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8 destinations for those who are looking for a dream vacation and never have a budget – Tips



Photo: Fiji| Martin [email protected]

Did you know that holidays in Mexico City are cheaper than in Lisbon? At least that’s what is being studied Forbes advisor, which analyzed the cost of the most popular (or coveted) destinations during the summer season, to then compare them with visually similar places. As a result of the study, a list of the best alternatives was compiled – and note that this is only about luxury travel.

To get the results, Forbes Advisor analyzed the average cost of staying in a luxury hotel, dining at top restaurants, taxis, and events. Thus, according to this study, without taking into account the flight, a vacation in Mexico City will be about 500 euros cheaper than in the capital of Portugal.

See the list of alternatives to popular holiday destinations:

Panama (instead of Bora Bora)

Bora Bora is a place of luxury and dreams. Perhaps you have already searched for this destination, even if it was only a dream. The truth is that you can also get closer to your dreams and have an experience similar to what you would get in Bora Bora if you went to Panama. According to Forbes Advisor, a dream trip to Panama costs about 5,800 euros less than Bora Bora.

Curaçao (instead of the Bahamas)

By choosing a trip to this little paradise, you will spend about two thousand euros less. You may not see swimming pigs or pink beaches, but you will have other attractions.

Florida (instead of Hawaii)

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Hawaii? We understand, but if the trip is too expensive for you and you really want your dream vacation, take a chance in Florida. It will still be expensive, but less around 1777 euros. Florida has Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center.

Fiji (replacing Maldives)

Do you really want a place like the Maldives? We know that every place is unique, but if you decide to go to Fiji, you will save around 760 euros and have an unforgettable experience.

Mexico City (instead of Lisbon)

As an increasingly trendy city, Lisbon has better options that won’t suit all budgets. So, the Forbes adviser suggests changing the capital of Portugal to Mexico City. According to the study, we will save about 556 euros (not including flights).

Istanbul (instead of Athens)

An underrated city, but with something for every taste. If you choose Istanbul, Turkey over Athens, Greece, you will save around 385 euros.

Marseille (instead of Paris)

If you dream of Paris and have never been to it, it will not be easy to replace it, because you certainly dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and walking along the Seine. However, if you really want to travel or already know Paris, consider Marseille. According to the review, it offers the same experience as the one in Paris, but about 186 euros cheaper.

Cairo (instead of Rome)

Rome is also Rome, but Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is sometimes underestimated and offers an equally fascinating journey into the past of mankind. And it’s about 150 euros cheaper than in Rome.

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