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BALL – SKATE HOCKEY: Sporting-Benfica starts at 20:00 (A BOLA TV)



BALL - SKATE HOCKEY: Sporting-Benfica starts at 20:00 (A BOLA TV)

This Tuesday, June 7, you can see on your BOLA TV (channel 13 Meo, 31 Vodafone and 64 NOWO)…

BOLA TV offers on Tuesday evening high doses of emotions with the transfer of Sporting-Benfica, in roller hockey. This is the third play-off game of the national championship semi-finals. At the moment the draw is a draw (1-1) and the winner is up to five. The fourth match will take place this Friday (17:00) in Luz, and the fifth, if necessary, is scheduled for Sunday in Alvalada. It should be noted that in the other semi-final, Porto has a 2-0 advantage over Okay de Barcelos.

League of Nations dominates NIGHT BALL (22:00)

A detailed analysis of Portugal’s participation in the Nations League, as well as in the national and international transfer market – topics that will be on the table NIGHT BALL. José Manuel Delgado, André Pipa and Litos signed comments. Jorge Pessoa and Silva presents the program.

So, Jose Pedro and Karina Duarte at BOLA DAS 7 (19:00)

Coaches Tak and José Pedro comment on all the football news of the day on BALL OF THE SEVEN, with a natural focus on Portugal’s participation in the League of Nations. Karina Duarte, surfer, announces Stage 3 LIGA MEO, Ericeira Pro, which operates from Friday to Sunday. Joao Manuel Farinha presents the program.


PRESS MAGAZINE The international event today assured the journalist Andre Pipa. The presentation was signed by journalist Joao Manuel Farina.

…and Joao Estevez and Luis Matheus at MARKET TOTAL (18:30)

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Journalists Jorge Pessoa and Silva and Luis Mateus bring to the table and analyze the news from the world of transfers in COMMON MARKET. Journalist Joao Manuel Farinha presents the program that starts at 18:30.

CNTT starts at 10:30.

Mikael Simão on GasGas on motorcycles, Joao Vale on Yamaha on ATV and the duo of Roberto Borrego/Nuno Abrantes on Can-Am on SSV are the big winners of the Baja Loulé, round five of the 2022 Off-Road National Championship.


O LET’S ROLL This week shows former rugby player Goncalo Uva’s passion for the motorcycle world. Author and presented by Domingos Janeiro, LET’S ROLL a program of talks/interviews with familiar faces from the world of television and entertainment. The theme “twirls” around the experience of guests in the midst of motorcycles. In this edition, don’t miss the conversation with Gonzalo Uva, one of the representatives of the national rugby.

DIAMONDS IN THE SAND watch at 14:25

Explorer Kate Leaming is set to make the first-ever cycling trip along the Skeleton Coast, where the Namibian desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. On the edge of the Namib Desert is the Skeleton Coast. This is the Holy Grail in research. No one has ever finished its entire length with a continuous line. Researcher Kate Leeming strives to be the first. On a 1,600 km journey, it passes through some of the most inhospitable terrain and endures some of the harshest climates on the planet in one of Africa’s most remote and scenic regions.

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Powerful stories in BLACK POWER (18:00)

The contribution of black athletes to sports at a time when the world is more cautious than ever about racial issues is the subject of BLACK SOURCE. Powerful stories of contemporary heroes such as Lewis Hamilton or Serena Williams, as well as trailblazers such as Jesse Owen, or prominent events marked by recent movements such as Black Lives Matter that have had a huge impact on sport and society.

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BALL – Brittney Griner pleads guilty (Basketball)



BALL - Brittney Griner pleads guilty (Basketball)

Base Britney Griner, 31, Phoenix Mercyury player, two-time Olympic (Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020) and World (2014 and 2018) champion for the United States, pleaded guilty in a court in Khimki, Russia this Thursday on charges of “trafficking in illegal substances”, for which she was arrested on February 17 at the Moscow airport, upon returning to the country after four months of playing for UMMC Yekaterinburg during a break in the WNBA, she faces a penalty of up to ten months in prison.

The confirmation of the claim of the American basketball player was confirmed to CNN International by the player’s lawyers.

Griner left the Russian court without making any statement to reporters and is returning to the bar to hear her on the 14th of this month. Russian authorities claim cannabis-based oil was found in the basketball player’s luggage. Griner has been in pre-trial detention since February 17.

Griner was without charge and unable to contact his family and his wife, Cherell Griner, as he found himself at the epicenter of growing tensions between the US and Russia, exacerbated by the latter’s invasion of Ukraine since February 24 and the war.

In May, the US State Department classified Griner as “detained by mistake” and classified her as a “hostage” of Russia. Now, at a second hearing in the case – after being cross-examined last week – Griner has, to his surprise, pleaded guilty.

Russian prosecutors allege that Griner tried to smuggle cannabis in his luggage. The prosecution theory is based on Britney’s alleged intent to buy and import banned substances from Russia to transact in the US, as prosecutors defended in a previous hearing, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

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Also on Wednesday, the 6th of this month, in Washington, DC, at the White House, Griner wrote to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the President and Vice President of the United States, that they consider his release and safe return to the country “a priority.” — reported that two senior Biden administration officials themselves called and spoke with Griner’s wife, Sherell Griner, for which the latter is “grateful,” he wrote in a statement.

“But I still can’t talk to Britney and am still worried about her until she gets home safe and sound. The fact that President Biden read the letter I sent him, although it took some time to respond, gives me great hope. I know that Britney will be more comfortable just knowing that she is not forgotten, ”Sherel Griner writes in the same note.

Britney Griner has not been forgotten by the WNBA, and even though the 2022/23 season has already begun, she is remembered in all pavilions and honorably elected to the main five of the All-Star game, which takes place on Sunday, October 10th. Chicago. The player continues to receive a salary despite being in Russian custody for almost five months.

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Gallardo: Enzo Fernandez’s future is ‘uncertain’ – Benfica



Gallardo: Enzo Fernandez's future is 'uncertain' - Benfica

With the Libertadores millionaires eliminated, the midfielder has doors open for a Benfica buff, but the River manager adds ambiguity to the speech

Following River Plate’s elimination from the Copa Libertadores at the feet of Vélez Sarsfield, midfielder Enzo Fernández left his doors open to leave Buenos Aires for Lisbon to strengthen Benfica ahead of the start of the new season. However, in statements at a post-match press conference on Thursday, Marcelo Gallardo, River Plate manager, said the midfielder’s future is not fully decided, unlike his teammate, who made his last appearance for the Millionaires. “[Palavras para Julian Álvarez e Enzo Fernández, que cumpriu hoje, muito provavelmente, o último jogo pelo River antes de se mudar para o Benfica?] Well, the case of Enzo Fernandez is not clear, not clear. I will say yes to Julián because it was his last game for him. I will tell you the same thing that I told him in person and then in the presence of his companions. For me, it is a source of great pride that I had the opportunity to coach him, to share in these years of growth that he had, and his football evolution. Today he moves to one of the biggest teams in the world. This makes me very happy and is a source of pride for me as I have seen him grow up and work hard. He has shown not only to me but to all Argentine football that he deserves the opportunity he has and I have no doubt that he will become an elite player, in fact he already is. He is a great boy, a great professional and I wish him and his family all the best,” said the millionaires coach, not to mention the situation with the midfielder, who has an agreement to move to Lush.

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BALL – “We know that we are a target to shoot down” (FC Porto)



BALL - "We know that we are a target to shoot down" (FC Porto)

Pepe returned to work this Wednesday after a holiday. The captain assured that he was very motivated for another season in the service of the national champion.

“The expectation is always the same: to give our club the best and try to improve on what we did last year. This is our mission because we want to be healthy, bring joy to our fans and enjoy what we love to do. This is a year that will require a lot from everyone, and we are confident that we will manage. We will work for this and be able to respect our shirt,” the defender said, referring to the club’s website.

On the challenges they will face: “We are aware and confident that we have to be beaten for being champions last year, so we have to work very well. As I said, we need to improve on what we did last year. We have the Champions League, a competition where we want to celebrate our club and Portugal. We must work hard and with great enthusiasm to live until the end of the year happy.”

Pepe is still ready for next season, even at the age of 39: “First of all, it is the result of the luck I had to be at a great club like Porto where people work spectacularly. The coach demands a lot from us, he always makes sure that we can be at our best level in training. Even when we are not in Olivala, he requires us to try to be at our best, staying focused even when we are at home. That is why this demand from him (Sergio Conceição) helps me a lot to be at this level and to be at Porto, which gives me all the conditions to do my job.”

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