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WWE Raw (06.06.2022) – Wrestling PT



WWE Raw (06.06.2022) - Wrestling PT

After Hell in the cell deste domingoa WWE broadcast another episode this Monday Raw in the US network, from the Resh Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to Money in the bank on July 2.


– Dana Brook vs. Becky Lynch (no contest)
– WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke and Becky Lynch
– The Enigma of Venso Miz
– Street Profits venceram WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos (Por Count-Out)
– Veer Mahahan defeated Dominic Mysterio (by disqualification)
– Homos defeated Cedric Alexander
– Ezekiel defeated Otis
– Rhea Ripley defeated Dudrop, Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss (Fatal 4-Way for the Raw Women’s Championship #1 contender)


Raw started with Cody Rhodes entering the ring and he started by talking about his injury and how Hell in a Cell could have been a dark night but that he kept fighting even praising Seth Rollins for being was one of the best usually and that he hoped that the rivalry between them was over.

“American Nightmare” started talking about money in the bank and how he might get hurt, but he still wants to be the Undisputed WWE World Champion. Seth Rollins interrupted his rival by saying that he still didn’t like him, but he earned his respect with his performance in Hell in a Cell, and that Dusty Rhodes was proud of his son.

The two greeted each other and Seth Rollins left the stage as Cody Rhodes said goodbye to the fans, from behind the Visionary with a sledgehammer attacked the American Nightmare and made the wounded chest his target for attack. WWE officials stopped this attack.

The segment ended with Cody Rhodes ditching the stretcher and walking backstage on his own feet.

– Dana Brook vs. Becky Lynch (no contest): The first fight between the two wrestlers started without a win, but when WWE 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa entered the ring to dodge the other wrestlers, Dana Brook caught him with a punch. pin quickly and won the title.

Now all this was taken seriously by Becky Lynch, who then demanded a restart of the match and that the WWE 24/7 championship was at stake, and the Irish woman threatened anyone who interfered in this civil strife.

– WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke and Becky Lynch: “Big Time Becks” took over the dominance, but when Asuka appeared, she began to lose control of the situation, but even so it seemed that she was going to win this title, but Dana Brook did pin quickly and with the help of Asuka won the victory.

We then had the announcement that John Cena would be returning to WWE on the June 27 episode of Raw.

Back in the ring, we had another edition of Miz TV, which first started with “A-Lister” saying he wanted to win “Money in the Bank” again before joining his wife. Marysethird season promotion reality show “Miz and Mrs.”

Riddle then entered the ring and began by trying to speak French before returning to Randy Orton. This caused The Miz to insult RK-Bro, which angered the “Original Bro”, who then challenged Roman Reigns to a match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Incredibly, a discussion of the size of The Miz’s bottoms follows him, as Riddle eventually challenged him to a match.

The Miz refused, and as he and Maryse prepared to leave the stage, Ciampa attacked the “Original Bro” from behind, which pleased the “A-Lister”, who suddenly had the urge to face Riddle face to face.

– Riddle veneu The Miz: The Miz controlled the opening minutes of this match, but Original Bro with his strikes turned momentum in his favor, even tearing the pants of an “A-lister” who ended up in his underwear. Maryse finally tried to intervene, but Riddle RKO won this fight.

– Street Profits venceram Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos (Por Count-Out): The Street Profits dominated and controlled the champion team for several minutes.

The Usos still managed to withstand the advance of their opponents and isolate Angelo Dawkins and have momentum on their side for a few minutes, but the Street Profits fighter persevered and with the help of Montez Ford, balanced this fight and thus the almost victories were an appearance.

In the end, four fighters fought outside the ring and Jay Uso missed. Superkick and get into the zone timekeepernor did they answer the count to 10, and the champions lost by count.

Then we had Bobby Lashley in the ring and he said that he was sad that the relationship between him and MVP ended this way because he considers him his family, but he knew how to apply sick lock.

When Almighty was about to perform in the future, USA Champion Theory interrupted him and explained that he was the one who mattered and that, unlike Bobby Lashley, he didn’t need help to win Hell in a Cell. The former WWE Champion was fed up with the young fighter’s talk and challenged him to a duel, which he refused, showing off his biceps to “Almighty”. The segment ended when USA Champion Theory attempted to take selfie with Bobby Lashley, which earned him a kick in the ass that sent him out of the ring.

– Veer Mahahan defeated Dominic Mysterio (by disqualification): Dominic Mysterio tried to use his technique to control Veer Mahaan, but he used his strength to turn the fight inside out, and so the powerful fighter dominated for several minutes, even with space for Rey Mysterio to attack.

However, the young fighter managed to use his speed to accelerate and even hit the target. 619but failed to win. The end of the match came as Veer Mahaan was preparing to strike. Lariatbut “Master 619” got fed up and attacked his rival, causing his son to be disqualified.

Then we had Doomsday in the ring and they started bragging about their victory in Hell in a Cell where Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest explained that their fate had no limits and The Archer of Shame declared that Nightmare would be next. Raw Women’s Champion. Edge praised his students and introduced a new member of Doomsday, who was none other than Finn Bálor.

The Prince began by welcoming the Hall of Famer, who then explained that being on Doomsday was not a choice but a calling, and that he realized he had a lot in common with Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest.

The “Archer of Shame” then praised the Irishman and stated that it was time to remove the last thing that was limiting them by looking at Edge and saying “you”. Then Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley attacked the “R-rated superstar” quite aggressively and he got Coup de grace in the ring Razor blade at the commentator’s table and finally got Conchairto by Damian Priest.

– Homos defeated Cedric Alexander: Cedric Alexander tried to use his speed but it was useless and the Nigerian Giant took the win in a matter of seconds.

Once the match was over, the Dirty Dawgs were interviewed in the entrance area, which angered MVP and Omos, and Dolph Ziggler got Superkick in MVP before fleeing the scene.

– Ezekiel defeated Otis: Otis used his strength to dominate from the first seconds, but Ezekiel held off the advance of the Alpha Academy strongman and managed to catch him with a punch. pin quickly, which gave him the victory.

Once the match was over, Ezekiel asked for a rematch with Kevin Owens, who appeared at ringside and stated that he would only accept the match if his opponent admitted that he was Elias.

Ezekiel then confessed that he was Elias, which made the “Prizefighter” ecstatic, after which he agreed to fight his rival. Ezekiel then explained that he had lied and that he was Ezekiel who had kneeled a Canadian fighter and had to flee Alpha Academy.

– Rhea Ripley defeated Dudrop, Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss (Fatal 4-Way for the Raw Women’s Championship #1 contender) O main event started chaotically, but Rhea Ripley’s strength and aggressiveness made her dominate her three opponents, but as you know, having control in such a fight is almost impossible. However, Dudrop’s power gave her more momentum than her opponents, and with that, the four fighters stood a chance of winning.

In the end, Dudrop looked like he was going to win, with some help from Nikki Ash, but Rhea Ripley pulled through impressively. Anaklusmos in the Scottish and so “Nightmare” – the new main contender for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Raw concluded with new in-ring Judgment Days featuring Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.

What do you think of this WWE Raw?

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“He extended his hand to me, and I try to repay with work”



“He extended his hand to me, and I try to repay with work”

Zé López was this Wednesday, July 6, in the “Goucha” program hosted today by Maria Botelho Moniz, which will be in front of the format in the coming days, since Yva Dominguez, who will replace Manuel Luis Gusha on his vacation, tested positive for Covid-19 .

Speaking to host Ze Lopez, he talked about his childhood, his beginnings in the world of television, the criticism he received and receives on social media, and at one point he opened up about his connection with Cristina Ferreira.

The current Viva a Vida reporter began by recalling an internship he had on Você na TV hosted by Cristina Ferreira and Manuel Luis Gusha, regretting not getting the job.

“I spent very little time with Cristina during my internship, at the time when Cristina introduced Apanha-me Se Puderes, I was away a lot with Pedro Teixeira and Manuel took over most of the time.”general.

Zé Lopes revealed that this was how he returned “home”, noting that shortly after that he received an invitation from Cristina Ferreira to join the O Programa da Cristina team at SIC.

“I still ask myself and tell Christina: I don’t know what Christina found in me, because she spent very little time with me (…) she says that this was due to the fact that I am hardworking and very attentive, and that this is very important in this area, and since I felt that this was a great opportunity, I always I tried to repay with work, ”he admitted.

Also, the producer of the program “Em Família” later regretted the criticism that was and still is regarding his relationship with the host and director of entertainment and fantasy at TVI: “When they say “there is a son of Christina”, “godson” and use it in a negative way, there is nothing wrong with that for me, she has reached out to me and I try to repay her with work, and friendship with Christina is one thing, but professional relations are another, and these are things that we manage to distinguish very well. “.

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Finally, Zé Lopez stressed that apart from the opportunity provided by Cristina Ferreira, there was a lot of effort and work on her part.

“I feel like they think everything is easy because I was a beautiful boy in her eyes and suddenly everything was easy. “Você na TV” had a lot of interns and I know that I worked hard (…) I had to give myself a lot (…) just then people think that “Christina gave her the opportunity” and that’s it. It wasn’t just like that!”assured.

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Carlos Santana passed out during the concert: “I forgot to eat and drink water”



Carlos Santana passed out during the concert: "I forgot to eat and drink water"

Cult 74-year-old guitarist, Carlos Santanapassed out on stage during a concert on Tuesday near Detroit, in the United States of America.

The musician lost consciousness right on stage 30 minutes after the start of the concert. He was taken to a local hospital for observation.

Carlos Santana took to social media to explain what he has “forgets to eat and drink water”: “Then I got dehydrated and passed out”.

Representatives of the musician, who has already won 10 Grammys, confirmed that he suffered from “heat exhaustion and dehydration”.

According to BBC, who quotes manager Michael Vryonis as saying the musician is fine. However, he added that the concert scheduled for this Wednesday in Burgetstown, Pennsylvania, “will be rescheduled to a later date”.

Footage has surfaced on social media of Carlos Santana stepping off the stage and waving to the audience.

Considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Carlos Santana rose to prominence in the 60s and 70s with the Santana Blues Band, which mixed rock and roll, jazz and Latin American music.

Among the most famous songs are “Black Enchantress”, “Game of Love”, “Smooth”, “Maria-Maria” or “Corazon Espinado”.

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After a hard night, Liliana Filipa shows her children in “highs” and confesses: “These two deceived me today …”



After a hard night, Liliana Filipa shows her children in "highs" and confesses: "These two deceived me today ..."

This Tuesday, July 5, Liliana Filipa took to social media to say that she had a difficult night because her children were sick, but during the day they got better and left the business woman “in the footsteps.”

Through her personal Instagram account, Liliana Philipa shared a funny video of her kids, Ariel and Santi, dancing in the kitchen. The businesswoman said that she spent a hard night with her sick children, but in the end both recovered during the day and did not give her a moment’s rest.

In the caption to the publication, the businesswoman left outrageous: “These two lied to me today… 😂 they were so sick at night that we didn’t sleep all night and decided not to go to school… but during the day… The energy at home was HIGH ALL DAY!!! 😂😂 the roles have changed and I’m on my knees 😂😂😂”can be read.

The comment box on the post quickly filled with messages from subscribers: “They are doing their coup 😂😂😂”, or “Ahahahaha who never pretended not to go to school 😜”, or “What sweet cuties ❤️”, or “There is a coup, whoever wants to fall 😂”here are some of the examples you can read.

Now see:

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