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LGBT+ music festival in Porto canceled



LGBT+ music festival in Porto canceled

An LGBT+ music festival scheduled for early July in Porto has been cancelled, the organization said, ensuring it has contacted those with tickets “about the refund process”.

“It is with the greatest sadness that we have to announce that we have made the devastating decision to cancel the LGBT+ Music Festival,” read a statement released Monday on the festival’s official website and social media accounts.

The LGBT+ Music Festival scheduled for July 1st, 2nd and 3rd has been billed as a “feast of love and music” in Alfandega do Porto, but with “shows and experiences”. [que] outside the festival area.

“The festivals will be able to participate in the parties that take place in the pools, terraces and boats on the Douro River, in addition to iconic venues, among which Casa da Música and Hard Club stand out,” the statement released in February said.

Artist and band names announced included Iggy Azalea, Melanie C, Peaches, Ludmilla, Little Boots, Blaya, Favela Lacroix, Tiga, Snap! and Todrick Hall.

On June 1, also in a statement posted online, the organization guaranteed that the event would take place, albeit in a “different format”.

“We ran into several internal problems that made life difficult for our team. We worked 24 hours a day to make the festival happen, but due to the current circumstances, we decided that it would be held in a different format. “, he read if in the text shared at the time.

In a statement this Monday, the festival organization ensures it has contacted everyone who bought a ticket “about the refund process”, asking them to “check their email”. Also, email ([email protected]) is available for anyone with questions.

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The festival, organized by the Apollon company, has a foreign company Galaxium Delirium as investors.

On June 3, in statements to Luce, lawyer Joana Cadete Pires, from the law firm representing Galaxium Delirium in Portugal, explained that “the organizational functions of the festival have been delegated to Portugal.”

According to the lawyer, “there were several factors” that forced the company to rethink the initiative, namely “internal problems”, which she refused to talk about, and “external problems” such as the number of tickets sold. below initial expectations.

Also, according to the lawyer, internal issues had “a lot of weight”, investors “came to the conclusion that the conditions were not met – logistics, confirmation of the artists.” “Obvious problems of poor organization,” he said.

Until May 13 this year, Apollo had Marco Azevedo as manager, who also told Luce on June 3 that he left the position because he felt he “couldn’t” do his job.

A man who worked with the festival from October last year to early May this year and wished to remain anonymous told Lusa that the Portuguese man who hired him “apparently jumped off a boat in mid-May.”

Apollon is also the promoter of Trace Made in Africa, an Afro-city, music, fashion, dance and art festival that takes place from Friday to Sunday in Alfandega do Porto.

The festival lineup includes C4 Pedro, SAuti Sol, Stonebwoy, Admiral T, Naza, NSG, Fally Ipupa, Kriol Kings and Fireboy DML, among others.

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Johnny Depp may return to Pirates of the Caribbean



Johnny Depp may return to Pirates of the Caribbean

A source close to Disney has revealed that the production company is ready to offer Johnny Depp $301 million (€284 million) so he can return to play Captain Jack Sparrow in another Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The American actor, who said he would no longer play the role of Jack Sparrow “for $300 million or a million alpacas,” now appears to be reconsidering his decision.

According to website Poptopic, a reliable source stated that “Disney is very interested in rebuilding a relationship with Johnny Depp. They contacted the actor ahead of the defamation trial against Amber Heard and asked if he was interested in returning to a movie or two.”

This interest is not new. In 2018, Disney wanted to secure the actor’s presence in another film, but after the actor was accused of domestic violence, the call ended.

Four years later and after The 59-year-old actor has been rehabilitated After these allegations, Disney is showing interest again and is ready to open a wallet to guarantee the actor’s services in the new movie of the saga, which premiered the first chapter 19 years ago.

The purported deal, revealed by Poptopic, also establishes Johnny Depp’s presence in the saga’s spin-off, which will explore the life of pirate Jack Sparrow in the period leading up to the release of the first film.

On the table is a $301 million contract that also includes a clause to donate a significant amount to a charity chosen by the Hollywood star.

Five years after the release of the last film in the saga, both the actor and Disney seem to have changed their minds about the relationship they had, and it seems that Jack Sparrow will even return to the big screen as Johnny Depp.

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‘The only treatment that will save my life’ – Nuno da Camara Pereira’s daughter calls for a bone marrow transplant



'The only treatment that will save my life' - Nuno da Camara Pereira's daughter calls for a bone marrow transplant

After battling breast cancer in 2020 Madalena da Camara Pereirafado singer’s daughter Nuno da Camara Pereira, again experiencing a delicate moment. The artist’s daughter has been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, an acute pre-leukemic disease, and is now looking for a compatible donor for a bone marrow transplant.

Thus, Madalena da Camara Pereira decided to make a public appeal on social networks.

“My name is Madalena Madalena Camara Pereira, whoever knows me calls me Laranjinha. I am 45 years old, I have two daughters whom I would like to see grow up and accompany. I had breast cancer in 2020 which I cured with 6 months of chemo, surgery and radiotherapy at IPO in Lisbon. I returned to work and to my normal life. In April 2022, I was unexpectedly and again diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome – a long ugly name, in simple words, acute preleukemia.started with a story in the text, also shared by Nuno da Camara Pereira.

“I was placed in the IPO to undergo chemotherapy to heal and ‘buy time’ before a bone marrow transplant, the only treatment that will save my life. Compatibility between my brothers has already been studied, but unfortunately none of them are 100% compatible with me. Therefore, I am already waiting for a compatible bone marrow donor at the World Bone Marrow Donor Bank.”he explained.

Finally, Madalena also stressed the importance of bone marrow donation. “So I came to ask you to go to the mobile post or any other hospital from the list below to sign up and, go around the corner, enjoy too and donate blood!! At each hospitalization, I need several bags for transfusion of blood and / or platelets, their absence is not dreamed of in hospitals, where there are times when you even have to ration blood and platelets for different patients !! Donate blood and register as a bone marrow donor”it’s finished.

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Liliana Aguiar’s husband discovers he has a 16-year-old daughter: ‘They stole it from me’ – National



Liliana Aguiar's husband discovers he has a 16-year-old daughter: 'They stole it from me' - National

Liliana Aguiar interviewed her husband Francisco Nunez, this Monday afternoon, at SIC’s ‘Julia’. During a heart-to-heart conversation, with the exchange of treats and compliments, the couple opened an intimate book and revealed some facets of their family life unknown so far.

In addition to knowing that the relationship between them has a divine blessing (the church wedding will take place in September), The mental trainer is a successful entrepreneur – he will make $1 million a year in the US. – and who was the man of many women, before he realized that Liliana is the one with whom he wants to live for the rest of his days, an amazing revelation happened.

About six years ago Francisco Nunez discovered that he had a 16-year-old daughter who didn’t even know she existed.. “People are used to the fact that you say that we have three children, but in fact there is also a little girl. Almost no one knows, but I would like you to open your heart about it because I think your story might even be an example. for more people,” challenged Liliana Aguiar.

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After the model shared a video in which she said that “it’s a man’s responsibility to pay the bills” and that “a woman only adds value to a home,” she was criticized on social media. Liliana Aguiar removed the video due to the hate she received from netizens.

“That was six years ago. I got a message on Facebook and there were about 10 photos in that message. It came from a person whom I did not recognize by name because the name was spelled backwards. when I saw the photo, I immediately realized that this is my daughter”, said Francisco Nunez. “I was looking at a handsome man with greenish eyes, but with features very similar to mine. I immediately said that this is my daughter, he confirmed. “I followed her, I wanted to know more about everything. We didn’t have Santiago at the time, but I know I immediately fell in love with her. Something to be. And then knowing that her father was always with her, who cared for her, who gave her love, the more I had to know her, to know more about her.”

He was passed a paternity test that confirmed the teen was the ‘lost’ daughter of a mental trainer. They were absent for some time at the request of the girl’s adoptive father. Francisco now believes it’s time to reclaim that “stolen” time with his daughter, who will now be 22. “If I solved my ‘scene’ with my mom when I was 43, why shouldn’t I solve it with my daughter when she is 22? When does she need support and support more than ever? They hid from me for 16 years that I have a daughter. It was stolen from me, but I decided not to be afraid of consequences or consequences anymore. I have rights too. But I have no right to die because of this.”

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