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Berlusconi: EU should try to persuade Ukraine to accept Putin’s demands – Observer



Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Friday that the European Union should stand up for peace and try to convince Ukraine to accept Russian President Vladimir Putin’s demands to end the war.

“It is absolutely essential that we achieve peace as soon as possible, otherwise destruction and carnage will continue. I believe that Europe should unite to make a peace proposal to Putin and Ukrainians, trying Ukrainians accept Putin’s demands,” Berlusconi said. for the press in Naples, southern Italy.

The leader of the conservative Forza Italia party stressed that the sanctions imposed by the EU on Moscow “caused great damage to the Soviet economy”, as “gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to fall to 14%”, but also for European countries. Asked whether the EU should veto Russian gas purchases, Berlusconi said “this is an amazing hypothesis that will lead to the closure of hundreds of thousands of companies, the loss of 3 million jobs, increasing poverty in Italy.”

Finally, he claimed that ending the conflict in Ukraine suggests “putting Putin at the negotiating table and making no statements” heard from “Britain, NATO, etc.”, which, according to the businessman and politician, increases the tension.


Silvio Berlusconi already stated on May 16 during a rally of his party in the city of Trevigli that Italy “is at war because it supplies weapons to Ukraine.” The Berlusconi family owns the Mediaset group, which on May 1 published its first interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to a European publication.

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The interview was criticized, including by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, for Lavrov’s ability to make statements without a journalist’s questions and even compared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Adolf Hitler for his “Jewish origins.”

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Judicial police identify author of letters sent to Ukrainian embassy in Lisbon – Observer



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The Judicial Police (JP) identified the author of the letters sent to the Ukrainian Embassy in Lisbon as a citizen of the European Union. Express adds that the messages were sent from Germany.

That is, laboratory tests conducted by the joint venture led to the conclusion that the messages contained the eyes and blood of animals, and working mode this is similar to the last letters sent to Spain. However, according to PJ’s sources, the senders of the “Portuguese” and “Spanish” letters are different.

Letter Bomb. As a result of the explosion near the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, one person was injured


According to CNN Portugal, the analyzes carried out on the envelopes were carried out at the Ricardo Jorge Institute and at the PJ Scientific Police Laboratory. Results, achievements found traces of blood and animal eyesthe same signature that was identified on other parcels that arrived at Ukrainian embassies in other countries.

The same source adds that the person in charge is pretending that the sender is Elon Musk’s company Tesla, in order to reach the brand of the car.

BUT CNN describes what was on the envelopes “peculiar smell” and arrived by regular mail via CTT. After other cases, the Ukrainian government would have already given instructions to officials on how to act in such a situation, first calling the security agencies. Later, the PSP was called to the place and, after parsing the envelopes,no traces of gunpowder found or explosive materials.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Lisbon received two suspicious envelopes. PSP did not find explosives

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PJ installed the letter writer at the Ukrainian Embassy in Lisbon



The Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Judicial Police has already identified the author and sender of two suspicious letters that arrived on Monday at the Ukrainian Embassy in Lisbon. CNN Portugal.

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Taliban carry out first public execution since returning to power in Afghanistan



Last month, Taliban supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada ordered judges to fully comply with aspects of Islamic law such as public executions, stoning, flogging and amputations.

Authorities have carried out several public vices since then, but Wednesday’s execution in Farah, the capital of the province of the same name in western Afghanistan, was the first they have announced since taking power.

According to a statement released by the Taliban, the executed man’s name was Tajmir and he lived in the province of Herat.

“The High Court has been instructed to apply this qisas order during a public meeting of residents,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement, citing Islamic law.

Qisas is an Islamic principle similar to the law of retribution, which is to inflict damage on the offender equal to the damage he caused.

It is unclear how the execution took place. The Taliban said in a statement that the man had admitted his guilt.

During their first stay in Afghanistan (1996-2001), the Taliban regularly used public corporal punishment, including flogging and executions at the Kabul National Stadium.

Once back in power, the Islamic fundamentalists vowed that such measures would no longer be enforced, although they imposed increasingly severe restrictions, especially on women, who were gradually driven out of public life.

Currently, in Afghanistan, women cannot travel unless accompanied by a male family member and must wear a full veil, preferably a veil, in public.

The Taliban also closed girls’ primary schools in most provinces.

Mujahid said Wednesday’s case went through a number of courts before it reached the Supreme Court.

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“The case was considered very carefully,” the statement said. “In the end, it was ordered to apply Sharia law of retribution against the killer.”

Akhundzada rules by decree in Kandahar, the city where the movement originated. The statement specified that a dozen court officials and representatives of the Taliban were present at the execution.

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