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Manuela d’Avila leaves the elections due to attacks and political division – 17.06.2022 – Poder



Manuela d'Avila leaves the elections due to attacks and political division - 17.06.2022 - Poder

Former Federal MP Manuela d’Avila (PC do B) says that whether she is a candidate or not, the attacks on her and her family do not stop, and that her decision not to run this year is the result of a combination: threats and disunity leftists in Rio Grande do Sul.

Mentioned to try for a seat in the Senate, she, who was Vice President Fernando Haddad (PT) in the 2018 presidential race and made it to the second round of the 2020 Porto Alegre mayoral election, says dividing the progressive field into state election is harmful doubly.

“Unity is important to be competitive and defeat the forces that make my life unsustainable personally and politically,” says Luiz Inácio supporter Lula da Silva (PT) and opponent of Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Manuela participates in São Paulo on Monday (20) at the opening of the 7th Salão do Livro Político, organized by five publishers, of which Sheet is a partner. She will be at a table on the topic of saving democracy in Latin America, along with Dilma Rousseff (PT), Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) and others.

The conference, which will take place at 19:00 in Tucarena (Rua Monte Alegre, 1024, Perdizes), will be broadcast on the event’s YouTube channel. The salon is open until Saturday (25).

What impact did the attacks have on your decision not to run?

The set of threats that my family and I have suffered for at least seven years affects all my daily decisions, from going to the supermarket to my political influence.

The first reason for my decision not to run is that we have not been able to create reasonable unity in the progressive camp in a state with three competing forces. [Edegar Pretto, do PT, Beto Albuquerque, do PSB, e Pedro Ruas, do PSOL].

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Unity is essential to being competitive and defeating the forces that make my life personally and politically unfeasible. In addition, in the face of violence, the unit is able to protect the victim. Disputes without this cohesion make us more vulnerable.

What has changed in terms of attacks between running for office before and after Bolsonaris?

It’s completely different. I have always been on the left and there have always been conservatives, but there was no scale. Today, these are threats associated with the encouragement of violence based on hate speech. This is the logic not of opposing ideas, but of exterminating those who think differently.

The first threat I faced was in 2005 when I was just elected as a councilor, and this affected the city council, which came to my defense. Now, for example, members of the Black Bench in Porto Alegre are attacked every other day, and this does not change the order of Parliament.

But, on the other hand, we have never had a women’s movement so attentive and able to protect themselves, which are the preferred targets.

Did the fact that one of the virtual opponents in the Senate race was Bolsonarist, Vice President Hamilton Murao (Republican) influence your retreat?

I never thought about it. What I can say is that I take the threats I face seriously, although they have never stopped me from fighting.

Behind these constant violations, whether I run or not, are organizations that produce and spread lies, create virtual militias, and encourage physical and face-to-face assaults.

But I chose to stay. I will campaign the same [pela esquerda]against them and denouncing what they are doing against me. It shows a lot of who they are, not me. But it also opens me up a bit because I endure it and meet it with my head held high.

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Mrs. Have you ever considered expulsion, as ex-MP Jean Willis did?

This is a hypothesis that my family and I have evaluated at different times. It’s not easy to wake up in the morning like it was a year ago and see your five year old daughter being threatened with rape. Anyone in my condition would have thought of that.

Do you think you’ve lost your freedom?

There is a phrase of the intellectual Angela Davis that freedom is a constant struggle. Threats are a reflection of the ideas I represent and their purpose is to destroy. They never wanted to defeat me politically, but they destroyed my existence.

How do harassment, machismo and political violence intersect?

Anthropologist Rosana Pinheiro-Machado has a formulation that says it is impossible to separate Bolsonarism and the extreme right from violent masculinity. It is no coincidence that in the attacks that I endure, my image, the image of my daughter, is used, my body is mentioned. It is no coincidence that they permanently desecrate the memory of Mariel Franco.

[As deputadas federais do PSOL] Taliria Petrone and Samia Bomfim are also the targets of attacks that expose their young children. We are attacked not only for being women, but also for being women who doubt what they do.

How do you think the left should respond to fake news?

First, it must be understood that disinformation is not possible without a discourse of hatred and prejudice, potentially promoting real violence, before it is introjected.

I think we should never refute with the same weapons. What we need to talk about is the technology behind this and energize the platforms that distribute and provide access to this content, the tools to control and spread the truth.

We also need to invest in digital citizenship. We will never win the war on fake news. What we can win is the war for the influence they cause by encouraging people to tell lies from truth, distrust and verify information.

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What do you expect from this election campaign?

We need to learn from this last period that we are living in, when talk of shooting someone [como fez Bolsonaro em 2018 ao atacar petistas] has no practical implications.

We [da oposição] we have to go outside. I think the less [bolsonaristas] they exist, the more radical they will be, which means we must protect our leaders and activists.

In what context is Brazil included in the debate about saving democracy in Latin America, the subject of your table at the Political Book Salon?

We must think about how to strengthen democratic institutions on the continent by discussing issues such as freedom of expression, exemplified by cases such as the execution of Bruno Araujo and Dom Phillips.

The latest cycle we are experiencing in Latin America is a period of weakened democracy, which in Brazil included the impeachment of President Dilma without prosecution and the question of the rule of law in prison of President Lula.


Manuela D’Avila, 40
Associated with PC do B, she was Councilor in Porto Alegre (2005-2006), Federal MP (2007-2014) and State MP (2015-2018). He has reached the second round in the last two elections he has contested: presidential in 2018 as vice-president on the list of Fernando Haddad (PT) and in the 2020 mayoral election of Porto Alegre. In 2018, he created the Instituto E. Se Fosse Você?, to combat fake news and online hate.

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Russian opponent Ilya Yashin sentenced to 15 days in prison



Russian opponent Ilya Yashin sentenced to 15 days in prison

Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin was sentenced to 15 days in prison on Tuesday Moscow court.

He was arrested on Monday evening in a city park. accused of grabbing and insulting an agent.

Yashin’s version is that the police approached him while he was sitting on a bench with a friend and demanded that he come with them without giving any reason.

Ilya Yashin told the court that the reasons for his arrest were political, one of which was the municipal elections that began in Moscow last Sunday.

This is told by his lawyer Mikhail Biryukov. numerous political arrests: “Currently, almost every day in Moscow there are arrests of activists and municipal deputies who either want to participate in municipal elections or support their candidates. I am in court and detention almost every day, and I think that perhaps these three factors overlap, but to a greater extent, I believe that your detention and administrative detention are related to the authorities fear that he may interfere and support the municipal election campaign, and his word carries a lot of weight for Moscow voters.”

The appeal was also unsuccessfully filed by the lawyer of oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

Navalny’s representative got acquainted with the appeal, in which they asked to declare illegal orders prohibiting lawyers from bringing laptops, voice recorders or mobile phones to an open court session in the Pokrovskaya colony, where Alexei Navalny is being held..

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There was nothing instructive in the political news on the day of the CPI protocol – Baptista Chagas de Almeida



There was nothing instructive in the political news on the day of the CPI protocol - Baptista Chagas de Almeida

In a strategy to oppose the creation of the CPI MEC, pro-government senators argue that a commission called upon to investigate violations in the Ministry of Education should begin work only after the “empty” list of other requests already submitted.

The measures have already been discussed behind the scenes and were officially announced yesterday, the same day that the opposition filed a CPI request to investigate allegations of corruption and human trafficking in the Ministry of Education.

MPs also defended at a public hearing yesterday an adjustment to transfers from the federal government to the Mobile Ambulance Service, the old and better known as Samu, the community’s emergency response program.

According to parliamentarians, without an increase in budgetary appropriations, the service runs the risk of paralyzing throughout the country. The funding crisis has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal MP Carmen Zanotto (Citizenship-SC) also demanded more resources for Samu. And like everything else in national politics, he was accompanied by Minas Gerais federal MP Paulo Guedes (PT-MG). Samu is currently funded by the Union, states and municipalities on a tripartite basis.

But the best is yet to come. He descended from the mayor of Barra de Só Miguel (AL), Benedito de Lear (PP), who is also the father of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lear (PP), lost his patience with Bolsonarist voters in the official government. event yesterday morning.

The 80-year-old politician was with his son and President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in Macei. Extending his speech for more than 10 minutes, the mayor began to ask the supporters of the incumbent president to stop his participation.

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After listening, the 80-year-old politician was next to the son of Artur Lear and President Bolsonaro in Macei. “What? You want to go, boy? You don’t know me, do you? You don’t know the history of Alagoas! Get out! Go away, you bastard…” he said irritably into the microphone. He then continued his speech for a few more minutes. lie and they keep telling me to leave, n…!” he finished later, rather annoyed.

“Speak in English”?

News for those who dream of living in the US, the issuance of “green cards”, as permanent residence visas are called, guaranteeing the right to live and work in the United States of America (USA), has also increased and reached its peak, the second highest level in history , with 17,952 new expeditions to the Brazilians. And labor shortages have played a big role in boosting those numbers, with 11.5 million job openings in the United States in the first quarter of this year alone, the highest ever recorded in the country’s history.

light of hope

“STF in the 21st century” was the topic of a lecture given by Minister Crmen Lcia of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) at the Escola da Magistratura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. “I am sure that in every region they are in, they will be a light of hope for every person who seeks them, because in this way we will have a truly free, just and solidarity society.” And he made it clear: “so that we have a real democracy, in which people believe and with the presence of judges who guarantee the law.” She added that judges should be aware of their duties and conscience and their importance.

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fast decision

Minister Gilmar Mendez said the hearing was important to understand the complexity of the issue and that a quick solution was needed as rising fuel prices hit the most vulnerable more hard. J. Rui Costa (PT–BA) stressed that Brazil’s fuel chain is an oligopolistic market. “Will the potential tax cut be passed on to the consumer, or will it be included as a profit for companies?” After the work was started and a reconciliation was proposed between the parties, it has so far remained inconclusive.

was football

An increase in reports of sexual harassment on buses, subways and football stadiums in Belo Horizonte has prompted Counselor Roubaud (photo) (PP) to demand further public discussion of the issue by the Commission on Education, Science, Technology, Culture, Sports. Leisure and tourism city hall. The goal is to assess the situation and find measures to prevent and combat this practice with representatives of the metro and bus companies, stadium administrators, the Ministry of State Power, and the civil and military police. You had it yesterday, did you go to the studio? Is it tired?

Senate in AO

The Federal Senate (SF) approved PLV 16/2022 (MP 1,104/2022), which facilitates fundraising for the rural sector by allowing the use of solidarity guarantee funds for all financial transactions related to rural commercial activities. Go healthy. Any change made to the text of the Interim Measure (TA) makes this issue a PLV. After final approval by the Senate or House, the PLV is sent by the President of the Republic. If approved without changes, the deputy is sent for approval to the chairman of the Senate or the Federal Chamber.

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  • Minister Gilmar Mendez declared the hearings closed as there was nothing more to discuss, thanking everyone for their presence. The minutes of the hearing will be signed electronically only by the Minister Rapporteur who presided over the act, as it was held virtually.
  • In time for the “Speak English” tag: the so-called lab coat escape from Brazil has already become a reality, many medical professionals are changing their lives and countries by changing reals to dollars, but first they need to go through the processes of revalidating their diploma and visa to work in USA.
  • Another one just in time, this time with a score. There was football: the hearing will take place next Thursday, starting at 13:00, in the plenary session of Helvsio Arantes and will be broadcast live on the CMBH portal. Interested parties can submit questions and comments through the already available electronic form.
  • rare, but there is good news. Electricity consumers will have a smaller increase in electricity bills. The President of the Republic of Jair, Messias Bolsonaro (PL), has authorized without veto Law No. 14,385 published yesterday in the “Diário Oficial da União” (DOU).
  • The law changed the rules of the National Electricity Agency (Aneel) to expedite the refund of amounts charged in excess of PIS/Cofins. The return will come from a smaller increase in electricity tariffs. There is no short circuit, enough for today. THE END!

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Politicians call for investigation into president’s sexual harassment case



Politicians call for investigation into president's sexual harassment case

Brazilian politicians have called for an “investigation” and removal of Caixa Econômica’s federal president, Pedro Duarte Guimarães, after allegations of sexual harassment were made by employees of the Metrópoles website. Reported cases include unauthorized intimate touching, inappropriate approaches, and incompatible job offers.

Republican pre-candidate Simone Tebet (MDB) stressed that “sexual harassment is a crime” and called for “strict and immediate” investigations. The senator also said that the president of the bank should be removed from office immediately until the investigations are completed.

“The bank lives off trust, and the state bank cannot allow a potential harasser to the highest position in the institution,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sen. Randolph Rodriguez (Rede-AP) stressed that the allegations are “serious.” The parliamentarian lamented the case after a week of “destructive news of sexual violence”.

“I just asked that Guimarães be summoned to the Human Rights Commission,” he said.

Preliminary candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in this year’s elections, Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) said that “Bolsonarism does not fail”. The politician also demanded an investigation and punishment.

Federal MP Jandira Fegali (PCdoB-RJ) emphasized that women are in danger everywhere and that “not even in a corporate environment, but in a large state bank” they are saved. The MP said she was “disgusted” and demanded “investigation and punishment.”

Pedro Guimarães has been President of Caixa since the current government came to power. The head of the state-owned company is often present at events near Jair Bolsonaro (PL), in addition to participating several times in the president’s weekly live broadcast.

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