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Here is the first electric car that does not need recharging



Here is the first electric car that does not need recharging

An electric car without chargers? Calm! Obviously, to say “no shipments” is a complete exaggeration. The Lightyear 0 Solar obviously needs to be recharged, but charging is not done in the traditional way, at least in most cases.

In the end, we are talking about an electric vehicle that can maximize the potential of the technology that gives life to solar panels (photovoltaic panels). Want to know more?

Here is the first electric car that does not need recharging

Therefore, the still unknown manufacturer Lightyear has already announced its first 100% electric car, 0 solar. The car, which, as the name suggests, offers a size of about 5 square meters, fully equipped with solar panels. As such, it is capable of generating enough power to travel about 11,000 kilometers without any traditional electrical charging.

Yes, you read that right, you can go months without connecting this electric car to the charging network. Something that has to do with solar panels as well as the car’s aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.19 cx.

Of course, since there is not always the sun, and yet you cannot depend only and only on this type of energy, you can charge a 60kWh battery in a more traditional way. But while we have advantages! Because even in this way Solar is able to achieve a very interesting 560 kilometers of autonomy on the highway at an average speed of 110 km/h. (This is without the help of panels.)

In practice, the Lightyear 0 was able to outperform the Tesla Model 3 Far Range in the WLTP test, managing 625 kilometers of pure electric range. Something incredible, because Tesla has an 82 kWh battery, while 0 Solar has about 60 kWh.

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According to the manufacturer, it cannot be expected that the charging network will be able to withstand all the electric vehicles that have appeared on the market. Especially since we are only witnessing the beginning of the energy transition in the automotive world.

It is necessary to look at other solutions, even if they are intermediate ones. Having said all that, the Lightyear 0 Solar offers more autonomy with a smaller battery, which in turn means the car is a lot more environmentally friendly. Interesting? We think so!

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Oil is moving forward. Hunt for leftovers in the stock market raises interest rates in Europe



European markets are in the red.  Interest on Portugal's debt hits 2.5% - Markets in a minute

Europe with the best day in three months

The underlying Old Continent Stoxx 600 index, after posting lows since February 2021 yesterday, rose 2.62% this Friday to 412.93 points. This is the biggest daily increase since mid-March. All sectors ended the day in the green, with technology up the most with 3.74%, followed by the media and food sectors.

Major markets in Western Europe also closed strong on a day marked by bargain hunters who took advantage of stocks becoming cheaper to invest in.

“We have seen signs that institutional investors believe that the European market has some value,” Joachim Klement, an analyst at Liberum Capital, told Bloomberg.

“We must remember that even in today’s rebound, not only cyclical sectors are leading the market, which indicates that this is a bear market rebound, but not the end of the bear market,” he further explains.

The Amsterdam stock market led the gains, with the AEX up 3.84%, the Paris CAC40 up 3.23% and the London Footsie 100 up 2.68%.

In an upward trend, Italian Footsie Mib jumped 2.33%, Spain’s IBEX35 added 2.62% and Germany’s DAX30 rose 1.59%.

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The fall in prices in a double dose “lightens” the Portuguese wallets. Know how much you will pay to complete the deposit



Between rising fuel prices and falling CPI for gasoline.  Find out how much you will pay for replenishing your deposit this week

For the first time in the past five weeks, diesel fuel will follow a downward trend. And the good news is that next week, gasoline will follow the same path: according to a sector source contacted by Multinews, the main national oil companies are “focusing on reducing the price of diesel to three cents.” per litre. In the same sense, gasoline should be cheaper to 1 cent.”

Private label gas stations, which usually operate near hypermarkets, are following the trend and are reporting “a €0.0077 price decrease for petrol and €0.0273 for diesel,” another source said.

Taking into account these movements, the Government has determined an additional ISP reduction of 1.2 cents for gasoline and 0.4 cents for diesel from this Monday, which will be reflected in tax relief, the Ministry of Finance said.

It was the sixth decline in gasoline prices since the start of the year, despite having already registered 19 weeks of growth. As for diesel fuel, this is the seventh drop since January, which, however, is “contradicted” by 17 increases in 2022. During this period, the price of diesel increased by 47 cents per liter, while the price of gasoline rose by 51 cents.

This means that filling a 60-liter tank of diesel fuel costs 28.2 euros more than in January. It takes 30.6 euros more to fill up the gas tank than in the first week of the year. Remember the fuel prices at the beginning of the year: 1,501 euros for diesel and 1,665 euros for gasoline.

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This Monday, taking into account the announced break, the invoice confirming the deposit of 60 liters of diesel fuel will decrease by 1.8 euros. If you fill up the gas tank, you save 60 cents.

Data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) shows that the average price of a liter of diesel fuel in Portugal is currently 2080 euros per liter, while the price of 95 gasoline is 2121 euros. The latest fuel bulletin from the European Commission states that Portugal ranks 9th in terms of the cost of gasoline 95 of the 27 countries of the European Union. Diesel takes the 10th position in the European ranking.

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Stoxx 600 at 16-month low. Portuguese debt interest below 2.5% – markets per minute



Stoxx 600 at 16-month low.  Portuguese debt interest below 2.5% - markets per minute

The Stoxx 600 hit 16-month lows and is about to record the worst half since the 2008 crash.

European stocks started the session colored red, refreshing their February 2021 “benchmark” lows, fueled by fears of a possible recession, fueled by statements by US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in the US Senate.

The Stoxx 600 lost 1.25% to 400.68 points. Of the 20 sectors included in the index, energy and mining companies are suffering losses due to falling prices for oil and other raw materials. The European benchmark par excellence has already lost 19% since its peak in January, so it is one step away from a bear market.

The benchmark is even set to record the worst half since the 2008 financial crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine and hawkish central bank monetary policy to curb inflation, the world’s biggest monetary crisis, according to a Bloomberg report. tightening of the movement since the 2000s.

However, some strategists believe that part of the losses can be won back. The Stoxx 600 should end the year at 467 points, up 14% from Tuesday, according to Bloomberg’s mid-month forecast of 15.

“Now there are interesting opportunities in the medium term. The situation remains the same, but it seems that the market is starting to learn to live with it as it looks for a fund,” defended Diego Fernandez, investment director of A&G Banca Privada. in Madrid, according to Bloomberg.

In other European markets, the focus is on London, which lost 1.02% on the day of celebrations of the sixth anniversary of the Brexit referendum in 2016. After this event, the British FTSE index has already fallen by 8.7%, but now everything can change. that the London benchmark is doing better than some of its peers this year.

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Madrid loses 1.29%, Frankfurt 1.40%, Paris 1.29% and Amsterdam 1.25%. Milan fell 1.43%, while Portugal posted the most timid drop in the block (0.76%).

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