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BALL – Moreirense advances to the playoffs; Tondela and Belenenses SAD in Ligue 2 (League)



BALL - Moreirense advances to the playoffs;  Tondela and Belenenses SAD in Ligue 2 (League)

Moreirense has found a new life. Ricardo Sa Pinto’s team hosted and beat Wisela (4-1) on the 34th and last match day of the League, thus guaranteeing a place in the play-offs against the third-placed team in Ligue 2 (this could be the team from Rio de – Janeiro). Ave, Casa Pia or Chaves).

Bad day for Tondela. Beira’s team even took the lead when it came to the score, but a draw against Boavista (2-2) relegated Nuno Campos’ team to 16th place and Tondela’s first-time league record drop. in 2015/16.

The last classification at the beginning of the day, Belenenses SAD did not go beyond a draw with Aroca (0-0) and did not escape the red light. The Blues will also play in Ligue 2 next season.

See the final ranking in the last three places:

Team Games Spots
16.Moreirense (playoffs) 34 29
17. Tondela (lowered) 34 28
18. Belenenses SAD (demoted) 34 26

An overview of the main match incidents and live matches:

Aroca – Belenenses GARDEN
Tondela – Boavista

Moreirense – Vizela

Here are the possible scenarios for the three teams in the morning:

tondela (at the start of the last round with 27 points) guarantees a play-off if:

– Defeat Boavista;

– A draw with Boavista and Moreirense will not win;

– Lost to Boavista and Moreirense and Belenenses SAD were also defeated in their games;

– Will be relegated if he is defeated in the reception in chess and defeats Moreirense and/or Belenenses SAD.

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Moreirense (at the start of the last round with 26 points) guarantees a place in the playoffs if:

– Beat Wisela and Tondela without beating Boavista;

– Draw with Visela, Tondela loses to Boavista (has advantage in direct confrontation) and Belenenses SAD does not win;

They are relegated if they lose to Wisela or Tondela beats Boavista;

Belenenses GARDEN (at the start of the last round with 25 points) guarantees a place in the play-offs if:

– Beat Aroca, Tondela lost to Boavista, and Moreirense can’t do better than a draw with Wisela.

He is demoted if he draws or loses with Aroka, and also if he wins with two other opponents.

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BALL – Enzo Fernandez’s decisive clock – a condition that the Eagles do not accept (Benfica)



BALL - Enzo Fernandez's decisive clock - a condition that the Eagles do not accept (Benfica)

Clarifications are expected from River Plate today or tomorrow at the latest regarding Enzo Fernandez, the 21-year-old midfielder wanted by Benfica.

The Argentine club should analyze the situation, taking into account the pressure exerted by the media and fans, as soon as it became public that the player met with Benfica manager Rui Pedro Bras in the center of Buenos Aires.

The importance of the meeting with Colo-Colo – for Libertadores, played last night (River won 4-0) – justified caution and concentration, as a good result would immediately mean reaching the 1/8 finals of the tournament from River Plate, but the game is over and there is a free game ahead Earth.

Benfica and River Plate are still well connected, Rui Pedro Braz, sporting director of the Orlovs, was expected at the Monumental de Nunez and the relevance remains. For the people who run Benfica football, it makes no sense to hire a midfield boss in exchange for 20 million euros and then not be able to use him in the campaign to reach the Champions League group stage, the first and very important steps of Roger Schmidt in the technical team.

In the event that River Plate and the player try to extend their stay in Argentina until December, as reported by some of the country’s media, the Eagles’ answer will be no.

Read more in the printed edition or in the editorial digital from the ball

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The departure of Petit and Musa to Benfica: “They didn’t tell me anything. I’m counting on him, on this animal” – Boavista



The departure of Petit and Musa to Benfica: “They didn’t tell me anything.  I'm counting on him, on this animal" - Boavista

The Panthers coach does not consider him a loser to Benfica and sees “a very large margin of progression.”

Petit told Channel 11 that he has not yet been informed of Mousa’s departure to Benfica and that he is counting on him for the next pre-season, even if he says it with a smile on his face. The Portuguese coach took the opportunity to speak about the player in question after a year with the striker. “They didn’t tell me anything … I’m counting on him, on this animal … (laughs). As a manager, we are lucky to have six or seven players in our team that clubs are interested in, including Mousa. I am happy because Musa, when we arrived at Boavista, we realized that he was very exhausted, he was a player who ran away from his position a lot. He pressed everywhere, went to the goalkeeper, to the sides, but the striker lives on goals and insight, and he needs oxygen to reach the moment of the final blow with this insight. We felt that he was tired when the ball reached him and we did the work with him, making him understand that the pressure in other areas must be done by others,” he began with an underline, further detailing what he sees in the future reinforcement Roger Schmidt in Luz “Musa is a very strong player, plays very well with his back to the goal, holds the ball, holds the ball and attacks from deep. He was a very important player and he still has room to grow. He has a very strong mentality, he is a child , who likes to work hard, often goes to the gym, and sometimes we even have to slow him down,” the chess coach emphasized.

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António Mendez


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French ensure Darwin refuses to play for Manchester United and Newcastle – Benfica



French ensure Darwin refuses to play for Manchester United and Newcastle - Benfica

Radio RMC Sport reports that the Benfica striker intends to play in the Champions League

Darwin Nunez continues to be one of the market leaders that has yet to officially open. The Benfica forward has a €150m clause, but the European sharks want to sign him for a lower price. According to French radio RMC Sport, there are two clubs in England that would have been interested in the Uruguayan striker but were “blocked” due to the player’s desire. Newcastle and Manchester United will be looking to cut the 22-year-old’s contract, but he has already made it clear he only wants to play for clubs that are in the Champions League. Well, both Magpies and Red Devils will miss out on the UEFA Millionaires League. In England, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are confident of their presence in the Champions League next season. Tottenham and Arsenal are still fighting on the last day of the Premier League for a place. According to the same source, Bruno Fernandes and Dalo would be willing to pay 80 million euros for the emblem of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Paris Saint-Germain are one of the clubs still interested in Darwin, who was signed by Benfica from Almería in 2020, but the striker, who scored 34 goals in 41 official games in 2021/22, is in talks. are still going on.

Flavio Miguel Silva


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