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advice for each sign to end the week by June 26, 2022 – Metro World News Brasil



advice for each sign to end the week by June 26, 2022 – Metro World News Brasil


Be able to recognize manipulation and people with bad intentions; It’s time to deal with some revelations.


Happiness is a way to find inspiration and something worth keeping in harmony; Know what motivates you in your life.


Everything in life happens for a reason; even when it is negative, some positive lesson can be learned. Expand awareness.


Time to devote more attention and energy to what makes you happy and inspires your soul; know how to put problems aside and manage your time better.

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a lion

Learn to look them in the eye and be sincere, but also recognize the intentions of others. This is a new level of intuition.


Don’t get into a situation where the past and resentment no longer make you unhappy; open new doors.


Life must be faced courageously and with understanding; answers come and are transformed into wisdom.

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No longer underestimate your ability to plan and execute; know how to connect with your interior and intuition, as they show the future.


Know how to take control of your life and your personality; it’s time to be who you want and appreciate, others fade into the background.


The end may leave a feeling of emptiness, but it is necessary to keep moving and open new doors; you will be grateful for the opportunity.

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Know how to say goodbye to sadness and sadness; It’s time to challenge yourself to move forward and be happier without this destructive attachment.


be able to distinguish between situations and priorities; your energy needs to be better directed.

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After a hard night, Liliana Filipa shows her children in “highs” and confesses: “These two deceived me today …”



After a hard night, Liliana Filipa shows her children in "highs" and confesses: "These two deceived me today ..."

This Tuesday, July 5, Liliana Filipa took to social media to say that she had a difficult night because her children were sick, but during the day they got better and left the business woman “in the footsteps.”

Through her personal Instagram account, Liliana Philipa shared a funny video of her kids, Ariel and Santi, dancing in the kitchen. The businesswoman said that she spent a hard night with her sick children, but in the end both recovered during the day and did not give her a moment’s rest.

In the caption to the publication, the businesswoman left outrageous: “These two lied to me today… 😂 they were so sick at night that we didn’t sleep all night and decided not to go to school… but during the day… The energy at home was HIGH ALL DAY!!! 😂😂 the roles have changed and I’m on my knees 😂😂😂”can be read.

The comment box on the post quickly filled with messages from subscribers: “They are doing their coup 😂😂😂”, or “Ahahahaha who never pretended not to go to school 😜”, or “What sweet cuties ❤️”, or “There is a coup, whoever wants to fall 😂”here are some of the examples you can read.

Now see:

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Too bad to be true! On the day she wanted to get married, Sonia Jesus tries to save her fiancé from prison.



Too bad to be true!  On the day she wanted to get married, Sonia Jesus tries to save her fiancé from prison.

About a year ago Sonia Jesus announced the date of the wedding and what I have already prepared for the special day. dream offormer concorrente do “Big Brother” was supposed to come to the altar on Tuesday, July 5, but a month ago everything collapsed when fiance Vitor Soares was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking.leaving the bride pregnant and the wedding undecided.

This Tuesday, Sonya remembered the special date of the anniversary of the relationship in Instastories with a photo of a heart drawn on the sand of the beach. The saleswoman did not give details, but last March at the TVI gala, she said that he wanted to marry his soulmate on the day they celebrated 12 years of marriage.

I am getting married next year. 5’th of July [de 2022] Vito and I have been together for 12 years. who knows on this date… I want to get married without a mask… I already have a dress and a fifth,” said the former TVI reality show contestant. The date was never confirmed as they were going to get married that day.

Sonya Jesus suffers without Victor on a special day
Photo: Instagram

BUT However, Nortenha fights for Vitor’s freedom, who is now in preventive detention at the Braganza prison.

According to ‘morning Post‘, Victor Soares’ lawyer will appeal the decision on pre-trial detention.

Vitor has already been visited by his wife and two daughters. remember this Sonya is pregnant for the third time and is expecting a boy. The couple’s son is due in September.

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Marco Horacio shows his eldest son watching his sister’s 5D ultrasound.



Marco Horacio shows his eldest son watching his sister's 5D ultrasound.

On becoming a father to a girl for the first time, presenter and humorist Marco Horacio experiencing the last days of her partner’s pregnancy, Sara Biscay, very intense. This Monday, July 4th, was the day to accompany 5D baby ultrasoundwho also had very special presence.

As posted to your official Facebook account InstagramMarco Horacio took his eldest son, William, acquaintance with the sister, after the process of ultrasound. A very special record that captivated fans of the comedian.

And today was the day to see Nono again… Or try to see, since she is a juggler, and in addition to her hands on her face, she also had legs.“, – he began with the words of the TV presenter in the caption for the publication. “And besides, it was the first time that the elder brother and aunt went to meet the regila!“, he said further.

In the image, 16-year-old Guilherme can be seen touching the belly of his father’s companion. In another image, also shared by the comedian, you can see Leonor’s face, the result of a 5D ultrasound. Look below:

Remember that Guilherme is the son of a previous relationship with Marco Horacio. The comedian and Sara Biscay have been dating for about two years now.

Helena Costa shares photo with her boyfriend and twin daughters: “Everything I love”

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