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Alter, a “multi-faceted” Portuguese puzzle.



Alter, a "multi-faceted" Portuguese puzzle.

Portuguese amateur studio Bald Studios is developing its second game Alter. It’s a “first-person puzzle” that seems to have everything to be a pleasant surprise.

Come and learn a little more about Alter.

The 4-piece Portuguese indie studio Bald Studios is developing their second first-person puzzle game called Alter.

In this psychological thriller, the main character is trapped and must escape from her captors using different personalities to solve puzzles!

In Alter, players take on the role of Layla, the main character who is kidnapped one day on her way home.

Layla wakes up in a small room with one bed. Something else, it seems like you're hearing voices in your head, like you're not alone in your own body. Suddenly, a shrill voice comes from a loudspeaker in the corner of the room. Layla is explained that she has been experimented on and now has two other personalities (Jack and Arthur), the "Traitors", present in her body. During these experiments, a device was also inserted into Layla's brain, allowing her body to adapt to various changes.

This device, called a polymorpher, then allows your body to adapt to the alter in the driver's seat.

But Layla and her alters will not tolerate this. While during the day they follow the orders of this organization, completing the tests presented to them, at night they explore this mysterious place in order to find out who is behind all this and how they can escape.

Thus, the player has several different personalities at his disposal, which he must know how to use to solve various problems, exploring the place where he is at night in order to try to understand who these people are who kidnapped them. The game also has a realistic art style and strong storytelling.

As you may have noticed, the core mechanic of the game is polymorphism, whereby the player can change their physical form according to the person in charge of the situation.

Much of the game is based on physical and psychological puzzles, prompting the player to try to determine in which situation each change is stronger or more useful. There is also a variant between explicit and implicit puzzles that helps the player apply what they have learned to more difficult situations.

This project started with the idea of ​​creating a game that would take the collaboration between characters to the next level. What if the player has a goal but different ways to achieve it? With Alter, Bald Studios' goal was "create a unique narrative experience that is a strong synergy with the puzzles featured throughout the game.", quoting André Figueira, the project's narrative and level designer.

Bald Studios is a small independent studio created with the aim of creating several academic games for Universidade Lusófona. This studio consists of 4 elements: Andre Figueira, story and level designer, Rodrigo Marquez, lead 3D artist, and Joao Matos and Hugo Carvalhos as developers/programmers.

You can see more information about Alter Here.

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Proud Pedro Carvalho: “Even though I’m in Brazil, I don’t miss the Portuguese public”



Proud Pedro Carvalho: "Even though I'm in Brazil, I don't miss the Portuguese public"

Exactly in 2016 Pedro Carvalho debuted in Brazilian fiction, in the soap opera “Escrava Mãe” on Record TV. This was followed by “O Outro Lado do Paraiso” and “A Dona do Pedaço” in 2017 and 2019 respectively on the “giant” TV Globo. However, the Portuguese public never lost sight of him.

“It was funny because the Portuguese audience really watches Brazilian soap operas. It’s very nice because despite the fact that I’m in Brazil, I don’t lose the Portuguese audience. In fact, I have gained more and I even realize that in terms of social networks. For me it is very important because I am Portuguese, I like to work in my country. No matter how much I travel, I always want our people to recognize me,” he began by saying Pedro Carvalhoin a conversation with SELFIE, in the Continente VIP area, on the second day of Rock in Rio Lisboa.

On returning to Portugal via SIC on the soap opera Amor Amor, the actor said: “I haven’t done anything in Portugal for a long time. The pandemic was terrible in every way, but it made me come back. you know, in TV Globo all projects were suspended at that time. It was good, I didn’t work in my country for some time. I worked and played with colleagues whom I love … “.

Finally, Pedro Carvalho assured us that he will return to Brazil “very soon” where he already has confirmed new projects.

Pedro Carvalho, at the rock in Rio Lisbon

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Pedro Proenza chooses ‘fighting violence’ in football as a priority for the 2022/23 season – Observer



Pedro Proenza chooses 'fighting violence' in football as a priority for the 2022/23 season - Observer

The president of the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP) chose “fighting violence” as one of the priorities for the 2022/23 season on Tuesday, hoping that the season will be marked by “positive”.

We have some measures to improve competition, namely in the fight against violence, as well as in the framework of expediency and good playing time. We will try to make this season for the return of football in its entirety and recovery after the last two years marked by Covid-19,” said Pedro Proenza.

The manager foresaw the next season at the end of the Liga I and II calendar draw ceremony, which also included the presentation of prizes for the previous season’s performance, hoping that the Portuguese football stages would be “attractive”. families.”

“For the anti-violence measures that we are going to take, we have meetings scheduled in the coming weeks with the Ministry of the Interior in order to be able to reorganize the methodology for the next season. We want football to be a positive and engaging spectacle for families,” said the LPFP leader.


Pedro Proenza recalled that the 2022/23 season will be “another season”, marked by a break in the championships, in November and December, due to the World Cup in Qatar, but he believes that this does not affect the competitiveness of the competition.

“The League knew how to adapt by creating a differentiated sporting environment, with the League Cup in that period, to keep the teams competitive. I believe it will be a season full of positivity,” he added.

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The manager emphasized that “the clubs have a very strong union in terms of professional football”, and commented on the start of the championship, dictated by the draw.

“We will start the season with a very strong derby between Sporting CP and Sporting CP and then on the third round we will have another derby. [FC Porto — Sporting] it will make us associate ourselves with the show,” he analyzed.

The President of the LPFP also commented on the export vein of the national clubs highlighted in this pre-season with the transfers made, namely FC Porto and Benfica.

“We have a business model that is largely based on the development of young players, Portuguese and foreign. We have the ability to produce talent, but we must be ready to continue when there are outlets. It is important to keep our clubs competitive both nationally and internationally,” concluded Pedro Proenza.

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3-year-old corrects his mother’s Portuguese and becomes popular on social media – Pais&Filhos



3-year-old corrects his mother's Portuguese and becomes popular on social media - Pais&Filhos

news bulletin

  • A three-year-old girl went viral after she corrected her mother’s Portuguese.
  • In videos posted online, the mother shows everyday conversations in which her daughter corrects her.
  • “Glory” began after the mother posted a video in which the girl makes an order in a restaurant.

One girl 3 year old succeeds online after correcting his Portuguese mother videos posted on social media. Little Bianca Cavalcanti has gained a lot of fans online after her 27-year-old mother Andresa Cavalcanti posted tapes showing off her daughter’s knowledge.

@bibiemamiPeople, I will never make a mistake again 😳🤭 know these?!♬ original sound – Andreza and Bianca Cavalcanti

After a video of her ordering at a restaurant went viral and racked up millions of views. child reached an even larger audience when he began correcting his parents’ Portuguese. The mother told UOL she noticed her daughter’s behavior some time ago, but recently decided to record a conversation between them: “I pretended to send an audio and recorded it to see if she would correct me.”

Andresa explained that during the pandemic, when Bianca was still beverages, she noticed her daughter’s speech development and decided to further stimulate the girl with a few games. Thanks to this incentive, Bianca considers these activities her favorite, and Andresa feels satisfaction from this: “It was wonderful. Fulfilled for being able to be so present in the early years of her life.”

3-year-old girl succeeds after correcting her mother’s speech (Photo: Reproduction / TikTok / @bibiemami)

In a video posted on social media, the mother wrote in the caption, “Guys, I will never make a mistake again! Do you know anyone like that?” Even though Bianca already has so much knowledge, Bianca only entered school this year and her mother said that being around children of the same age would be a positive thing for her daughter.

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