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Eurovision: Ukraine is the favorite in this final. Know the speaking order – Life



Eurovision: Ukraine is the favorite in this final.  Know the speaking order - Life

This year, 40 countries entered the competition, but 25 made it to the final, of which 20 were selected in two semi-finals, which took place on Tuesday and Thursday, also in Turin.

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest, which has been held annually in Europe since 1956, originally included 41 countries, but the European Broadcasting Union, which promotes the contest, announced on February 25, the day after the invasion of Ukraine, that Russia would remain on the sidelines.

In the first semi-final – Portugal (“Saudade, Saudade”, Maro), Ukraine (“Stefania”, Kalush Orchestra), Switzerland (“The Boys Cry”, Marius Bear), Armenia (“Snap”, Rosa Lynn), Iceland (“Með hækkandi sól”, Systur), Lithuania (“Sentimentai”, Monika Liu), Norway (“Give the wolf a banana”, Subwoolfer), Greece (“Let’s die together”, Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord), Moldova (“Trenuletul”, Zdob si Zdub & Advahov Brothers) and the Netherlands (“De Diepte”, S10).

Czech Republic (“Turn off the light”, We Are Domi), Azerbaijan (“Fade to Black”, Nadir Rustamli), Poland (“River”, Ochman), Estonia (“Hope”, Stefan), Australia (“Not the same”, Sheldon Riley), Sweden (Hug Me Closer, Cornelia Jacobs), Romania (Llámame, WRS) and Serbia (In corpore sano, Konstrakta) were selected for the second semi-final.

These 20 countries are joined by the so-called “Big Five” (“Big Five” in Portuguese) – France (“Fullen”, Alvan & Ahez), Germany (“Rockstars”, Malik Harris), Italy (“Brividi”, Mahmood & Blanco), Spain (“SloMo”, Chanel) and the UK (“Space Man”, Sam Ryder).

Portugal’s representative Maro won the Song Festival in March with the song “Saudade, Saudade”. Maro performs at the competition accompanied by a female choir, as well as at the final of the Festival da Canção, which features Beatriz Fonseca, Beatriz Pessoa, Carolina Leite, Diana Castro and Milhanas.

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Maro is the stage name of Mariana Secchi from Lisbon, who grew up in a family environment marked by music, began studying piano at the age of four, attended the conservatory and studied at the Berklee School in Boston, USA.

In 2018, he released his first self-titled album.

Maro will be the third to play in the final, which can be viewed live in Portugal from 20:00 on RTP1.

On Friday afternoon, Portugal should be in 17th place, according to the multi-bookmaker average calculated by competition site However, in recent weeks, Portugal has fluctuated between 10th and 12th place.

data-title=”Eurovision: Ukraine is the favorite in this final. Know the order of performances – SAP 24″>

Also, at stakes, Ukraine has been the favorite to win this year’s contest for several weeks now. The next three places were taken by Italy, Great Britain and Sweden.

Portugal first took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964, but failed five contests (in 1970, 2000, 2002, 2013 and 2016).

Between 2004 and 2007 inclusive, as well as in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2019, Portugal failed to reach the final.

Portugal won the competition for the first and only time in 2017 with the theme “Love for Two”, performed by Salvador Sobral and written by Luisa Sobral. After the victory, Lisbon hosted the competition the following year.

In 2021, Portugal participated in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Love is on my side”, written by Tatanka and performed by The Black Mamba, which finished 12th in the contest. Italy won the competition last year with Moneskin’s “Zitti e buoni”.

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“Sex is obviously a very important thing…”



"Sex is obviously a very important thing..."

Ana Bola gave an interview to Cristina magazine and spoke frankly about her intimate life. The actress appreciated the closeness between the couple and the importance that sex acquires over time.

Having been married to Ze Nabo for over 40 years, Ana Bola spoke shamelessly about the importance of sex in a relationship: “Sex is obviously very important. Or at least for a good part of your life. It has to do with our hormone-driven desires.begins with words.

The actress also spoke about how her intimate life with a partner develops: “I don’t know what free sex is anymore, just for being, but I think it’s good. Maybe why not? This is how it happens when you talk to a person who has gone through all this. Now my husband and I have a huge intimacy and, above all, a relationship much more tender than sex.

The artist better explains what happens in a couple’s intimate relationship over time: “I’m not saying that it should be done every day like crazy (…) After a certain age, though, things fade a little and are replaced by such intimacy, such tenderness, and lighter things. with all my might. It doesn’t suit me at all.” he said between laughter.

After that, Ana Bola explains that it is the body of every woman that determines the desire to have sex, and admits: “I don’t even want to. In fact, our bodies are so arranged. It is no coincidence that women go through menopause.“.

Ana Bola also praised progress in medicine: “Currently, there are many alternatives to the lack of hormones. And it’s good that this is happening. Our poor mothers were not treated for menopause. Whether they wanted it or not, and if their husbands were not very understanding, they would have sex without desire, without pleasure. Fortunately, a lot has changed. These days, to be honest, I’m not really interested in sex. But it got me very interested.” ends.

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“I decided to put on the suit of freedom from the first minute…”



"I decided to put on the suit of freedom from the first minute..."

Cristina Ferreira was one of the winners of the Executive Award for the most influential women in Portugal. The presenter said that she had assumptions about which image she should choose at the moment, but she refuted them.

Through her personal Instagram account, Cristina Ferreira revealed that she was one of the 25 winners of the “Executive Award” of the most powerful women in Portugal (as we said Here). The host was delighted with the recognition:

“Executive Award, the most powerful women in Portugal. Thanks for the recognition. I’m happy.🤍”, confessed.

Moments later, TVI’s Director of Entertainment and Fiction shared photos of the look he’s chosen so far: a short black dress and a fur coat in the same color.

The TV presenter admitted that she received a lot of guesses about what to wear for this occasion: “You need to be more efficient”, I heard this phrase several times”, begins with the title of the post.

On this occasion, Cristina Ferreira spoke: “As if seriousness, rigor and efficiency were defined as a classic fact. I decided to put on the suit of freedom from the first minute I have the right to choose. We are all filled with prejudices that unconsciously make us feel guilty that we shouldn’t have done this.”

Cristina Ferreira added: “Each path is unique and must be traveled only with conscience, in a constant search for happiness. The choice is ours, even if others do not understand it. live. 🤍”ends.

Now see:

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Rebel Wilson recalls sexual harassment on set: ‘He called me into the room and dropped his pants’



Rebel Wilson recalls sexual harassment on set: 'He called me into the room and dropped his pants'

Rebel Wilson was the cover magazine People and remembered an episode of sexual harassment that happened when he was in kit which describes how “terrible and disgusting”.

According to the actress, several years ago, a colleague in the film, whose name she did not name, harassed her by showing her his private parts. “He called me into the room and dropped his pants”– he remembered, adding that in front of his friends he asked him to commit a depraved act. “It was terrible and disgusting. And all the behavior afterwardscomplained.

Rebel explains that the episode happened before the #MeToo movement, in which actresses banded together to denounce the wave of sexual harassment in Hollywood. “They tried to destroy me and ruin my career. If this happened after #MeToo, I would have killed them.”he said.

“As a lawyer, I kept records. I called my representative. I have a few things in writing about what happened. Definitely in the industrial community, I made sure people knew what happened.”he explained. In addition to being an actress, Rebel also has a law degree.

Reaction before and now would be different

“Why did I end up in this situation… with this terrible person?”, he asked. And added: “I had to leave. Not worth it. But at the same time, I thought, “Well, do the right thing, be professional and finish the movie.” Now I would never do that.”

After filing a complaint with her representative, the 42-year-old actress found that she was the fourth person to complain about the man’s behavior. “If it happened again, I would probably be even more defensive just because of the courage other women gave me a chance”allocated.

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