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The spell has turned against the sorcerer! Lubomir says he had sex with ‘half of Lisbon’ and is now involved in sex scandal – The Mag



The spell has turned against the sorcerer!  Lubomir says he had sex with 'half of Lisbon' and is now involved in sex scandal - The Mag

Ljubomir Stanisic is known to the public for his “lack of filters”, even when the topics are still taboo for many. A controversial Yugoslav chef who has come to revolutionize Portuguese cuisine leaves no one indifferent when he decides to open his heart and speak openly about his life.

When it comes to war, his stories are scary and test anyone’s ability to fit into his shoes. Close your eyes, and Ljubo’s testimony almost lets us hear the roar of bullets as we realize the fear with which a child of his age made him pick up a gun. But these are not the only episodes told by the face of SIC that echo in the minds of those who follow him closely.

Whenever he sat down to have a good conversation—even though he knew it was being recorded—Lyubomir managed to leave his listeners open-mouthed. So when it comes to women and sex… there’s no one to grab onto.

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Shock: Sexual harassment in Lubomir Stanisic’s “Hell’s Kitchen”

Lubomir does not hide the fact that he is a sexy man, and some are even shocked by his more personal revelations. At the height of the pandemic, he detailed when, where and how he had sex with his wife while the kids were online. But even earlier, he guarantees that he made love to her again and again in the kitchen, and before meeting her, it was complete madness.

This is the case when they say that “the spell has turned against the sorcerer”, and the cook may have “fell into a trap.” Now the chef is accused of harassing contestant Candida Batista backstage at Hell’s Kitchen. He is silent, the rest of the participants assure that they have never seen anything, but the participation of his name in the sex scandal is no longer free. Lubomir may have to answer in court to the accusations of the Brazilian….

Meet Candida Batista, the chef and Playboy model who warms up Hell’s Kitchen.


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A rebel, outspoken and sometimes controversial, Lubomir Stanisic has always made women fall in love with him. In 2017, he told in an interview with Expresso that he was a womanizer, from whom not a single “tail of a skirt” escaped. “He was a big womanizer, I languished with half of Lisbon”says no problem. “When I was single, I had a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of fun… I woke up in the morning and didn’t even know who was sleeping.”

Unforgettable return of Lubomir to Sarajevo

This instinct even led him to his first marriage to a lawyer named Susana. “It was illegal for three or four years and she was a lawyer. One day I walked into her office, she smiled and I said: “Before I do the paperwork, do you want to go out for lunch?” We went for lunch, we had an Ibis. Soon he got marriedRemember.

Everything changed when he met his current wife, Monica Franco. “This is the purest love in the world. She is the woman of my life. She won’t admit it, but without her, I wouldn’t be half of who I am today. in my life that I love a girl. women.”

And therefore, it is not surprising that in the list of his most secret pleasures there are such things as “Cooking with the biggest white truffle in Europe, fucking my wife many times [a jornalista Mónica Franco] in the kitchen [do 100 Maneiras] and cooked for people like Anthony Bourdain.

Burning meetings in captivity

In full public channel Ljubomir Stanisic revealed the secrets of how to keep the flame together with his wife, despite the difficulties associated with the constant presence of children at home during these days of isolation.

“It’s very messed up,” he began with a confession on 5 to Midnight this Thursday 26. But there’s a solution for everything, and there’s no shortage of creativity in the chef’s home from him and his wife, Monica Franco.

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“We” gave a lot “carefully. Fortunately for me, there are no children here, I can tell you some secrets. Usually it is always in the morning and during the day. We never wait for the night, because at night it is impossible. That’s why the best things always happen in the morning and after lunch because they have to go to school. [online]”, he explained.

Drama by Monika Saved by Lubomir Stanisic

“We have always taught them to learn music, so when it’s time for practice I go with Monica to “check the toilet rolls”. Usually we agree on a date: “Darling, let’s do the laundry.” And she says okay. The house is small, 80 square meters, the children listen to music, study at the same time, and we like it,” he added.

But it doesn’t stop there. Also when children play ball. “Because we have a garden ahead of us.”

Lubomir also gives advice on sound containment. “Usually it’s always with a pillow in your mouth, a used toilet paper roll – that brown part – and it comes out beautiful. Adults and longer,” he said with a laugh.


Despite the fact that he has always been open about his sexuality, Lubomir never thought that he could be publicly accused of harassing a woman. And this happened recently. Candida Batista, former Hell’s Kitchen contestant, claims that “Disgusted at What Happened” during the recording of the program, where, according to his version, Chef Lubomir molested him. “During the recording of the show, I faced daily harassment. Everything happened in front of everyone with the cameras turned on.”

The Brazilian member contained, “There were completely inappropriate lines, to the point where, in the end, the members came up to me and said they didn’t think it was normal for him to talk to me like that.”

The owner of 100 Maneiras did not comment. SIC also declined to comment. Now Candida is demanding 40,000 euros from the chef as compensation and promises to file a lawsuit.

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Faced with the words of a former colleague, few of the colleagues wanted to comment. However, who wanted to, he was indignant at such statements. This was the case with Rafaela Goncalves, who assures without fear that “the story was rather the opposite”, “If there was harassment, it was the other way around. I have never seen a chef do anything. In fact, he even stayed away from her, I don’t know if he suspected her intentions… There were people with whom he had much more kinship. nothing!”he assures.

Lubomir Stanisic is relentless in Hells Kitchen

Rafael Ribeiro responded to the words of his colleague. “I wasn’t there long, but what little I had, I never saw anything. I barely got along with Candida, she’s not the kind of person who fascinates me or wants to be around, but I’ve never seen anything. “

The rest remained silent and, judging by what the “Mag” found, for coming to an agreement that they would no longer deal with this issue.


This isn’t the first time Candida has accused the chef of overreacting to her. Already in 2016 the Rio chef also sued the Austrian boss, accusing him of molesting her in the dressing room of a restaurant he owned. It was in an interview with the Brazilian website Ego that former SIC rival Hell’s Kitchen denounced the episode that brought her to “saturation point” after the alleged approach: “After a certain time of harassment, he grabbed me in the locker room. It was a climactic moment, I could not stand the pressure and condemned it.” Candida was guaranteed to be fired on the spot: “I was fired when I denounced a restaurant owner for sexual harassment.”

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Big Brother: Nuno Homem de Sa recalls an existential crisis on the path of life: "I was fed up with myself!"

The Big Brother Gala – Final Challenge this Sunday, May 15, was marked by a display of Nuno Homem de Sa’s “Curva da Vida”, recounting the most remarkable moments of his life.

The son of a Portuguese father and a Spanish mother, Nuno Homem de Sa lived through his childhood “very happy» up to 6 years. At that time, his parents separated, and he left a strong mark on him: “I remember hearing them argue. I greatly admired my mother for her independence and strength.“.

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For his son Marco Nuno, Omem de Sa again became a father twice, having given birth to daughters Joana and Sofia.

In 2009 my father comes home and leaves me with a huge void. On the day of his birth, I lost this magnificent man and he is in me, there is no doubt“, shared Nuno Homem de Sa, who tearfully also recalled the existential crisis he went through in 2014: “I was fed up with myself! Four decades of drinking, experimenting with drugs, and deciding that I should stop. In Peru, they were treated, and I decided to find Nuno. I was nervous about thinking about myself, I was nervous about looking in the mirror, I was nervous about everything that concerned me.“.

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At this point in your life when you return to reality showNuno Homem de Sa is experiencing a new love he met when he left Big Brother Famosos, and he has no doubt that Frederica Lima is “woman in your life“: “What I feel, I have never felt for anyone, and she knows it. It’s a compassion and a complicity that surpasses anything he’s ever felt before. She understands me so well and we have strength together. Never before had anyone expressed their love to me the way she did, in such a short time.he blurted out.

See full life curve of Nuno Omema de Sa:

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Spain doesn’t vote for Portugal in Eurovision? We went to do math – Life



Spain doesn't vote for Portugal in Eurovision?  We went to do math - Life

Any analysis must start from 1964, the year of Portugal’s first participation in the competition. António Calvariu took Horacao to Copenhagen, but in his pocket we brought zero points (zero score will be repeated in 1997 with Celia Lawson’s “Antes do Adeus”). Spain, for its part, had made its debut a few years earlier, in 1961, at Cannes.

It is important to emphasize that this analysis concerns only the voting in the final. As of 2003, given the increase in the number of competing nations, qualification to the final is guaranteed after two semi-finals. Portugal failed to guarantee a ticket nine times (from 2004 to 2007, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2019) and has not participated twice since then (2013 and 2016). Spain is part of the so-called “Big Five” (“Big Four” between 2004 and 2010), a group of countries which, thanks to their (monetary) contribution to the Festival’s organizing body, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), has a guaranteed place in the final .

0 points goes to…

Between 1964 and 2022, Portugal did not vote for Spanish songs 21 times, and Spain “zeroed” Portuguese songs 19 times (most recently this Saturday).

There are even two time slots where Spain simply ignored Portugal when it came to scoring. Between 1980 and 1982 and between 1994 and 1997. On the other side of the border, how to say, no tailwind, no glasses?

In seven cases, in situations where they could vote for each other (for example, both in the final), two countries chose not to do so (1965, 1976, 1077, 1982, 1992, 1994 and 1999).

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How do you vote in Eurovision?

Each country’s televote is 50% of the total score; the remaining 50% is left to the discretion of music industry experts selected by the respective country.

Each panel of judges from the participating countries awards points (from one to eight points, then ten and 12 points for the top two), and during the final, a representative of each country announces the scores. “Insert country name”, double dots…”, remember the phrase?

But it was not always so. There have been many different voting systems over the years.

  • The account has evolved. In 1964 the jury awarded only 5, 3 and 1 points. Years later, in 1967, voting already ranged from 1 to 10 points. The model we know today, 1 to 12, did not come into effect until 1975.
  • Televoting began to be used in some countries only in 1997. The following year and until 2000, jury voting disappeared and telephone voting became the only voting model.
  • It was only in 2009 that the 50/50% model (televoting/jury) was adopted. The National Jury returns and consists of five professionals from the music world who evaluate the performance of each of the countries except their own. Among the evaluation criteria are the singer’s vocal abilities, stage performance, song composition, originality of the song and acting.
  • The voting model as we know it goes into effect in 2016. In the case of televoting, although each country also assigns points on the same scale as the jury, the votes of all countries are added together. Thus, the total number of votes assigned by the public to the song is known, without distinction of the points awarded by each country.
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Of those cases where Spain gave Portugal zero points, there are those that can “fall” worse. As in the case of the lack of points in the year of José Cid (“Um grande, grande amor”, 1980), das Doce (“Bem Bom”, 1982) or Lucia Moniz (“O meu Coração não tem cor”, 1996, who had the best result before the victory of Salvador Sobral, 6th place).

But, on the contrary, there are things that are difficult to explain. Just like in 1979 when Spain finished second, 9 points behind Israel’s winning song. If Portugal had given 10 points (rather than zero) to “Su canción” Betty Missiego, Spain would have won this year.

And the highest score goes to…

In terms of maximum score, Portugal gave Spain 12 first places, while our neighbors awarded us maximum points only six times (Lusitana Paixão, Dulce Pontes, in 1991, is one such case).

In Spain’s two Eurovision victories in 1968 and 1969, Portugal contributed to this result by assigning maximum points to the Spanish themes of those editions.

Since 2010 alone, Portugal have given Spain 12 points five times (but also not given them a single point in three editions).

During the same period, Spain only had the opportunity to vote for Portugal five times, of which we qualified for the final, twice with 0 points and once with the highest score (12 points for “Love for Two”).

If many people were pissed off by the difference between the 12 points / 0 points awarded in this latest edition that gave Ukraine victory, because know this is not the first time this has happened.

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In 2018, when Portugal hosted Eurovision for the first time, we already got 12 points for the Spanish theme “Tu canción” by Alfred Garcia and Amaya Romero. In response, “O Jardim”, performed by Claudia Pascoal, received zero points (and finished last in the classification).

As for televoting, the values ​​of which have become known since 2016, the trend is slightly different. In 2017, the popular vote in Spain gave Portugal the maximum score (“Amar Pelos Dois”), and we returned it with zero points. In 2021, we gave our neighbors a handful of nothing and got only one point in return.

In 2022, the national televote followed the same trend as the Portuguese jury and awarded 10 points to “SloMo” by Chanel. The popular vote in Spain was more generous than the expert jury and gave “Saudade, Saudade” Maro four points.

The Kalush Orchestra became the winner of Eurovision this year. OUR the public vote was decisive and the topic “Stefania”, representing Ukraine, is the second most highlighted topic (the list headed by Salvador Sobral). The Spanish jury did not evaluate the Ukrainian theme, while the Portuguese jury awarded it 8 points. The televoting of both countries gave Ukraine the maximum score: 12 points.

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