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BALL – Sporting Porto LIVE (Basketball)



BALL - Sporting Porto LIVE (Basketball)

P4) 01:32 – Travante Williams (Sporting), reduced to 75-86

P4) 01:54 – Vladislav Voytso (Porto), scores two free throws (in two): 73-86 (13 points gap)

P4) 02:00 – Rashard Odomes (Porto), scores two free throws (out of two): 73-84

L4) 02:40 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting) also answers with a trio: 73-82

P4) 02:50 – Vladislav Voytso (Porto), scores treble: 70-82

P4) 03:30 – Antonio Monteiro (Sporting) scores two free throws: 70-79

P4) 03:45 – António Monteiro (Sporting) converted two in three free throws: 68-79

P4) 03:49 – Jonathan Arledge (FC Porto) completes paragraph 66-79

P4) 04:20 – António Monteiro (Sporting) in the trio makes the score 66-75.

P4) 04:29 – Jonathan Arledge (FC Porto) completes paragraph 63-75

L4) 05:05 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) responds with two points: 63-73

P4) 05:50 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting), performs two free throws: 63-71 (8 points difference)

P4) 06:00 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting), free throw, ten points difference: 61-71

L4) 06:55 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) increases the score to 60-71 from a free kick, after a foul and 2 points

L4) 07:44 – Shakir Smith (Sporting), reduces, also by three points: 60-68

P4) 07:40 – Charlon Kloff (Porto), troika, extra. paragraph 55-68

L4) 09:19 – FC Porto’s answer from Miguel Queiroz from three points: 55-65

P4) 09:22 – Shakir Smith (Sporting) reduz p.55-62

P4) 09:59 – The 4th period has begun.

End of 3rd period: Sporting, 53 – Porto, 62; the dragons advance to the final period with a 9-point advantage

P3) 00:03 – Shakir Smith (Sporting) drops to 53-62

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L3) 00:42 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) scores two free throws: 51-62

L3) 01:10 – Vladislav Voytso (Porto) scores two free throws: 49-62

P3) 01:57 – Justin Toyo (Sporting), free throw, reduced to 49-60

P3) 02:14 – Joao Maia (Porto) scores a triple (48-60)

L3) 03:15 – Miguel Queiroz makes the score 48-57 from a free kick (the first conversion attempt failed, the second failed)

P3) 03:32 – António Monteiro (Sporting) with two free throws reduced to 48-56.

P3) 04:04 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) scores two more points and check now 46-56

L3) 04:50 – Diogo Ventura (Sporting) with a trio, reduced to 44-56 after a timeout announced by the green and white coach Luis Magalhain.

P3) 05:19 – Rashard Odomes scores three points for dragons and makes the score 41-56 (now 15 points difference, the biggest in the game)

P3) 05:48 – Rashard Odomes hits a free throw and brings the score to 41-54.

P3) 07:03 – 41-53, Jonathan Arledge (Porto)

P3) 08:09 – Rashard Odomes with two successful free throws makes the score 41-50

P3) 08:34 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting) makes a triple 41-48 in response to 2 points from Michael Morrison.

P3) 09:59 – Restart the game. The beginning of the second part, from the 3rd period.

End of the 2nd period and the first part of the game: Porto go ahead for the break, winning (38-46) away to Sporting.

P2) 00:24 – Miguel Queiroz (Porto) scores 38-46

L2) 00:46 – Diogo Ventura with two free throws cuts to 38-44

L2) 01:18 – Rashard Odomes scores both attempts from the free throw line and Porto now wins 36-44.

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P2) 01:38 – Another three-point bomb by Charlon Kloff: 36-42

P2) 02:26 – Charlon Kloff with a free throw increases Porto’s advantage to 36-39.

P2) 03:10 – Charlon Cloff throws a 3-point bomb: 34-38

P2) 03:40 – Travante Williams hits two free throws and scores 34-35

P2) 04:25 – Joao Fernandes (Sporting) scores 32-32

P2) 04:57 – Charlon Kloff (Porto) draw again (30-30)

P2) 06:40 – Shakir Smith puts Sporting ahead for the first time: 28-26

L2) 07:07 – Shakir Smith hits three free throws and draws 26-26

P2) 07:39 – Shakir Smith (Sporting) cut to 23-26

P2) 09:15 – Charlon Kloof (Porto) increases to 20-23

P2) 09:24 – Rashard Odomes, free-kick, makes 20-21, makes the first attempt, concedes the second

P2) 09:59 — Beginning of the second period

End of the first period: 20-20, Shakir Smith stands out again.

P1) 00:27 – With Shakir Smith’s treble, Sporting reaches 18-19.

P1) 02:32 – Locking Williams drops to 15-17

P1) 04:08 – Diogo Ventura drops to 11-17

L1) 05:27 – Diogo Ventura, with two triples in a row, reduced to 8-14

P1) 06:42 – Michael Morrison, author of 2-10 appears to have recovered.

P1) 06:50 – Michael Morrison is injured in a slam dunk and is being treated.

P1) 07:30 – Porto with an advantage, 2-8.

P1) 09:08 – First two points for Sporting, Travante Williams

L1) 09:30 – Fouls from both sides at the start of the game

09:59 — Match started

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Here are five starters:

Sporting – Travante Williams, Justin Tuoyo, Seidugu Santis, Diogo Ventura and Joao Fernandez

FC Porto — Vladislav Voytso, Bradley Tinsley, Jonathan Arledge, Michael Morrison and Charlon Kloof

follow here livemajor duel cases between lions and dragons in Game 3 of the Basketball League Playoff Semi-Finals.

This Thursday at 19:30 at Pavilhão João Rocha, Sporting CP and Porto will meet again in the semi-finals of the tournament. playoffs League. The Blue and Whites have already beaten the Lions twice and are one win away from the next Benfica, who already have a guaranteed presence in the final. In order to prevent Porto from qualifying, Sporting is obliged to win this game and thus try to start a comeback.

Recall that in the previous duel, at the Dragão Arena, passions were very high, which forced a long stoppage of the clock in the second half to prevent confusion between Sporting’s António Monteiro and Porto’s Michael Morrison. in large proportions.

Meanwhile, António Monteiro has already apologized for the obscene gestures towards the stands filled with Porto fans and will be available for a meeting in the afternoon as he was not featured in referee Sergio Silva’s report. Teammate João Fernandes as well as Porto’s Rashard Odomes are also options because, despite the suspension, the Portuguese Basketball Federation’s Disciplinary Board decided to close the respective cases.

As a reminder, after the second game, marked by tension, there was also an exchange of pennants between the directors of relations with the dragons (Francisco J. Marquez) and Miguel Braga (Sporting).

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“I want to play for Sevilla” ::



“I want to play for Sevilla” ::

He came to Portugal to play for Rio Ave but excelled even more at Desportivo de Chavez which brought him a move to Turkey. Marcão is now being linked to Sevilla and has come forward to ask to leave.

The Brazilian defender spent three and a half seasons at Galatasaray, has already played 141 matches for the Turkish team, won three trophies – the championship, the Cup and the Super Cup – and now he hopes to move to a club that will be the Champions League, as in the case of Galatasaray, finished the last championship in 13th place.

Faced with the news that Lopetegui is interested in hiring the Brazilian to replace Diego Carlos, who is heading to Aston Villa, Marcão was clear.

“I want to play for Sevilla so that my career develops,” he said in an interview with a Turkish newspaper. Nationality.

So far, it is known that Galatasaray has already rejected the offer of 15 million euros, but this offer came from Zenit. In Spain, they say that Sevilla are waiting for the perfect moment to start negotiations. Marcao’s statements may force the Turkish club to agree to a dialogue with the Andalusian team, which completed the last La Liga in 4th place.

Under a contract with Galatasaray until June 2025, the 26-year-old central defender was signed by Chavez for €4 million midway through the 2018/19 season.

Click here and follow all the changes in the transfer market


Benfica x Galatasaray - Europa League 2018/2019 - Round of 16 |  second hand

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BALL – Francisco J. Marquez and roller hockey classic: “FC Porto’s whistle was blown” (FC Porto)



BALL - Francisco J. Marquez and roller hockey classic: "FC Porto's whistle was blown" (FC Porto)

Benfica’s victory over Porto (5:3) in the fourth match of the final of the national roller hockey championship caused some criticism of the refereeing from the Dragons. After manager Ricardo Ares expressed disbelief that the Eagles had two fouls in 30 minutes, it was Francisco J. Marquez’s turn to use social media to reflect on opponents.

“The roller hockey championship will decide in the black on Wednesday night, but Benfica began to interfere in the decisive game as soon as the fourth leg was over, with the traditional inversion of the truth, taking advantage of very good refereeing. . Ricardo Ares [treinador do FC Porto] did not comment on the actions of the referee, limiting himself to stating that in 30 minutes Benfica had only two fouls, which would be surprising in a friendly game, not to mention a tense playoff match. In the 16th minute the foul score was 8-8, a natural balance in line with the history of the games between the two teams and even in harmony with the balance between the championship finalists. From that moment on, the whistle was blown at Porto and released at Benfica. Porto were winning 1-0 and the foul streak started for only one side, with Benfica taking advantage of the 10th foul to equalize. A new advantage for our team and a few more fouls for Benfica, who drew from a free kick on the 15th foul. At the 15th minute of the game the score was 7-0 on fouls, after 8-8 of the first 16 minutes. Until 21 minutes later, the ninth foul of Benfica followed, when the score was already 4-2. Only those who have never seen a hockey game might find it normal.”

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The PR director of FC Porto also spoke about the situation that happened at half-time at the Pavillão da Luz stadium, when Luis Senica, President of the Portuguese Skating Federation, was forced to leave the President’s podium after the fans heated up.

“Speaking of watching hockey games, Luis Senica, the president of the figure skating federation, can come to the Dragao Arena to watch the decisive game because he will not be mistreated or harassed. Our fans, as usual, will support the team unsurpassed,” he concluded.

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Futsal: Sporting beat Benfica again and became national champion



Futsal: Sporting beat Benfica again and became national champion

Sporting are two-time national futsal champions after beating Benfica 4-3 tonight in the third game of the championship final.

After winning two overtime wins in their first two games, the Lions took the field this Saturday knowing they could end the night. And the task, it must be said, was difficult, painful, but not so much that additional time was required … for very little.

At half-time, the team led by Nuno Dias had already had a hand in Kaneko as they won 3-0. In futsal, things can change from moment to moment, but this has not happened, despite the latest threat to the formation of Pulpis.


Goals from Pauleta, Cavinato and Cardinal were answered by goalkeeper André Sousa – with the help of Merlin’s precious deflection – with a cut to 3-1 early in the second period.

The Eagles had a new hope, which Ziki Te tried to cool shortly after, taking advantage of the rebound from the beautiful shot of Pani Varela.

But there was still a game.

Arthur returned to reduce for the Reds, twice, and the eagle returned to be in discussion in the title. So much so that Arthur himself hit the post at the last second, in a dramatic final that once again crowned the lion.

Sporting repeat the triumph of last season and win the 17th league title in history. This increases the difference with the rival Benfica, which has eight achievements in history.

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