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From Shooting Stars to Supermoons: Find out when and how to watch astronomical events in June – Ceará



From Shooting Stars to Supermoons: Find out when and how to watch astronomical events in June - Ceará

The sky of Ceará should take on a special beauty thanks to the Epsilon Gruida meteor shower discovered by the Brazilians and the first “superfluous” of the year throughout June. The winter solstice – a day with fewer hours of sunshine – should complete the list major astronomical events month.

Celestial phenomena can be transmitted with greater intensity away from bright lights capital Cities. Observations are also more suitable near the coast, because clouds can obscure phenomena.

On the last day of the month, the night of asteroids can be seen in honor of the holiday. International Asteroid Day. Find out about the most outstanding astronomical events in June with Ceara View:

Meteor Shower Epsilon Gruids

June 11th

At the beginning of June 11 at 2 am it will be possible to watch Brazilian discovery with the participation of Ceara in the Epsilon Gruida meteor shower.

“It is now 5 years since the discovery – the official announcement was made in March 2017 – but the rain will fall on a maximum of June 11,” explains Lauriston Trindade, an amateur astronomer, a member of the team involved in the discovery of this phenomenon.

You don’t need any equipment to watch the risks in the sky, and meteors appear all over the sky.

The find was included in Meteor Data Centeran agency affiliated with the International Astronomical Union based on research by the Brazilian Meteor Observing Network (Bramon).

Lua cheia no perigeu (Superlua)

June 14

Commonly referred to as the Supermoon, the full moon at perigee indicates the closest position to the Earth, about 360,000 km, with this phenomenon on the 14th being the first of this year.

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In this case, the perception of the natural satellite is 14% larger and 30% brighter, as explained by Ednardo Rodriguez, professor of astronomy and fellow at Seara da Ciência of the Federal University of Ceara (UFC). “Moon’s orbit is elliptical [oval]so it has a point closer and a point farther,” he clarifies.

Since you are used to the size for the last month, you may not notice the difference. Optical illusion since her birth, close to the horizon that she is quite big

Ednardo Rodriguez

professor of astronomy

In addition to the emphasized beauty, the full moon in perigee affects the sea: tides and a worse hangover is expected that day.

The Brazilian Navy tide table shows that at 4:06 the tide will be at 3 m, and at 16:43 – 2.8 m in Fortaleza. The average level during this period is 1.55 m.

Winter solstice

21st of June

A day with fewer hours of sunshine? The winter solstice, when the season of the same name begins, falls on June 21 this year. Actually the day will the longest night.

“This is because the Earth’s axis is tilted, and in winter the sun illuminates the northern hemisphere more than the southern,” explains Ednardo. The term comes from Latin and means “stopped sun,” according to the National Observatory.

The institution explains that astronomers noticed the path of the Sun across the sky, at noon it changed every day. This point will rise higher until it “stops” and then become lower. The type of pause on the way corresponds to the summer and winter solstices.

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asteroid night

30 June

The month ends on an important date: International Asteroid Day. “A day to remember the phenomenon that happened in 1908 when a possible asteroid exploded, destroying the forest of Tudunska,” explains Heliomarzio Moreira, professor of physics and astronomy.

com help with equipment, some asteroids can be seen from sunset on the 30th until late on the morning of the 1st. Check the list in order of appearance:

  • Hygieia
  • Amphitrite
  • Daphne
  • Aquitaine
  • Irene
  • Metis
  • Nausicaa
  • Vesta
  • Juno
  • Pallas
  • Hebe

“Who has a telescope or good binoculars: 7 planets are visible before dawn,” the professor adds about the observations for the month. Uranus and Neptune, for example, will only be visible through a telescope, he points out.

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My summer holidays will get an English version



My summer holidays will get an English version

Pencil Shin Chan

A photo: Goat Millennium

last year, A game called Crayon Shin Chan: Ura to Hakase no Natsuyasumi (Crayon Shin-chan: My summer vacation with a teacher). A mix of legendary manga Pencil Shin Chan And in the long run my summer holidays A series of video games, it felt slow, laid-back, relaxing and everything you could want from a game with a summer vacation focus.

Here is the trailer for the 2021 Japanese release:

Crayon Shin-chan “Ora and the Doctor Summer Vacation – Seven Day Journey – [Nintendo Direct 2021.2.18]

Looks nice, doesn’t it? Kazu Ayabe, director of the main series, was also in charge of this game, and the addition of more modern visuals – it was the first game for PS1 and the last for PSP – made everything even better. Like every other game in general my summer holidays Series We all assumed that this would be a Japan-only release, but it turned out that we were wrong at best.

An image from an article titled

A photo: Goat Millennium

Earlier today it was announced that it is not only Crayon Shin Chan: Ura to Hakase no Natsuyasumi It’s now out on PlayStation 4, but is also being translated into a number of Western languages, including English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

If you are wondering how these games work, then they are all about games during the summer holidays for children. You walk around a sleepy city, talking to people, playing a few games, and generally hanging out. As the game’s new English website says:

Enjoy the feeling of Japan in the height of summer. Walk under the open sky and listen to the sound of cicadas in the mountains and the gentle murmur of streams floating through the greenery. This is an experience that will instantly make you feel nostalgic for a Japanese summer.

international version Crayon Shin Chan: Ura to Hakase no Natsuyasumi It will release in August for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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Artificial intelligence helps Instagram check your age from your face



Artificial intelligence helps Instagram check your age from your face

How old are you? Well, this question never leaves you, no matter how old you are. You feel happy answering until you reach an age that you don’t really want people to know about, and if you’re underage, social media platforms won’t be replaced by people. But this time, Instagram has prepared something different for everyone. Instagram is testing new age verification methods, including asking followers to verify their age and even using artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate your age through video selfies. It’s part of an effort to ensure users are at least 13 years old and “ensuring that teens and adults have the right experience for their age group,” he announced.

Currently, Instagram only asks users to verify their age when teens attempt to change their date of birth to show they are 18 or older. To verify their age, users can upload photos of various IDs, and starting today, users in the US will have two additional options: social proof and AI scoring.

Users in the US can also upload compatible ID photos to verify their age on Instagram. The company also uses another method called social proof. It involves three people aged 18 and over who are the user’s followers. They need to verify that user’s age if they receive a request from Instagram within three days.

Instagram also checks user posts after they are eligible for additional verification, such as if a person pretending to be 20 posts about celebrating their 16th birthday. It even tests a method based on a person’s written posts to see if they’re posting as a teenager or an adult, although we certainly see many adults on Instagram posting as if they were teenagers.

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The post “Artificial intelligence helps Instagram check age by face” first appeared on.

source –

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NASA launches Microwave-sized CubeSat to the Moon as part of Artemis program



NASA launches Microwave-sized CubeSat to the Moon as part of Artemis program

The week has been a very busy one for NASA, and after yesterday’s historical launch of a rocket launched into space in Australia observe the constellations Alpha Centauri A and B; Today, a small CubSat was sent to the Moon as part of the Artemis program. A cube the size of a microwave and weighing 25 kg will test the lunar elliptical part of the Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE).

It will be an explorer or reconnaissance route for the Gateway, a space station that will orbit the moon, as part of the Artemis program, which aims to return a person to a natural satellite. CAPSTONE will help mitigate the risk of future spacecraft by testing innovative navigation technologies as well as testing their orbital dynamics.since it will be the one that the astronauts will use.

NASA CAPSTONE ” data-title=”NASA CAPSTONE – NASA Launches Microwave-sized CubeSat to the Moon as Part of Artemis Program – SAPO Tek”>

This orbit consists of a seven-day journey that the spacecraft takes to circle the Moon, allowing vehicles to get closer to its surface. The goal is to test the path that the Gateway will take on its path.. BUT NASA says that CAPSTONE is currently in lower Earth orbit and has a four-month journey to reach its destination. Your path may be monitored in real timeon a 3D map provided by the space agency.

The small cube mimics the flight of Rocket Lab’s Lunar Photon rocket. Shortly after launch, The Lunar Photon has separated from its second stage, and over the next few days, the engine will periodically turn on to accelerate the vehicle out of lower Earth orbit.. This is followed by the final separation of the CubeSat to follow its trajectory towards the Moon.

The final stage of CAPSTONE’s journey will be provided by its own system of proportions, as well as gravity from the Sun to the Moon. O Using gravity will drastically reduce the fuel consumption of a small device..

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