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“If Kyiv continued to live the way we live here, everything would be different.” Anger of Ukrainians left in Donbas – News



Vladislav Kopatsky, a 24-year-old Ukrainian policeman, brings dough and bread to a village on Ukraine’s eastern front, but at times he has the impression that he is in enemy territory.

Kopatsky pulls groceries out of the trunk of a car and quickly looks at the horizon for trails of smoke that point to the recent Russian bombardment of the city of Novonikolaevka. Then he continues his journey to distribute humanitarian aid to residents. However, his arrival is sometimes met with coldness or worse.

Many residents who remained in Novonikolaevka near Kramatorsk, despite fierce fighting and orders from the Ukrainian authorities to evacuate, support the Russians. Elders who grew up in the Soviet era continue to have a deep distrust of Kyiv.

Kopatsky explains that many residents have already been detained on suspicion of giving the Russians the GPS coordinates of Ukrainian rear bases. “Unfortunately, it happened,” he says, climbing out of the makeshift underground shelter where the family had just spent three days under Russian bombardment.

Kopatsky says he is “trying to talk” to pro-Russian residents, “but those who grew up in the Soviet era are hard to convince.” “They have a point of view, and they will not budge,” he assured.

An opinion fueled by Kremlin propaganda that classifies Ukrainians as “neo-Nazis” on Washington’s orders and makes Kopatsky a potential target in these frontline locations.

Ukrainian soldiers who have been in contact with residents estimate that between 30% and 45% of them support the Russians. “They are definitely passing on our geolocation to the Russians,” complained one soldier during a brief rest after five days at the front.

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Donbass is populated predominantly by Russian speakers whose roots in the region date back to sending Russian laborers after World War II. This history has shaped the identity of the Donbass, which has maintained strong economic and cultural ties with Russia since the fall of the USSR and Ukraine’s independence.

Andrey Oleinik, a 48-year-old wheelchair-bound resident of Novonikolayevka, spent the past week listening in the dark to military aircraft hovering and shells exploding nearby. His wooden hut in the garden was damaged. Since then, he has become even angrier at Kyiv and Moscow for not seeking peace.

“The Russians have left Kyiv. For the people there, the war seems to be over. If the people of Kiev continued to live the way we live here, everything would be different,” he says. “I blame both governments. Both parties are responsible. They don’t care about us,” he laments.

Part of the resentment towards Kyiv also stems from the region’s economic condition, which suffered from deindustrialization before the start of the war with the separatists in 2014.

Andrei and his wife Elena managed to collect their savings and in recent days tried to leave with their children for a neighboring town, but were forced to return because four days after their arrival, he became the target of airstrikes.

“Where can we go?” Andrey asks. “There is a war going on all over the region,” he adds. A local policeman, seeing how families return with their belongings, despite the explosions, cannot hold back his tears. “They return to this hell because they have nowhere to go,” he says.

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“We are doing everything possible to save the crew” – Observer



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The Ukrainian Armed Forces shared on their Facebook account an audio recording of the last moments of the crew aboard the Moskva, the Russian warship that successfully attacked Ukraine.

Moscow-1, two holes! The propeller has stopped! The ship is sinking and lying on its side“, His one of the crew members can be heard speaking in the audio, according to the New York Post. Russian warship was April 14 blowin the Black Sea, eventually sank.

The first pictures of the ship “Moskva” after the Ukrainian attack. Sailor’s mother reveals ‘terrifying’ scenario

On the recording, so far according to the New York newspaper, the sailor reports that a hole in the ship’s hull below the waterline will cause the ship to turn 30 degrees.


There is no way to get to the tugs. We are doing everything we can to save the crew.”

The battleship Moskva, built during the Soviet Union, was one of the main assets of the Russian fleet. Ukrainian forces provided the ship was hit by Neptune missiles.. Then the Russians said that the flooding was due to a fire on board, without specifying the cause of the fire.

Rocket “Neptune”: Ukrainian ace who sank the “Moscow”, the pearl of the Russian fleet

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Captured Russians say commanders are killing wounded soldiers



WithRussian soldiers captured by Ukrainian troops accused their commanders of killing the wounded instead of sending them for treatment.

In accordance with Mirrorthe statements of these soldiers are heard in a video recorded by Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Zolkin for Open Media Ukraine.

After the soldier said that the commanders were “finishing off their wounded,” the journalist asked him what he meant, and the man answered clearly: “The wounded soldier is lying on the ground, and the battalion commander killed him with a gun,” he said. . “It was a young man, he was wounded (…) He was lying on the ground and they asked him if he could walk, so they shot him,” he added.

“Most importantly, this was not an isolated case,” said another serviceman.

At the same time, a third soldier says that this commander did the same with “four or five” wounded soldiers, “all young.”

“They could have been saved, helped, taken out. He just shot them,” he said.

It should be noted that it was not clear where these deaths occurred or where these soldiers were taken prisoner or in which unit they served.

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Separatists claim evacuation of over 300 civilians from Mariupol, Kyiv announces offensive in eastern Ukraine



This was announced on Monday by pro-Russian separatists from the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic. evacuated more than 300 citizens on Sunday from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, to two Russian-controlled cities. Ukrainian army demands reconquest of territory in Kharkov, the second largest city in Ukraine, which managed to force the “enemy” to retreat close to the Russian border. In the north of the country, a Chernihiv regional official said authorities had already begun rebuilding electricity and plumbing infrastructure, hospitals and kindergartens destroyed by Russian bombing.

President of Ukraine dismissed Commander of the Territorial Defense Forces armed forces,
at a time when negotiations to rescue soldiers stranded in the Azovstal tunnels in Mariupol remain difficult.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MNE) of Ukraine, Dmitry Kuleba today participates in Brussels in the meeting of heads of EU diplomacy (EU) to discuss a Russian military invasion of the country when the 27 try to approve new sanctions.

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