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Without regret, Merkel says she already knew that Putin “wants to destroy Europe.”



Former German chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been criticized since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine because of its proximity to Moscow, assured on Tuesday that she did not blame herself, but stressed that she already knew that Putin “wanted to destroy Europe.” .

In her first public speech after leaving office six months ago, the former ruler explained that, for example, in the summer of 2021 failed to implement the European initiative to return Russian President Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table.

However, looking back, Angela Merkel refers to a certain “calmness” in the knowledge that he did his best to avoid the situation. and that he has full confidence in the leadership of his successor, Olaf Scholz.

To accusations that she naively believed that Russia could change through trade relations with the West, Merkel stressed that never had “illusions”, but could not act as if neighboring country “did not exist”. The former chancellor, speaking at a lecture in Berlin organized by Editora Aufbau, stressed that I already knew then that Putin “wanted to destroy Europe.”but what about entering into open conflict it was necessary to “try everything diplomatically”.

Merkel summarized her policy towards the Kremlin (the Russian presidency) as an attempt to “find a modus vivendi.” [modo de viver] Where not if you were at war and trying to coexist despite differences“. For the former head of the government of Germany US sanctions on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline caused him “irritation”, given that it was “done with a country like Iran, but not with an ally.” Nonetheless, praised President Joe Biden’s initiative to bury the problem in 2021.

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Angela Merkel also defended the Bucharest summit decision in 2008. not to give Ukraine status of a candidate country for NATO membership, which at that time was not a “democratically strong” country and was “dominated by the oligarchs”. He added that, from Putin’s point of view, would be a “declaration of war”, to which he would react by causing great damage to Kyiv, in line with its policy of intervening in countries around Russia that were trying to turn to the West.

The Christian Democrat also recalled her personal meetings with Putin and recalled that at a meeting in 2007 in Sochi The head of the Russian state assured him that for him the collapse of the Soviet Union was the most terrible event of the 20th century. while for her, who was born in East Germany, it was “good luck” that gave her “freedom”.

“It was clear that there was a lot of dissent that was getting worse. All these years failed to end the cold war“, He is hot.

For Merkel, The Kremlin made a ‘catastrophic mistake’ with its invasion of Ukraine, “a brutal attack that violates international law and has no justification.” asked what do not condemn Russian culturebut that each work or artist must be judged separately, since not all of them are in line with Putin.

About her personal life after 16 years in power, Angela Merkel claimed that to stay longer in government would be “anachronistic”. and that leaving of one’s own free will is a “wonderful feeling”.

Despite the fact that he devoted the last few months to exercises and reading “thick books”, the former chancellor admits that expected his reform to be “different” and not marked by the “scar” of war.

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Russia warns that Moldova’s EU candidacy will have “negative consequences” for the country – Obozrevatel



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Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned on Friday that the status of Moldova and Ukraine’s candidate for the European Union would be “Negative consequences” for both countries.

“By the decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of a candidate country, the European Union confirms that it continues to actively study the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. [CIS, sigla em inglês] at the geopolitical levelusing them to “contain” Russia.”, declared It is reported by Reuters with reference to Maria Zakharova.

The diplomatic leader pointed out that the authorities of the two countries do not take into account the “negative consequences” of their decision, accusing the European Union of sacrificing democratic ideals through “limitless expansion” and politics, “politically and economically enslaves its neighbors.”

Former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev also criticized Moldova’s decision to join the European Union. In a post on his personal Telegram account this Saturday, the political leader indicated that the EU is seeking to create a “Greater Romania” – a union of Romanian and Moldovan territories – for which he has embarked on a “devaluation of Moldova”. through “hatred of Russia”.


Pointing his finger at the Moldovan authorities, Dmitry Medvedev hinted that “European perspectives” for the country would bring “very expensive energy costs” and will also lead to the “loss of the Russian market” for Moldovan agricultural products. In addition, commenting on the country’s decision to apply sanctions against Russia, the former Russian president said that the country’s authorities are “trying to please their new masters.”

“Let’s let them do it. They can be 100% sure that they won’t get anything from us,” Dmitry Medvedev threatened, adding that Moldova could do without Russian “energy”, as well as “other resources”: “We will allow them to enjoy sanctions before joining the EU.”

For his part, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has already reacted to Russian warnings. “We are on the side of the people and the friendly government of Moldova,” he wrote on his personal Twitter account. In this publication, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy further accused Russia of “leaving threats to other states after decades of misguided policies based on aggression, coercion and disrespect.” “It just shows Russia’s weakness.”

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More fears in Afghanistan



Fears are growing over the victims of the earthquake that killed more than 1,150 people in Afghanistan this Wednesday, and citizens are warning of the dangers and hardships that citizens are suffering.

Despite the incoming first aid from the international community, hundreds of citizens were left homeless and without medical care.

“The Ministry of Health is short of medicines, we need medical care and other needs because this is a big disaster,” said an official quoted by the Guardian, while citizen Zaytullah Gurziwal warned that “there were no blankets.” , tents or sheds. But the problems don’t end there. “Our entire water supply system is destroyed. There is literally nothing to eat,” writes AFP.

The international community has already begun mobilizing to help Afghanistan, with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres deploring the “deadly” natural disaster that has hit eastern Afghanistan.

Guterres said the UN is “fully mobilized” and that teams in Afghanistan are on the ground assessing “needs and providing initial support.”

“I express my deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to the injured,” he added.

Several other organizations, including the World Health Organization, the local Red Crescent and the World Food Program, have begun sending mobile medical teams to Paktika and Khost provinces at a time when the population is also in need of assistance. food and non-food aid, and water, hygiene and sanitation assistance.

The European Union requested this Wednesday “international assistance” to Afghanistan, ensuring that it will help those who need it most.

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The situation is so serious that the Taliban-led government has appealed to the international community for help and support to deal with the devastation caused by this natural disaster.

In a rare public speech, Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzade called on the international community and humanitarian organizations to “help the Afghan people who have suffered from this great tragedy and spare no effort,” the British newspaper quoted.

At a time when the territory was already embroiled in an economic crisis, the extremist group also called on Western countries to lift the restrictions imposed after the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, which brought the insurgent group to power.

However, the involvement of the Taliban could become an obstacle to the distribution of humanitarian aid, as countries such as Germany or Norway say they will not cooperate directly with the rebel group, but will only send aid through organizations such as the United Nations.

Complicating rescue efforts is the fact that the quake has affected areas already hit by heavy rains, landslides and mud, forcing townspeople to dig and search for survivors among the rubble.

In addition to those killed, at least 2,000 people and more than 118,000 children were affected by the earthquake, according to authorities.

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