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BALL – “I wish they didn’t play with my work” (Corinthians)



BALL - "I wish they didn't play with my work" (Corinthians)

At a press conference after a 1-0 win over Goias, Vitor Pereira, the Portuguese coach who commands Corinthians, did not hide his anger at the criticism he received, especially for making changes from game to game. , and change teams or, using Brazilian terminology, rotate.

“What I liked was that they didn’t play with me and my work. But let’s look at this team that everyone idealizes to play every game: William dropped out and was expelled because he needed to solve muscle discomfort, Joe dropped out, Renato left today due to muscle problems, and we took care of about not making it any worse than what I already have in my hands at the moment. Fagner was injured in 11 away games. Today Gil was injured because he had to play a series of games without a break. Joao Victor is injured. In any case, whoever is talking about searching for a command type must be kidding me, they can’t because they don’t have eyes in their face and can’t see what’s going on. If we didn’t have children, Corinthians would fight for downgrade [permanência]but people don’t want to know the truth. I hear a conversation there pa, pa, pa, pa, pa… I play with the team like three games in a row and I have injuries. I’m down to earth, I love the truth. How satisfied should I be if I have a three-game game and almost no players. I play two or three games with the same player and he gets injured. We must be intellectually honest. Then the fans are deceived and come with demands they cannot have, period,” said Vitor Pereira, clearly worried about the problems of the Brazilian press, again regarding the rotation of the squad.

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“I’m a little tired of hearing things that make absolutely no sense. If we didn’t casterif we didn’t have kids ready to join in, I’d like one of these experts to come over here, sit down in this place and build a team of heavy players, I don’t even know what you usually say. Instead of assessing what is being done, there is talk that he never defines the team. Children play, make mistakes, but try to help. Like a team? Do you think I want to be here, move, move and move, team? I am a stabilization coach. Who will play forward in the next game? Roger took the third yellow. Giovane or Felipe will play, another child, here he is, ”added the Portuguese coach.

Asked about a possible other choice for the attacking trio, Vitor Pereira stated: “These are tactical questions that took me all night to explain, explaining why I play this way and not otherwise … Some more draws, how do I do it? Playing with all the attacking trump cards, besides the fact that we can unbalance the team, we want to continue to play in their midfield and we can’t, as we saw today.”

Vitor Pereira also warned: “The calendar is the way it is, the way we have it, and in order to have a competitive team in every game, I needed to have a much more extensive squad. The weapons are different from other clubs and we can’t compare the incomparable with other opponents who have something we don’t have. I did everything I could and should not. The club did everything they could, more was not required. Reality hits us in the face with the truth. I want a left winger but I don’t have one. I have to install Python. This is not to be here with blue, blue, bluedeceiving people and fans.”

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When asked if he gave the club’s management a list with names to strengthen the ninth position, the coach replied: “The club knows very well that we have some problems. We already had many other decisions, we started the championship with even more decisions. look at list [plantel] from which we started and the current one. The club will do its best. As for lists, I’m not one of those who distributes lists. This is the internal affairs of the club. We’re biting the league leaders with all the restrictions we have, so don’t come to me with demands that don’t belong.”

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BALL – Francisco J. Marquez and roller hockey classic: “FC Porto’s whistle was blown” (FC Porto)



BALL - Francisco J. Marquez and roller hockey classic: "FC Porto's whistle was blown" (FC Porto)

Benfica’s victory over Porto (5:3) in the fourth match of the final of the national roller hockey championship caused some criticism of the refereeing from the Dragons. After manager Ricardo Ares expressed disbelief that the Eagles had two fouls in 30 minutes, it was Francisco J. Marquez’s turn to use social media to reflect on opponents.

“The roller hockey championship will decide in the black on Wednesday night, but Benfica began to interfere in the decisive game as soon as the fourth leg was over, with the traditional inversion of the truth, taking advantage of very good refereeing. . Ricardo Ares [treinador do FC Porto] did not comment on the actions of the referee, limiting himself to stating that in 30 minutes Benfica had only two fouls, which would be surprising in a friendly game, not to mention a tense playoff match. In the 16th minute the foul score was 8-8, a natural balance in line with the history of the games between the two teams and even in harmony with the balance between the championship finalists. From that moment on, the whistle was blown at Porto and released at Benfica. Porto were winning 1-0 and the foul streak started for only one side, with Benfica taking advantage of the 10th foul to equalize. A new advantage for our team and a few more fouls for Benfica, who drew from a free kick on the 15th foul. At the 15th minute of the game the score was 7-0 on fouls, after 8-8 of the first 16 minutes. Until 21 minutes later, the ninth foul of Benfica followed, when the score was already 4-2. Only those who have never seen a hockey game might find it normal.”

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The PR director of FC Porto also spoke about the situation that happened at half-time at the Pavillão da Luz stadium, when Luis Senica, President of the Portuguese Skating Federation, was forced to leave the President’s podium after the fans heated up.

“Speaking of watching hockey games, Luis Senica, the president of the figure skating federation, can come to the Dragao Arena to watch the decisive game because he will not be mistreated or harassed. Our fans, as usual, will support the team unsurpassed,” he concluded.

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Futsal: Sporting beat Benfica again and became national champion



Futsal: Sporting beat Benfica again and became national champion

Sporting are two-time national futsal champions after beating Benfica 4-3 tonight in the third game of the championship final.

After winning two overtime wins in their first two games, the Lions took the field this Saturday knowing they could end the night. And the task, it must be said, was difficult, painful, but not so much that additional time was required … for very little.

At half-time, the team led by Nuno Dias had already had a hand in Kaneko as they won 3-0. In futsal, things can change from moment to moment, but this has not happened, despite the latest threat to the formation of Pulpis.


Goals from Pauleta, Cavinato and Cardinal were answered by goalkeeper André Sousa – with the help of Merlin’s precious deflection – with a cut to 3-1 early in the second period.

The Eagles had a new hope, which Ziki Te tried to cool shortly after, taking advantage of the rebound from the beautiful shot of Pani Varela.

But there was still a game.

Arthur returned to reduce for the Reds, twice, and the eagle returned to be in discussion in the title. So much so that Arthur himself hit the post at the last second, in a dramatic final that once again crowned the lion.

Sporting repeat the triumph of last season and win the 17th league title in history. This increases the difference with the rival Benfica, which has eight achievements in history.

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Sporting Benfica Match 3 Futsal Playoff Final



Sporting Benfica Match 3 Futsal Playoff Final


league poster
playoff final
(Game 3)
Final result
INT: 3-0
Sporting four
Benfica 3
Pauleta 5′
Diego Cavinato 13′
Cardinal 18′
Ziki 33′
Andre Souza (26′)
Arthur (34′)
Arthur (39′)

O Benfica fought until the last attack of the game, until the (literally) last second of the derby to stay in contention for the national title, but the Irons proved to be an extra opponent and the Pulpis-led side lost a third time by close margin (4:3) against Sporting CP in the final Liga Placard play-offs in Pavilhão João Rocha with the definition of the champion.

With a couple of dangerous approaches to the goal under the protection of Guitta, the Benfica team was the first to record a goal in the derby.. Nevertheless, with common opportunities, as a result, the hosts moved the scoreboard in the 5th minute (1-0), in the conclusion of Pauleta on the transfer of Eric Mendonza, who, however, returning the ball, committed foul (unsigned) on Jacard.

Benfica had two great chances to force a draw in the 10th minute, but Arthurfirst and Afonso Jesusmissed the target on the second try.

In another match of noticeable intensity, Benfica brought back captain Robinho, but did not count on Nilsson (injured) and lost center Roche (right leg injury) in the middle of the first half… and agreed to 2-0 in the 13th minute (marked by Diego Cavinato) in the development of a set piece. At this point, the Sporting fans smashed the glass in the railing behind the Benfica bench and the game was interrupted for several minutes to repair the damage.

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The resumption of the match gave Benfica another privileged opportunity: Arthur headed for the crossbar of Gitta’s goal in the 16th minute.after a punch from goalkeeper André Souza. In the 17th minute, the Eagles have another great chance: in the 10-meter free kick (punishing Sporting for the sixth foul), Arthur shot with his left foot and hit the iron!

Inefficiency (and misfortune) on the one hand, exploitation on the other. Cardinal ended the game in the penalty area without resistance in the 18th minute with a pass from Pauleta that caused an imbalance on the right. Break came from 3-0 not a marker.

Dissatisfied with Benfica, they kept the game in the second half.. Andre Souza entered the court for 25′, took a risk from the middle distance and pointed 3-1. Three minutes later Arthur once again bet on a powerful shot… and hit the post again.

The Benfica team insisted on a 3-2 score, but Sporting had both offensive arguments and 4-1 Ziki at 33′. Benfica reacted quickly, reducing the score to 4-2 thanks to a strike from Artur on the left flank (34′)..


Five minutes before the end, Benfica began to risk 5×4. In the first move in superiority, Romulo missed the ball in an excellent position. Repeating the strategy with each attack, Glorioso reduced the score to 4:3 in the 39th minute: Robinho broke through from the right, assisted, and Artur did not forgive in the penalty area.

20 seconds left Robinho was inches from his tie, and the shot came just a few meters from the square; in the last second after a corner from the right, Artur hit the post. Incredible trouble!

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Thus, the last chance for a draw in the derby disappeared, and with the third defeat with a minimum margin in the Championship play-off final (5-4 after expansion, 3-4 after expansion and 4-3), Benfica saw the opportunity to continue discussing the trophy slip away.



Pulpis (Benfica coach): “The difference is in the details, the moments when we have to know how to suffer, others when we have to be lucky, because there were games in which we did not have enough luck. There were three very balanced games, we deserved to win. this final until the fourth game. In the three games played, the team proved worthy to win at least one victory. And here, in the first game, as in Luz, we deserved more. Today everything was different. We started well, the first five minutes were incredible on both sides, with a fantastic level of intensity, we had four very clear chances, and so did they. Then we conceded a goal that hurt us and we scored two more due to errors in concentration that we couldn’t” In the second half, the team didn’t give up, it was Benfica! We had many chances to equalize, we pressed a lot, in 5 on 4 we had a lot of chances and we deserved it before, but the ball should go in and it didn’t go in.”

Andre Souza (Benfica goalkeeper): “It is important to understand that doing everything is not enough, there are factors that we have to take into account that matter, and in this final, with such balanced games, they have always been on the same side. There is something to improve. , those who play for Benfica must understand that this cannot be, we must win, we have not won for a long time. None of us are happy with what happened. We want more!

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Pavilion Joao Rocha
Benfica starting five
André Souza, Romulo, Robinho, Chishkala and Rocha
Martim Figueira, Silvestre Ferreira, Afonso Jesus, Artur, Rafael Henmi, Bruno Sintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacare
Sporting starting five
Gitta, Eric Mendonza, Joao Matos, Diego Cavinato and Merlin
Gonzalo Portugal, Ziki, Cardinal, Tomas Paso, Pauleta, Pani Varela and Esteban Guerrero
during break 3-0
Benfica: Andre Souza (26′), Arthur (34′ and 39′); Sporting: Pauleta (5′), Diego Cavinato (13′), Cardinal (18′), Ziki (33′)

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