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Dom Phillips and Bruno Araujo were killed; politicians’ comments



Dom Phillips and Bruno Araujo were killed;  politicians' comments

Politicians and civil society organizations spoke out today on the killing of indigenous representative Bruno Araujo Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips. The couple were abducted while traveling by boat on the Ithacuai River after visiting the indigenous land of Vale do Javari (Amazonas), an area encroached upon by hunters, fishermen and illegal loggers. The disappearance became known on June 5.

Justice and Public Safety Minister Anderson Torres said today that the PF (Federal Police) reported the discovery of human remains at the site where native Bruno Araujo Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips were allegedly buried after they were abducted and killed. , earlier this month. The material is subject to examination.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said this afternoon that “everything indicates” that the case will be “unraveled” and “clarified in the coming hours.” According to him, the British reporter was “not well respected in the region” for writing “a lot of reporting against the miners” and focusing on environmental conflicts. The statement was made before PF reported that fisherman Amarildo da Costa Oliveira admitted to dismembering and burying the bodies of an indigenous person and a journalist.

“These two decided to enter a completely inhospitable area alone, without guards, and a problem arose. From day one we have been looking for people in the area, but without success,” he said in an interview with journalist Leda Nagle on YouTube. channel.

The president, who was publicly pressured by opponents, authorities and the international media, said that the region of Vale do Javari was “quite isolated” and that “many people don’t like the House”. In Bolsonaro’s view, the journalist he called “that Englishman” should “be more than doubled in safety”.

This Englishman was treated with disapproval in the district. Because he made a lot of materials against miners, environmental issues… Well, that region, which is quite isolated, many people did not like it. He had to more than double his attention to himself. And decided to go on tour
Jair Bolsonaro

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Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and former São Paulo Governor Geraldo Alcmin, in a joint memo, criticized the federal government and said the crime was directly related to the repeal of government policies to protect indigenous peoples. Lula and Alkmin are on the list of candidates who will fight for the presidency of the republic with Bolsonaro.

“The confirmation of the murder of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips is shocking news that causes us pain and resentment. Our first word is solidarity with relatives, friends of an indigenous person and a journalist. A thorough investigation of the crime is now required; that its authors and responsible persons be condemned. Democracy and Brazil can no longer tolerate and can no longer live with violence, hatred and contempt for the values ​​of civilization,” they said.

Univaja (Union of Indigenous Peoples of Vale do Zhavari) stated that it considers the killing of indigenous representative Bruno Araújo Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips a political crime and asked for further investigation. The couple were killed while traveling by boat on the Ithacuai River after visiting the indigenous land of Vale do Javari (Amazonas), an area encroached upon by hunters, fishermen and illegal loggers. The disappearance became known on June 5.

“Both were human rights activists and died doing activities for the benefit of us, the indigenous peoples of the Javari Valley, for our right to well-being, for our right to territory and natural resources, which are our food and guarantee of life, not only in our lives, but also in the lives of our isolated relatives,” the open letter says.

Without citing the organization that facilitated the search for the victims, Amazonas Governor Wilson Lima (PSC) said he regretted the outcome of the case. “My solidarity with families. I thank all the security forces, especially our men from the fire department and the civilian and military police, who were determined in their search,” he said through his social media profiles.

The President of the National Congress, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (SDP-MG), stated that “out of respect for victimson the Amazon and freedom of the press,” he hopes that all the perpetrators involved will be punished strictly according to the law: “It is with great regret that I receive the news that the remains of the native Bruno Araujo and the journalist of the House of Phillips have been found.”

In a public note, Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalists), Ajor (Association of Digital Journalism), Fenay (National Federation of Journalists), the Vladimir Herzog Institute and other organizations that bring together journalists and media workers expressed outrage at the confirmation of the death of an indigenous representative and a British reporter.

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“In recent years, journalists and environmentalists have shown records of deforestation and the advance of miners and loggers, predatory fishing and drug trafficking in the territories of indigenous peoples. It’s about adventure, it’s about journalism,” they said.

The group also stepped up its criticism of the President of the Republic. “Bolsonaro and his allies have become the protagonists of attacks on the press. Between 2019 and 2021, attacks on the press and its professionals increased by more than 200%, according to a survey conducted by Abraj. Most of them come from the family of the president, members of the federal government and his supporters. This context has placed Brazil in more than alarming positions in global classifications of freedom of the press and expression, such as Reporters Without Borders e Article 19“, they stressed.

ANPR (National Association of Prosecutors of the Republic) said it understands “that a quick investigation, clarification of the case and prosecution of those responsible is the only acceptable way to minimally correct this tragedy. For this reason, we reject any attack on the memory of the victims or posture that does not respect the sadness of this moment.”

The association noted that the prosecutor’s office has worked with Bruno and “is witness to his love for the Indigenous cause and his dedication to the subject. Dom was a dedicated journalist who knew how to cover Brazilian reality like few others and was concerned about the situation in the country. country.”

“It is necessary to warn that other human rights defenders are also in danger. (…) State institutions, in turn, have never been as fragmented as they are now, which contributes to the encouragement of the practice of environmental crime, land grabbing. We hope that this episode will serve as a warning to Brazil and the world that the protection of the Amazonian and forest peoples depends on specific commitments to the environment, respect for traditional and political communities, effective ways to protect territories. Justice for Bruno and Dom!”

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The politician weighs Ibovespa, the best predictions for VIIA3 and other events of the day



The politician weighs Ibovespa, the best predictions for VIIA3 and other events of the day

High global inflation and rising bets that the world will face an economic recession scenario continue to feed the financial market bears in the four corners of the world, monopolizing investor attention.

Even in a scenario marked by strong risk aversion, Wall Street’s major indexes took a breather from bleeding and saw a ray of hope in the weaker data on the US economy: the stock exchanges broke a series of three consecutive losses.

B3, however, still sees no reason to dream of better days – the news coming out of Brazil actually complicates matters further.

If the discussion about a more significant intervention in Petrobras (PETR4) has become softer, President Jair Bolsonaro again caused irritation this morning by publicly defending a 200 reais increase in Auxílio Brasil.

This and other public spending promises have been circulated in recent days, and while the Union has not released any other details, it is enough to allay the fears of a heavily indebted country without a financial balance.

Although Ibovespa has followed Wall Street’s rise this Friday (24), breathing has become shorter and risk aversion has intensified – inflation continues to show strength that could force our Central Bank to extend monetary tightening.

While the New York stock exchanges jumped about 3%, the main B3 index rose 0.60% to 98,672 points and fell 1.15% on the week. The spot dollar rose 0.44% to R$5.2527, gaining 2.11% over the past five sessions.

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Mayan Caesar leaves ostracism and is considered a vice in RJ – 06/24/2022 – Poder



Mayan Caesar leaves ostracism and is considered a vice in RJ - 06/24/2022 - Poder

Having accumulated electoral defeats since 2008 when he left Rio de Janeiro’s mayor’s office, 77-year-old Councilor César Maia (PSDB) left the political ostracism he lived in to become the focus of controversy this year between pre-candidates for the state government.

Federal Deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSB-RJ) invited Maya to become his deputy as a candidate for the state government. The same post was offered to the former mayor by the city’s current president, Eduardo Páez (PSD), to be led by former OAB president Felipe Santa Cruz (PSD).

The former mayor delegated negotiations on his behalf to his son, Rodrigo Maia, who chairs the PSDB-RJ.

To Sheet he explained the reason for the interest in his name in this election as follows: “Perhaps because of the need for a brand experience.”

Both Freijo and Santa Cruz never held leadership positions. The PSB MP is also trying to expand his alliance with the center parties in order to disassociate himself from the image of a radical left that has been formed as a result of his 16-year affiliation with the PSOL.

Maya says she sees no contradiction in her possible commitment to a candidacy led by a left-wing politician.

“My political life has always fluctuated between left and center. When I came to the NFL, the goal was for the NFL to move to the center. That’s why Jamie Lerner and I migrated together,” he says.

PSOL, a member of Freixo’s alliance, said they were against his appointment as vice president.

The accusation of the deputy in the growth of the militia is also not a hindrance for the former mayor. He claims that the deputy was right.

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“The first of these allowed police officers to live in communities. But later dynamics showed that Freixo was right,” the former mayor said.

Three-term mayor of Rio de Janeiro Maya left his post without much approval. His administration was the target of constant criticism in the following elections, including from former political godchildren such as Páez.

“My assessment is that the criticism during this election was skewed by popularity issues at the time. The affairs of politics. Possibly due to being in government for too long.”

The former mayor unsuccessfully attempted to hold elections for the Senate three times in 2010, 2014 and 2018. At the latter, he led the voting intent polls ahead of the election, but was overtaken by Arolde de Oliveira (died 2020). whose start was similar to that of Wilson Witzel in state government.

Maya attributes the Senate’s defeats to its lack of domestic votes. He is currently serving his third term as an adviser, a position he has always been elected to as one of the top four voters.

Council member Tarcisio Mota (PSOL) classifies César Maia’s term as “independent”.

“He is not 100% faithful to the directives of the Paez administration. He usually defends the directives of government officials like us. As far as economic and fiscal directives are concerned, we often disagree. But we have a lot of dialogues. adviser,” said Mota, in contrast to Freixo, who was elected by the former mayor as deputy.

Cesar Maia has been assembled since the start of the new coronavirus pandemic and is still participating virtually in city council meetings.

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A pending alliance with Freixo could leave the candidacy defended by Páez, César Maia’s former political godson, whose departure contributed to the former mayor’s downfall, isolated.

Paez claims to “take his word” from Rodrigo Maia. According to him, the PSDB promised to support Felipe Santa Cruz. PSD’s alliance with PDT, announced in February, is also under threat.

“Cesar is a very qualified team, very prepared and has a lot to add to the list,” Paez said.

Maya says she does not regret past criticism from Paez. “Because I was always discussing ideas, this personal question never crossed my mind.”

However, he makes it clear that his son is negotiating and that he no longer has frequent contact with the current mayor. “Not. His relationship with Rodrigo Maia has always been constant, even after the 2012 elections.”

He also has no plans to share a platform with former President Lula, Freixo’s top electoral leader. “PSDB-RJ representation depends on Deputy Rodrigo Maia,” says the former mayor.

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Politician puts pressure on Ibovespa again, Binance suspends withdrawals, and Inter falls to debut; check the highlights of the day



Politician puts pressure on Ibovespa again, Binance suspends withdrawals, and Inter falls to debut;  check the highlights of the day

If in the early months of the year the political scenario was just an addendum to financial market discussions, now Brasilia is the absolute hero, and there hasn’t been a single day in the last few weeks where local investors manage to veer off course. events in the federal capital.

The crisis in Petrobras (PETR4), which is still waiting to be resolved, is just one of the fires. The closeness of the election also entails the government’s attempt to approve a “kindness package” that will heavily impact public accounts, which are still struggling to recover from the coronavirus hit.

At the moment, an increase in the Auxílio Brasil payment from 400 to 600 reais, an extension of the gasoline voucher, an allowance of up to 1,000 reais for truck drivers, and even a public disaster decree are being discussed. .

On Wall Street, investors received weaker-than-expected US economic data as a sign that the Federal Reserve will have to be careful if it really wants to avoid a recession. The Nasdaq was up 1.62%, the S&P 500 was up 0.95% and the Dow Jones was up 0.64%.

Ibovespa, however, faced more headaches and ended the day down 1.45% to 98,080 points, but the retail and tech sectors benefited from an easier yield curve and were the highlights. The dollar is already in sight ended the session up 1.02% to 5.2298 reais.

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Find out why Binance has suspended withdrawals and payments in Brazil and see if your cryptocurrencies and money will be lost.. The conflict between the world’s largest exchange and Capitual opens a new chapter in the disputes between digital currency brokers in the Brazilian market.

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Developers’ actions will continue to suffer from high interest rates. But two of them have nearly 90% upside potential, the analyst says.. Bank of America cuts estimates for major B3 builders with Selic’s outlook at high levels next year but sees opportunities in the sector.

Shares of Inter fell on the first day of trading on the Nasdaq. Shares in the bank’s holding company, Inter&Co, fell more than 7% during talks about the paper’s debut in New York.

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