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Galaxy S22 vs S22 Ultra: what’s the difference in everyday photos?



Galaxy S22 vs S22 Ultra: what's the difference in everyday photos?

There are three devices in the Galaxy S22 series, two of which differ only in screen size and battery life, and the third is very different. Speaking of camera sets, Galaxy S22 Ultra I have a more complete set.

But will Galaxy S22 this is Galaxy S22+ far behind in photographic quality when we think about everyday photos? I took the base model and the S22 Ultra and did a few clicks and compared examples of different scenarios and framing to find out.

Let’s analyze what is the difference between everyday photos taken with Galaxy S22 this is Galaxy S22 Ultra.

How was the test

Just like I did in comparison of iPhone 13 Pro with Galaxy S22 Ultra and Motorola Edge 30 Pro, I took all the photos of this in automatic mode. I have always tried to place mobile phones in more or less the same place in order to bring light and composition as close as possible.

The idea was to point the phone and take a picture, but in some cases it may have been necessary to tap the screen to make sure the correct subject was in focus. I didn’t feel much difference in the two devices’ autofocus, which was fast and accurate most of the time.

No editing was done to any of the photos after the click. All night images were taken with night mode enabled to analyze possible differences in Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra “night photography”.

main camera

The difference between the photo kit begins with the main one, in which there are different sensors. The Galaxy S22 has a maximum resolution of 50MP and the S22 Ultra has a maximum resolution of 108MP, but both use technology that combines smaller pixels to produce larger ones and thus reduces noise.

The results are almost identical when you shoot the same scene in the same lighting conditions. In fact, the S22 Ultra manages to register a little more fine detail with more textures.

Galaxy S22 main camera on the left and S22 Ultra on the right (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

For untrained eyes, the results are the same. On the screen of a cell phone, no particular changes can be seen in the photos taken by two mobile phones. Samsung.

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That is, at least for a photo in good light with the main camera, it doesn’t matter if you have a Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra in your hands: in the end result you will have a very good photo.

ultra wide camera

In a camera with a wider field of view, the difference is in focus, automatic on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and fixed on the S22. That is, you have a few more options for composing a shot in a more advanced model, in addition to the ability to adjust the point of the image, which will have some highlight.

This gives the S22 Ultra some features not found in the other two models, such as using this lens for macro photography as well. On the other hand, the ultra wide-angle S22 and S22 Plus models have slightly more depth of field.

Ultra wide camera Galaxy S22 (left) and S22 Ultra (right) (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

That is, it is difficult to take a photo in which the subject of the image is blurred, or “blurred”. Regardless of the distance between you and what is being photographed, the chances of being within the focal length are quite high. The same does not apply to the S22 Ultra.

You will end up with relatively similar results with both devices. Again, untrained eyes will look at each image and say it’s the same.

camera zoom

It’s a little easier to tell from the close-up photos that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is better. After all, he has not one zoom camera, but two. One, with 3x optical zoom, is the same as on the S22, and the other, with 10x optical zoom, is one of the biggest differences of the device.

And if the cameras are the same, then the results, right? Not really. I noticed a slight difference in color temperature between the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra when I zoomed in in the same scenario. The second gave “warmer” results in some cases.

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Galaxy S22 zoom camera on the left and S22 Ultra on the right (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

But, in general, these are really very similar photos. That’s if we stick with the 3x zoom, which uses the same optical approach as the same sensors. If you zoom in a bit, especially from 10x (which is the S22’s limit, by the way), the S22 Ultra already achieves higher quality in most cases.

In short, if you want to take photos at 10x zoom, the most advanced model in the line is best. If it’s limited to 5x, I think the difference would be minimal, if any.

night photos

I didn’t see much of a difference in the Night Scene capabilities of the two devices. Samsung’s algorithm manages to reduce noise well and even lighten it up a bit, without losing the low-light performance of the image.

So the small differences I noticed in each camera are repeated here. The main one has slightly more clarity on the S22 Ultra, while the ultra-wide focus on the S22 is harder to miss. But to the untrained eye, these are almost identical photographs.

Galaxy S22 night mode on the left and S22 Ultra on the right (Source: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

Perhaps the biggest difference is in the selfie. I found the Galaxy S22’s colors to be a little less natural, even with a more vibrant low-light photo style. On the S22 Ultra, despite not being a very good image, the colors are more natural. It’s more like a scene that I saw with my own eyes.


Remember that thing about depth of field that I mentioned in ultra-wide? Well, in selfies, too, there is a considerable difference in this aspect from the Galaxy S22 to S22 Ultra.

Simply put, while the S22 has a wider focus, the more advanced model takes the natural blurring of objects a little further. This causes the eyes to quickly turn to the face being photographed rather than being a bit lost in the scenery.

Galaxy S22 front camera on the left and S22 Ultra on the right (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

And that didn’t happen using portrait mode, all photos were taken in auto mode on both devices. In fact, it is the depth of field that makes our face appear more natural in the S22 Ultra selfies.

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But speaking of the quality itself, I found both very good. The Galaxy S22 can also be classified as one of the best selfie phones to date, as I’ve already mentioned the S22 Ultra in other texts here on Canaltech.

Galaxy S22 vs S22 Ultra: what’s the difference in everyday photos?

I did not think that the cameras of the two devices differ so much in photographic quality. Only the more trained eye will notice the differences, and it will stop to analyze each image more closely. On the screen of a cell phone, in photos posted on social networks, it does not matter one or the other.

What you need to keep in mind if you are in doubt between the Galaxy S22 or S22 Plus and S22 Ultra is that the latter has a more complete set. And I’m not even talking about the 108MP resolution on the main, autofocus on the ultrawide, or the 40MP selfie.

The Galaxy S22 photo package isn’t far behind the more advanced model (Image: Ivo Menegel Jr/Canaltech)

I’m talking about macro photography and even more magnification than 3x optical. The Galaxy S22 Ultra can take close-up shots of objects and capture incredible details, and it uses an ultra-wide angle to do so. Thanks to the variable focal length that its lens offers, not found in the other two models.

In addition, it has an additional sensor that optically zooms in on objects with 10x magnification. That being said, you can enjoy 100x hybrid zoom on the Ultra model. In the other two, the maximum magnification is 10x, which is done digitally.

However, if you ask me straight out which of the three Galaxy S22s to buy with only the camera in mind, I’ll say it doesn’t matter. For everyday use, they are basically the same.

Now, if you want superb quality in the finer details and more framing and resources, then you didn’t even need this comparison. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is your choice.

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The original model paved the way for later versions and now has a new feature. After all these years, the device is getting an update to be even better and more stable. It is interesting that improvements have occurred not only in him.

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Right now Google seems to be updating these devices in terms of software and has updates for the vast majority. In most situations, such as the first and second versions of the Chromecast, the description is reduced to "Bug fixes and other improvements."

Device firmware version What's included in this software update
Chromecast (1st generation) 1.36.157768 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast (2 generations) 1.56.275994 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast (3 generations) 1.56.275994 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast Ultra 1.56.281627 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast Audio 1.56.281627 Bug fixes and other improvements
Broadcast to Android TV 1.42.179832 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast and Google TV (4K) build number: STTE.220621.019.A2
  • security update: Android security patch level updated July 2022
  • Update Android TV from version 10 to 12
    • Additional custom settings allow you to control the HDR format and surround sound.
    • New: Content Frame Rate Matching option allows you to switch between refresh rates.
  • More security and privacy
    • New camera and microphone privacy buttons let you disable or enable camera and microphone access for all apps.
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

To manually download the latest update, follow the instructions provided here.

Chromecast and Google TV (HD) build number: STTF.220621.013 Build version at startup

Google extends to all models

This list of updates from Google also has a few gems like Chromecast Audio that aim to bring the concept to the audio part. The Chromecast Ultra also now sees its updated version and gets the same bug fixes and other improvements.

To check your device version, Google recommends that you open the Google Home Google Home app, press and hold the device tile. Then click "Settings" and then "Device Information". In the "Technical Information" section, find the Cast firmware: "X.XXX.XXXXX".

Google Chromecast software updates

How to access new software

Updating devices is extremely simple. It usually downloads updates automatically. To manually download the latest update, follow these steps:

  • Accessing the Chromecast Home Screen with Google TV
  • Select Settings, then System, then About, then System Update.

It's great to see that Google is updating the Chromecast all the way back to the first version of the device. It won't bring much news, but it will certainly improve this offer and make it more stable and hassle-free for users.

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This intention of the Polish company was disclosed this Monday (28) during the last meeting regarding its financial report. During the conversation it was commented how the success of Netflix animation helped boost game sales.

Launched in September Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Cyberpunk: The Expendables in Brazil) is considered the story intertwines with the game Cyberpunk 2077, which was a huge success for both the streaming platform and the Polish developer. Furthermore, animated series revived public interest in the gamewhich no longer suffered from the myriad problems revealed in its release.

Throughout the meeting, CD Projekt Red management was asked about the possibility of a second season of the popular anime🇧🇷 “We are not confirming any concrete plans for the second season of the series. Edgerunners and nothing special,” explained Michal Nowakowski, senior vice president of business development at the production company, before moving on to the interesting part of the comment.

We want to do more in the transmedia spacewhether it’s linear visual animation or live actors, and those plans haven’t changed,” Nowakowski added. “When we’re ready, you expect to see more announcements from us in this regard“, he concluded.

Taking into account not only Edgerunnerswhich revived interest in Cyberpunk 2077 e led the company to record revenue for the periodbut also games and cartoons Witcher (also on Netflix), it’s to be expected that CD Projekt Red really intends to continue with this strategy.

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