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The politics of hate and the murder of native Bruno and journalist Doma – Leonardo Boff



The politics of hate and the murder of native Bruno and journalist Doma - Leonardo Boff

The murder of prominent native Bruno Pereira and English journalist Dom Phillips shocked the country and the world. This crime is only understandable within the framework of the hate and persecution policy that the current government has established as a normal policy affecting primarily indigenous peoples, blacks, those of other sexual abilities and the poor in general, such political practices. This is a manifestation of barbarism when the social contract that regulates civilized relations between citizens is ignored.

This murder must be investigated to the end and take into account the atmosphere of hatred, stimulated from above, violence that has gripped the country. Anyone who has argued that the 64 Revolution was wrong in torturing because it was supposed to kill, who has bluntly stated that 30,000 leftists will have to be shot, and openly apologized for the notorious torturer, is not free from the atmosphere that led to the barbaric a crime committed in Vale do Zhavari, Amazon. Why did the PF suspend the investigation? By whose command? Legal institutions are subject to scrutiny. They must act.

Despite this genuine national tragedy, we do not want to lose hope that everything will be clarified and the direct and indirect perpetrators will be punished. The country will find its true purpose. We are inspired by the legacy of one of the greatest thinkers of the West, the African Saint Augustine (354-430). He said we should never lose hope because the alternative is suicide. But trust her, because she has two beautiful sisters: Sister Indignation and Sister Courage. Indignation to reject everything evil and perverted. The courage to change this situation to a profitable one. At this dark moment in our history, we must fall in love with Sister Indignation and Sister Courage.

sister of outrage

We resent a government that has set itself the task of destroying our entire cultural past and imposing a different model that intends to bring us back to the dark times of the past. Serving North American interests, it has allied itself with the most backward and reactionary of those existing in that country.

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We are outraged by the head of state, who, by virtue of his high function, must live by the values ​​and virtues that he would like the people to live as well. On the contrary, she excels in bad examples. He spread a wave of hatred, lies, violence and fake news from above as public policy. Such an attitude created in society and in the militia a situation of barbarism with the wholesale use of violence directed against the most disadvantaged. He showed himself to be absolutely irresponsible in environmental matters, especially in relation to the Amazon and the Pantanal.

We are outraged that we have allied ourselves with Covid-19, we deny its importance, we are trying to impose collective immunization, thereby sacrificing hundreds of people, and we are prescribing drugs without any immunizing effect. He denied the vaccines were effective, to the point where he eventually refused to buy them. He is responsible for most of the more than 660,000 victims of Covid-19, although he could have avoided it. Rarely, in a ritual way, did he show sympathy and solidarity with the families of the dead.

We are outraged by the disregard for the laws and the Constitution, the attacks on the STF and the TSE, the threats of a coup d’état and the unequivocal statement that he recognizes only one result in the elections – his re-election. Otherwise, there will be social upheaval manipulating his fanatical and armed base.

We are outraged that we betrayed ourselves and the Brazilian people by unscrupulously returning to the old politics that we wanted to overcome by allying with opportunistic and conservative political groups with whom he shamelessly negotiated a secret budget, a source of high corruption.

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Finally, we are outraged that we are corrupt in the original sense of the word: we have a corrupted (corruptus) heart (cor). Worse than the monetary corruption that exists in the current government but is not investigated or kept secret, it is the corruption of his mind and heart. He is clearly captured by the attraction to death, the carelessness that he shows to the life of people and nature. It is from this fundamental corruption that their hatred, their stupidity, bad words, lies and distortion of reality are born. How can you still say that you have God in your heart?

courage sister

We are encouraged by the opposition and resistance of politicians connected with the general interests of the nation, especially popular social movements in the country and the city, and from various sections that are mistreated by their government, such as artists and actresses, cultural figures, blacks. , quilombolas, natives and the poor.

We are encouraged by alternative media of information and opinion, whether in print or through virtual media, that maintain critical awareness and denounce governmental and parliamentary excesses.

We are encouraged by the various manifestos of professors, intellectuals, artists, social activists and organized people against reforms that, in particular, have destroyed historical achievements in the field of workers’ and pensioners’ rights.

We are inspired by the national and collective conscience in defense of our representative democracy, which, although not of high intensity, acts as a great political instrument for maintaining the rule of law, validity and respect for the constitution and laws, a space of freedom of opinion and consensus.

We are encouraged by popular initiatives and social movements, despite the lack of support from official bodies, to concretely live the ethic of solidarity during a pandemic, offering tons of organic products and millions of hot meals to thousands and thousands of unemployed and affected people. on Covid-19.

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We are inspired by the hundreds of virtual LIVE meetings promoted by groups or organizations on current issues that build engagement and hope. It is worth emphasizing the high civilizational value of the Freedom Knowledge Institute (ICL), founded by the former banker Eduardo Moreira and his group, offering almost 145 courses taught by the best national and international leaders, reaching more than 60 thousand students at the price of a sandwich (42-49 reais) and for At this price you can take all courses.

We are encouraged by the possibility of electing political representatives from state assemblies and parliament who can support a possible government to save democracy, lost rights and an active and proud sovereignty with international implications.

We are encouraged by the international support for our democratic forces against authoritarianism, social barbarism and the salvage of the importance we have won in international relations, especially the anti-hunger policy and other policies of social, technical and university integration.

Finally, we are encouraged by the importance that our country has due to its privileged ecological position in the balance of climates, in maintaining the system of life and the Earth system for the benefit of us and all mankind.

We are convinced that no society is built on hatred or death drive, but on the peaceful coexistence of all, on caring for each other and for the great Common Home, including nature, especially Amazonia, the common good of mankind.

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The dollar continues to reflect the political scenario



The dollar continues to reflect the political scenario

Yesterday, financial agents evaluated the opposite decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) regarding the so-called secret budget. In addition, a decision was made by STF Minister Gilmar Méndez to issue an injunction that would exclude the Bolsa Família from the spending cap rule, with investors trying to understand how this measure would affect the processing of the transitional PEC in the Chamber of Deputies. Oh this PEC!!!!

Since he is an exchange investor, any reading that the budget will be exceeded or become more flexible will negatively affect the exchange market, whether through the PEC or in any other way. We will continue with volatility today.

Looking beyond, the US Central Bank (Fed), although slowing down the pace of monetary tightening at its December meeting, issued a tougher-than-expected statement warning that its fight against inflation was not yet over, raising fears that rising US interest rates will push the world’s largest economy into recession.

The currency market continues to react to political news. The voting on the PEC is saved for today. It is expected that it will indeed be reviewed to open the way tomorrow for discussions on the 2023 budget.

Yesterday, the spot price closed the selling day at R$5.3103.

For today on the calendar we will have an index of consumer confidence in the eurozone. Good luck and good luck in business!!

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Andrés Sánchez consults with the Ministry of Sports, but refuses a political post.



The former president of the Corinthians dreams of working for the CBF as a national team coordinator. He was consulted shortly after Lula’s election.

Former Corinthians president Andrés Sánchez was advised to take a position in the Ministry of Sports under the administration of Lula (PT). However, he ruled out a return to politics. dreams of taking over the coordination of CBF selectionHow do you know PURPOSE.

No formal invitation was made to the former Corinthian representative, only a consultation on a portfolio opportunity with the new federal government, which will be sworn in on January 1, 2023.

Andrés was the Federal MP for São Paulo from 2015 to 2019. At that time he was elected by the Workers’ Party. However, the football manager begs to stay in the sport, ruling out the possibility of getting involved in politics again.

Andrés Sanchez’s desire is to fill the position of CBF tackle coordinator, which should become vacant after the 2022 World Cup. Juninho Paulista fulfills this function in Brazil’s top football institution.

The former president of Corinthians was in Qatar to follow the World Cup along with other figures in Brazilian football. During his time in the country, he strengthened his ties with the top leadership of the CBF.

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The EU has reached a political agreement on limiting gas prices – 19.12.2022



Germany sentenced Russian to life imprisonment for political murder by order of Moscow - 12/15/2021
BRUSSELS, DECEMBER 19 (ANSA). European Union countries reached a political agreement on Monday (19) to impose a natural gas price ceiling of 180 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). The main sources of income for Russia and the minimization of the use of energy as a weapon by the regime of Vladimir Putin.

The agreement was approved by a supermajority at a ministerial meeting of member states in Brussels, Belgium, after months of discussions about the best way to contain the rise in natural gas prices in the bloc caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. .

The value set by the countries is well below the proposal made by the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, in November: 275 EUR/MWh. However, the countries leading the cap campaign were in favor of an even lower limit, around 100 EUR/MWh.

Germany, always wary of price controls, voted in favor of 180 euros, while Austria and the Netherlands, also skeptical of the cap, abstained. Hungary, the most pro-Russian country in the EU, voted against.

The instrument will enter into force on 15 February, but only if natural gas prices on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange exceed 180 euros/MWh for three consecutive days. In addition, the difference compared to a number of global benchmarks should be more than 35 euros.

Italy, the EU’s biggest supporter of the ceiling, has claimed responsibility for the measure. “This is a victory for Italy, which believed and worked for us to reach this agreement,” Environment and Energy Minister Gilberto Picetto tweeted.

“This is a victory for Italian and European citizens who demand energy security,” he added.

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Currently, the gas price in Amsterdam is around 110 EUR/MWh, which is already a reflection of the agreement in Brussels – in August the figure even broke the barrier of 340 EUR/MWh.

However, Russia has already threatened to stop exports to countries that adhere to the ceiling. (ANSA).

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