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Diablo Immortal: see all classes and their skills



Imagem de: Diablo Immortal: veja todas as classes e suas skills

Diablo the Immortal now available for android, iOS e PC with 6 classes at the moment. For those already familiar with the franchise, the options are familiar, but the skills and number of abilities are slightly different from the main series.

Apparently, the developer created resources new to the game but the aesthetics are reminiscent Diablo 3, with adaptations in the course and composition buildsmaking the game intuitive for veterans and newcomers alike. Sanctuary.

All classes and skills Diablo the Immortal

Diablo the Immortal happens after the events Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Since this is a mobile game, it is expected that NetEase introduce other classes in the future, but there are currently six available:

  • Barbarian
  • crossed
  • demon hunter
  • Monge
  • Necromancer
  • Arcanist.

Each archetype has 14 skills which can be identified in sinco slots, one of them is only for basic attacks. How unique items add effects in skillsit is recommended to vary your build, and a bit of luck.


The Barbarian focuses on dealing massive physical damage at close range.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

Available from Diablo 2, The Barbarian is back as the main melee class. The focus of this class is on physical damage and close range attack, in addition to being able to absorb a lot of damage.

Basic attacks/level

Secondary Skills/Level

  • slash
  • Hammer of the Ancestors
  • chain spear
  • jacuzzi (8)
  • Shot (15)
  • Furious Charge (20)
  • Jump (28)
  • demoralize (38)
  • Power Protector (41)
  • Eternal Fury (44)
  • Capture (47)
  • Berserker Rage (50)


The Crusader combines physical and magical damage with defense, making it a good class for beginners.The Crusader combines physical and magical damage with defense, making it a good class for beginners.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

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The Crusader was introduced in an add-on Diablo 3but this is one of the primary classes in Immortal. Combining magical and physical damage with good defense thanks to the use of a shield, this class is a good choice for less experienced players.

Basic attacks/level

  • Punishment (1)
  • Holy fire (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • Wide attack
  • Spinning shield
  • Shiny Shield
  • Shooting sword (8)
  • Drag & Quarter (15)
  • Initiation (20)
  • Judgment (28)
  • Holy Banner (38)
  • Shield Bash (41)
  • Holy chain (44)
  • Condemn (47)
  • Light Spell (50)

demon hunter

Demon Hunter deals ranged damage and provides mobility to avoid the focus of combat.Demon Hunter deals ranged damage and provides mobility to avoid the focus of combat.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

The Demon Slayer uses two-handed crossbows and mobility abilities to attack from a distance and avoid getting trapped between too many opponents. Its gameplay is one of the best for quickly exploring the map looking for rare events and monsters.

Basic attacks/level

  • Crossbow Shot (1)
  • Explosive Arrow (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • revenge rain
  • Repulsion Shot
  • Multiple Shot
  • salvo (8)
  • Bold Impulse (15)
  • Trap Knife (20)
  • Guardian (28)
  • Smokescreen (38)
  • Empalar (41)
  • Escape (44)
  • Rotating Chakram (47)
  • Winansa (50)


Monge has fast attacks and control skills, making him a good choice for PvP.Monge has fast attacks and control skills, making him a good choice for PvP.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

Em Diablo the Immortal, The Monk combines melee attacks with the ability to stun and control the battlefield, making it a great class for PvP and facing large groups of enemies. However, he is a bit weak against bosses without the right items.

Basic attacks/level

  • Thunderfists (1)
  • Alkans Mortal T (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • cyclone strike
  • Seven Stars
  • Flyer
  • Offensive Wave(8)
  • Mystery Strike (15)
  • Explosive Palm (20)
  • Zen Shield (28)
  • Inner world (38)
  • Wave of Light (41)
  • Imprisoned fists (44)
  • Flying dragon (47)
  • Mysterious Ally (50)
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The necromancer commands the undead to wreak havoc on the battlefield without directly engaging in combat.The necromancer commands the undead to wreak havoc on the battlefield without directly engaging in combat.Source: Blizzard / NetEase

Necromancer was one of the primary classes diablo 2, but this was omitted from the sequence prior to arrival Soul Reaper. Em Diablo the Immortal it is available again from the start and focuses on magic damage and undead control to stay out of combat.

Basic attacks/level

  • soul fire
  • Bone Spear (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • command skeletons
  • blow up the corpse
  • vile scythe
  • Bone skewers (8)
  • Spectral shape (15)
  • Skeleton Mage (20)
  • Bone Wall (28)
  • Corpse Spear (38)
  • Bone Armor (41)
  • Dark Curse (44)
  • Bone Spirit (47)
  • Command Golem (50)


The arcanist deals high damage and focuses on ice spells to freeze opponents.The arcanist deals high damage and focuses on ice spells to freeze opponents.Source: blizzard

The Arcanist is the main character dealing magic damage, with ranged attacks and control on the battlefield. Unmodified, its focus is ice damage with a freeze effect, but one piece of equipment can create others. builds more aggressive.

Basic attacks/level

  • Magic projectile
  • Electrocution (34)

Secondary Skills/Level

  • Calcinar
  • New Electric
  • Arcane Wind
  • Ice Beam (8)
  • Teleport (15)
  • Ice Crystal (20)
  • Decay (28)
  • Black hole (38)
  • Meteor (41)
  • Frost Armor (44)
  • Arcane Stream (47)
  • Temporary extension (50)

Diablo the Immortal arrived June 2 in open beta, and as microtransactions and battle pass items are now available, progress is expected to carry over to the final version.

So far, Blizzard hasn’t confirmed versions for Game console, Xbox or Switch games, but it is important to note that PC version This was also unconfirmed in the weeks leading up to the start of the beta.

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There are no tools yet to prevent children from accessing the Meta platform.

The use of artificial intelligence to identify faces, especially in teenagers, has raised some concerns given the Meta’s complicated history. when it comes to protecting user privacy.

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Meta continues to face questions about the negative impact its products, especially Instagram, have on some teens.

Technically, children must be at least 13 years old to join Instagram, similar to other social networks. But some solve this problem by lying about their age or by having their parents do it.

To use the face scan feature, the user has to send a “selfie” videosent to Yoti, a London-based startup that uses people’s facial features to estimate their age.

Yoti is one of several biometric companies that are capitalizing on the UK and European push for more reliable age verification technology. to prevent children from accessing pornography, dating apps, and other adult content.

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FEUP researcher will maintain a reference journal on engineering and applied sciences



FEUP researcher will maintain a reference journal on engineering and applied sciences

José Antonio Correia has been in the top 2% most cited scientists in the world since 2019 according to the Stanford University rankings. Photo: DR

Jose Antonio Correiaresearcher Institute for Research and Development in Structural and Construction (CONSTRUCT) as well as University of Porto Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) It’s from Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Construction (INEGI)recently appointed co-editor of the civil engineering department Alexandria Engineering Journal (Elsevier), the leading journal in engineering and applied sciences.

“I am honored to be part of a journal in which distinguished world-class professors and researchers participate as members of the editorial board, and at the same time to be recognized for my contributions to the fields of materials and engineering structures. I also express my gratitude to the institutions in which I work for the support and availability of the necessary funds for the development of my research activities and cooperation with the industry,” says the researcher.

Bye co-editorf, José Antonio Correia will have primary responsibility for managing submissions from the civil engineering academic community, putting them into the review and final decision process.

Scientific research and recognition

Since 2019, José Antonio Correia has been ranked among the top 2% most cited scientists in the world by Stanford University, having recently won the award. 2021 IGF Manson-Coffin Medal. He was also considered one of the most influential academics in the world during the period 2015-2021 in several scientific areas of fatigue such as SN curves, fatigue models applied to materials and structural parts, accumulated damage, metal bridges and structures. connections.

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Most recently, the EFUP researcher was appointed co-chair of the European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS) TC3 Technical Committee – Fatigue of Engineering Materials and Structures, a body on which he already served as Chairman of the TC12 Technical Committee – Safety and Risk Analysis of Large Structures and Structural Parts. In addition, he acted as an evaluator of European project proposals.

José Antonio Correia has also accumulated extensive experience in positions related to scientific publications in the field of engineering structures. Member of the editorial board of the journal International Journal of Fatigue (worldwide reference journal in the field of fatigue of engineering materials and structures) since January last year, is also the current Journal co-editor Smart infrastructure and constructionShe is working on this role with Noha Saleb, a professor at Middlesex University in London, United Kingdom.

In addition, he is the founder and current co-editor of Structural Integrity – Series (Springer), together with Abilio De Jesus, Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the FEUP, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Department MDPI simulationmagazine editor Open study materials (F1000-Taylor & Francis), e Make editor-in-chief International Journal of Structural Integrity (Emerald).

Most recently, José Correia became a member of the editorial board Philosophical works A – Engineering sciences (Royal Society) e Technical failure analysis (Elsevier).

With a research activity “divided” between CONSTRUCT and INEGI, José Antonio Correia also teaches at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, at the University of Tras os Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), as well as at the Department of Constructions of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).

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At FEUP, he is also co-coordinator, along with Professor Rui Calzada, of the Hyperloop-Verne project recently approved by the MIT Portugal program. The researcher has been co-coordinator of several research and university projects in the field of structural integrity, fatigue and failure of materials, engineering details and structures.

He also holds several honorary positions at the invitation of university institutions around the world such as Xi’an Jiaotong University (China), where he is an Associate Professor, or NIT Silchar (India) and Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP, Brazil), where he is an Invited professor.

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