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A BOLA – Roller Hockey: FC Porto-Benfica LIVE (20:00) (A BOLA TV)



A BOLA - Roller Hockey: FC Porto-Benfica LIVE (20:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Wednesday, June 22, you can see on your BOLA TV (channel 13 to Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO) …

BOLA TV broadcasts this Wednesday (20:00) the hot game of FC Porto Benfica, the third play-off game of the final of the National Roller Hockey Championship. At the moment the teams are level (1-1) in the title race and one thing is for sure: there will be at least game 4 to be played on Saturday the 25th at 15:00 at Pavilhão da Luz. . If the decision is made in the fifth and last match, black is scheduled for the next 29th, on Wednesday (20:00), again at the Dragão Arena, as Porto FC is the winner of the regular championship. everything to see in DIRECT in your BOLA TV.

Fernando Guerra. Jose Manuel Capristano and Jorge Castelo at NIGHT BALL (22:15)

Another NIGHT BALL to keep up to date with all the sports information of the day and follow the latest news from the exciting transfer market. With a presentation by journalist Jorge Pessoa and Silva, NIGHT BALL this Wednesday there are attentive comments by Fernando Guerra, José Manuel Capristano and Jorge Castelo.

Danilo and José Cayetano at BOLA DAS SETE (19:00)

Danilo, a former Maritimo player and commentator on TV Goiás in Brazil, and José Cayetano, a journalist, were guests of José Rafael López. BALL OF THE SEVEN It also opens up space for surfing. Carolina Santos took part in the launch of the 4th leg of the MEO SURF league, the Ribeira Grande Pro, which takes place in the Azores from Friday to Sunday.

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INTERNATIONAL PRESS MAGAZINE journalist Andre Pipa assured today. The presentation was signed by journalist José Rafael López.

…and Andre Pipa and Luis Mateus at TOTAL MARKET (18:45)

André Pipa and Luis Mateus bring news from the world of transfers to COMMON MARKET. José Rafael López presents the program that starts at 18:45.

BLACK FORCE watch at 16:15

BLACK SOURCE shows you the contribution of black athletes to sports at a time when the world is more concerned than ever with racial issues. Powerful stories of contemporary heroes such as Lewis Hamilton or Serena Williams, as well as trailblazers such as Jesse Owen, or prominent events marked by recent movements such as Black Lives Matter that have had a huge impact on sport and society.

TBI starts at 17:45.

WTCR is the World Touring Car Championship. The 2019 season followed the World Touring Championship (WTCC) in 2018. It is called the World Championship and not the World Championship only because manufacturers cannot directly participate in the competition. Each team can only have two cars, and brands can supply a maximum of four (in practice, this means that there are two private teams for each brand of car).

GRID accompanies the automotive universe (18:15)

From Formula 1 to NASCAR, through World Rally and World Endurance, this series explores all the action and behind the scenes of world stars. Unparalleled access to the biggest teams and personalities in motorsport, GRILL This is an unforgettable combination of all-wheel drive and a unique, privileged look at the best riders on the planet.

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BALL – Extension of Ibrahimovic (Milan)



BALL - Extension of Ibrahimovic (Milan)

AC Milan, Italian champions and Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 40, will sign a new contract by the 15th, in principle only for one season, but the length of which is yet to be known.

News of an extension for another year Ibracadabra the team, which is played by Rafael Leão (elected Serie A Player of the Year in 2021/22), was promoted on Tuesday evening by the Milanese sports newspaper after breaking ties with the Rossoneri. Gazetta dello Sportwhich even announces that the new bond will be placed on paper “next week”.

Suspicions are growing that despite serious health issues and pain that have kept Ibrahimovic from having as many options as he would have liked for the team in 2021/22, the Swedish striker, who already represented the club in 2010/11, is then on loan (14 goals in 29 games) and 2011/12 (28 goals in 32 games) and now he has done it for the second time in his career since 2020 (33 goals in 60 games) he will stay in Milan, this, according to the Italian the sports newspaper highlighted the fact that the player had already posed in the new jersey that the team would wear in the 2022/23 season. The campaign for the sale of new equipment has already helped, a clear indicator …

With 62 goals in 121 caps for Sweden. Ibra arrived at AC Milan in 2020 from LA Galaxy and is therefore preparing to end his third season at the club.

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The best footballer in the world is seriously injured and failed the European – Women’s football



The best footballer in the world is seriously injured and failed the European - Women's football

Spaniard Alexia Putellas, the current Ballon d’Or, suffered a serious injury during training on Tuesday due to a torn ACL in her left knee and is out of Euro 2022.

“A test carried out today, 5 July 2022, on a Spanish player from the Spanish national team at the King Edward VII Hospital in London confirms that the captain of the Spanish women’s team suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee,” the Royal Federation said today. Spanish football. in a statement.

Spain are in England to take part in the Euro 2022 final, entering Group B along with Germany, Denmark and Finland, against whom they will make their competition debut next Friday in Milton Keynes, a city 70 kilometers from London. .

Alexia Putellas’ injury represents a major setback for Spain, who are one of the contenders for the title that starts on Wednesday and ends on July 31 with 16 teams including the host country, England and the Portuguese. caught at the last minute after Russia was withdrawn from the competition due to the invasion of Ukraine.

This is the second time England have hosted the competition since Germany won in 2005, but the current title holder is the Netherlands, who won the last final in 2017 at home.

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European and world champion strengthened Porto



European and world champion strengthened Porto

In the 2021/22 season, Roque Pujadas took part in 34 games and scored 25 goals in the Spanish Championship, Super Cup and Spanish Cup.

Spaniard Roque Pujadas (former Noya), World and European Under-19 Champion, is the latest addition to the national champion FC Porto’s hockey team.

“Every player dreams of wearing a Porto shirt. It’s a unique feeling, I really want to start and represent this club,” says the 20-year-old striker.

Born in Manleu (Catalonia), Roque Pujadas trained at a local club, for which he made his debut in the Spanish second division in 2019, after which he moved to neighboring Noya.

In the 2021/22 season, the Catalan took part in 34 games and scored 25 goals, distributing the Spanish Championship, Super Cup and Spanish Cup among themselves.

“At first it will be difficult because I have never left the house and it will be a change in every way, because, in addition to changing teams, this is the first time I will be living alone, but I think that with help from everyone, everything will be fine,” he continues.

The player defines himself as “a striker who likes to bet one on one”, tries to score goals and believes that the game of the “giant” Porto, a club in which he hopes to stay “for many years”, “there is a lot of room for him Good”.

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“On an individual level, I want to improve and learn from my colleagues who can teach me a lot, but collectively, Porto must win everything, because this is how the club works,” adds the Catalan.

Rok Pujadas, who said he is “eager to start working”, also considers it a privilege to share a dressing room with players he is used to “seeing on TV and in videos”, so playing with them will be “special”. them.

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