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Never-before-seen meteor showers could light up Utah skies on Monday



Never-before-seen meteor showers could light up Utah skies on Monday

An infrared image of Comet SW3 taken by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope in 2006. The comet has been disintegrating since 1995, creating possible conditions for a Monday night meteor shower. (NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)

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SALT LAKE. The patience of stargazers could pay off on Monday evening as another meteor shower could arrive and could drastically light up the sky.

Astronomers believe that material taken from the small comet SW3 could trigger a large meteor shower called the Tau Herculids, which astronomers say will peak around 11 p.m. Monday. columnist Joe Rao notes that the showers could be the intensity of the strongest annual meteor showers. These showers are known to produce up to 100 meteors per hour, as shown in Fig. Meteor shower review 2022 In the same space blog.

As an added bonus, there’s a small chance that the Tau Herculids could trigger a larger explosion or meteor storm, as thousands of meteors can be seen shooting out of the night sky an hour, Rao explains in his paper.

However, all models and forecasts can go down the drain, and the night sky can remain dark from Monday evening to Tuesday morning. Everything depends on the time of revolution of the Earth and the orbit of comet SW3.

If the Tau Herculids reach their full potential, the resulting spectacle will rank among the most powerful meteor storms in history, said Patrick Wiggins, local astronomer and solar system representative at NASA/JPL in Utah. Rao compares the best scenarios to the Leonid meteor showers of 20 years ago.

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Nobody can say for sure what will happen. recently NASA blog post More conservative, it doesn’t even indicate the possibility of a storm.

Wiggins calls the chance of a storm “if it is significant”. However, that won’t stop you from watching.

“The only certainty,” he said, “is that I will observe.”

Possibility to take a shower

A meteor shower occurs when the Earth collides with a swarm of debris left behind by a comet.

inside press article Regarding international meteorites in 2022 Tau-Herculids, Rao writes that at 23:00 on Mountain Monday, the Earth will enter SW3 orbit just ahead of the comet itself. This appears to rule out the possibility of any meteorite activity in 2022.

However, after further modeling, Rao determined that it was possible that the SW3 debris cloud had passed far enough in front of the comet to cause a shower. Two other studies support for him proofhe’s writing.

In addition, Rao notes a similar comet collapse in the early 19th century that led to the Andromeda meteor storms in 1872 and 1885.

Notes for viewing

If you’re planning on seeing him, Rao suggests following the usual protocol for watching a meteor shower: warm clothes and a hot drink to combat the cold, a reclining chair to support your neck, and a red flashlight to demonstrate night vision.

Meteor showers are usually named after the point in the sky where the meteors come from, usually constellations. When it was discovered in 1930, Rao’s newspaper reported that Hercules must have been emitting tau from the constellation Hercules.

Today the radiation will be closer to the constellation Bootes. To find this constellation, find the handle of Ursa Major and point your gaze at the first bright star you see: Arcturus, the brightest star in Bootes.

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You don’t have to look directly into the radiation to see meteors while showering. science writer and Former director of the Hansen Planetarium Mark Littman wrote a book about the great Lyon meteor storms in the 19th century ahead of the rains of 1998 and 1999 called Heaven on Fire. In this book, he explains that looking away from the shower’s radiation will allow you to see longer tails.

However, if a storm occurs and thousands of meteors strike, looking directly into the beam will create the illusion of flying through space, similar to Federation Championship In Star Trek, Littman explains.

Rao warns that as expected meteors will hit Earth on Monday night, they will also appear dimmer, so the sky should be dark. He adds that any possible storm would be “short-lived; no more than a few hours.”

Of course, the weather is a major factor in any astronomical event.

Quoting an old science fiction saying, Wiggins said, “Look at the sky.” “Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep looking up at the sky.”

A photo

Ryan Boyce is a fan of science and history. His first writing project was compiling a history of space exploration on a third grade teacher’s computer, and he hasn’t stopped writing ever since.

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123456 is the most popular password among Brazilians.



NordPass has released its report on the most used passwords by people around the world and has included some countries in the list, including: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain and Mexico. The NordPass list of the 200 most common passwords is the result of an analysis of a 3 TB database containing credentials that were discovered as a result of security incidents. This information has been gathered through the collaboration of independent incident investigators.

look at this
Dozens of Russian groups stole the passwords of 50 million users
Atlassian factory password revealed on Twitter

The table is sorted based on how many times the same password was used, including the number of times it was present in the database and the time it took to decrypt it with brute force attack🇧🇷 This time, contrary to what is happening, “123456” is no longer the most used in the world, but another password has taken its place, which is constantly present in this report: “password”, or “password” in Portuguese:

List of the most common passwords around the world. Source: NordPass.

The following table shows a column for each of the five countries mentioned. In all of them, the most commonly used password is the same: 123456🇧🇷 In addition, what can be easily analyzed is the number of variants “123456”, which is also observed worldwide.

Rating of the most common passwords by country. Source: NordPass.

The most popular passwords were also divided into categories such as sports, artist names, bands, food, video games, movies, cars, and others. 🇧🇷This shows that people usually follow a pattern in choosing a password that is easy to remember. However, it also makes them easier to predict. Especially in automated brute force attacks, Em that cybercriminals use software to verify multiple combinations of email addresses and passwords in seconds.” emphasizes Camilo Gutierrez Amaya, Head of the ESET Research Lab.

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Best passwords with artist names. Source: NordPass.

Popular passwords that use the name of the team or club. Source: NordPass.

The best passwords using movie titles. Source: NordPass.

The results show that it is still important to educate people about the importance of creating long passwords, hard to predict and unique for each account or online service. Also, people should be aware that all of this can be achieved with a password manager on a computer or phone, as these services cover all of these needs. Finally, we remind everyone of the importance enable two-factor authentication Em all the services they use so that the security of their accounts does not depend only on the password, ”concludes Gutiérrez.

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NASA releases images of the Moon from Orion’s last flyby



NASA releases images of the Moon from Orion's last flyby

NASA releases high-resolution images of the moon during the last flyby of the Orion spacecraft (Photo: NASA)

  • The NASA images were taken by a high-resolution camera mounted on the tip of the spacecraft’s solar panels;

  • Orion made this Wednesday (7) his last circumnavigation of the Moon on his way to Earth;

  • The images show the spacecraft circling the moon and taking a picture on the far side of the moon.

capsule Orion made this Wednesday (7) his last orbit around the Moon on the way to the Earth, and NASA released some of the best photos of the spacecraft. Pictures taken by a high-resolution camera mounted on the tip of Orion’s solar panels show the spacecraft orbiting the Moon and taking a picture of the moon’s far side.

Photos taken by Orion during its first close lunar transit were quite grainy and blurry, likely because they were taken with Orion’s optical navigation camera rather than a solar panel-mounted GoPro. Other GoPro photos were slightly overexposed, but NASA seems to have set their latest series of photos right.

Space photographs were obviously not the primary focus of the Artemis I mission, but they are important for public relations, as NASA has found in previous missions. It was a little surprising that NASA didn’t show some high-resolution close-ups of the Moon’s surface when it first flew by.

Orion’s performance so far has been “excellent,” program manager Howard Hu told reporters last week. The spacecraft was launched on November 15 as part of the Artemis 1 mission on NASA’s powerful Space Launch System. A few days ago, the spacecraft ran its engine for three and a half minutes (the longest flight so far) to set a course for a Dec. 11 landing.

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The next mission, Artemis II, is scheduled for 2024 to take astronauts along the same path as Artemis I without landing on the moon. Humans will then finally set foot on the lunar surface again with Artemis III due to launch in 2025.

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Microsoft Launches Communities in Teams – News Center



The way we interact has definitely changed in recent years. Thanks to technology, we have the ability to work from virtually anywhere and minimize unnecessary face-to-face meetings. But there are things that don’t change hybrid world: a the need for human connection and a sense of community.

Following this path Microsoft announces today Communities, not Microsoft Teamsone new star an experience that allows people to join, connect, share and collaborate together🇧🇷 This experience gives groups of all types a digital space to stay connected before, during and after meetings. The communities are currently working on a free version of Microsoft

During this year Microsoft more than 450 functions introduced in Microsoft Teams to help organizations meet growing workforce needs. Except Communities, not Microsoft TeamsHere are some of the latest features designed to make meetings more inclusive, collaborative and productive:

  • avatars: it’s already possible create your own animated avatars easy in Teams. With Mesh, users have hundreds of options, from physical attributes to accessories, and can choose multiple reactions to express themselves without turning on the camera.

  • Excel live: Teams meeting participants can now share and collaborate on Excel files in real time during calls without having to open the files on their devices.

  • smart resume: A powerful new AI experience that lets you create tasks, automatically generate meeting summaries, and share personalized moments from recordings.

  • Enhanced meeting protection: allows you to protect sensitive information with options such as watermarking to prevent leakage or restrict who can and cannot record a meeting.
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one Communities in Teams are available in the free version of Microsoft Teams, Teams Essentials when you sign up with a Microsoft account, Microsoft 365 Personal, and Microsoft 365 Family.

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