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Sporting’s proposals for the AG League: from the end of suspensions on holidays to access to referee records – Sporting



Sporting's proposals for the AG League: from the end of suspensions on holidays to access to referee records - Sporting

Sporting CP are submitting a series of proposals to the League General Assembly on Tuesday that the Lions see as contributing to the improvement of Portuguese football. We are talking about the introduction of surgical changes, but with a strong impact on the various rules in force, from competition to discipline, including arbitration.

Pause at the right time

One of the topics that is included in the Sporting package, you know. Write downassociated with the execution of punishments. The Alvalade Club wants to end the holiday suspension once and for all, a situation that has been repeating itself over the past few years.

In this sense, Lviv officials are proposing today at Porto that suspensions be carried out without fail between the dates of the first and last official game of each season. In other words, they want me to stop counting the interval between the last official game of one season and the first game of the next, i.e. holidays, in order to comply with the sanctions for a period of time. The aim will be, first of all, to give authority to the discipline.

At the limit, for example, a 30-day suspension that began 15 days before the official season close will only be implemented 15 days after the start of a new campaign. If the proposal is approved, it still needs to be ratified by the FPF as this is a clause in the rules of the discipline.

Audio in evidence

Another suggestion, which is part of Sporting’s presentation at the AG da Liga, and which has been the reason for the club over the past few months, is related to the communications of the refereeing teams. The Lions have been staunch supporters of access to audio, especially in appeals of punishment to the Disciplinary Board. Now they want this issue to be discussed at the League’s general assembly, knowing that if approved, it must also be ratified by the Federation, since this concerns, in this case, the arbitration rules.

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In particular, I found Write down, the lions intend that the recording of the communication of the refereeing team, including the video of the referee, can be used as evidence in the context of disciplinary proceedings. The article, which Sporting will submit to the Liga AG for consideration and vote, also provides that each club can request access to the aforementioned messages only in the games in which it has participated; that is, he could only request recordings of the referees’ conversations in his games, in every game day, and not in the games of third parties. For a better understanding, Sporting CP will not request messages from referees for Benfica or Porto matches in which he did not participate.

The Greens and Whites also understand that the recordings may be for the purpose of evaluating elements of the refereeing team as well as training refereeing agents.

Bank exchange

The third idea that Sporting want to discuss in the League on Tuesday is only subject to the approval of the clubs (without ratification by the FPF), as it is subject to competition rules.

The lion emblem believes that it would be important to take measures to minimize the pressure of the home teams on the referee, and to this end, it will propose to the AG to change the location of the benches: the visiting team will occupy the next bench. assistant referee no.

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″I couldn’t leave without winning this award″



″I couldn't leave without winning this award″

Statements from Otavio, the player of FC Porto, who this Monday received the Golden Dragon as Footballer of the Year.

Speech: “I thought and I didn’t say anything that I thought. It happened by itself, I’m very happy, I was looking for [o prémio] a lot of time. I saw others, I couldn’t leave without winning this prize. Thank God I won and now it’s time to make the most of it.”

Did you tell the President that you want the Golden Dragon? “I never commented, asking for an award was not my style, it was deserved, I was very happy, many could have won. I am very happy”.

Feeling: “This is something to be proud of, this is the best person in the club, everyone wants to win, this will go down in history. It will be kept under lock and key in the museum that I have. It will get worse.” , nothing will come of it, it will be well stored.

Gala: “It’s always great, because of covid-19, the gala concert has not been held for many years. It is always special, everyone wants to be part of the gala concert. Being a dragonado, he is even more special. We did a good job and this is proof.”

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″Most competitive costume required, Pepe’s costume″



″Most competitive costume required, Pepe's costume″

Statements by Sergio Conceiçao after receiving the Golden Coach of the Year award at the Golden Dragons Gala

Golden Dragon cost: “I represent many people in this Golden Dragon. The first time I went to Olival with the president in 2017, he named the four essential pillars of FC Porto: rigor, competence, ambition and passion. Looking at it and being with it every day. My players, who don’t usually wear a formal suit as they do today, but the most competitive suit that is required, which is Pepe’s suit, give me great joy when I get up and go to work.”

Technical team and others: “With a super competent technical team, a health department, where there is not only Dr. Nelson Puga and therapists, but also an optometrist, pedologist, a number of people who work daily so that the players do not miss anything. and so that year after year they can get better and win, which is what we want.”

Techniques: “Victory. Not forgetting the people in the kitchen, in the restaurant, the people involved in analysis and observation, the equipment technicians, because today everyone is a technician… [risos]🇧🇷 Lawn techniques too, because I am very picky about the height of the lawn. I think that every detail is important and matters. Finally, a number of people who contribute to making this possible. This is not mine, this belongs to the people of Olival, who are always led by our great, my friend and godfather, the president.”

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A family: “Finally, to paraphrase our Gonzalinho [Borges], I want to dedicate it completely to my family, which is not easy, and parents, as always. Not being among us, they will certainly be very proud, not least because they have received two more extremely important people in the life of the club and that together they are up there watching us so that FC Porto becomes bigger , was getting better. , become stronger and win. And let’s keep it up. Is always. Because we deserve it. We are also honest, serious, dedicated and competent workers.”

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BALL – Enzo and Otamendi: world champion exceptions (Argentina)



BALL - Enzo and Otamendi: world champion exceptions (Argentina)

Portuguese football has reason to rejoice as two more world champions will enter the national stages, the first to win the title as part of the Portuguese team, the only ones on the field yesterday, in Qatar, among 35 players who play in one of the top five leagues in the world, so called big 5.

Enzo Fernandez, 21-year-old midfielder, and Nicolás Otamendi, 34-year-old central defender, played 120 minutes for Argentina. would advance to the Argentine penalty as Montiel quickly put an end to doubts – and represented not only Benfica in the list of clubs of great prestige, but also a league of lesser expression, such as the Portuguese, the only one of the less media and powerful ones that had players in the final.

Neither in the starting lineup (see tables), nor in the 13 options used by the coaches – Montiel (Sevilla), Pezzella (Betis), Acuña (Sevilla), Leandro Paredes (PSG), Lautaro Martinez ( Inter) and Dybala (Roma) entered Argentina, from the French side they were also called Disasi (Monaco), Conate (Liverpool), Fofana (Monaco), Camavinga (Real Madrid), Kingsley Coman (Bavaria), Muani (Eintracht) and Thuram (Borussia). M’gladbach) – if they found other players who didn’t play in the leagues of England, Spain, Italy, France or Germany, that’s a clear sign of where the money and power come from to attract great players.
Some, like Enzo and Otamendi, are just over the top.ig 5 – if the midfielder was already in vogue among the richest in Europe, followed by Liverpool and Real Madrid, among others, now that he has won the World Cup and the best young player trophy in the competition … – but they shine enough to guarantee yourself a place in the best team in the world.

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