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10 Creative (and Less Obvious) Ways to Save Money on Electricity Bills



10 Creative (and Less Obvious) Ways to Save Money on Electricity Bills

HAt a time when energy prices are higher, all saving tips are welcome, including less obvious but original ones. Do you agree?

“We are increasingly dependent on electronic devices and are online all the time, not to mention more basic needs such as using a motorized vehicle, turning on the lights or having a refrigerator at home. think of ways to save energy that don’t compromise our lifestyle but are effective“, He speaks Electronic data processingin an article posted on his website.

Along the way, the electric company presents 10 original energy saving tips that you can implement alone or as a family:

1. “Unplug the kids from the electricity”

“Create a rule for your kids and turn it into a game like ‘Three days a week without screens’. For example, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, children should leave the TV, set-top boxes and tablets completely away. In this way, you will not only help the environment and save on energy bills, but also encourage the discovery of other habits and hobbies such as reading, board games or simple family conversations.”

2. Use your pet as a heating pad

“This is definitely an unconventional way to save energy, but it works. In winter, instead of using a heating pad or using electric blankets, lay your pet on your lap. A dog’s body temperature is between 38 and 39°C, in terms of energy released, a 10 kg dog emits at least 69 BTUs just by being around it.”

3. Give your outlets a break

“Outlet timers are small, automatic, and inexpensive devices that plug into outlets and allow you to set the hours at which they turn on and off. You can set timers on the outlets of equipment that you know will be off for many hours and out of standby. For example, program the TV outlet and the Box timer to turn off between 1 and 8 am.”

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4. Make Friends in the Neighborhood: Bet on a Local Business

“If you are one of those people who go to three different hypermarkets because one has cheaper potatoes, another has the best bread, and the third has a butcher…forget it. unless you are driving an electric car, inefficiencies in the distance covered by the car should be avoided. Neighborhood. Whenever you shop at stores where you can walk or cycle, you are doing your part for the health of the planet.”

5. Place mirrors near windows

“Strategically placing a large mirror next to a window will allow you to make much more efficient use of natural light. Position the mirror so that sunlight hits it and reflects off the rest of the room. to light the lamps. In the summer, the sun doesn’t set until around 9 pm, so the energy gain from this simple trick can be really significant. Plus, when the sun shines in the right position, it’s guaranteed to distract prying neighbors. “

6. “Flood” the freezer

“Fill it with water bottles, of course… It may sound strange, but having a full freezer at all times prevents heat from entering and occupying empty spaces when you open the door. enough food to fill it, fill it with bottles or water bottles. This way you increase the efficiency of the equipment by not allowing it to use extra energy to compensate for the incoming heat every time you open the door. “

7. Don’t wash dishes by hand

“If you’re looking for an excuse to never wash dishes and pans by hand again, you’ll find it here. Consumer research has proven that washing dishes by hand or even rinsing them with water before putting them in the dishwasher is unhealthy. an abyss of waste – water and the energy needed to heat it. So take a good look at the leftover food (if necessary, help with a sheet of newspaper) and put the dishes directly in the dishwasher. Only turn it on when it is completely full.

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8. Show off your ideas: Lay your clothes out in the sun.

“This habit, so common in Europe and so environmentally friendly, is the least popular way to save energy in the United States. Most Americans do choose to use the dryer, but the consequences are quite negative: not just because of the light. (and environmental friendliness), but because clothes wear out faster, which means they need to be changed more often. So choose a European recipe: use this clean and inexhaustible source of energy – the sun to dry your clothes.

9. Make the oven your ally

“There are several ways to make your oven your ally against waste. If possible, avoid preheating and only use the oven for cooking as much as is warranted – for smaller dishes, opt for a microwave or mini oven. o seven minutes before the end of cooking, as heat production is maintained during this period. In addition, more active use in winter contributes to a milder temperature in the house without resorting to air conditioning equipment. Is the cake ready? Turn off the oven and leave the door open to heat the kitchen.”

10. Unleash Your Inspector Gadget: Invest in Home Automation

“Getting your home equipment to work remotely or automatically seems like something out of the future, but there are already several solutions that can make this task easier. For example, EDP has the EDP re:dy app, which offers a global overview of the hardware you’re using. have at home. This allows you to control them wherever you are, in addition to recording the consumption of each one and even forecasting the cost of your next bill so you can evaluate savings in real time. available in Portugal and Spain.”

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Tesla Semi is already on the market

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To prove the quality of this new proposal, Tesla published in your LinkedIn account new video. In it, he reveals some of the testing he's done to determine the strength and quality of the Semi's design and its (potential) durability.

Tests to prove its durability

It has been revealed that the Tesla electric truck is subjected to numerous tests and its application in the worst scenarios that drivers may face. It doesn't stop at the ruggedness of the Semi's designs, but goes further and focuses on the motors and batteries themselves.

This is the proof that many have been waiting for to ensure that this new proposal is not limited to a lot of autonomy. Its resistance is great and will provide greater durability, further enhancing the Semi's value and performance.

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