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Who is the “Steel Bird”, the voice of resistance that (still) sounds at the Azovstal plant? – Observer



On May 9, serviceman Nick Mark, who is also imprisoned at Azovstal, posted a video on Facebook featuring a hit from Ukrainian pop music. “Sleep in a room alone” (“Sleep Alone”) by the Scriabin group. This theme is sung by a red-haired, blue-eyed young woman, while the soldier pretends that the weapon is a guitar.

Sometimes it happens that you want to hear
Things you’d rather never know
He drags your hand to the place
Where do you think it would be better if there were no eyes, ”he begins.

Earlier, May 5, Nick Mark shared a shaky video filmed in the dark by the same soldier with a gun to her chest. sang “March of two Ukrainian nationalists”anthem of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and which is now considered a patriotic song, to which newspapers such as the Italian Corriere della Sera call Ukrainian “Bella Chao”alluding to the anthem of the Italian anti-fascist struggle.

“We fed on the pain of losing Ukraine / We were fed by the rage and malice of our enemies,” read two verses.

Enough of the devastation and quarrels,
Brother will not dare to go to war against brother!
Under the blue and yellow flag of freedom
We will unite all our great people,” says another quatrain.

The voice carefully heard by the companions, Katerina, who completed his musical education last year when he enlisted in the Ukrainian army. At the age of 21 and living in a food-free environment where medical attention is neededwelcome as “Steel Bird” Hair of netizens.

The soldier was born in Sosnovka, a village in western Ukraine, where, second The Daily Mail is known for its passion for Ukrainian history, creativity and love of art – she even wrote songs and published poems in the newspaper. After graduating from vocal studies at an art school in the city of Ternopil, went to work in a motorcycle shop in Kyiv.

He gave up music for another occupation that filled his soul. She could put on makeup and go to datesbut instead chose a machine gun and camouflage. Katerina has a very strong spirit – a warrior without a drop of fear in her blood.

When he lived in the capital, he participated in demonstrations. “Once she was badly beaten during the march, but she did not give up.“, stressed a friend of Valeria Panasyuk. Steel Bird told Valeria that last spring she planned to join the fight against pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass.

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Having completed a course in medicine, Ekaterina told his parents that he worked in a hospital not to worry them. Thanks to the spread of his talent on social networks and social networks, he quickly came out of anonymity and now can no longer hide that he is one of the persons for whom “surrender is not an option.”

Azov Battalion says Ukrainian government ‘failed’ to defend Mariupol

Among her friends, surprise did not diminish when it became known that Katerina’s desire to protect the two-color flag knew no bounds. “I was shocked. I never would have guessed that she was in Mariupol“, – concluded Panasyuk.

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Putin will make military decisions at the level of colonel or brigade | Russia



Russian President Vladimir Putin will be so involved in the war in Ukraine that he will make military decisions, which are usually the responsibility of colonels or brigadier generals, usually leading teams of 700 to 900 troops, Western military sources cited by the British press office said. Click.

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“We are doing everything possible to save the crew” – Observer



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The Ukrainian Armed Forces shared on their Facebook account an audio recording of the last moments of the crew aboard the Moskva, the Russian warship that successfully attacked Ukraine.

Moscow-1, two holes! The propeller has stopped! The ship is sinking and lying on its side“, His one of the crew members can be heard speaking in the audio, according to the New York Post. Russian warship was April 14 blowin the Black Sea, eventually sank.

The first pictures of the ship “Moskva” after the Ukrainian attack. Sailor’s mother reveals ‘terrifying’ scenario

On the recording, so far according to the New York newspaper, the sailor reports that a hole in the ship’s hull below the waterline will cause the ship to turn 30 degrees.


There is no way to get to the tugs. We are doing everything we can to save the crew.”

The battleship Moskva, built during the Soviet Union, was one of the main assets of the Russian fleet. Ukrainian forces provided the ship was hit by Neptune missiles.. Then the Russians said that the flooding was due to a fire on board, without specifying the cause of the fire.

Rocket “Neptune”: Ukrainian ace who sank the “Moscow”, the pearl of the Russian fleet

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Captured Russians say commanders are killing wounded soldiers



WithRussian soldiers captured by Ukrainian troops accused their commanders of killing the wounded instead of sending them for treatment.

In accordance with Mirrorthe statements of these soldiers are heard in a video recorded by Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Zolkin for Open Media Ukraine.

After the soldier said that the commanders were “finishing off their wounded,” the journalist asked him what he meant, and the man answered clearly: “The wounded soldier is lying on the ground, and the battalion commander killed him with a gun,” he said. . “It was a young man, he was wounded (…) He was lying on the ground and they asked him if he could walk, so they shot him,” he added.

“Most importantly, this was not an isolated case,” said another serviceman.

At the same time, a third soldier says that this commander did the same with “four or five” wounded soldiers, “all young.”

“They could have been saved, helped, taken out. He just shot them,” he said.

It should be noted that it was not clear where these deaths occurred or where these soldiers were taken prisoner or in which unit they served.

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