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Touro e Ouro

Salvaterra de Magos – May 8, 2022

2022-05-08 17:00:00

Presentation and awards for bravery: Passagna and António Silva

On this day, during the livestock competitions, the awards “Presentation” and “Bravura” were played.
Awards received:

Presentation – Passagna
Bravura – Dr. António Silva

The jury consists of: Vasco Lucas, Antonio Manuel Barata Gomez, Miguel Ortega Claudio and Pedro Graciosa.

6th Bull – son of Antono Telles (Passagna – 620 kg)

The young António Telles Filho’s second and final performance at Salvaterra was more subdued than his first, now facing the “cunning” Passagna.
The fight was adequate considering the raw material he had in front of him, however his performance, which used two high quality irons, also had a strong impact on his shorts.
Finished with a good palm heart score.

António Thomas of Amadores de Coros caught the ball on the first try.

Antonio Telles son – Knees
António Thomas (GFA Coruche) – Knees

5th Bull – Francisco Paglia (Antonio Silva – 590 kg)

Magnificent performance by Francisco Paglia in front of a beautiful bull from Antonio Silva’s livestock ranch.
The bull was not only worthy of a “picture”, he was also good, had a sound, was broadcast and showed mobility.
Mulch didn’t waste it, he was here, he showed up, he dealt with manners, he dealt with bravery, he dealt with race, he dealt with transmission too.
Really good at gatherings, spectators stand on their return to the arenas.

Francisco Graciosa of Amadores de Santarem made the first attempt.

Francisco Paglia – Knees
Francisco Graciosa (GFA Santarem) – Knees

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4th Bull – Luis Ruxinol (Prudencio – 610 kg)

Ruxinol ended his visit to Salvaterra with a fight with a cattle breeder from Prudencio with “his keys”, but this did not give the bullfighter any comfort.
After completing the initial fittings, Ruxinol “painted” Dora and flanked her… He left the conventional fittings without much history, ending with the heart of a palm tree, arguably the best of his second role.

Joao Prates of the Grupo de Forcados Amadores de Coruche made the first attempt.

Louis Nightingale – Knees
Joao Prates and First Aid (GFA Coruche) – Knees

3rd Ox – son of António Telles (Veiga Teixeira – 570 kg)

The growing performance of Antonio Telles Filho against the bull, partner of Veiga Teixeira, well represented and with a trapio.
Telles left a very good first note, continuing to end his luck with fury and no one interrupted his journey. The third short was a “light bayonazo”, but since then everything has been a construction of a mature “faena”, cohesive and rising in tone with every iron.
The last two were many carats.

The second catch, destined for the Grupo de Forcados Amadores de Santarém, was made on the first try by Francisco Paulos.

Antonio Telles son – Knees
Francisco Paulos (GFA Santarém) – Knees

2nd Bull – Francisco Paglia – (Kanas Viguru – 565 kg)

The second bull that entered the arena in the afternoon of the cattlemen’s competition was wearing the iron of Kanas Viguru, he was of a slightly yellowish and ugly type, allowing himself to be handled…
His lead was led by the knight Francisco Paglia, who appeared on the square for the first time after his operation.
Paglia excelled in the concept of the fight, as well as in the approaches to the opponent, rigorously leaving the technique of order, trying to give truth to his work.

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Thiago Gonçalves of Amadores de Coros made a spectacular catch on his first try.

Francisco Paglia – Knees
Thiago Gonçalves (GFA Coruche) – Knees

1st Bull – Luis Ruxinol – (San Marcos – 520 kg)

Knight Luís Rouxinol opened the function very well.
The knight from Pegões left long corrections, so that in shorts he enriched his record with a very valuable, very connected breg, taking with him the collaborating bull of San Marcos.
The short banderillas were very noticeable as they entered the finish line.
It ended with a violin and a pair of banderillas, agreeing this time with a touch on the mount.

The first catch of the afternoon, led by Salvador Ribeiro de Almeida in a Santarém Amadores jacket, was completed on the first try.

Louis Nightingale – Knees
Salvador Ribeiro de Almeida (GFA Santarém) – Knees


TouroeOuro is live again, so here you will be the first to know what’s hot in the bullfighting show.

BUT Bullring in Salvaterra de Magosopened its doors again, this time for the first time this season to receive “6th Ribatejo Tomato Farmers Race”.

Race in format “Winning the Competition”bring the cattle to the arena San Marcos, Canas Viguru, Veiga Teixeira, Prudencio, António Silva and Passagnaand their duties will be assigned to the knights Son of Luis Ruxinol, Francisco Paglia and Antonio Telles.

Pens will be at the expense Groups of amateur pitchforks from Santarem and Corus.

Respect has already been made, and about three-quarters of the entrance is registered on the bullfighting track.

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The show will be directed by Tauromaquico Technical Delegate Marco Cardoso, assisted by veterinarian José Luis Cruz.

Before the start of the celebration, the memory of the knights Vasco Taborda, José Samuel Lupi and fado singer Francisco Martins was honored with a moment of silence.

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Four years later and after The 59-year-old actor has been rehabilitated After these allegations, Disney is showing interest again and is ready to open a wallet to guarantee the actor’s services in the new movie of the saga, which premiered the first chapter 19 years ago.

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