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BALL – Follow Paulo Bento’s Brazil test to the minute (International)



BALL - Follow Paulo Bento's Brazil test to the minute (International)

Game movie:

90′: Four minutes of stoppage time will be played.

87′: Yellow card to Jung Woo-young for a rough foul on Bruno Guimarães.

86′: Matheus Cunha on attempt small hand to Brazil, but Kim Seung Kyu made a great save.

84′: Hwang Hee-Chan loses to Lugar Kwon Chang-Hun.

81′: More change in Brazil: Fred out, Bruno Guimarães in; Lucas Paqueta exits, Matheus Cunha enters.

79′: Brazil goal (4-1): Coutinho. It was necessary to enter, see and note.

78′: Coutinho leaves and Gabriel Jesus enters. Neymar leaves the field to a standing ovation, making way for Coutinho.

Official figures: 64,872 fans in the stadium.

75′: Rafinha at the post after Neymar’s pass.

70′: Goalscorer Hwang Ui-Jo is taken off by Paulo Bento for Na Sang-Ho.

70′: Richarlison makes way for Vini Jr. and Fabinho replaces Casemiro.

Tite is preparing to move canarina.

58′: Paulo Bento makes the first two subs: Kim Moon-Hwan (off Paik Seung-Ho) and Jung Woo-young (off Lee Yong).

56′: Brazil goal (3-1), Neymar penalty. We make a short stop before hitting and hitting the ball right in the center of the goal.

55′: Penalty for Brazil.

54′: One more move for VAR evaluation. Alex Sandro received the ball in the penalty area and fell to the ground after the release of Kim Yong Gwon.

53′: Neymar makes a masterful pass and Lucas Paqueta finishes the attack in the front zone, while the goalkeeper defends with his left foot.

46′: Mistake by goalkeeper Kim Seung-Kyu, who played poorly and at the entrance to the penalty area, Fred tried to go to the gate, but was disarmed by Kwon Kyung-Won.

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46′: The second half has begun.

Teams return to the field.

Neymar, who had doubts in this game due to an injury to his right leg, is one of the leading figures.

45+1′: Thiago Silva hits the crossbar with a header from a corner.

Two minutes of compensation are played.

41′: Brazil goal (2-1): Neymar penalty (ball one way, goalkeeper the other).

Paulo Bento disputes the decision.

38′: New VAR analysis after Alex Sandro fell in the box after splitting the ball with Li Yang. Penalty for Brazil.

38′: Two shots in bursts: first Richarlison header and then Rafinha.

Tite is unhappy, he has not stopped gesturing since Brazil equalized.

30′: South Korea Goal (1-1): Hwang Woo-Jo in a well-placed cross from Thiago Silva.

25′: VAR analyzes a bid that Rafinha lost in this area after a bid with Yang-Gwon. The judge orders to continue.

11 minutes: Son Heung-Min shot from mid-range, Weverton bounced to the side.

The start of a big game for Brazil.

7′: What a loss for Rafinha! After center Neymar, who made a few tricks to get rid of the markup.

6′: Brazil goal (1-0): Richarlison! Great job by Alex Sandro, on the left side of the attack he goes into the back line to cross the center of the square, Fred strikes the first shot and Richarlison confirms the goal with his head.

3′: Packet’s first blow after handing Neymar into the hands of Kim Seung Kyu.

2′: Thiago Silva is denied a goal due to offside free kick from Alex Sandro.

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1′: The game has started. Brazil is gone.

Now he echoes the anthem of the national team.

Anthems sound. Play Brazilian first.

There are 60 thousand fans in the stands.

The teams are already profiled in the tunnel to take the field.

As of 11:00 this Thursday in Seoul, South Korea and Brazil will play their seventh closed match in history, with cananinha having the advantage (five wins).

Portugal’s rivals in the 2022 World Cup, the Asian team led by Paulo Bento, have Brazil (today), Chile (6), Paraguay (10) and Egypt (14) on their agenda.

The judging panel is Japanese and its referee is Ryuji Sato, assisted by Hiroshi Yamauchi and Jun Mihara. The fourth judge will be Korean Hyun Jin Ko, while VAR and AVAR will be compatriots Dae Yong Kim and Sang Hyeop Chae, respectively.

Follow the main events of the game here.

Pay attention to the starting commands:

Eleven from Brazil: Weverton; Dani Alves (case), Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Alex Sandro; Fred, Casemiro and Neymar; Rafinha, Lucas Paqueta and Richarlison.

Substitutes: Alisson, Alex Telles, G. Arana, L. Ortiz, Coutinho, Fabinho, G. Jesus, B. Guimarães, Vini Jr., M. Vunya and Rodrigo.
Coach: Tite.

Eleven from South Korea: Kim Seung Kyu; Lee Young, Kim Young Gwon, Kwon Kyung Won and Hong Chul; Paik Seung Ho, Hwang In Beom,

Jung Woo-young and Son Heung-min (cap); Hwang Woo Jo and Hwang Hee Chan.

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Extras: Kim Dong Jun, Cho Hyun Woo, Kim Moon Hwan, Kim Tae Hwan, Jung Woo Young, Ko Seung Bum, Kwon Chang Hoon, Jo Gue Sung, Na Sang Sung, and Um Won. Sang.
Coach: Paulo Bento.

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BALL – Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)



BALL - Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)

FC Porto and Sporting CP struggled to overcome their respective fourth-round visitors Placard, Oliveirense and HC Braga, losing 5-4 and 5-1 respectively.

The national champion signed a quick comeback for the fans present at the Dragão Arena, with four goals in nine minutes and a hat-trick by Carlo di Benedetto, who set the score with seven seconds left (44, 48 and 50 m).

Despite winning the match between title contenders via Telmo Pinto (16m), Porto could not avoid an immediate response from Oliveirense Thomas Pereira (16m and 40m) and Lucas Martínez (17m), who scored twice in the second part. . The Argentine striker’s second goal, converted from a direct free kick (36m), resulted in a blue card for Roque Pujadas, who was actively opposed by FC Porto, but criticism of the refereeing by Ruy Torres and Fernando Vasconcelos spread to Oliveirense.

Gonçalo Alves’ penalty goal (41m) was the game’s turning point as Porto gained momentum.

At the same time, in Pavilhão João Rocha, Sporting could not finish due to the organization of the defense of HC Braga and the play of goalkeeper Nelson Filipe. In addition, Pedro Mendez took advantage of not scoring a goal to give Minho the lead (34m).

The equalizing goal belonged to João Almeida, whose move to Sporting caused controversy with HC Braga he represented, followed by Gonzalo Romero (44m), Ferran Font (45m and 50m) and João Souto (49m).

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Club Brugge’s win at the Estadio do Dragao left the football world open-mouthed and still echoes in Belgium, but Saint-Gilloise’s visit to Braga won’t have such a devastating impact, João Gamboa is convinced.

“I think Dragao’s 0-4 won’t happen again, but Saint-Gilloise are a great team and Braga might have difficulty imposing their game,” warns the midfielder, who switched from Estoril to “Leven”. .

Gamboa is well aware of the value of the warriors of the European enemy. Not so much because of the natural knowledge of Belgian football, which he acquired in three months, but because of fresh memories: Leuven met Saint-Gilloise on Saturday and lost at home 0-3.

“Saint-Gilloise is not at the level of Brugge, but they are a team with a very good organization and quite dangerous in counterattacks,” signals the midfielder, who highly appreciates the opposing Warriors’ team. an “intellectual” form of how he plans his game, as well as an indication of some personality that can make a difference.

“Center Burgess is very strong and he makes a difference in set pieces; and Boniface [avançado] It has great quality. In the game with Leuven, he almost did not score a goal from the center of the field, ”he is recovering.

Despite Saint-Gilloise’s ability to make a name for themselves, Gamboa believes the Warriors have a reason to win tomorrow’s game: “Braga is stronger and has European experience that could be decisive against the Belgians.”

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BALL – Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of being “immodest” (Sporting)



BALL - Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of being "immodest" (Sporting)

Ruben Amorim’s statements after the 1-4 defeat in Marseille.

Delayed arrival at the stadium: “As for the delay, it was due to traffic jams. A meeting is held between members of the two clubs and UEFA where they explain how many minutes it takes to leave the hotel and reach the stadium. This is a learned thing. We were late because we were completely stuck in traffic. It’s not our fault, we sent the team in 45 minutes, warmed up, connected the feet, did a massage and mental activation, I don’t want anyone from Sporting to complain about this. But the tone of the people of Marseille, as if it were our fault… They lacked a bit of humility, and I hope it doesn’t happen to them. And when they talk to us as if we are to blame, it is confusing …. And people at UEFA have to be so sensitive, because we always talk about business, about how the Super League was just business, and at the moment it’s all the same. What we did was protect the players, connect the legs, massage, warm up. We were the ones who got hurt because we didn’t have time. I know it annoys Marseille because they don’t know when to come out for a warm-up, but it’s not our fault and we’re sorry for our delay. We want to follow all the rules. It’s not our fault, we did everything according to the rules.”

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