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Russia cut off power to Finland last night – News



The company responsible for selling Russian electricity to Finland, RAO Nordic, announced on Friday that it would suspend supplies at 00:00, citing non-payment, at the same time that Finland announced its candidacy for NATO.

Russian exports to Finland “are now at zero since midnight.” [22:00 em Lisboa]as announced,” Timo Kaukonen, head of operations at Fingrid, the Finnish electricity operator, told AFP.

According to the same source, supplies are balanced by imports from Sweden.

Helsinki-based RAO Nordic Oy, which owns Russia’s InterRAO, said in a statement Friday that it has not received payments for electricity supplied to Finland since May 6, citing a lack of funds to continue receiving electricity imported from Russia.

RAO Nordic, the main importer of electricity from Russia to the Scandinavian markets, has been operating in the European Union since 2002.

After the power cut was announced, Finnish grid operator Fingrid assured that it could easily do without energy imports from Russia, importing slightly more from Sweden and Norway.

So far, Finland has imported about 10% of its electricity from Russia.

The supply cut comes amid rising tensions between Moscow and Helsinki, which this week announced their intention to join NATO, a decision that was immediately criticized by the Kremlin, which threatened retaliation.

On Thursday, Finland, which has a long border with Russia, announced its desire to join NATO, and on Sunday must apply for membership, which will be announced at a press conference by President Sauli Niinistö and First Minister Sanna Marin.

The Kremlin has already said that Finland’s accession to NATO is a threat and that it will be forced to “take retaliatory military-technical and other measures” to respond to what it considers a “threat to national security.”

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Putin will make military decisions at the level of colonel or brigade | Russia



Russian President Vladimir Putin will be so involved in the war in Ukraine that he will make military decisions, which are usually the responsibility of colonels or brigadier generals, usually leading teams of 700 to 900 troops, Western military sources cited by the British press office said. Click.

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“We are doing everything possible to save the crew” – Observer



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The Ukrainian Armed Forces shared on their Facebook account an audio recording of the last moments of the crew aboard the Moskva, the Russian warship that successfully attacked Ukraine.

Moscow-1, two holes! The propeller has stopped! The ship is sinking and lying on its side“, His one of the crew members can be heard speaking in the audio, according to the New York Post. Russian warship was April 14 blowin the Black Sea, eventually sank.

The first pictures of the ship “Moskva” after the Ukrainian attack. Sailor’s mother reveals ‘terrifying’ scenario

On the recording, so far according to the New York newspaper, the sailor reports that a hole in the ship’s hull below the waterline will cause the ship to turn 30 degrees.


There is no way to get to the tugs. We are doing everything we can to save the crew.”

The battleship Moskva, built during the Soviet Union, was one of the main assets of the Russian fleet. Ukrainian forces provided the ship was hit by Neptune missiles.. Then the Russians said that the flooding was due to a fire on board, without specifying the cause of the fire.

Rocket “Neptune”: Ukrainian ace who sank the “Moscow”, the pearl of the Russian fleet

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Captured Russians say commanders are killing wounded soldiers



WithRussian soldiers captured by Ukrainian troops accused their commanders of killing the wounded instead of sending them for treatment.

In accordance with Mirrorthe statements of these soldiers are heard in a video recorded by Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Zolkin for Open Media Ukraine.

After the soldier said that the commanders were “finishing off their wounded,” the journalist asked him what he meant, and the man answered clearly: “The wounded soldier is lying on the ground, and the battalion commander killed him with a gun,” he said. . “It was a young man, he was wounded (…) He was lying on the ground and they asked him if he could walk, so they shot him,” he added.

“Most importantly, this was not an isolated case,” said another serviceman.

At the same time, a third soldier says that this commander did the same with “four or five” wounded soldiers, “all young.”

“They could have been saved, helped, taken out. He just shot them,” he said.

It should be noted that it was not clear where these deaths occurred or where these soldiers were taken prisoner or in which unit they served.

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