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Diablo Immortal: see all classes and their skills



Imagem de: Diablo Immortal: veja todas as classes e suas skills

Diablo the Immortal now available for android, iOS e PC with 6 classes at the moment. For those already familiar with the franchise, the options are familiar, but the skills and number of abilities are slightly different from the main series.

Apparently, the developer created resources new to the game but the aesthetics are reminiscent Diablo 3, with adaptations in the course and composition buildsmaking the game intuitive for veterans and newcomers alike. Sanctuary.

All classes and skills Diablo the Immortal

Diablo the Immortal happens after the events Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Since this is a mobile game, it is expected that NetEase introduce other classes in the future, but there are currently six available:

  • Barbarian
  • crossed
  • demon hunter
  • Monge
  • Necromancer
  • Arcanist.

Each archetype has 14 skills which can be identified in sinco slots, one of them is only for basic attacks. How unique items add effects in skillsit is recommended to vary your build, and a bit of luck.


The Barbarian focuses on dealing massive physical damage at close range.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

Available from Diablo 2, The Barbarian is back as the main melee class. The focus of this class is on physical damage and close range attack, in addition to being able to absorb a lot of damage.

Basic attacks/level

Secondary Skills/Level

  • slash
  • Hammer of the Ancestors
  • chain spear
  • jacuzzi (8)
  • Shot (15)
  • Furious Charge (20)
  • Jump (28)
  • demoralize (38)
  • Power Protector (41)
  • Eternal Fury (44)
  • Capture (47)
  • Berserker Rage (50)


The Crusader combines physical and magical damage with defense, making it a good class for beginners.The Crusader combines physical and magical damage with defense, making it a good class for beginners.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

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The Crusader was introduced in an add-on Diablo 3but this is one of the primary classes in Immortal. Combining magical and physical damage with good defense thanks to the use of a shield, this class is a good choice for less experienced players.

Basic attacks/level

  • Punishment (1)
  • Holy fire (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • Wide attack
  • Spinning shield
  • Shiny Shield
  • Shooting sword (8)
  • Drag & Quarter (15)
  • Initiation (20)
  • Judgment (28)
  • Holy Banner (38)
  • Shield Bash (41)
  • Holy chain (44)
  • Condemn (47)
  • Light Spell (50)

demon hunter

Demon Hunter deals ranged damage and provides mobility to avoid the focus of combat.Demon Hunter deals ranged damage and provides mobility to avoid the focus of combat.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

The Demon Slayer uses two-handed crossbows and mobility abilities to attack from a distance and avoid getting trapped between too many opponents. Its gameplay is one of the best for quickly exploring the map looking for rare events and monsters.

Basic attacks/level

  • Crossbow Shot (1)
  • Explosive Arrow (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • revenge rain
  • Repulsion Shot
  • Multiple Shot
  • salvo (8)
  • Bold Impulse (15)
  • Trap Knife (20)
  • Guardian (28)
  • Smokescreen (38)
  • Empalar (41)
  • Escape (44)
  • Rotating Chakram (47)
  • Winansa (50)


Monge has fast attacks and control skills, making him a good choice for PvP.Monge has fast attacks and control skills, making him a good choice for PvP.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

Em Diablo the Immortal, The Monk combines melee attacks with the ability to stun and control the battlefield, making it a great class for PvP and facing large groups of enemies. However, he is a bit weak against bosses without the right items.

Basic attacks/level

  • Thunderfists (1)
  • Alkans Mortal T (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • cyclone strike
  • Seven Stars
  • Flyer
  • Offensive Wave(8)
  • Mystery Strike (15)
  • Explosive Palm (20)
  • Zen Shield (28)
  • Inner world (38)
  • Wave of Light (41)
  • Imprisoned fists (44)
  • Flying dragon (47)
  • Mysterious Ally (50)
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The necromancer commands the undead to wreak havoc on the battlefield without directly engaging in combat.The necromancer commands the undead to wreak havoc on the battlefield without directly engaging in combat.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

Necromancer was one of the primary classes diablo 2, but this was omitted from the sequence prior to arrival Soul Reaper. Em Diablo the Immortal it is available again from the start and focuses on magic damage and undead control to stay out of combat.

Basic attacks/level

  • soul fire
  • Bone Spear (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • command skeletons
  • blow up the corpse
  • vile scythe
  • Bone skewers (8)
  • Spectral shape (15)
  • Skeleton Mage (20)
  • Bone Wall (28)
  • Corpse Spear (38)
  • Bone Armor (41)
  • Dark Curse (44)
  • Bone Spirit (47)
  • Command Golem (50)


The arcanist deals high damage and focuses on ice spells to freeze opponents.The arcanist deals high damage and focuses on ice spells to freeze opponents.Source: blizzard

The Arcanist is the main character dealing magic damage, with ranged attacks and control on the battlefield. Unmodified, its focus is ice damage with a freeze effect, but one piece of equipment can create others. builds more aggressive.

Basic attacks/level

  • Magic projectile
  • Electrocution (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • Calcinar
  • New Electric
  • Arcane Wind
  • Ice Beam (8)
  • Teleport (15)
  • Ice Crystal (20)
  • Decay (28)
  • Black hole (38)
  • Meteor (41)
  • Frost Armor (44)
  • Arcane Stream (47)
  • Temporary extension (50)

Diablo the Immortal arrived June 2 in open beta, and as microtransactions and battle pass items are now available, progress is expected to carry over to the final version.

So far, Blizzard hasn’t confirmed versions for Game console, Xbox or Switch games, but it is important to note that PC version This was also unconfirmed in the weeks leading up to the start of the beta.

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James Webb captures the sharpest image of Neptune’s rings in decades!



James Webb captures the sharpest image of Neptune's rings in decades!
James Webb Space Telescope
The James Webb Space Telescope is the world’s first space science observatory.

The most impressive thing about the new Image captured by Webb is a clear image of Neptune’s rings – some of which have not been discovered since Voyager 2 as well as NASA became the first spacecraft to observe Neptune during its flight in 1989.. In addition to several bright, narrow rings, the Webb image clearly shows Neptune’s faintest dust lanes.

“It’s been three decades since we last saw those dull dusty rings and this is the first time we see them in infrared“, notes Heidi Hummel, Neptune systems expert and Webb multidisciplinary scientist. The extremely stable and accurate quality of the Webb image makes it possible to detect these very faint rings so close to Neptune..


Neptune has fascinated explorers since its discovery in 1846.. Located 30 times farther from the Sun than Earth, Neptune orbits in a distant, dark region of the outer solar system. At this far distance, the Sun is so small and dim that noon on Neptune is like a dark twilight on Earth.

this is planet characterized as an ice giant due to the chemical composition of its innards. Compared to the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune is much richer in heavier elements than hydrogen and helium. This is immediately visible in The blue signature of Neptune in visible wavelength images from the Hubble Space Telescope, caused by a small amount of methane gas..

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images de Webb Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) are objects in the near infrared range from 0.6 to 5 microns, so Neptune doesn’t look blue to Webb. Actually, methane gas absorbs red and infrared light so strongly that the planet is quite dark at those wavelengths in the near infrared range, except when there are clouds at high altitude.

Such clouds of methane ice are visible as streaks and bright spots that reflect sunlight before being absorbed by methane gas.. Images of other observatories, including Hubble Space Telescope this is W. M. Keck Observatoryhave recorded these rapidly changing cloud characteristics over the years.

Pictures taken by the James Webb Space Telescope

What’s more, the thin glowing line around the planet’s equator could be a visual sign of the global atmospheric circulation that powers Neptune’s winds and storms. The atmosphere sinks and heats up at the equator, so it glows brighter in the infrared than the surrounding cooler gases..

neptune rings
Image of Neptune’s rings taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI.

Neptune’s 164-year orbit means its north pole at the top of the image above is out of astronomers’ view. but Webb’s images suggest an intriguing brightness in this area.. From Webb’s point of view, the previously known vortex at the South Pole is obvious, but Webb first discovered a continuous band of high-latitude clouds around him..

[O telescópio espacial] James Webb continues to amaze with his discoveries. This time it gave us a wider and clearer view of Neptune.

Webb will unravel the mysteries of our solar system, look beyond distant worlds around other stars. and penetrate the mysterious structures and origins of our universe and our place in it. Webb is an international program led by NASA and its partners, ESA (European Space Agency) and Canadian Space Agency.

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A drop of water on an asteroid?  Japanese probe finds footprints in asteroid dust - Observer

The story began 8 years ago. Japan sent a probe into space in 2014 Hayabusa-2. Target? Examine the asteroid Ryugu. The plan was fulfilled, the sampling was carried out, and two years ago the space probe again entered the Earth’s orbit. At that moment, a capsule was launched with samples collected in Ryugu and which had been the object of analysis and study for many years.

Now the latest study, published in the journal Science, reveals a surprising fact: 5.4 grams of rocks and dust collected from the asteroid contained a drop of water.

“That drop of water has a lot of meaning.” During the press conference, leading scientist Tomoki Nakamura made no secret of his delight at the discovery. According to a University of Tokyo researcher, this drop of water could change our view of the origin of life. “Many scientists believe that water was brought from space, but we first detected water on Ryugu, a near-Earth asteroid.”

The drop, Nakamura explained, “was carbonated water containing salt and organics.” This is an argument in favor of those who defend the hypothesis that during collisions asteroids could bring water to Earth, with salt and organics, added the scientist, who leads a team of 150 people of different nationalities.


“We found evidence that this could be directly related, for example, to the origin of the oceans or organic matter on Earth,” Nakamura concluded.

According to Nikkei Asia, a drop of water was found in a ferrous sulfate crystal carving and is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old. Ryugu patterns will continue to be studied.

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