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Benfica: Umaro Embalo sacked, announces businessman



Benfica: Umaro Embalo sacked, announces businessman

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Umaro Embalo, the 21-year-old B team striker, has left Benfica.

The news was broken by businessman Catio Balde, who says he was informed by Rui Pedro Braz that the player was “no longer part of Benfica’s plans” and that he was therefore empowered to “take care of the athlete’s life”.

Catio Balde says he is “disappointed and frustrated” by the decision, which he says he cannot understand.

“Managing Benfica with Umaro Embalo is deplorable. I do not understand and do not accept how an asset that was sold to Leipzig from Germany for 20 million euros in 2016/17 in a transaction that did not go through can be depreciated, and only those who were responsible at the time can explain why “.

The businessman also recounts old talks with Southampton that fell through due to a commission requested by Cesar Boaventura, who did not represent the athlete, and ensures that “in January, Basel wanted Umaro Embalo and presented an offer to buy 50 per cent of the Pass for 3.5 million, there was a transfer agreement and suddenly Benfica backed down, saying they want the athlete to stay because they believe in him.

Fonte do Benfica assures Maisfutebol that Catio Balde was never informed of the player’s dismissal, but they were open to hearing decisions about his future.

The same source says that Basel’s offer was a loan, although he had the option of buying, and added that Umaro Embalo is in the process of changing representatives, tying this to Catio Balde’s position.

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In a post on social media, César Boaventura guarantees that he was never involved in negotiations over Umaro Embalo.

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A BOLA – Irmãos Lenho teaches sports driving in Viana do Castelo (football)



A BOLA – Irmãos Lenho teaches sports driving in Viana do Castelo (football)

Thiago Lenyu and his brother Nelson Lenyu, sporting directors of Gil Vicente and Boavista respectively, are guests of honor at the O Dirigente Desportivo training session tonight sponsored by AF Viana do Castelo.

The responsible guilista, who graduated in environmental engineering and postgraduate in management and organization of professional football, shared his experience in those functions, the experience that a chess manager received, who received a degree in management and organization of professional football, as well as postgraduate/international advanced training The technical management of football also left their testimony.

The former was one of the hard workers in the Barcelos team’s sensational campaign, which guaranteed an unprecedented qualification for the European Cups, and the latter played an important role in the calmness with which the chess players achieved consistency.

The event, which takes place in the Centro Empresarial de Viana do Castelo – AIMinho, is moderated by Jorge Dantas, Professor at the Viana do Castelo Graduate School of Education.

Also noteworthy is the presence in the hall of Joao Carlos Costa, Portugal’s assistant coach Fernando Santos.

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BALL – First potential Champions League opponents already known (Benfica)



BALL - First potential Champions League opponents already known (Benfica)

Finishing third in the league, Benfica advanced to the third qualifying round of the Champions League. This means that Luz’s team will have to go through two rounds to reach the group stage of the Millionaire Contest, similar to what they did last season.

And with most of the European championships already decided, the path the Eagles will have to take is beginning to be determined. For now, Benfica know they will enter the draw as a seed and have two opponents who could get lucky: Sturm Graz (Austria) and Union St. Louis. Giloise (Belgium).

According to the current situation, the Reds will avoid Dynamo Kyiv (who will play in the second qualifying round) and Rangers (who can go straight to the group stage if they win the Europa League). But a reunion between Roger Schmidt and PSV could take place.

The emblem of Eindhoven finished second in the Dutch Championship and also advances to the third qualifying round. However, the status of the Dutch top seed depends on the third place in the French championship (this can be Marseille, which is now in position, or Monaco, which is ahead), the position of Rangers or second-placed Denmark (at the time when Copenhagen is followed by Central Jutland).

See the table with the current situation:

Series heads:

Benfica (odds 61,000)

Rangers (49.250)

Dynamo Kyiv (44000) – or Winner of the second qualifying round match to be played by Ukrainians


PSV Eindhoven (33000)

Marseille (44,000) / Monaco (26,000) – third in Ligue 1

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Midtjylland (19,000) / Copenhagen (40,500) – Winner of second qualifying round with Danish runner-up

No serial heads:

Storm Graz (7770)

Union St. Gilloise (6.120).

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OFFICER: Sp. Braga confirms departure of Carlos Carvalhal



OFFICER: Sp.  Braga confirms departure of Carlos Carvalhal

Sp. Braga has just confirmed that Carlos Carvalhal will no longer be in charge, one day after Minho’s side ended the 2021/22 season with a 2-3 loss to Famalicao.

According to a statement published on the club’s official page, it was the coach who informed the club this Monday of his intention to “close the cycle at Sp. Braga and promotion of new sports projects”.

The club recalls the Portuguese Cup, won in the middle of the centenary, and writes that the coach “occupied a special place in the club’s gallery of achievements.”

Full statement:

SC Braga, SAD informs that after the two years stipulated in the contract, Carlos Carvalhal will terminate his association with the Club.

Despite the desire previously conveyed to Carlos Carvalhal to continue the work begun, on Monday the coach announced that he intended to close the cycle at Braga and take up new sports projects.

Winning the Portuguese Cup in the middle of the centenary is an indispensable mark of SC Braga’s 101-year history, ensuring that Carlos Carvalhal’s contribution will have a firm place in the club’s gallery of achievements.

SC Braga thanks Carlos Carvalhal for all the work and dedication he has done in the service of the Club, appreciating the professional attitude as he has always faced his challenges while leading the first team.

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