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‘They turned the March for Jesus into a political event,’ says pro-Jorge Viana pastor |



'They turned the March for Jesus into a political event,' says pro-Jorge Viana pastor |

Councilwoman Michelle Melo (PDT), pictured here, announced her candidacy for the PDT statewide seat yesterday, sparking an uproar among the party’s candidates. The BLOG contains information from sources within the party that if she insists on this candidacy, the pedetist of the Executive Committee will refuse her signature. They want her to honor her commitment to become a federal MP, arguing that if she backs down, the PDT is unlikely to elect anyone to the Federal House. According to this source, a legal consultation has already been held on the situation, which gave the PDT the right not to force her to sign, since she is not a deputy, but an adviser. Michelle thinks otherwise. Yesterday I told BLOG that she is an affiliated deputy, and there are no obstacles to nominating a pre-election candidate for state deputies. For her, this is the solution. PDT President Emilson Faria said he was surprised by the announcement of ALEAC board member Michelle. He revealed that next Wednesday in Brasilia he has a meeting with him, councilor Michel Melo (PDT), federal deputy Jesús Sergio (PDT), national president Carlos Lupi to discuss the ticket for the federal deputy, so he only wants to talk about it after that meeting. When asked if Counselor Michelle would attend the meeting, as she had determined her candidacy for statehood, President Emilson Farias replied succinctly: “I am from a time when the word is being fulfilled.”

Frightened Jesus
There is information in the BLOG that Federal MP Jesús Sergio (PDT) was horrified by the nomination of Counselor Michelle Melo (PDT) for State because his re-election is compromised because without the Counselor, the PDT would have a very weak ticket. This is partly due to pressure on the PDT to get adviser Michelle to back out of the decision.

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The state’s candidates are also part of a pressure front to stop Counselor Michelle (PDT) from resigning from the state’s seat. The main argument is that with her arrival, the rules of the game change and she will take one of the vacancies from the group.

The PP GROUP, which wants to remove Senator Mailza Gomes (PP) from the party’s presidency and prevent her from running for a new term, will travel to Brasilia tomorrow to try to convince the national leadership to make changes.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to even form an opinion which group will win this fight, the picture is very confusing. What is certain is that the stalemate is hurting the NP, which still lacks a designated president.

Yesterday I heard from an important evangelical pastor a kind of riot because some colleagues misrepresented a movement that should only be religious, such as the March for Jesus, for an act of support for Bolsonaro. And this is associated with the fact that the audience present at the action was lower than what the director expected.

The DBR will demand the loyalty of its candidates in the election campaign for the candidacy of Senator Simone Tebet (DST) for the presidency of the Republic. The tone should be set by President Flaviano Melo (MDB).

An unresolved issue within the palace group is which Gladson Kameli candidate the Senate will support. He prefers Federal MP Alan Rick (União Brasil). Also in the game is the candidacy of Marcia Bittar (PL). But nothing will move forward until it is known who will lead the PP.

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I BELIEVE important for the qualification of the political debate of the candidates for the government David Hall (AGIR) and Nilsson Euclid (PSOL). Politics cannot live only on medallions, because otherwise it will not saturate power with oxygen.

MAYOR Thiao Bocalom has two candidates he must support in this election already identified: Senator Sergio Petecao (PSD) for governor and Senator Miles Gomes (PP). He claims to be loyal to those who have been loyal to him.

Jorge Viana (Portugal) is going to run for the Senate, this is a closed issue. But that will delay the announcement until the regional conventions in July, when the decision will be made formally.

The electoral partnership between former councilor Joelso Pontes and former mayor Deda is almost closed in Brazil to support the re-election of deputy Maria Antonia (PP).

MANY comments that Gov. Gladson may not run for re-election. But so far I have not seen the slightest hint that this can happen.

Lene Petekao, Rosana Nascimento, Hesuite Arruda, Dr. Suelen is the name of the women who will run for federal deputy from the PSD in this election.

The MDB is to leave open the vice vacancy on the Mara Rocha (MDB) ticket to the government in the hope of an alliance with Senator Marcio Bittar (União Brasil), who in this case will provide a name to fill the seat.

NEW electoral rules banning proportional coalitions oblige parties to have their own lists and good candidates for the ALEAC and the Federal Chamber. It ended with the candidates electing a deputy, with a mixed vote, stuck in coalitions, as in the previous elections. Now the coffee is in the kettle.

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“Love is invisible and goes in and out where it wants to, and is not asked to account for its actions.” Miguel de Cervante.


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The week will be decisive for the political future of Duque and Marcia ConradoFarol de Noticias



The week will be decisive for the political future of Duque and Marcia ConradoFarol de Noticias

Posted at 11:05 this Saturday (24)

Just eight days before the election, tensions are rising between groups led by Serra Taglia mayor Marcia Conrado and former mayor Luciano Duque. Marcia made a moral commitment to ensure the victory of the PSB candidate Danilo Cabral in the Serra Tagliad and, therefore, to win a lot of votes for her ally, MP Fernando Monteiro.

In fact, the task is not an easy one. In the Instituto Imape/Farol poll, Cabral got 12.7% and Marilia Arraes, backed by Luciano Duque and Sebastian Oliveira, got 37.4%.

Among the issues with the denial is Danilo’s vote to impeach former President Dilma Rousseff. Many have not forgotten. Especially the historical members of the PT, who hold positions in the municipal government, but do not accompany the mayor in a “red-yellow” euphoria. Fernando Monteiro is another problem for Marcia, in the same poll he has half the intentions to vote the candidate Valdemar Oliveira, brother of MP Sebastian Oliveira (read here).


Despite the “blows” from people associated with Marcia who took advantage of her government and now support “alien” candidates, Luciano Duque’s position seems more comfortable, but no less tense. The former mayor should have a “super vote” in Serra Talhada, but it is not yet known how the “infidels” associated with the mayor acted, who can, yes; “sabotages” part of the former mayor’s plans. Snooker is like this: what will the Marcia/Duke relationship be like after the election. Place your bets.

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“Never before has a president run for re-election with such a high rejection rate,” the political scientist estimates



“Never before has a president run for re-election with such a high rejection rate,” the political scientist estimates

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Politic system




Senate candidate Alvaro Diaz (Podemos) reiterated that professional work in the Senate is for experienced politicians, not for trainees. The senator’s remark was a response to União Brasil candidate Sergio Moro, who announced that he would create Lava Jato in the National Congress, without knowing, however, the real functions of the senator, i.e., not within the competence of the Senate. Alvaro made the announcement after being asked about voting against a project that would set rules for social media, the so-called “Fake News Law”.

Photo: Pedro France

Fake News I
Alvaro Diaz said the bill, which makes it a crime to finance and spread fake news, was hastily sent by senators to the Chamber of Deputies. Diaz claimed to have voted against approval of the project in 2020, believing that the proposal required a deeper analysis of the topic with more elaborate proposals.

Fake news 2
The senator said the law was “a fine line between free speech and lying” and commented, “Obviously you cannot allow yourself to ridicule and attack people with impunity in the name of free speech. . We are victims, we are victims, of course, I want a good law.”

Beaches of Parana
After the transformation of the edge of the beaches of Cayoba and Matinos, the feeding service of the beaches of Parana is transferred to other resorts in the region. The Galileo Galilei dredge dumps thousands of cubic meters of sand every day onto the sandy strip of the Flamingo Resort, the first just after the Matinos River, next to the Fish Market, and is already changing the face of the region. The work was completed by 45%.

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Spring started this Thursday, the 22nd, and will end on December 21st. According to Simepar, the forecast of dynamic and statistical climate models indicates an increase in the La Niña phenomenon with a probability of 80 to 90%, which will affect the climate in Paraná, similar to what was recorded in August and the first half of September. but shorter,” said Simepara meteorologist Reinaldo Knaib.

The Municipality of Francisco Beltrao will open registration for the Simplified Selection Process (PSS) on Monday (26). There are 38 vacancies for the formation of a reserve register of temporary activities in various areas and functions. According to the prefecture, classification will be made on the basis of the education and professional qualifications of those enrolled. The notice is now available for review. The registration fee will be 20 reais for all positions and must be paid by bank deposit or Pix. Candidates who are in a situation of social vulnerability can apply free of charge by presenting the Unified Register form.

The impeachment trial of former PT adviser Renato Freitas has reached the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Lawyers for Guilherme Gonçalves and António Carlos de Almeida Castro, Kakay, defending PT, filed a lawsuit to try to reverse the impeachment of Renato Freitas and make him eligible to run in this election, as the Paraná Regional Electoral Court (TRE-PR) rejected the PT candidate.

Recurso without TSE
State candidate Moasir Fadel (PSD) has announced that he is already filing an appeal with the Higher Electoral Court (TSE) to guarantee his candidacy in this year’s elections. The announcement came shortly after the decision of the District Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR), which accepted the request to reject his candidacy on the grounds that he was ineligible. “We will calmly convey the appeal to Brasilia. My campaign remains calm and serene. We continue to believe in justice,” he said.

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The municipality of Kambara has completed 98 years of political and administrative emancipation. Deputy Luis Claudio Romanelli (PSD) and Mayor Neto Haggi (MDB) commemorate the date, remembering what made the city stand out. “Cambará is connected to the future and has investments in all sectors,” said the MP. “This is 98 years of history built by the first inhabitants of different nationalities. Kambara is a reference to Parana,” emphasizes Neto Haggi.

A survey conducted by the Instituto Opinião shows that 83% of those polled said that the choice of a candidate for the Palacio do Planalto is final. In the presidential race, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Portugal) appears with 45% against Jair Bolsonaro (PL)’s 33%. As for choosing a candidate for federal deputies, out of 2,000 people interviewed by the institute by phone, only 28% said they had chosen a candidate for the chamber of deputies in more than a month.

Write down
The survey was conducted from 18 to 20 September. 2,000 people over the age of 16 were interviewed by telephone in 114 municipalities across the country. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 2% with a reliability of the overall survey result of 95%. The poll is registered with the Higher Electoral Court under number BR-09430/2022.

IR return
The Federal Tax Service released this Friday advice on the fifth and final installment of this year’s income tax refund. The lot also includes residual refunds from previous years. On the 30th, the tax office will transfer 1.9 billion reais to 1,220,501 taxpayers. Of this amount, R$ 221,130,324.62 will be paid to taxpayers with legal priority. The rest of the lot will be allocated to 1,159,183 non-priority taxpayers who filed returns for previous years.

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The consultation can be done on the website of the Federal Tax Service. The taxpayer simply clicks on the “My Income Tax” box and then “Consult a Refund”. The consultation can also be carried out in the Meu Imposto de Renda application, available for smartphones on Android and iOS systems.

The High Electoral Court (TSE) has identified suspicious transfers worth 605 million reais after reviewing partial campaign accountability submitted by candidates between 9 and 13 September. A total of 59,072 cases of potentially illegal donations or spending were identified, the Electoral Justice said. Now the Ministry of Elections (MPE) must investigate these suspicious cases. A new round of data intersection will take place after the final submission of first round reports, which must be submitted by all applicants by November 2nd.

The column was published simultaneously in 20 newspapers and related portals. Find out more at

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