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Aghir acknowledges the shortcomings of the “Filha da Tuga” theme. “I make a public apology” – News



Aghir acknowledges the shortcomings of the "Filha da Tuga" theme.  "I make a public apology" - News

After the singer Irma unveiled ad where he clarified all the points he considered necessary in the controversy over the theme of “Filha da Tuga”, it was Agira’s turn to respond to the song’s harsh criticism.

As an active element in the creation of the theme and the EP released by Irma called “Filha da Tuga”, Aghir appeared and publicly acknowledged the shortcomings that caused controversy.

“First of all, I want to point out that I will never know what it is like to be in the shoes of a racial person, and that I need to listen and learn a lot more than talking,” he began.

Bernardo Correia Ribeiro de Carvalho Costa, real name Aguira, asked to think and calm down, but emphasized that he was aware that it was easy for him to “talk about calmness” since he had not suffered “years and years without end of injustice.” that many have suffered and continue to suffer.”

Creation of the theme ‘Tuga’s Daughter’

Aghir confirms that the song’s lyrics “came from a conversation between Irma and Carolina Deslandes, where Carolina helped rhyme the sentences that Irma said.”

“The conclusion that Irma asked a white man to write for her, what to say about her reality or the reality of the whole community, is not a strict one. But even if it was just help, Could she have asked a black man for help before? Yesand I am sure that from now on it will be so, ”he suggested, agreeing with some of the criticisms made on social networks.

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Name and letter that caused controversy

The speaker offered “with humility” to “break” the lyrics of “Filha da Tuga” “on the points that caused more controversy”.

Given the history that breeds name “tuga”, the musician suggests that he could offend and offend several people. “Knowing that many people do not use this word with the intent to antagonize someone, it is understandable that black people who were not even 50 years old lived in this reality and feel offended and offended by this word,” he noted.

“I’m white for blacks, for whites I’m black”this was perhaps the phrase that caused the most controversy among critics and is now “crushed”:

“Not comparing what a racist person with darker skin suffers, because it is incomparable, and consciously pushing away from a privileged place in relation to them, there are still people with lighter skin, mestizos who feel in “no”. the land of man,” because they are considered neither white nor black,” he justified himself, emphasizing that “the singer does not intend to say that she suffered the same way and is equal to people with darker skin“.

“I am a mixture of earth and discovery”, this phrase, sung by Irma, made us think that the lyrics refer to discoveries. The artist previously explained that the word discovery has nothing to do with a historical event.

Act supported the friend’s version, but suggested that a different word could have been used instead. “Two generations ago, many people left their homeland in search of a better life. It is about this search, about this discovery that the music speaks. Could the choice of the word “discovery” have been better? Looking at it now with detachment, I am a man to agree. Of all that wants to romanticize “discoveries” and using a different word may leave less room for doubt,” he said.

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Rita Pereira’s braids and accusation of cultural appropriation

The controversy around the theme of “Filha da Tuga” intensified after Rita Pereira unveiled a video of her dancing to the single with African descent braids in her hair. The actress was accused of cultural appropriation on social media, and the topic gave a lot of talk.

Considering the connection between the topics, Aghir decided to position himself in the debate:

“When a white person braids his hair, he does it purely for aesthetic reasons, because he thinks it’s cute. From that point of view, it would have been legal to do so from the start. The problem is that when a person of color does this, they almost always see their reduced capabilities (more than normal), usually in the workplace. The presence of a braid on a person of color in most cases is synonymous with losing a job or even not having one. So can white people wear braids? In fact, no one forbids them, but a little awareness and contextualization has not bothered anyone yet.“.

Finally, Aghir ended the exchange of public apologies. “For my part, I publicly apologize. If I offended anyone, it was not my intention at all. we go together“, He wrote.

Click on the side of a share below to read Agira’s full statement:

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Cristina Ferreira admits her guilt for her son and gets advice from Sarah Ferguson



Cristina Ferreira confessa ‘culpa pelo filho’ e recebe conselho de Sarah Ferguson

Christina Ferreira interviewed Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York for her magazine. “Kristina”.

This Sunday, August 7, the host released a new excerpt from the conversation: “More than an interview. A conversation between two women, two stories, children, wine, play. — wrote in the signature.

In the video, Cristina Ferreira begins by saying: “It’s hard to be a woman [It’s difficult to be a women]” – and Sarah Ferguson confirmed: “Yes. I think at 62 I came to the conclusion that being myself is the only possible chance. [Yes. I think I realized at 62 that being yourself is the only thing you can possibly do]”.

TVI host asked: “Have you ever felt guilty? Why Sarah decided to become a princess [Never felt guilty? Because ou choose to be a princess]”.

After the confession of Sarah Ferguson “feliz” for the opportunity to be “public place”Cristina Ferreira admitted: “Sometimes I feel guilty because I’m trying to protect my son, and at this age it’s hard to be ‘Christine’s son.’ [Sometimes i felt guilty. Because i try to protect my son and now, in this age, it’s difficult to be Cristina’s son]”.

The Director of Entertainment and Fiction at the Queluz de Baixo station received “wise” advice from the “Duchess”: “You can’t say anything. ‘Cause this is his journey and he’ll find his own way [You have no say. Because it’s his journey and he’ll find it his way]”.

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Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty looks of the week



Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty looks of the week

Maria Cerqueira Gomez

TVI host brings us Watch perfect for summer party or wedding. With well-tanned skin, orange tones were relied upon to create smoky smokey, full of glamour, and very voluminous false lashes. Gonçalo Mello is responsible for the look, which ended with coral glitter. Finally, her hair was slicked back, with an ornate golden headband.

Raquel Strada

Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Raquel Strada

credits: @raquelstrada

” data-title=”Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Maria Cerqueira Gomez, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Miranda”>

Raquel Strada credits: @raquelstrada

Raquel Strada shared this look on her Instagram page and it’s perfect for a festival that takes place in the desert. With natural skin and sheer lip gloss, he left a sheen for silver glitter on his cheeks. But what really caught our attention in the look was the high-shine front hair and one of the trendy hairstyles of the season.

Carolina Deslandes

Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Carolina Deslandes

credits: @carolinadeslandes

” data-title=”Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Maria Cerqueira Gomez, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Miranda”> Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Carolina Deslandes credits: @carolinadeslandes

Carolina Deslandes brings a bold twist to this week’s beauty looks. Miguel Stapleton created a makeover with black eyeshadow, creating a rock and roll effect on the lower lashes and the upper inner corner of the eye. The rest was as natural as possible, with “bare” skin, lots of fake freckles and coral lipstick. As for the hairstyle, the artist continues to rely on a very short and stylish haircut.

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“That will be our concern…”



Bruno de Carvalho faz confissão sobre lua de mel com Liliana Almeida: “Vai ser a nossa preocupação…”

This Saturday, August 6th, Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida attended the Em Familia program to share new details about the wedding, which will take place on September 2nd, and the honeymoon that will follow the ceremony.

The couple shared that the ceremony will take place at the Solar do Paço Hotel in Algos. What follows is a honeymoon whose fate will be Maldives in line with the gift that Liliana Almeida received from Bruno de Carvalho during her participation in the first edition of Big Brother Famosos.

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After the upcoming trip, Bruno de Carvalho took the opportunity to confess on air his desire to have a child with the singer: “The most important thing about the trip will be the fact that I will have a vasectomy reversal on August 10, so that will be our concern in the Maldives. Will be!“.

Of course, we talk a lot about this. It was not easy, we have the will for it“, assured Liliana Almeida, while the DJ “opened his heart” about what made him become a father again: “Inside the house, I was against remarriage and having children. And this lady that’s here is writing me a paper in the house, which Big Brother got really mad at, saying something really – I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it – “I see you as the father of my child.”“.

And when I saw the newspaper, it became so important to me that I didn’t even want to believe it. I had surgery so I would never have to worry about it again, but it made so much sense.Bruno de Carvalho concluded.

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