone.

At the same time, making a comparison, we can say that the Amazfit model is an upgraded Mi Band 6, and not a smart watch. And from his suggestion, we can say that he does everything relatively well.

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Navigating the Zeep OS is smooth, without any stuttering, and the feature set is quite sufficient for an activity monitor. You can track your stress levels, heart rate, blood oxygenation, monitor your sleep hours, and track your exercise levels.

And if we talk about training, then we have a good differential here! In addition to the 150 sports available, which include, believe me, even board games, the watch is able to automatically detect dozens of strength exercises, in addition to some sports, showing in the application the muscle groups that were worked during the workout; something quite amazing. Positive moment for Amazfit


Continuing on with the app, here we have Zepp, the direct successor to Mi Fit; that despite the change in name and interface that it has received thanks to the little confusion that Xiaomi creates with its subsidiaries, it retains the good qualities of its predecessor with a simple and intuitive appearance.

In any case, regardless of the name, with the help of the information collected by T-Rex 2, Zepp can maintain a complete history of user data, keep records of steps taken, sessions of physical activity performed – with visualization of muscle groups. work, heart rate, stress and oxygenation indices, sleep records, etc.

When the wearable is properly connected via Bluetooth, the app also allows you to make more advanced settings, including taking measurements, setting up alarms, setting up sleep and stress monitoring, setting goals, and tracking your menstrual cycle, in addition to being able to choose. new watch faces for the screen.

In addition to the watch faces available by default through the watch itself, there is an option to select and sync a new watch face from a section built into Zepp itself. It has many options available, with displays divided into categories such as Classic, Workout & Health, Technology, Multiple Information, Realism, etc.


Developer: Huami Inc.

Is free

Size: depends on the platform


Owning a 500mAh battery that can be charged in about 2 hours, Amazfit promises T-Rex 2 battery life of up to 24 days; a number that is, in theory, quite impressive. But what about in practice?

In our tests with moderate use, without Always On, with multiple workouts, heart rate tracking, continuous sleep monitoring, and sporadic oxygenation and stress measurements, the watch could remain off for nearly 20 days. fully corresponds to the brand promise.

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An autonomy, therefore, that does not exceed expectations thanks to Amazfit itself, but which is good when similar models and even simpler activity monitors are taken into account.

It’s worth it?

Announced by Amazfit at the end of June last year at a suggested price of R$1,540, considering the T-Rex 2 a good choice – given the options available on the market – might be harder than damaging the watch when submerged in water. salty water.

Understand, the device could be great for a very specific audience, those who like to take risks in the middle of trails or climbs, promising stability that is hard to see in other options on the market, in addition to delivering battery worthy of those. who intends to spend 1 week away from civilization.

However, taking into account the price offered, depending on the use, it may be more profitable to buy, for example, the Galaxy Watch 4, which can already be found for about 1200 reais. And, during your adventures, cover your Samsung watch with one of these more durable cases, available for less than 200 reais.

Of course, this will not bring certifications or good battery life to T-Rex 2 Samsung watches; but nothing that is being done will also bring the most complete South Korean smartwatch feature set to the Amazfit model.

With all the cards on the table, choosing a T-Rex becomes a matter of specific needs. Do you want to spend a week in the woods without electricity and want to have a watch on your wrist that can withstand a blow? The Amazfit model might be the best option. But if this is not your case, other options – smarter ones – may sound better.

Advantages and disadvantages

And what about you, what do you think of the new Amazfit watch? Tell us here in the comments! As usual, the best prices for the Chinese giant’s model, as well as some of the models mentioned, can be found in the cards below. I will stop here, hug and see you next time! ūüėČ

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So it was. It can be said that my supervisor, Professor Klaus Mosegaard, and I have found the mathematical key to a door that has remained closed for many years.

Iris Fernandez mentioned in a statement about his discovery, published on the website university.

It should also be noted that the new approach also requires much less computing power and is much faster than previous methods, according to the researchers.

Image used by Iris Fernandez in her study of mapping photographs of the Moon.

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This method can be used to solve a number of different problems, including determining the safety of astronauts and rovers or detecting geological points of interest, and can be applied to images from satellites, rovers, or other spacecraft.

The progress of the investigation is described in an article published on June 8 in the journal Planetary and space science.

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Artamega thanked “The opening and availability of the professional design and fashion course at Escola Secund√°ria do Marco to participate in this wonderful project presented at Casa da M√ļsica, highlighting the importance of synergy, in this case between schools that are in the same space”ends.

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