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BALL – Benfica – FC Porto: follow the derby live here (roller hockey)



BALL - Benfica - FC Porto: follow the derby live here (roller hockey)

48 minutes: Blue card for Reinaldo Garcia. Benfica will benefit from a free kick.

48 minutes: Carlo Di Benedetto hits the right post of the red gate.

48 minutes: Carlo Di Benedetto in the transformation of a direct free kick allows the defense of Pedro Henriquez.

48 minutes: Benfica committed the tenth foul. FC Porto scores from the free kick.

47 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Resende, Benfica head coach.

46 minutes: Incredible save by Pedro Henriquez, Rafa shot. The red goalkeeper authentically denied a goal to the 9th number of the Dragons.

42 minutes: Technical break at the request of Ricardo Ares, head coach of Porto.

42 minutes: Benfica scores! Great pass from Diogo Rafael and Paul Manrubia to Javi Malian, hitting 5-3.

39 minutes: Porto scores! Javi Barroso’s invasion from the left, and Pedro Henriquez, this time unhappy, missed the ball into his own net. 4-3.

38 minutes: Technical break at the request of Ricardo Ares, head coach of Porto.

37 minutes: Benfica committed the ninth foul.

35 minutes: Benfica scores! Paz Gonzalo Pinto and Pablo Alvarez saved the score 4-2 from close range.

35 minutes: Another save from Thiago Rodriguez, this time after a shot from Edu Lamas.

34 minutes: Sixteenth foul from Porto.

34 minutes: Gonzalo Pinto hit with a neat save by Thiago Rodriguez.

34 minutes: Benfica scores! In a penalty transformation, Diogo Rafael beat Thiago Rodriguez and brought the Reds in front of the marker for the first time in the match. 3-2.

34th minute: After a direct free kick and when Pablo Alvarez tried to rebound, Javi Malian stops the Argentine from Benfica and sees a blue card. Penalty in favor of Benfica, now with Thiago Rodriguez at the gates of the blue and white.

34th minute: Pablo Álvarez, again called to take a free-kick, this time misses a defense by Javi Malian.

34 minutes: Blue card for Goncalo Alves. Benfica will take a free kick again.

33 minutes: Diogo Rafael’s strike and Javi Malian’s beautiful intervention.

32 mins: Rafa’s cross for a great save by Pedro Henriquez.

32 minutes: Technical break at the request of Ricardo Ares, head coach of Porto.

32 minutes: Benfica scores! Pablo Alvarez in a one-on-one match with Javi Malian returned a draw to the scoreboard. 2-2.

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32 minutes: Fifteenth foul against Porto. Benfica will take advantage of another direct free kick.

32 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Resende, Benfica head coach.

29 minutes: Fourteenth foul against Porto.

29 minutes: Porto scores! Goncalo Alves from the position of the striker beats without a chance to protect Pedro Henriquez. 1-2.

27 minutes: Another save by Pedro Henriquez, this time from a shot by Carlo Di Benedetto.

27 minutes: Javi Barroso shot, but Pedro Henriquez made a powerful save.

The beginning of the second part!

Everyone is equal at the end of the first 25 minutes. In a game that was more intense than spectacular, there was a weak signal from Porto early on, which was confirmed by a goal from Gonçalo Alves. Thus, Benfica balanced and even reached a draw thanks to Carlos Nicolia. Number 5 of the Eagles after a direct free kick (after the tenth infringement committed by the Dragons) left Pavillán da Luz red-hot.

However, a few seconds later, Nuno Rezende’s team suffered a major setback, with Carlos Nicolia being sent off. After a draw with Reinaldo Garcia, for which two Argentines were punished with a blue card, Carlos Nicolia, already sitting on the bench, saw Miguel Guilherme, one of the match referees, quickly move to him and show him a red card. Without anything to make him predict, which leaves in the air the thought that Nicolia was exaggerating in relation to the judging panel…

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, (another) big loss for Benfica, who, remember, also lost Lucas Ordóñez to injury, and it remains to be seen how Nuno Resende will face the second part of the match. a game that, it should be noted, the Reds have to win in order to decide on the national title Negro.

End of the first part! Benfica 1 Porto 1.

25 minutes: Goncalo Alves powerful shot from the middle of the street, great save by Pedro Henriquez.

24 minutes: Thirteenth foul committed by Porto.

24 minutes: Twelfth foul against Porto.

23 minutes: Red card to Carlos Nicolia. The Argentine Benfica player had already been kicked off the track after a blue card he had seen minutes before and ended up being booked with a red card. The only justification is related to the possible words that Nikola uttered to the referee duet.

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23 minutes: Carlos Nicolia Reinaldo Garcia staged a draw and received a blue card.

23 minutes: Eleventh foul against Porto.

23 minutes: Benfica scores! Carlos Nicolia, in a direct free kick transformation, shoots straight for 1-1.

23 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Resende, Benfica head coach.

23 minutes: Tenth foul against Porto. Benfica will benefit from a free kick.

23 minutes: Rafa counterattacks through another cautious defense of Pedro Henriquez.

20 minutes: Another attempt by Reinaldo Garcia, now on the right side, for another stop by Pedro Henriquez.

19 minutes: Reinaldo Garcia hits Pedro Henriquez with a long-range shot.

18 minutes: Diogo Rafael pass and detour of Gonzalo Pinto, already in the area, for a wonderful performance by Javi Malian.

17 minutes: Technical break at the request of Ricardo Ares, head coach of Porto.

17 minutes: Ninth foul by Porto.

17 minutes: Eighth foul by Benfica.

16 minutes: Eighth foul by Porto.

16 minutes: Seventh foul by Benfica.

16 minutes: Seventh foul by Porto.

15 minutes: Paul Manrubia’s frontal kick in favor of Javi Malian’s thorough defense.

15 minutes: Benfica committed the sixth foul.

14 minutes: An individual game by Rafa, who moved from left to center, but already in the penalty area his shot was blocked by Pedro Henriquez.

13 minutes: Fifth foul by Benfica.

11 minutes: Technical break at the request of Ricardo Ares, head coach of Porto.

11 minutes: Benfica committed the fourth foul.

11 minutes: Sixth foul against Porto.

10 minutes: Porto scores! A long pass from Ezequiel Mena and Goncalo Alves in the face of Pedro Henriquez opens Luz’s asset. 0-1.

9 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Resende, Benfica head coach.

9 minutes: Third foul by Benfica.

9 minutes: Great pass from Pablo Alvarez to Paul Manrubia who shoots to save Javi Malian.

8 minutes: Second foul by Benfica.

8 minutes: Fifth foul by Porto.

7 minutes: Cross by Gonzalo Pinto for a good intervention by Javi Malian.

6 minutes: Reinaldo Garcia runs over Diogo Rafael and shoots to save Pedro Henriquez.

5 minutes: Fourth foul by Porto.

5 minutes: Porto committed the third foul.

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5 minutes: Porto committed the second foul.

4 minutes: First foul by Porto.

4th minute: Gonzalo Alves tried to hit the red gate, but Pedro Henriquez answered.

3 minutes: Edu Lamas makes a great save for Javi Malian. The Spaniard’s shot from Benfica still hit the blue and white goal post.

2 minutes: First foul by Benfica.

Lucas Ordóñez has not recovered from a knee injury sustained in Game 2 and for this reason remains outside of Nuno Resende’s ability.

Match start!

FC Porto (top five): Javi Malian, Carlo Di Benedetto, Javi Barroso, Reinaldo Garcia FROM and Gonzalo Alves

Trainer: Ricardo Ares

Benfica (starting five): Peter Enriquez FROMDiogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolia, Edu Lamas and Gonzalo Pinto

Trainer: Nuno Resende

Judges: Miguel Guilherme (AP Lisbon) and Joaquim Pinto (AP Porto)

The teams are already there!

The Reds have big roster doubts: Lucas Ordóñez, who has already missed Game 3 with an injury, will only find out in the last minute if he can contribute to the team.

So this afternoon there will be one of two certainties: either Porto will become national champions or, on the other hand, Benfica will take the best and force the fifth game. If this last scenario is a reality, then next Wednesday black (20:00) at the Dragão Arena in Porto.

The home factor was decisive in this final, as the home club always won. Porto started hostilities on the 16th with a 5-0 win at the Dragao Arena, while Benfica responded three days later in Luz with a 3-0 score. The third match, held in the city of Invicta last Wednesday, smiled again blue and white, who won with a score of 9-6.

Benfica and Porto will meet again this Saturday afternoon (15:00) at Pavilha da Luz for the fourth play-off game of the final of the national roller hockey championship. In case of victory, the dragons celebrate the achievement of the title. If the Eagles win, then the draw will be decided only in Negro. The classic will be broadcast live on A BOLA TV and will also be accompanied by a second one on A BOLA online. Come on, dear reader. He has a guaranteed place in our starting five…

Good evening!

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UEFA rankings: Loss to Gil Vicente is bad news for Portugal



UEFA rankings: Loss to Gil Vicente is bad news for Portugal

The season is just starting, but the news about the UEFA rankings for Portugal is not good anymore.

After V. Guimarães was eliminated from the Conference League, Gil Vicente almost said goodbye to the competition this Thursday. after losing to AZ Alkmaar 4-0.

And more than a loss to a rival from the Netherlands, who ranks sixth in the rankings ahead of Portugal, the eventual elimination of Gil Vicente will matter.

With this victory, AZ Alkmaar gives the Netherlands one more point – plus 0.5 from PSV Eindhoven’s draw on Tuesday in the Champions League play-offs. Which is not a problem, not least because Benfica also won a point for Portugal. beating Dean. Kyiv.

But if the relegation of Gil Vicente is confirmed, Portugal will start the European group stage with only four teams able to score: Porto, Sporting CP, Benfica and Sp. Braga. And these points will always be divided by the total number of teams that have qualified for the competition. That is six.

The Netherlands, which have qualified with only five teams, remain with all of them in the competition for now. And only Twente, which lost this Thursday in Florence to Fiorentina (2-1) is in danger of being removed.

The Netherlands started the season before Portugal, so if the league does not catch up with the Eredivisie at the end of the season, it will fall to seventh place and at the same time lose a place in the Champions League and a team in European competition. There will be five instead of the current six.

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Who should also be concerned is France, which sees the Netherlands also close to fifth place as a result of the last five seasons.

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BOLA – Varandas completed part of the restructuring of the debt to the bank (Sporting)



A BOLA - balancing Frederico Varandas: “We passed our green-white list with a clear conscience” (Sporting)

Sporting, eight years later, managed to complete part of the restructuring of the bank’s debt, which was estimated at 240 million euros.

After converting the bonds purchased from BCP into equity in SAD, through two capital increases totaling €83.6 million, they became majority shareholders of the company. There is still an agreement with Novo Banco to terminate the restructuring process started in 2014.

In March, Sporting already reached an agreement with BCP to purchase €83.7m of mandatory convertible securities (VMOC) for just €14m.

To complete this stage of the process, it was necessary to convert the VMOC into SAD equity, which happened last week, where two capital increases were made through the conversion of debt securities in the amount of 27.57 million and 56 million euros, with the company to now have a total net worth of 150.6 million, more than double the amount she had prior to this action.

This initiative also increased the participation of Alvaro Sobrinho from 29,851 percent to 13,283 percent and that of Joaquim Oliveira from 3,186 percent to 1,418 percent of SAD leonina.

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Sporting: details of the sale of Matheus Nunez to Wolverhampton



Sporting: details of the sale of Matheus Nunez to Wolverhampton

Sporting have informed the Securities Market Commission (CMVM) that Matheus Nunez has signed for Wolves for €45m.

In the statement, the Lions also mention that the deal could be worth 50 million euros, depending on the goals of the English team and the player himself. In addition, the green-and-white emblem took ten percent of the surplus value of the future transmission.

Also pay attention to the four and a half million associated with the payment of intermediary services.

After visiting Ericeirense and Estoril, Matheus Nunez joined the Sporting team for the 2019/20 season. After 101 games and eight goals, the Portuguese moves to Wolverhampton and joins the Portuguese fleet under Bruno Lage. for others, Wolves already announced the arrival of the 23-year-old midfielder last night.

Sporting statement for CMVM:

SPORTING CLUBE DE PORTUGAL – FUTEBOL, SAD (hereinafter Sporting SAD or Sociedade) informs under the conditions and in order to comply with the obligation to provide information arising from the provisions of Article 17 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April as follows: 1. Sporting SAD has reached an agreement with WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS FOOTBALL CLUB (1986) LIMITED (hereinafter WOLVERHAMPTON) for the final transfer of the sports rights of the player Matheus Luis Nunez, guaranteeing the Company the right to receive an amount corresponding to 10% of the surplus value of the future transfer;

2. In connection with the transfer, Sporting SAD will receive a fixed amount of €45,000,000 (€45 million) plus a variable maximum amount of up to €5,000,000 (€5 million) due depending on Wolverhampton related objectives. the participation of a football team in the Champions League and the Player’s participation in games;

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3. The costs of intermediary services in connection with the aforementioned transfer amount to EUR 4,454,667.00 (four million four hundred fifty-four thousand six hundred sixty-seven euros), plus a maximum variable amount up to EUR 494,963.00 (four hundred ninety-four thousand nine hundred sixty-three Euro);

4. The value of the Solidarity Mechanism through external clubs will be supported by Sporting SAD and WOLVERHAMPTON in equal shares.

Lisbon, August 18, 2022

Market relations representative

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