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BALL – Sporting Porto LIVE (Basketball)



BALL - Sporting Porto LIVE (Basketball)

P4) 01:32 – Travante Williams (Sporting), reduced to 75-86

P4) 01:54 – Vladislav Voytso (Porto), scores two free throws (in two): 73-86 (13 points gap)

P4) 02:00 – Rashard Odomes (Porto), scores two free throws (out of two): 73-84

L4) 02:40 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting) also answers with a trio: 73-82

P4) 02:50 – Vladislav Voytso (Porto), scores treble: 70-82

P4) 03:30 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting) scores two free throws: 70-79

P4) 03:45 – António Monteiro (Sporting) converted two in three free throws: 68-79

P4) 03:49 – Jonathan Arledge (FC Porto) completes paragraph 66-79

P4) 04:20 – António Monteiro (Sporting) in the trio makes the score 66-75.

P4) 04:29 – Jonathan Arledge (FC Porto) completes paragraph 63-75

L4) 05:05 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) responds with two points: 63-73

P4) 05:50 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting), performs two free throws: 63-71 (8 points difference)

P4) 06:00 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting), free throw, ten points difference: 61-71

L4) 06:55 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) increases the score to 60-71 from a free kick, after a foul and 2 points

L4) 07:44 – Shakir Smith (Sporting), reduces, also by three points: 60-68

P4) 07:40 – Charlon Kloff (Porto), troika, extra. paragraph 55-68

L4) 09:19 – FC Porto’s answer from Miguel Queiroz from three points: 55-65

P4) 09:22 – Shakir Smith (Sporting) reduz p.55-62

P4) 09:59 – The 4th period has begun.

End of 3rd period: Sporting, 53 – Porto, 62; the dragons advance to the final period with a 9-point advantage

P3) 00:03 – Shakir Smith (Sporting) drops to 53-62

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L3) 00:42 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) scores two free throws: 51-62

L3) 01:10 – Vladislav Voytso (Porto) scores two free throws: 49-62

P3) 01:57 – Justin Toyo (Sporting), free throw, reduced to 49-60

P3) 02:14 – Joao Maia (Porto) scores a triple (48-60)

L3) 03:15 – Miguel Queiroz makes the score 48-57 from a free kick (the first conversion attempt failed, the second failed)

P3) 03:32 – António Monteiro (Sporting) with two free throws reduced to 48-56.

P3) 04:04 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) scores two more points and check now 46-56

L3) 04:50 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) with a trio, reduced to 44-56 after a timeout announced by the green and white coach Luis Magalhain.

P3) 05:19 – Rashard Odomes scores three points for dragons and makes the score 41-56 (now 15 points difference, the biggest in the game)

P3) 05:48 – Rashard Odomes hits a free throw and brings the score to 41-54.

P3) 07:03 – 41-53, Jonathan Arledge (Porto)

P3) 08:09 – Rashard Odomes with two successful free throws makes the score 41-50

P3) 08:34 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting) makes a triple 41-48 in response to 2 points from Michael Morrison.

P3) 09:59 – Restart the game. The beginning of the second part, from the 3rd period.

End of the 2nd period and the first part of the game: Porto go ahead for the break, winning (38-46) away to Sporting.

P2) 00:24 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) scores 38-46

L2) 00:46 – Diogo Ventura with two free throws cuts to 38-44

L2) 01:18 – Rashard Odomes scores both attempts from the free throw line and Porto now wins 36-44.

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P2) 01:38 – Another three-point bomb by Charlon Kloff: 36-42

P2) 02:26 – Charlon Kloff with a free throw increases Porto’s advantage to 36-39.

P2) 03:10 – Charlon Cloff throws a 3-point bomb: 34-38

P2) 03:40 – Travante Williams hits two free throws and scores 34-35

P2) 04:25 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting) scores 32-32

P2) 04:57 – Charlon Kloff (Porto) draw again (30-30)

P2) 06:40 – Shakir Smith puts Sporting ahead for the first time: 28-26

L2) 07:07 – Shakir Smith hits three free throws and draws 26-26

P2) 07:39 – Shakir Smith (Sporting) cut to 23-26

P2) 09:15 – Charlon Kloof (Porto) increases to 20-23

P2) 09:24 – Rashard Odomes, free-kick, makes 20-21, makes the first attempt, concedes the second

P2) 09:59 — Beginning of the second period

End of the first period: 20-20, Shakir Smith stands out again.

P1) 00:27 – With Shakir Smith’s treble, Sporting reaches 18-19.

P1) 02:32 – Locking Williams drops to 15-17

P1) 04:08 – Diogo Ventura drops to 11-17

L1) 05:27 – Diogo Ventura, with two triples in a row, reduced to 8-14

P1) 06:42 – Michael Morrison, author of 2-10 appears to have recovered.

P1) 06:50 – Michael Morrison is injured in a slam dunk and is being treated.

P1) 07:30 – Porto with an advantage, 2-8.

P1) 09:08 – First two points for Sporting, Travante Williams

L1) 09:30 – Fouls from both sides at the start of the game

09:59 — Match started

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Here are five starters:

Sporting – Travante Williams, Justin Tuoyo, Seidugu Santis, Diogo Ventura and Joao Fernandez

FC Porto — Vladislav Voytso, Bradley Tinsley, Jonathan Arledge, Michael Morrison and Charlon Kloof

follow here livemajor duel cases between lions and dragons in Game 3 of the Basketball League Playoff Semi-Finals.

This Thursday at 19:30 at Pavilhão João Rocha, Sporting CP and Porto will meet again in the semi-finals of the tournament. playoffs League. The Blue and Whites have already beaten the Lions twice and are one win away from the next Benfica, who already have a guaranteed presence in the final. In order to prevent Porto from qualifying, Sporting is obliged to win this game and thus try to start a comeback.

Recall that in the previous duel, at the Dragão Arena, passions were very high, which forced a long stoppage of the clock in the second half to prevent confusion between Sporting’s António Monteiro and Porto’s Michael Morrison. in large proportions.

Meanwhile, António Monteiro has already apologized for the obscene gestures towards the stands filled with Porto fans and will be available for a meeting in the afternoon as he was not featured in referee Sergio Silva’s report. Teammate João Fernandes as well as Porto’s Rashard Odomes are also options because, despite the suspension, the Portuguese Basketball Federation’s Disciplinary Board decided to close the respective cases.

As a reminder, after the second game, marked by tension, there was also an exchange of pennants between the directors of relations with the dragons (Francisco J. Marquez) and Miguel Braga (Sporting).

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BALL – José Fonte talks about the difference between playing with and without Ronaldo: “Without him they play as a team” (Portugal)



BALL - José Fonte talks about the difference between playing with and without Ronaldo: "Without him they play as a team" (Portugal)

Jose Fonte explained what changes in the national team when Cristiano Ronaldo is not playing.

“Portugal has the qualities to do it in every game, but we have to be honest: his very presence on the field makes the national team players unknowingly and automatically play for him, always give him the ball. For who he is, for what he has done and for what he is still capable of,” said the 2016 European champion on the BBC daily podcast shortly after the crushing victory over Switzerland.

“When he is gone, Portugal play more as a team and it was noticeable: they played smoothly, without any focus, everyone contributed, and it was nice to see,” said the 38-year-old central defender from Lille. “We had success with Cristiano Ronaldo during these years, he was very influential. Gonzalo Ramos has a different game offer and we had a great evening, we were all happy for him. I hope it stays that way.”

Fonte does not believe that the Benfica striker will now lose his title. “How if the boy scored three balls?” He also does not believe that Ramos will change his behavior, especially in relation to CR7: “You cannot teach a legend like Ronaldo. Ronaldo will always be Ronaldo and for Portugal it is even very good that a player like him comes off the bench, it will be another problem to challenge opponents.”

Believing in the triumph over Morocco, despite the fact that this is a “tough” team, José Fonte expects something more from the Portuguese flowers: “Fernando Santos brought a very strong mentality to the national team. The team is great at defending together. And it will cause problems in attack in every game. I believe that Portugal will reach the end of the road, the World Cup is the title that we lack. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this to happen.”

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World’s oldest player heading to Oliveirense, Japanese promotion – UD Oliveirense



World's oldest player heading to Oliveirense, Japanese promotion - UD Oliveirense

Kazuyoshi Miura, 55, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Japanese portal Nikkan Sports, the most important in the country, reports that veteran Kazuyoshi Miura, known as the oldest player in the world, is heading to Portugal to strengthen Oliveirense. According to the aforementioned publication, the 55-year-old player, currently associated with the Yokohama Football Club, is already on his way to our country, during which he intends to visit the facilities of the Oliveira de Azemeis club and complete negotiations that will eventually lead to to a compromise between the parties.


Miura on his way to Portugal: he's 55 and doesn't even want to think about retirement

The former Japan international – he has played 89 times for the Japanese team – Miura is currently on loan from Yokohama FC at Suzuka Point Getters under a contract that runs until January. After that, if there is an agreement, the veteran striker will join the northern team, which, like Yokohama FC, is owned by the Onodera Group – it owns 52.5% of SAD UD Oliveirense.

According to Nikkan Sports, Miura’s arrival is well-received by those in charge of Oliveira de Azemeis’ team, especially as the Japanese veteran can serve as an example for the younger players on the team.

The striker, it should be noted, played twice in Europe, in 1994/95 for Genoa, and then in 1999 for Dinamo Zagreb. He returned to his country at the end of that year, moving in 2005 to represent Sydney and has not left since. For now…

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Fabio Lima


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BALL – “Portugal now has one more fan” (Chavis)



BALL - "Portugal now has one more fan" (Chavis)

After Canada’s elimination from the World Cup, Chávez defender Stephen Vitoria is now rooting for the national team to win the trophy.

“I wish good luck to Portugal, a country that means a lot to me and my family, and I would like them to win. I believe that Portugal has every chance to achieve this. It’s not easy, but now they have another fan,” said Stephen Vitoria at a press conference ahead of the meeting with Porto for the League Cup.

The 35-year-old centre-back became the first player in Chavez’s history to be called up to the World Cup. “I am very proud to be able to represent the name of Chavez in the largest sports arena in the world. It’s hard to lose, but it was a very valuable experience, a sacrifice of a lifetime. I am happy to be here again, at home, in a house in which otherwise no World Cup would be possible. I want to thank the many people who have played a part in this and I am very happy, very happy,” he stressed.

And he wished all the best to Eustaquio, Porto’s midfielder and Canada teammate, who returned with an injury. “Just a few days ago we were together and I saw what happened, the suffering he went through between games and also the strain that was on him, but I wish him a speedy recovery.”

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