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Tarantini makes history in Portuguese football with PhD – Futebol Nacional



Tarantini makes history in Portuguese football with PhD - Futebol Nacional

Former soccer player Tarantini became on Tuesday the first professional athlete in Portugal to receive a doctorate.

The 38-year-old former midfielder, who rose to fame with his service at Rio Ava and who, after retiring in 2021, took up the position of assistant coach of the Famalicao team from Liga Bwin, saw his dissertation presented at the University of the Interior of Beira in Covilhã, which should be unanimously approved by a panel of six professors.

Tarantini, who graduated in 2006 and received his master’s degree in 2014, has spent the past five years working on his doctoral thesis on “The sporting profile of Portuguese football players over the past 50 years.”

The research work, with three articles already published in international specialized journals, is devoted to the development of football players’ careers and planning for their completion in accordance with the project he created on this topic, called “A Minha Causa”. “I made sure that there was no record of the Portuguese footballer’s career and sought to gain the tools and knowledge to create a research project that would allow me to help others,” Tarantini began by explaining to the Lusa agency.

The scientific work currently presented by Tarantini, supported by quantitative data, concerns “the career performance of athletes, as well as the competitive level and age at which they leave the sport.”

“By being aware of the sporting identity and commitment that a player puts into their profession, we can test the influence and awareness put into career planning and career preparation so that the transition is ultimately made better. “, – added the former athlete.

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The former midfielder-turned-coach recalls that his dedication to his studies, especially his university studies, which he started while he was still a player, was aimed at giving him “the tools to work in other areas in case he will not succeed in sports. “.

“I always wanted to add something more to my career and show that in football you can have a professional career and still learn. Of course, it was not easy, I went through some personal hardships, but I felt that thanks to academic knowledge, I would be more prepared for any scenario in the future, ”he shared.

Tarantini says that at the moment he has no doubts that he wants to continue and develop his coaching career, which began in 2021 as a member of the Famalicao technical team, but he also feels ready to take on other challenges, namely in management. where he gained experience as Vice President of the Players’ Union, in charge of the education portfolio.

National football’s new “doctor” admits to being a pioneer in this academic field and hopes that his example of dedication to his studies can “inspire new generations”.

“A few years ago I didn’t feel good about this label, but now I understand that I left a mark on Portuguese football. I hope the players will think and plan their end of their career. “, Tarantini concluded.

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BALL – Extension of Ibrahimovic (Milan)



BALL - Extension of Ibrahimovic (Milan)

AC Milan, Italian champions and Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 40, will sign a new contract by the 15th, in principle only for one season, but the length of which is yet to be known.

News of an extension for another year Ibracadabra the team, which is played by Rafael Leão (elected Serie A Player of the Year in 2021/22), was promoted on Tuesday evening by the Milanese sports newspaper after breaking ties with the Rossoneri. Gazetta dello Sportwhich even announces that the new bond will be placed on paper “next week”.

Suspicions are growing that despite serious health issues and pain that have kept Ibrahimovic from having as many options as he would have liked for the team in 2021/22, the Swedish striker, who already represented the club in 2010/11, is then on loan (14 goals in 29 games) and 2011/12 (28 goals in 32 games) and now he has done it for the second time in his career since 2020 (33 goals in 60 games) he will stay in Milan, this, according to the Italian the sports newspaper highlighted the fact that the player had already posed in the new jersey that the team would wear in the 2022/23 season. The campaign for the sale of new equipment has already helped, a clear indicator …

With 62 goals in 121 caps for Sweden. Ibra arrived at AC Milan in 2020 from LA Galaxy and is therefore preparing to end his third season at the club.

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The best footballer in the world is seriously injured and failed the European – Women’s football



The best footballer in the world is seriously injured and failed the European - Women's football

Spaniard Alexia Putellas, the current Ballon d’Or, suffered a serious injury during training on Tuesday due to a torn ACL in her left knee and is out of Euro 2022.

“A test carried out today, 5 July 2022, on a Spanish player from the Spanish national team at the King Edward VII Hospital in London confirms that the captain of the Spanish women’s team suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee,” the Royal Federation said today. Spanish football. in a statement.

Spain are in England to take part in the Euro 2022 final, entering Group B along with Germany, Denmark and Finland, against whom they will make their competition debut next Friday in Milton Keynes, a city 70 kilometers from London. .

Alexia Putellas’ injury represents a major setback for Spain, who are one of the contenders for the title that starts on Wednesday and ends on July 31 with 16 teams including the host country, England and the Portuguese. caught at the last minute after Russia was withdrawn from the competition due to the invasion of Ukraine.

This is the second time England have hosted the competition since Germany won in 2005, but the current title holder is the Netherlands, who won the last final in 2017 at home.

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European and world champion strengthened Porto



European and world champion strengthened Porto

In the 2021/22 season, Roque Pujadas took part in 34 games and scored 25 goals in the Spanish Championship, Super Cup and Spanish Cup.

Spaniard Roque Pujadas (former Noya), World and European Under-19 Champion, is the latest addition to the national champion FC Porto’s hockey team.

“Every player dreams of wearing a Porto shirt. It’s a unique feeling, I really want to start and represent this club,” says the 20-year-old striker.

Born in Manleu (Catalonia), Roque Pujadas trained at a local club, for which he made his debut in the Spanish second division in 2019, after which he moved to neighboring Noya.

In the 2021/22 season, the Catalan took part in 34 games and scored 25 goals, distributing the Spanish Championship, Super Cup and Spanish Cup among themselves.

“At first it will be difficult because I have never left the house and it will be a change in every way, because, in addition to changing teams, this is the first time I will be living alone, but I think that with help from everyone, everything will be fine,” he continues.

The player defines himself as “a striker who likes to bet one on one”, tries to score goals and believes that the game of the “giant” Porto, a club in which he hopes to stay “for many years”, “there is a lot of room for him Good”.

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“On an individual level, I want to improve and learn from my colleagues who can teach me a lot, but collectively, Porto must win everything, because this is how the club works,” adds the Catalan.

Rok Pujadas, who said he is “eager to start working”, also considers it a privilege to share a dressing room with players he is used to “seeing on TV and in videos”, so playing with them will be “special”. them.

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