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PF will investigate Moro for electoral fraud; A politician is as bad as a judge – 05/17/2022



PF will investigate Moro for electoral fraud;  A politician is as bad as a judge - 05/17/2022

O Former judge Sergio Moro and his “conja” Rosangela Moro were prosecuted on suspicion of electoral fraud. The investigation will be conducted by the Federal Police. If found guilty, they may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years and a fine of 5 to 15 days, as provided for in Article 289 of the Electoral Code, namely:
“Art. 289. Fraudulent voter registration:
Punishment – imprisonment for up to five years and a fine from five to 15 days.

The decision is made by prosecutor Reinaldo Mapelli Junior of the São Paulo Public Electoral Ministry. But what is really the catch? Transfer from Curitiba to Sao Paulo of the duo’s residence. As is known, infamous and widely known – especially in the courts – the couple lives in Curitiba and has all their connections there, including workers.

The justifications that the two presented to the Electoral Ministry in an attempt to prove links to the city of São Paulo did not convince prosecutor Mapelli Junior, who decided an investigation was necessary. He lays out the reasons on 19 pages. Trust me, the “shame of others” comes out when we read. And these are two lawyers – one of them is a former judge …

The investigation by the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office began with the presentation of a piece of news actually formulated by businesswoman Roberta Moreira Luchsinger. She listed widely reported facts in the press pointing to the possible fraudulent transfer of residence in the elections by both Moro and Rosangela. The relevant defense sent explanations to the prosecutor, but he considered them insufficient. Wrote:
“The explanations presented by SERGIO FERNANDO MORO and ROSANGELA MARIA WOLF QUADROS DE MORO, at this stage of total knowledge and the predominance of the principle in dubio pro societate, are understood as the public interest in investigating alleged criminal acts, when there are signs of authorship and materiality – not to convince, imposing the need deepening the investigation for a better understanding of the facts.

And that’s why PF will come into play. And what explanations did not convince? We will see.

1: Last minute lease agreement
As the only evidence of his connection with the city of São Paulo, Moro presented a real estate lease signed by Rosangela on March 28. She changed her electoral residence on the 29th; he, 30. Among other things, the prosecutor wants the terms of this contract to be examined to see if it really reflects reality: after all, the couple lives in São Paulo?

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And it was at this point that the duo seemed to shoot themselves in the foot.

2: Efficient communication with the city of Sao Paulo.
The Prosecutor notes that the jurisprudence of the Electoral Court does not in fact limit the electoral residence to the civil residence. Other ties are also being considered: affective, family, professional, community, etc. This is what is contained in article 23 of resolution 23.659/2021. It just so happens that the breadth and fluidity of the bonding concept doesn’t justify MMA.

The prosecutor notes that, according to the law, two requirements are necessary to confirm the electoral residence:
1: that the connection is real, that is: it cannot be a mere drop in legislation;
2: that it exists for at least three months at the time of transfer.

While it is common knowledge and knowledge that the couple lives in Curitiba and made their careers there, the duo claims such “links” to São Paulo. Which?

– received the Order of Ipirangi, the degree of the Grand Cross;
– received honorary titles of citizens of the cities of Sorocaba, Rio Grande da Serra and Itaquaquecetuba;
– worked for Álvarez & Marsal, which has an office in Sao Paulo;
– used a room in the Continental Hotel as his political office.

Are you ashamed, reader? I do not live!

The promoter notes:
“At least at this stage of the investigation, when witnesses have not yet been heard and no additional corroborating evidence has been collected, SERGIO MORO’s weak argument that he has a connection with the city of São Paulo cannot be accepted, since he received honors in accordance with the documents presented to them. — one from the Grand Cross of the Order of Ipiranga is a state award, and others from other cities of São Paulo, not from São Paulo/SP (Sorocaba, Rio Grande da Serra and Itaquaquecetuba) — ; or who was employed by Alvarez & Marsal is a company for which he provided services for a short period of time in the United States, which is headquartered in New York, which is irrelevant as it obviously has an office in the city of Sao Paulo – ; or even that he may have participated in some political meetings at the Continental da Alameda Santos hotel no. , documents to be reviewed as they are not final)”.

It should be noted that even in pointing out these “links” to São Paulo, Moro limited himself to presenting his wife’s lease as a unique link to the city. Technical issues have been reported and will be investigated.

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And what about Rosangela Moro’s connections with the city of São Paulo? What will they be? Can I help! Promoter writes:
“The argument that ROSANGELA will have a connection with São Paulo/SP seems very fragile for the development of work with CASA HUNTER from 12/15/2016, the famous Brazilian association for the protection of people with rare diseases and disabilities (Contract for the Provision of Advocates), nothing worthwhile, including the authorship of the book “Rare Diseases and Public Policy: Understand, Welcome and Participate”, published by Editora Matriz in March 2020, as evidenced by research on the world wide web, because what electoral legislation requires is effective communication with the city that also in relation to this point of contention (employment in a company based in Sao Paulo) should be investigated in the course of an investigation aimed at establishing the truth.”

You read it right: elective residency seems to have become as arbitrary for Moro and his gang as Curitiba’s right to judge whatever he wants when he was a judge of the 13th Federal Court. See there: Rosangela is a lawyer for an organization based in São Paulo and this will create a “bond”.

The prosecutor notes that both “admittedly residents, lawyers and politicians of the City of Curitiba/PR” in that “transferred directly from the computerized voter registration system to the polling house for the 5th electoral zone of São Paulo – Jardim Paulista, using only a lease agreement for part of the building located at Rua João Cachoeira nº 292, signed shortly before, apparently for the purpose of confirmation of residence as the basis for choosing the municipality of São Paulo”.

And continues: “They say they live there, as indicated in the power of attorney issued by the famous lawyers, a situation that in itself requires a criminal investigation to verify whether the registration was fraudulent or not, since the behavior is characterized as an electoral crime (Article 289 of the Electoral Code), including taking into account the obvious fragility of other links, assumed a posteriori (…).”

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Prosecutor Mapelli Junior recalls that a minimum bail period of three months is a direct legal requirement under section 38, section III, of Ordinance 23,659 of the High Electoral Court, which invokes section 8, section III, of Law 6,996.

In the official document for the new electoral residence, it should be repeated, the couple presented only the lease agreement concluded the day before and on the eve of the respective transfers.

This is not the case when the severity of the then Judge Moreau is contrasted with, what should I call it?, the promiscuity of the politician Moreau. And I do not make such a contrast for a simple reason: I did not consider Judge Moro Severo. I realized—and the Supreme Court decisions proved me right—that he was practicing illegal activities, which is the opposite of strictness.

Therefore, it seems to me that the politician Moreau, like Judge Moreau, reads the law at his own discretion. I do not know if your candidacy, if any, will be rejected. Tell me: does a two-day lease characterize electoral housing? Receiving commendations and citizenship titles, as well as meeting at the hotel, show a connection with the city of São Paulo? If the answer is no, Moreau and Rosangela committed the crime, according to the case law, even if they were not applied. The protected asset, as the promoter points out, is the voter register, which cannot be fooled. Although in the sequel, the couple will drink chicabon instead of running for office.

And what did Moreau say now that the federal police are investigating him? He preferred to attack Lulu as if the former president was responsible for the story he told the election judge. Posted on Twitter:
“There is nothing illegal in my new electoral address. It is the right of every Brazilian to change. No problem, I will provide all the necessary information. Now this interrogation is strange, while the candidacy of a convict in 3 instances is interpreted naturally.”

Apparently, he pretends that the STP, which overturned Lule’s convictions, declaring him an incompetent and suspicious judge, is not among the “instances” of justice. And why did the court do this? Because it seems that Judge Moreau was just as unorthodox as the politician Moreau when it comes to enforcing the law.

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Anti-political speeches should lose power in these elections, experts say



Anti-political speeches should lose power in these elections, experts say

Under the auspices of the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff (PT) and the then decline of the Workers’ Party due to allegations of corruption added to the shaken sense of representativeness among voters, anti-politics became a concept and a common word in 2016 and the 2018 elections. With it, new characters and parties appeared, vote winners and elected positions with good numbers drawn from the ballot boxes.

To see if this year’s elections still have the opportunity to use this speech to attract votes, the report TIME talked to experts in the field of political science and political marketing. The result of the assessments is that the negation of politics – and politicians – is in shambles by the general election in October.

Candidates who were elected in 2016 and 2018 with the message that they were not politicians will struggle to repeat the speech this year. President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), for example, joined the acronyms for the so-called Centrão, formed by traditional politicians such as Ciro Nogueira and Artur Lira of the NP, and PL president Valdemar da Costa Neto. “It seems to me that anti-politics will not take root in 2022, because those who used it benefited from being elected and stopped being anti-political by becoming politicians anyway,” said Adriano Cerqueira, political scientist and professor at Ibmec-BH .

In turn, political scientist and professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) Carlos Ranulfo is even more skeptical about the use of anti-political discourse. “That motto has passed and I think it has lost a lot of power, not least because the biggest symbol was Bolsonaro,” he analyzed.

In Minas Gerais, Governor Romeu Zema (Novo) ran his first campaign without allying with any party and presented himself as a businessman who had never been involved in party politics. In four years, he will run for re-election with the support of about 10 parties. “He was better at using anti-political discourse, but if he was an unconventional politician, he would not have gone for re-election,” the UFMG political scientist said.

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Zema’s main opponent, Alexander Kalil (SDP), was also forced to change his position in the elections for the government of Minas Gerais. In 2016, he was elected leader of the Belo Horizonte City Hall under the slogan “No more politicians”. During his term, he has come to consider himself a “good politician” and is now banking on an alliance with former President Lula (PT) to become the next governor. “Kalil (for re-election as mayor) in 2020 was no longer that newcomer. He acknowledged this, but accepted the discourse that his proposal was to act differently (toward traditional politicians),” assesses Erica Anita Baptista, PhD in Political Science and coordinator of the Brazilian Association of Election Researchers Observatory (Abrapel) .

Ibmec’s Serqueira’s analysis is that the two main candidates for the Minas government will try to highlight their own characteristics instead of trying to negate the policy. “Zema will present himself as a man who managed to create a well-appreciated government and not become addicted to old political practices. Kalil, on the other hand, will take advantage of the administrative success and Lula to become famous in Minas, mainly within the state,” he said.

Marcelo Vitorino, professor of political marketing at the IDP and ESPM, believes that the anti-political discourse has lost power and space, but can still resonate with part of the electorate.

“In 2016, about 40% of mayors were re-elected. In 2020, it was almost 60%. You had almost 50% re-election. This already shows that the renewal climate has changed. The novelty attempt was exhausted in 2020. Some traditional politicians have returned to take places that newcomers could previously fill,” he said.

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One concept, two views

The term “anti-politics”, widely used in the Brazilian elections since 2016, received different opinions among experts who listened to O TEMPO. While UFMG’s Carlos Ranulfo sees the speech as an enemy of democracy, Adriano Cerqueira sees it as a new way of doing politics.

Ranulfo believes that discrediting the political account is harmful to the democratic system by spreading bad practices throughout the system: “The anti-political discourse gives the impression that the entire politico-democratic process is corrupt when politicians do nothing. Politics is a system of containment of power. If you don’t slow down, you are moving away from democracy,” he believes.

Serqueira, on the other hand, sees it as an alternative to the traditional way of doing politics. According to him, the Workers’ Party (PT) did something similar in the 1980s, imagining a “PT-image of government”. “We must think calmly about anti-politics, it is one thing to defend anarchism, but this is not so. who introduced himself [como antipolítico] it is against old political practices and wants new ways. I see a lot in this sense of wanting to break old practices,” he emphasizes.

Orientation to the economy and experience of the candidate

Based on an analysis of voter polls, Abrapel’s Erika Anita Baptista states that voters tend to look for candidates with more experience in this year’s elections, in contrast to what happened in 2016 and 2018, when a change in the political system was required.

She attributes this transformation in the will of the electorate to the pandemic and the economic and political crises. “We have been through a lot in the last few years. So people are looking for someone with a bit more experience and who can drive in a way that makes them feel more confident. People don’t want someone to fly in with a parachute and come up with something completely new. Here’s what the studies showed: Brazilians showed no signs of striving for radical change, ”the political scientist said.

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According to Erika Anita, voters are unhappy with the direction of the economy. “They don’t feel safe, for example, making investments and buying something that they will have to pay for for years because they don’t know if they will have a job to support it,” he said.

Marcelo Vitorino of ESPM and IDP takes a similar stance. In his opinion, the 2022 elections will be determined mainly by economic discourse. “On the one hand, there will be an argument that the economy has progressed and should develop further. On the other hand, it will be said that Brazil has regressed and needs to be renewed. Whoever is the most persuasive wins this election. If a person’s life has stalled, he is likely to take a position of continuity with the current government. If it gets worse, it is likely that she will decide to change the government, ”predicts a professor of political marketing.

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Barbudo defends CPI Petrobras and refutes the political point of view argument: when it was CPI Covid, nobody cared, right? :: News MT



Barbudo defends CPI Petrobras and refutes the political point of view argument: when it was CPI Covid, nobody cared, right?  :: News MT
Federal MP Nelson Barbudo (PL) said the issue of protecting the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate the actions of Petrobras has been appeased within the PL, the party of President Jair Bolsonaro. According to him, the group wants transparency and does not have a political view: “When it came to the opening of the CPI on Covid, no one was worried, right? If there were pre-election elections, if there weren’t any, the Senate, in my opinion, to the detriment of Bolsonaro’s election campaign, opened [a CPI]”.

Also read:

The secretary says the creation of the consumer price index is a “political decision” but points out that the pricing of Petrobras must change.

As for Barbudo, Petrobras needs to explain the successive increases and explain why it is not using its “social purpose”. He even stated that he even considers the adjustments “a diversion that is carried out before the presidential campaign.”

“Is it not possible to increase oil by 14%? The dollar did not rise in price by 14%, the barrel of oil did not rise in price by 14%, so why did it rise in price by 14%? In 1.4%, 14%. We did everything with the leaders to remove ICMS, which is 24% in some places, the other day Petrobras gives a 14% increase, I mean … Petrobras also has to analyze the social function, this is what I hit hard,” he defended.

MP Bolsonaro also said that Bolsonaro’s point of view has not changed, he first said that high prices are due to taxes, and now he is turning to Petrobras. Barbudo said the government has held a task force and is trying to act on all fronts.

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“The government had a task force to remove ICMS from the states and replace it in the hope that the price would drop at the gas station. So Petrobras comes in and doesn’t cooperate? We will work on Petrobras and see what happens, because we need people to have a working position, regardless of the election period. Now Petrobras is growing by 14% every 30 days… in 90 days Brazil is not viable,” he lamented.

In yet another attempt, the MP said he would submit a proposal to the President to submit a PEC or LP for Petrobras to pay the fuel freight with a portion of the profits made in the first two quarters of 2022. Thus, according to him, all municipalities will receive fuel at the same price.

“Let’s take this idea from the president to see if the board accepts… [] another way to try download. What we are trying to do is to provide working conditions for the Brazilian people, especially for agriculture in Mato Grosso, tractors, big machines, agriculture. [usam gasolina e] Soon it will be unbearable. We, representing our people, must take action, whether it is with the CPI, with the PEC, with the PL, no matter what happens, we need to lower the price of oil,” he concluded.

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For Damaso, politicians must act transparently and honestly in order to earn the respect of the population.



For Damaso, politicians must act transparently and honestly in order to earn the respect of the population.

“I want to be a politician only as long as I have the respect of the population, and there is only one way to earn respect: to do serious work, transparently and honestly.” The statement was made by pre-gubernatorial candidate Osires Damaso (PSC) in a press interview in Araguaín during his last visit to the city, this Friday 24. In addition to meeting with communication specialists, he met with the authorities and political leaders of the municipality to strengthen his name in a dispute for state government.

Asked about his motives for running for president, Damaso talked about his experiences as a three-term state deputy, Legislative Assembly president, as a businessman, and the beginnings of his personal journey. “And this experience allowed me to get acquainted with the resources that reach the state, their potential and the real needs of the inhabitants of Tocantins,” he explained.

Photo: Disclosure

“We need a government that truly runs an administration focused on economic development, growth and the quality of life of our people. We need industrialized, modern and respected Tocantinas. I am sure that with my experience I will have excellent management, giving people real opportunities,” Damaso said.

The pre-nominee also advocates a partnership between state government and municipalities to develop public policies that primarily benefit those living in situations of social vulnerability. “I want to implement the program in partnership with city halls, municipal councils and leaders so that we can deliver basic food packages to the population, restoring the mood of many families. But, in addition, we need a state program so that these people can enter the labor market,” he stressed.

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As for the progress of the campaign, Damaso stressed that he was “very pleased with the receptivity of the population and the support received.” Among his main supporters are state deputy Junior Geo (PSC) and former mayor of Palmas, Carlos Amastha (PSB), who served two terms. The joints are in full swing and new weight bearings should be announced soon.

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