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BOLA – Sporting beat Fundão in a spectacular game (futsal)



BOLA - Sporting beat Fundão in a spectacular game (futsal)

Sporting CP took a giant step towards the play-off final of the national futsal championship by beating Fundão 6-4 in the first game of the semi-finals, which took place this Friday afternoon in Fundau.

In an exciting game that took place in an almost crowded pavilion and where there was no lack of support from the home team, it was the beirões who opened the scoring through Nema three minutes later. The reaction of the lions was fierce, and even before the break the green-and-white emblem managed to unfold thanks to goals from Pani Varela and Valtinho.

The extra stage was even more spectacular, with Fundão going all out to try and beat the national champions and Iuri Bahia signed for a draw. Esteban Guerrero returned the lead to Sporting but Felipe Leite made it 3-3 soon after. Alex Merlim scored the goal that put Nuno Diaz’s team ahead, but the misfortune of Joao Matos, who scored an own goal, left it all tied again. The captain of the lion immediately justified himself and made the score 5-4, and Gitta, after the final whistle, also entered his name in the protocol.

So Sporting have the advantage and can secure their presence in the play-off final as early as this Sunday at 15:00 if Fundau wins again, this time at Pavilão Joao Rocha in Lisbon.

Remember the game video:

End of match! Foundation 4 Sporting 6.

40 minutes: Sports results! Gitta, who still shot into the box, took advantage of Fundão’s lack of a goalkeeper to increase the score to 4-6.

40 minutes: Diego Cavinato and Catchi’s top-of-the-line strike prevents Sporting from scoring.

39 minutes: Sports results! A pass from Tomas Paso and João Matos puts the lions in front of the marker with a hard shot. 4-5.

38 minutes: Fundau scores! Neither one nor the other closer to the front line shot into the center of the penalty area, and Joao Matos, dissatisfied, puts the ball into his own net. 4-4.

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In these last three minutes, Fundão will risk 5×4. Mario Freitas plays as an attacking goalkeeper.

37 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Couto, Fundau’s coach.

36 minutes: Fundao second foul.

35 minutes: Fourth foul by Sporting.

35 minutes: Fundao’s first foul.

35 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Dias, Sporting’s coach.

34 minutes: sports results! Alex Merlim, leaning against the line from the left edge, made a cross, and Luan Muller, unhappy, missed the ball between his legs. 3-4.

33 minutes: Pelé hits the right post of Gitta’s goal from close range.

33 minutes: Third foul by Sporting (Fundão still hasn’t committed a foul in the second half).

32 minutes: Great move by Nema, who sent the ball to Felipe Leite, and the Brazilian tried to help David Gomes, but Gitta with high-level interference deprived Fundão of the fourth goal.

31 minutes: Shot by Valtinho for another safe intervention by Luan Müller.

29 minutes: Eric Mendonza, following a great individual initiative, hits hard with his right foot, Luan Müller once again has a beautiful save.

25 minutes: Fundao scores! Felipe Leyte returns the score to the scorer with a cross from a distance. 3-3.

23 minutes: sports results! With the help of Thomas Paso and Esteban Guerrero at the far post, the score is 2-3.

23 minutes: Second foul by Sporting.

22 minutes: Fundau scores! Yuri Bahia restores equality on the scoreboard from a free kick. 2-2.

22 minutes: First foul by Sporting.

21 mins: A strong shot by Alex Merlim and a great save by Luan Müller for a corner.

The beginning of the second part!

Great game in Fundão. The Beira team goes head to head with the lions and wins the show. Therefore, it is not surprising that the home team opened the scoring, and Nem shot Gita on target. Sporting responded and, despite several high-level interventions from Luan Müller, managed to secure a draw through Pani Varela. At the end of the first half, more precisely five seconds before the break, Valtinho, after heading Diego Cavinato, brought the white-green emblem forward for the break.

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With a great first half played by Beira’s team, in addition to the renowned quality of the lions, a spectacular second half is to be expected in this first game of the National Championship play-off semi-finals. futsal championship.

Break! Foundation 1 Sporting 2.

20 minutes: Sports results! Gitta’s hand throw, Diego Cavinato’s header and Valtinho on the edge of the penalty area were the first to make it 1-2.

20 minutes: Flawless help from Alex Merlim and Diego Cavinato, completely alone in the middle of the court, brilliant save from Luan Muller.

18 minutes: Esteban Guerrero found a cross but Luan Müller made a great save.

18 minutes: Eric Mendonza’s strong shot on the right flank, the ball stuck in the side net.

16 minutes: Yuri Bahia tried his luck, but the shot went wide of the left post of the lion’s gate.

15 minutes: A quick pass by the Beira team with Pelé in the face of Gitte, who threw a great save to the Brazilian goalkeeper of Sporting.

14 minutes: Bebe front shot, easy save by Gitta.

13 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Couto, Fundau’s coach.

13 minutes: Thomas Paso, after an invasion from the left, shoots Luan Müller into the side nets.

11 minutes: Felipe Leite’s roundhouse shot and Gitta shines again between the posts.

9 minutes: Fundao’s fourth foul.

8 minutes: Fourth foul by Sporting.

8 minutes: Valtinho, descending to the right flank, tries to hit the goal of Luan Muller, but the Armenian goalkeeper makes a great intervention.

7 minutes: Felipe Leite’s strong shot and Gitta’s great corner save.

7 minutes: Third foul by Sporting.

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7 minutes: Sports results! Pani Varela’s cross kick equalized the score. 1-1.

6 minutes: Fundao’s third foul.

5 minutes: Fundao committed the second foul.

5 minutes: Second foul by Sporting.

5 minutes: Fundao’s first foul.

5 minutes: Pani Varela’s strong mid-range shot, neat save by Luan Müller.

5 minutes: First foul by Sporting.

3 minutes: Fundao goal! Also, in the face of Gitta, he does not shoot hard and well and does not open the asset. 1-0.

Match start!

Fundão (initial five): Luan Muller, Nem, Mario Freitas FROMDavid Gomez and Yuri Bahia

Substitutes: Paulo Pereira, Thiago Couto, Pelekh, Felipe Leite, Sissi, Bebe, Rui Moreira, Gui and Catchi

Trainer: Nuno Couto

Sporting (starting five): Guitta, Eric Mendonza, Joao Matos FROMDiego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Substitutes: Bernardo Paso, Tomas Paso, Pauleta, Valtinho, Pani Varela, Miguel Angelo and Esteban Guerrero

Trainer: Nuno Diaz

Judges: Filipe Duarte and Miguel Castillo (Lisbon)

The teams are already there!

Fundau reaches this stage of the competition after knocking out Quinta dos Lombos in the third game (1-3, 4-2 and 2-1), while it took Sporting just two games to leave Futsal on the sidelines. and 1-0).

The semi-finals will be played as the best of three matches, which means that, regardless of today’s result, the two teams will meet again next Sunday at 15:00 at Pavilhão João Rocha, in Lisbon, in the second game. If by chance there is a need for a third meeting, the so-called. Negrothe calendar dictates that this decisive duel will take place next Friday, the 16th, also in the lion’s enclosure.

This Saturday the semi-finals of the playoffs of the mini-football championship of the country start. The first game is played between Fundão and Sporting (19h), at Pavilhão Municipal do Fundão and A BOLA online will tell you all about this match. Stay tuned dear reader…

Good evening!

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“Speaking of watching hockey games, Luis Senica, the president of the figure skating federation, can come to the Dragao Arena to watch the decisive game because he will not be mistreated or harassed. Our fans, as usual, will support the team unsurpassed,” he concluded.

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