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The only criterion for increasing the supply in Porto is the “profitability” of the solution.



The only criterion for increasing the supply in Porto is the "profitability" of the solution.

The President of the Executive Committee (CEO) of TAP said in Parliament on Tuesday that the only criterion for increasing the offer of routes at Porto Airport is that the solutions found are “profitable”. “Do not think that we are dishonest” in relation to the north and other regions of the country, urged Christine Urmier-Widener. TAP should start returning the money invested by the state in 2025.

“We immediately open any route that can earn money,” said the head of the airline, heard in the Commission on Economics, Improvement, Planning and Housing Construction. “There are no hidden agendas” in this regard, he added, agreeing that TAP has an obligation to serve all regions in the best possible way.

Christine Urmier-Widener has repeatedly stated that she will not comment on issues that have a “political” connotation. However, when asked by Deputy Carlos Guimarães Pinto of Illinois, he said that as CEO of TAP, he “always wants to do more and better” with regard to route offers from airports like Porto or Funchal.

“We are trying to do everything possible, given the limitations we have,” said Urmier-Widener. “TAP is on track to be efficient and sustainable, but we can’t go cheap. This is not our model,” said the president of the TAP executive committee.

The manager recalled that the company currently operates 10 direct routes and 17 weekly flights from Porto. Regarding Funchal, he stressed that the number of flights is increasing as Madeira is a “very important summer destination”.

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PSD’s deputy Jorge Mendez said that of the 260 scheduled arrivals and departures at Francisco Sa Carneiro airport on Tuesday, “only 46” (less than 20%) are TAP-operated flights. “I don’t see arrivals or departures to Brazil, the US or South Africa,” he said, referring to countries with strong Portuguese communities.

Christine Urmier-Widener assured that there were direct flights from Porto to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York on that day. He pledged to “increase the frequency” of Invicta’s flights to Rio “in the near future”, stressing that Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is “very important not only for Porto and the Nordic region, but for the entire country.”

Start returning money to the state in 2025

The head of the airline also assured in response to Carlos Guimarães Pinto that it intends “as soon as possible” to return to the state the money it has invested in TAP, in line with what has already been done by other foreign companies in the sector. does. However, he did not agree to a date.

At a subsequent hearing, TAP Chairman Manuel Beja said that the company plans to start paying dividends to the state – the sole shareholder – in three years: “The forecast is that in 2025 we will start paying dividends as soon as we start to have a positive net result,” – he said.The company’s support is 3,200 million euros.

Urmier-Widener assured that TAP’s sustainability and survival was “absolutely possible”, saying he was “cautiously optimistic” in the face of future challenges. However, he warned that “higher fuel costs and a stronger dollar are obstacles that make it difficult” to complete the restructuring plan.

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TAP CEO mentioned that estimated fuel costs near 300 million euros above than previously forecast and 200 million more than in 2019. He also ensured that “no collective layoffs are planned,” also acknowledging that while the company has “some gaps” in terms of staff, it is “better equipped today than in the past to find talent.”

Left criticizes TAP for not listening to workers

Deputy Jose Carlos Barbosa, from PS, criticized the right – and especially the IL – for wanting to “liquidate” the TAR. The socialist stressed that the restructuring plan already guarantees “the preservation of 6,800 jobs” as well as the preservation of “hundreds of thousands of indirect jobs” in the companies that serve the company.

Antonio Topa Gomes, from PSD – the party that, together with the PS, asked for an audience with Urmier-Widener, stressed that the “main reason” to prevent the fall of TAP is the Portuguese diaspora. According to the Social Democrat parliamentarian, the “perception” of most Portuguese communities abroad is that the company “does not serve them”.

Andre Ventura, from He arrives, considered that TAP had a “duty” to “ensure the safety of routes to the north and the islands”, which the company’s CEO agreed. The MP also deplored the 25% pay cut for crew members, also saying that the restructuring plan involved a “very significant” cut in the “slots” available to TAP.

In addition to asking Urmier-Widener about the problem with Porto and when TAP will return the money to the state, Guimarães Pinto from Illinois, questioned the role played by the company. According to the MP, this is not suitable for all regions, and in Lisbon, the “slots” currently in the hands of TAP can easily be attributed to other companies that have attracted more people.

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Paula Santos, from PCP, wanted to know why the unions were “not hearing” about the restructuring plan, stressing that it was the workers who were “paying the bills”. Kommunist also stressed that out of 11 airlines restructured under plans drawn up by the European Commission (EC), “only one has survived,” arguing that Portugal should not “insist on the path of destruction.”

Mariana Mortagua from TO BE, cited that the “fundamental political issue” around TAP is that the EC, which the MP called a “technocratic” organization, has the legal right to decide how big a national airline should be. Blokist also mentioned that TAP workers “do not know the restructuring plan.”

TAP’s CEO, who described herself as “very pragmatic” during the hearing, said she understands workers’ demands for pay cuts. However, he cautioned, “It’s not because we’re flying at 90%.” [dos números] 2019 that we are in a good financial position,” he said, noting that the company “has not recovered yet.”

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Design turned the Tesla Semi into a fantasy motorhome



Imagem de autocaravana num tesla Semi

Tesla challenges creators by pushing the boundaries of the imagination. We’ve seen it in just about every car the brand has released or announced. There will always be someone who draws more than what was presented. And that’s exactly what it is. With the Semi, Tesla wants to enter the heavy electric vehicle market, but there are also those who want to enter the playground and have developed a fantastic motorhome.

Pepsi was the first company to get access to the Tesla Semi, but the truck is highly coveted and already has many orders in its portfolio for several customers.

Motorhome Tesla Semi em 7 axles

Of course, there is no one who would never want to have a motorhome to go on these roads and enjoy the good things of life and the most incredible places this world has to offer. With home always driving, people enjoy their time and places stress-free in hotels or any other type of accommodation. Your car is everything.

Now let's imagine this concept, but with all Tesla technologies. Electric, silent, safe and self-driving.

They exist many designs for motorhomes and even for buses that transform into real villas. There are concepts and products that make it possible to transport even a car, so that motorhome users can have more freedom wherever they stay. But then there is this design with the concept of autonomy!

Tesla's 1 megawatt chargers increase the feeling of freedom

based specs Tesla revealed this week And as incredible as these images of an electric motorhome truck are, the Tesla Semi could be a fantastic electric powered luxury motorhome.

Many people find the concept the trailer is fully powered by solar and electric energy very attractive.

In addition to the feeling of freedom, this car for many can be synonymous with emissions-free travel. The idea is to be able to charge at night so you can ride the next day. If it is possible to add charging from solar panels, so much the better, it is always enough for the consumption of "inhabitants", and the surplus can still power batteries, albeit small ones.

These and other ideas were on the table when the creatives decided to use the Semi. In this particular case jowua teama company that supplies everything and a few accessories for Tesla saw this week an announcement about a production model of the Tesla Semi, went to work and created this “render”, this Tesla Semi motorhome concept.

Tesla Semi is already in production

Tesla Semi, powerful electric truck, finally delivered to customers and is therefore ready to go and can be used to transport heavier loads. Pepsi is the first brand to have access to Tesla's new offering and received its first Tesla Semi at the Semi Delivery Event.

This happened at the Gigafactory in Nevada and marks the beginning of a relationship between these companies. Pepsi has an order for 100 of these electric trucks.

This truck will be equipped with a huge 1 MW battery that guarantees a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in just 20 seconds, which is impressive considering these vehicles can tow around 40 tons. In terms of battery charging, Tesla guarantees that we can get 80% in just 30 minutes.

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Europe closes in the red. Interest on Portuguese debt hit a three-month low



Europe closes in the red.  Interest on Portuguese debt hit a three-month low

Euribor rates reverse trend and fall over three, six and 12 months.

Euribor rates fell today to three, six and 12 months compared to Tuesday, reversing the trend of recent sessions.

The six-month Euribor rate, most used in Portugal for home loans and entering positive territory on June 6, fell today to 2.442%, minus 0.001 points, from a new high since January 2009 of 2.443%, confirmed on December 6. .

The six-month average Euribor rose from 1.997% in October to 2.321% in November.

The six-month Euribor has been negative for six years and seven months (from November 6, 2015 to June 3, 2022).

The three-month Euribor, which entered positive territory for the first time since April 2015 on July 14, also fell today to 1.977%, down 0.016 points from Tuesday, when it rose to 1.993%, a new high since February 2009.

The three-month Euribor was negative between 21 April 2015 and 13 July last year (seven years and two months).

The three-month average Euribor rose from 1.428% in October to 1.825% in November.

For 12 months, Euribor also fell today, settling at 2.864%, which is 0.006 points less than on Tuesday, against 2.892% on November 28 and 29, the maximum since January 2009.

After rising to 0.005% on April 12, positive for the first time since February 5, 2016, the 12-month Euribor has been in positive territory since April 21.

The average Euribor rate for 12 months increased from 2.629% in October to 2.828% in November.

Euribor began to rise more significantly from February 4, after the European Central Bank (ECB) admitted that it could raise key interest rates this year due to rising inflation in the eurozone, and the trend accelerated with the start of the Invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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On October 27, to curb inflation, the ECB raised three key interest rates by 75 basis points, the third consecutive increase this year, after raising three interest rates by 50 basis points on July 21. growth after 11 years, and on September 8 by 75 basis points.

Changes in Euribor interest rates are closely linked to increases or decreases in ECB key interest rates.

Three-, six- and 12-month Euribor rates hit record lows respectively: -0.605% on December 14, 2021, -0.554% and -0.518% on December 20, 2021.

Euribor rates are set at the average rate at which a group of 57 eurozone banks are willing to lend money to each other in the interbank market.


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Wall Street closes in the red after bank warnings



Wall Street closes in the red after bank warnings

North American stock markets closed lower, under pressure from the gloomy forecasts of several banks responsible for the Atlantic. These warnings come at a time when concerns are growing about the impact that successive increases in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve will have on economic growth and corporate performance.

The underlying S&P 500 fell 1.44% 3.941.26 points, closing the fourth consecutive day of losses. The Nasdaq Composite Technology Index fell 2% to 11.014.89 points, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.03% to 33.596.34 spots.

Tech giants like Apple, who The self-driving car launch has been delayed until 2026, according to Bloomberg., and Microsoft has strongly influenced stock market performance. In the case of the Apple company headed by Tim Cook, shares lost more than 3% after the news.

David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, warned Tuesday of job cuts, citing “difficult times” ahead.

Brian Moynihan, chief executive of Bank of America, said the organization was cutting hiring, while Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, acknowledged that the next year could be marked by a “moderate to severe recession.”

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