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BALL – Follow Paulo Bento’s Brazil test to the minute (International)



BALL - Follow Paulo Bento's Brazil test to the minute (International)

Game movie:

90′: Four minutes of stoppage time will be played.

87′: Yellow card to Jung Woo-young for a rough foul on Bruno Guimarães.

86′: Matheus Cunha on attempt small hand to Brazil, but Kim Seung Kyu made a great save.

84′: Hwang Hee-Chan loses to Lugar Kwon Chang-Hun.

81′: More change in Brazil: Fred out, Bruno Guimarães in; Lucas Paqueta exits, Matheus Cunha enters.

79′: Brazil goal (4-1): Coutinho. It was necessary to enter, see and note.

78′: Coutinho leaves and Gabriel Jesus enters. Neymar leaves the field to a standing ovation, making way for Coutinho.

Official figures: 64,872 fans in the stadium.

75′: Rafinha at the post after Neymar’s pass.

70′: Goalscorer Hwang Ui-Jo is taken off by Paulo Bento for Na Sang-Ho.

70′: Richarlison makes way for Vini Jr. and Fabinho replaces Casemiro.

Tite is preparing to move canarina.

58′: Paulo Bento makes the first two subs: Kim Moon-Hwan (off Paik Seung-Ho) and Jung Woo-young (off Lee Yong).

56′: Brazil goal (3-1), Neymar penalty. We make a short stop before hitting and hitting the ball right in the center of the goal.

55′: Penalty for Brazil.

54′: One more move for VAR evaluation. Alex Sandro received the ball in the penalty area and fell to the ground after the release of Kim Yong Gwon.

53′: Neymar makes a masterful pass and Lucas Paqueta finishes the attack in the front zone, while the goalkeeper defends with his left foot.

46′: Mistake by goalkeeper Kim Seung-Kyu, who played poorly and at the entrance to the penalty area, Fred tried to go to the gate, but was disarmed by Kwon Kyung-Won.

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46′: The second half has begun.

Teams return to the field.

Neymar, who had doubts in this game due to an injury to his right leg, is one of the leading figures.

45+1′: Thiago Silva hits the crossbar with a header from a corner.

Two minutes of compensation are played.

41′: Brazil goal (2-1): Neymar penalty (ball one way, goalkeeper the other).

Paulo Bento disputes the decision.

38′: New VAR analysis after Alex Sandro fell in the box after splitting the ball with Li Yang. Penalty for Brazil.

38′: Two shots in bursts: first Richarlison header and then Rafinha.

Tite is unhappy, he has not stopped gesturing since Brazil equalized.

30′: South Korea Goal (1-1): Hwang Woo-Jo in a well-placed cross from Thiago Silva.

25′: VAR analyzes a bid that Rafinha lost in this area after a bid with Yang-Gwon. The judge orders to continue.

11 minutes: Son Heung-Min shot from mid-range, Weverton bounced to the side.

The start of a big game for Brazil.

7′: What a loss for Rafinha! After center Neymar, who made a few tricks to get rid of the markup.

6′: Brazil goal (1-0): Richarlison! Great job by Alex Sandro, on the left side of the attack he goes into the back line to cross the center of the square, Fred strikes the first shot and Richarlison confirms the goal with his head.

3′: Packet’s first blow after handing Neymar into the hands of Kim Seung Kyu.

2′: Thiago Silva is denied a goal due to offside free kick from Alex Sandro.

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1′: The game has started. Brazil is gone.

Now he echoes the anthem of the national team.

Anthems sound. Play Brazilian first.

There are 60 thousand fans in the stands.

The teams are already profiled in the tunnel to take the field.

As of 11:00 this Thursday in Seoul, South Korea and Brazil will play their seventh closed match in history, with cananinha having the advantage (five wins).

Portugal’s rivals in the 2022 World Cup, the Asian team led by Paulo Bento, have Brazil (today), Chile (6), Paraguay (10) and Egypt (14) on their agenda.

The judging panel is Japanese and its referee is Ryuji Sato, assisted by Hiroshi Yamauchi and Jun Mihara. The fourth judge will be Korean Hyun Jin Ko, while VAR and AVAR will be compatriots Dae Yong Kim and Sang Hyeop Chae, respectively.

Follow the main events of the game here.

Pay attention to the starting commands:

Eleven from Brazil: Weverton; Dani Alves (case), Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Alex Sandro; Fred, Casemiro and Neymar; Rafinha, Lucas Paqueta and Richarlison.

Substitutes: Alisson, Alex Telles, G. Arana, L. Ortiz, Coutinho, Fabinho, G. Jesus, B. Guimarães, Vini Jr., M. Vunya and Rodrigo.
Coach: Tite.

Eleven from South Korea: Kim Seung Kyu; Lee Young, Kim Young Gwon, Kwon Kyung Won and Hong Chul; Paik Seung Ho, Hwang In Beom,

Jung Woo-young and Son Heung-min (cap); Hwang Woo Jo and Hwang Hee Chan.

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Extras: Kim Dong Jun, Cho Hyun Woo, Kim Moon Hwan, Kim Tae Hwan, Jung Woo Young, Ko Seung Bum, Kwon Chang Hoon, Jo Gue Sung, Na Sang Sung, and Um Won. Sang.
Coach: Paulo Bento.

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Many millions for new faces: Chelsea attack the market with an astronomical budget – Chelsea



Many millions for new faces: Chelsea attack the market with an astronomical budget - Chelsea

The Telegraph reports that Todd Boly has promised Thomas Tuchel six major buffs for next season.

Chelsea are enjoying less hectic days following the arrival of new owner Todd Boly, who, according to The Telegraph, has promised manager Thomas Tuchel €230m to “attack” six strong reinforcements to help meet major goals for 2022/23. According to the same source, the Blues have several names behind them – Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus), Jules Kunde (Sevilla), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Jonathan Klauss (Lens), Ousmane Dembele ( Barcelona”), Richarlison (Everton) and Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City) – many of which should make the English team open their bins.


“The secret is to work with Tuchel to see who is the best player available. We want to make sure we have a good defense. We have depth in midfield and we are not in desperate need of a striker. Fortunately, there are opportunities in the market. at the moment,” a source close to the club told The Telegraph.

We will remind, the new owner of Chelsea Todd Boly also play the role of interim sports director until a regular replacement is scheduled.

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Portugal sued for ‘wrongful’ use of its image in FIFA games



Portugal sued for 'wrongful' use of its image in FIFA games

Portuguese football player Diogo Santos has filed a lawsuit against an American company that develops and distributes FIFA electronic games, demanding compensation for the “improper and offensive” use of his image.


In the lawsuit, which was filed in the Braga court and to which Lusa had access today, Diogo Santos seeks compensation of more than 53,900 plus interest for property and non-pecuniary damage.

It alleges that Electronic Arts Inc., based in California, United States of America, is using its name, likeness, and personal and professional characteristics in its video games titled FIFA 2019 and FIFA MANAGER 2010 without permission. , 2011 , 2012, 2013 and 2014

He also says that he “never gave anyone explicit or even tacit permission” to participate in these electronic games.

Currently Diogo Santos, now 37 years old, originally from Vila Franca de Xira, lives in Fao, Esposenda, played for Felgueiras last season.

He has already passed through Académico de Viseu, Santa Clara, Famalican, Oliveirense, Aroca and Gil Vicente, and also defended the colors of Brasov from Romania.


In action, Diogo Santos says he had access to news that Electronic Arts is paying “some players real fortunes, as in the case of Lionel Messi, who receives US$50 million for appearing in their games.”

“Author [Diogo Santos] does not intend to receive what is being paid to Lionel Messi, but such news proves that the amount requested, given the economic opportunities of the defendant [empresa] and the fact that she pays some players is very modest, ”the lawsuit says.

The action also emphasizes that the games have an annual release, which implies a payment of 6,000 euros for appearing in each game, “which is not even enough, because we are talking about a reward for the annual use of the image of a football player, a professional in the first division of Portugal.”

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The lawsuit was filed with the court of Braga, which in September 2021 deemed itself “internationally incompetent” to evaluate and judge him.

The footballer appealed to the Court of Appeal, which upheld the decision of the first instance, and then to the High Court of Justice (HJC), which gave him grounds for continuing the process.

In a May 24 decision consulted by Lusa this Thursday, STJ states that “they have international competence to know the substance of a non-contractual civil liability claim for infringement of personal rights through content broadcast around the world, the courts of the country in which the center the interests of the victim is in the period when the damage caused by this offense arises.

“Portuguese courts have international jurisdiction to rule on a claim in which a professional football player who predominantly operated in Portugal seeks compensation for damages caused by the unauthorized use of his name and likeness in FIFA video games produced in the United States of America. and distributed all over the world, ”adds the Supreme.

with LUSA


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Eight medical workers to stand trial in Maradona’s death



Eight medical workers to stand trial in Maradona's death

Investigation into the death of Mr. Diego Maradonawhich occurred in 2020 following a heart attack, eight medical professionals will stand trial for aggravated manslaughter.

A judge in San Ysidro confirmed the process to a family doctor, a neurosurgeon, a psychiatrist, the head of the nursing and nursing department, specialists the state ministry has wanted to fire since April, a request upheld in shortcomings and neglect of caring for Maradona, who was recuperating at home after neurosurgery.

The eight specialists face eight to 25 years in prison and must remain at large until trial because the San Isidro prosecutor did not request pre-trial detention.

According to the prosecution, the team responsible for Maradona was “the protagonist of an unprecedented, completely inferior and reckless home care”and committed “a series of improvisations, mismanagement and defaults”.

Diego Maradona died on November 25, 2020 at the age of 60. His football career (between 1976 and 1997) was marked by winning the 1986 World Cup, as well as two Italian titles and a UEFA Cup with Napoli.

El Pibe also represented Argentinos Juniors (from 1976 to 1980), Boca Juniors (from 1981 and from 1995 to 1997), Barcelona (from 1982 to 1984), Sevilla (from 1992 to 1993) and Newell’s Old Boys (1993 to 1994).

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