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Artist Paula Rego dies at 87 | Paula Rego



Artist Paula Rego dies at 87 |  Paula Rego

One of the most internationally recognized Portuguese artists died this morning in London in the company of his three children, confirmed PÚBLICO along with his family and Catarina Alfaro, chief curator of the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego. Born in Lisbon, Paula Rego, who turned 87 this January, started painting as a child and left for the British capital at the age of just 17 to study at the Slade School of Fine Arts.

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Here comes England’s latest scandal: Bombastic book reveals why Prince William investigated Meghan Markle’s screams – World



Here comes England's latest scandal: Bombastic book reveals why Prince William investigated Meghan Markle's screams - World

Meghan Markle has come under fire again. All because of the new book The Courtiers: The Power Behind the Crown, published by The Times journalist Valentine Lowe. According to the new book, The Duchess of Sussex has fits of rage for no apparent reason. The book reports that one of the women working for Meghan was suddenly confronted with verbal abuse just a few days before the Duchess’s wedding for no apparent reason. According to The Sun newspaper, the former actress called this employee in the middle of the night, screaming, stating that she was “disappointed” in what she had done, but without explaining the reason.

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The Duchess of Sussex visited the memorial to the victims of the Texas school massacre.

A source who remains anonymous – at least for now – says Meghan called all night, on that occasion, after her first fit of rage, to a worker who was at dinner on Friday night, if he was forced to get up from the table. so as not to interfere with the people she was with. According to a book cited by The Sun newspaper, the attacks on the employee continued for “several days,” with Meghan reassuring her that she had let her down and that she was counting on her, never giving a reason.

The drama was such that it reached the ears of Prince William, who, realizing the situation, reassured the official of the British crown. But that’s not all.

Meghan Markle gives a new interview and attacks the royal family

The same book says that it was the son of King Charles III who started the investigation to understand why Meghan treats some of her employees so badly.

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According to The Sun and this new controversial publication, this is just one of many incidents that Valentine Lowe is revealing, as several people have filed complaints against the duchess in front of The Firm, as the Americans call the British royal family.

The hidden message in Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s accessories

The Duchess of Sussex, according to the same newspaper, however, has already made it clear that all this is not true and that it was she who was blackmailed by the alleged official of the royal house, so that he would remain silent in order not to see her reputation. denigrate. Valentine Lowe, however, says he is debunking this and other dramas at the royal palace ahead of the wedding between Harry and Meghan, which led to William and Kate ending their relationship with the Duchess of Sussex.

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WWE SmackDown (09/23/2022): Tag Team Championship Match



WWE SmackDown (09/23/2022): Tag Team Championship Match

BUT WWE to air another episode of SmackDown this Friday on FOX from the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah towards Extreme Rules October 8.


– SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan Wenceu Lacey Evans
– New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) Vencers Maximum Male Models (Mayes and Mansour)
– Braun Strowman defeated Otis
– Raquel Rodriguez Wenceu, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Dakota Kai
– Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jay and Jimmy Usos) venceram Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland)


SmackDown opened with Bloodline in the ring, where Paul Heyman wasted no time in insulting the fans in the arena before explaining that Solo Sikoa was sent to help the champion and that it was “enforcer” from Bloodline, and this allows The Usos to continue to make history.

The Usos themselves then talked about their struggle with the Brawling Brutes and how they would retain their titles, with Roman Reigns interrupting his cousins ​​to order Solo Sikoa to acknowledge him, which the young man did.

As the Bloodlines were leaving, Sami Zane interrupted them, which angered Jay Uso and even Roman Reigns. The “Great Liberator” stated that he knows he is not a blood family, but the bloodline has accepted him, and he wants to express his gratitude to the “Tribal Leader”. Roman Reigns then asked why Sami Zane had a Bloodline t-shirt, and when he couldn’t give him an answer, he ordered The Great Liberator to take off the t-shirt.

Everything looked like everything was going to go wrong, but Roman Reigns presented Sami Zayn with a T-shirt that read “Honorary Diploma”. Sami Zayn put on a T-shirt and hugged Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, immediately recognizing Roman Reigns and hugging the champion, which the latter did not really appreciate.

– SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan vs Lacey Evans: Lacey Evans used her strength to dominate the first minutes, but the champion didn’t give up and fought it. opener. However, the biggest power was held by Lacey Evans, who tried her best to control Liv Morgan, but the champion’s resistance annoyed Lacey Evans.

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After that go and get it kendo stickLiv Morgan managed to dodge this attack and landed Code cracker before getting into ObLIVion which gave him the victory.

Once the match was over, Liv Morgan took over kendo stick and attacked Lacey Evans, sending her opponent across the commentators table with a kick Feeling from the third string.

Backstage, Hit Row, Street Profits and Shinsuke Nakamura talked about what will be happening on this SmackDown.

not yet behind the scenes we’ve seen Sami Zayn annoyed that the vendor didn’t have veggie options, and Mad Moss and Ricochet claiming Honorary Mustache is even more boring than usual. Sami Zane then stated that insulting him was like insulting Bloodline, but the two fighters didn’t listen and ended up being attacked by Solo Sikoa.

Then we had video package talking about the Usos’ historic reign as the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

– New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) Venceram Maximum Male Models (Mayes and Mansour): The duo Maximum Male Models came out in a dominant fashion, isolating Xavier Woods for several minutes, but he managed to hold his opponents on the offensive.

With Mace and Mansour in control, Maxine Dupree wanted to land with them to take a picture, which Max Dupri did not like, and rightly so, as it gave New Day the opportunity to turn the fight in his favor, and Xavier Woods with his Outback won.

After the match, we made Max Dupree lose his temper and leave the stage.

Next we saw video package about Braun Strowman and his second leg.

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Backstage, Top Dolla and Ashante “Thee” Adonis attacked Los Lotharios for messing with b-fab.

– Braun Strowman defeated Otis: The two fighters wanted to use their power to dominate, and it appeared that Braun Strowman had more than that until outside the ring, Chad Gable’s distraction allowed Otis to turn the fight in his favor.

Otis dominated for several minutes, but Braun Strowman turned the fight inside out, also taking the opportunity to attack Chad Gable. In the last minutes, the two fighters had several chances to miss, but the “Monster Among Men” managed to avoid splash the second string, which gave him the opportunity to hit powerful bomb which gave him the victory.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed the Brawling Brutes and Sheamus announced that he will face Gunther again for the Intercontinental Championship on October 7th on SmackDown, and we’ll see the Brawling Brutes win the tag team titles today.

Back in the ring Drew McIntyre challenged Carrion Cross to a strap-on match as Carrion Cross seems to love playing games but this match won’t let him go and he will be looking to inflict as much pain on Carrion Cross. .

Then Scarlett appeared at the entrance, and Carrion Cross tried to attack the “Scottish warrior” from behind, but it was the Scot who overpowered him to such an extent that he caught his opponent by the belt. Scarlett intervened and tried to hit Drew McIntyre with a fireball, but failed completely.

The two fighters continued fight who went on to win Scottish Warrior until Scarlett hit Hit below the beltwhich enabled Carrion Cross to apply his Cross jacket while insulting the opponent.

– Raquel Rodriguez Venceu, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Dakota Kai: Raquel Rodriguez used her power to immediately enter the domain, but the distraction Bailey and IYO SKY almost gave the victory to Dakota Kai.

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However, Shotzi appeared and attacked the two fighters who made room for Raquel Rodriguez, with pin win the fight quickly.

After the match ended, Damage CTRL attempted to attack Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi, but both fighters managed to get rid of the trio.

Once again, in the Hit Row waiting room, they were attacked by Los Lotharios, who fled to retribution.

– Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jay and Jimmy Usos) venceram Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland): The Brawling Brutes entered aggressively and dominated the opening minutes of this match. main event and it was only after some confusion outside the ring that The Usos managed to stay on the property.

The Champions kept Butch isolated for several minutes and Sheamus moved in to the ring to stop Sami Zane from interfering, giving Butch the opportunity to do the same. label Ridge Holland, who went all-in and almost won this match by himself.

In the minutes that followed, there were near wins from both teams and we almost had new champions a few times.

In the end, Sami Zane tried to intervene, but was stopped by Sheamus, who in turn was attacked by the Imperium, already inside the ring, the Usos turned the fight unambiguously in their favor and with 1D Butch won.

What do you think of this WWE SmackDown?

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WWE releases more White Rabbit teasers



WWE releases more White Rabbit teasers

FROM bring down last week, WWE used some intervals shows turn off the lights and turn on the music “White Rabbit” door Jefferson Airplaneleading to fan speculation.

Not Raw Last Monday, the company went further and introduced mysterious QR codewhich, when used, leads to a page with an executioner and a rabbit, revealing a cryptic message.

More and more clues, fans and even Ronda Rousey more and more to believe that we are talking about an imminent return Bray Wyatt.

The video at the end shows “9.23”, which is the SmackDown date for that week, but if we look it up on the WWE website, one of the videos that came up is of Bray Wyatt hitting Braun Strowman on September 23, 2019. . . .

Also, another clue has surfaced on, and it’s a game that lists the coordinates for Edmonton, Canada, where the next Raw will take place on September 26th.

Thus, it is assumed that the identity of the “White Rabbit” may be revealed there, and not during this Friday’s SmackDown.

However, WWE has already taken advantage of the twist of this mystery and has already started selling. t-shirts new character in your official store.

On the other hand, Bray Wyatt was active in Twitter and fueling further speculation by jokingly denying the fact that he was seen in town on today’s SmackDown, saying that he would never use Hertz.

Do you believe Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE is coming soon?

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