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Wall Street is falling due to new signs of higher interest rates. Biden’s Failure Matters Too – Stock Exchange



Delta Option Reduces US Equity And Interest On Debt - Stock Exchange

Across the Atlantic stocks closed lower, and tech companies set the tone for the trend on a day when there were new signs of a Fed rate hike imminent.

The Dow Jones industrial index fell 0.49% to 36,113.62 points. On January 5 last year, it reached a level that was not there before, at 36,952.65 points.

Standard & Poor’s 500, in turn, fell 1.42% to 4659.03 points. In intraday trading on January 4, it reached its highest value ever – 4818.62 points.

For its part, the Nasdaq Composite Technology Index lost 2.51% to 14,806.81. Recall that on November 22 it reached a historical maximum of 16,212.23 points.

Technology companies lost the most positions under the pressure of a new signal in favor of an interest rate hike in the near future.

U.S. Federal Reserve Second Representative Lael Brainard assured this Thursday that the central bank is ready to interest rate hike in Marchif the measure is necessary to fight inflation.

“[A Fed] several increases are forecast throughout the year,” Brainard explained, answering a question during his confirmation hearing with the Senate Banking Committee. a gradual reduction in asset purchases (downsizing), which is expected to end in March.

This position is in line with what I said Fed President last Tuesday before the Senate. Jerome Powell said at his confirmation hearing that the Federal Reserve will be able to bring down inflation as the US economy recovers.

Powell also signaled that the central bank should start cutting its balance sheet this year, which was already implied last week. When will the protocol be released? last Fed meeting on monetary policy.

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The Fed chairman went on to say that he would not hesitate to take action if needed to contain price pressures. “If over time we have to raise interest rates more often, we will do so,” he stressed.

This monetary tightening by the central bank has led to higher interest rates on U.S. sovereign debt, essentially hurting tech companies that are trading at high prices after a sharp rise over the past two years, mostly thanks to low interest rates.

The other side of Joe Biden

Investors also digested the decision of the US Supreme Court, which was reported in the afternoon, rejecting a measure proposed by President Joe Biden to vaccinate more people.

Under his proposal, called “vaccination or test,” employees of large companies would be required to show a vaccination certificate to return to full-time work, or otherwise present negative tests.

This will result in 80 million workers being vaccinated or having to undergo periodic tests, which the Supreme Court has now blocked.

Citigroup has already threatened layoffs

At Biden’s suggestion, Citigroup had already announced late last week that it was laying off unvaccinated employees. On January 7, the US bank told its employees that it would terminate contracts with anyone who was not vaccinated by January 14.

Citigroup said it is strengthening its stance on covid-19 vaccinations at a time when the US is facing a new rise in infections. In a bank memo that Bloomberg had access to, Citi told its employees they must be vaccinated or they would lose their jobs.

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Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated before January 14 will be placed on unpaid leave, with the end of the month coinciding with their last days as bank employees, according to a message sent to all employees. A source close to the lawsuit also confirmed to Reuters this deadline set by the bank.

In late October last year, Citi asked its employees to submit a vaccination certificate by December 8, adding that whoever gets vaccinated will receive a $200 bonus. At the time, the bank had already set a January 14 deadline. This measure is known as “no jab, no work” (no shots, no work).

Another source told Bloomberg that more than 90% of bank employees have met this requirement to vaccinate workers in the US, which also gives them the opportunity to apply for an exemption from vaccination for religious or medical reasons.

Some of Wall Street’s biggest financial institutions, such as JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, have already introduced this vaccination requirement, but allow their employees to get vaccinated if they don’t go to work.

Many companies have been waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on whether the Biden administration’s ruling – in the sense that the country’s largest companies are demanding vaccines or weekly coronavirus tests – would be constitutional. But today it was decided no.

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The A350 aircraft of the Russian Aeroflot is painted with a hybrid paint of another company



The A350 aircraft of the Russian Aeroflot is painted with a hybrid paint of another company

With no end in sight to sanctions against Russia, Western planes destined for Russian companies are already being sent to other companies, confirming previously inflated expectations.

Image: Eurospot

The first of these is the Airbus A350-900XWB, which originally went to Aeroflot and was refinished and painted in the colors of a Russian state company, but now it goes to another state company, Turkish, since Western companies cannot sell more aircraft. for the Russians because of the sanctions.

how never seen AEROIN beforeTurkish Airlines has entered into an agreement with Airbus to speed up deliveries of the A350 aircraft and they were expected to receive the aircraft that will go to Aeroflot, for a total of six aircraft.

Now the first of them has actually been spotted at the Airbus factory in Toulouse, in the south of France. Based on a photo from Eurospot, the aircraft still has Aeroflot livery on the fuselage, tail and engines, but has already been given the name Turkish Airlines written in the original colors of the Turkish company.

When this copy will be delivered and if the painting will be finished is not yet clear, as it is reported that the interior will not be changed and will remain as ordered by the Russian company. Since Turkey uses the A350 on its regular flight between Istanbul and Sao Paulo, there is a possibility that this aircraft will soon appear in Brazil.

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Passionate about aircraft since 1999, he graduated in Aeronautics from California State University, Long Beach and Western Michigan University. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of AEROIN, an aircraft pilot, a member of AOPA, and has experience in Avianca Brasil. #GoBroncos #GoBeach #2A

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Mercedes CEO says he ‘must be drunk’ when he approved AMG One hypercar



Mercedes CEO says he 'must be drunk' when he approved AMG One hypercar

problem hypercar The AMG One gave Mercedes a lot of headaches. Originally scheduled for a 2019 launch, the model has yet to hit dealerships until today. a problem perhaps underestimated by the German automaker: the adaptation of a powertrain designed for single-seat cars – in this case Formula 1 – to a street model. The brand’s CEO Ola Kallenius himself joked about the launch delay last Thursday (19) while talking to investors, saying he must have been “drunk” when he agreed to the project.

“About four years ago, the AMG team and its Formula 1 powertrain division approached us and said, “We have a great idea: let’s put a Formula 1 engine in a road car.” I’ll have to go back to check the minutes of the meeting, but I’m sure we were drunk when we said yes,” Kallenius joked when asked about the hypercar’s launch date.


The Mercedes AMG One uses a 1.6 V6 hybrid engine borrowed from the Constructors’ Championship-winning car in Formula 1 in 2017. With all-wheel drive, it was originally slated for early 2019. At the moment, it still doesn’t have a set release date, although the company says it will announce news about the model “in a few weeks.” With 1,000 horsepower, the car has a top speed of 350 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 200 km/h in just 6 seconds.

Ola Callenius (centre) with Lewis Hamilton: The executive wants the automaker to be more involved in F1 (Cristiano Barmi/Shutterstock)

The documentary will show the history of the project

Mercedes is also promising to release a “very honest” documentary on the development of the hypercar, marketing director Bettina Fetzer announced at the same investor event in Monaco.

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The German automaker should draw inspiration from the successful Drive to Survive series. about reality show Formula 1 on Netflixto close the function. Executives are betting on an approach that shows the daunting task of adapting a single-seat engine to a street car, likely to soften the tight launch delay skirt and brand image.

Mercedes said last year that production of 275 AMG One units would begin in 2022 and that each was sold for €2.27 million (about R$11.6 million). According to Kallenius, this will connect the company’s activities in Formula 1 with its road cars. “This demonstrates that our participation in Formula 1 has a direct impact on the AMG brand,” he said.

Main image credit: Mercedes-Benz/Disclosure. (AMG One design in detail)

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“Tesla Killer” arrives in Portugal for 49,900 euros.



Polestar 2: O “Tesla Killer” chega a Portugal por 49 900 euros

In the electric vehicle segment, Tesla is undeniably the benchmark, achieving historic results in Europe. In 2019 we announced Here Polestar 2, an electric car that could hit the market at very attractive prices.

The Polestar 2 has already entered the Portuguese market with a base price of 49,900 euros.

Polestar has arrived in Portugal with its Polestar 2, an electric fastback from 49,900 euros. The Environment Fund incentive, subject to application, allows clients to receive a €4,000 refund from the Portuguese government.

Polestar vehicles can be purchased online through a streamlined and fully digital process that will be complemented by physical stores known worldwide as Polestar Spaces and Polestar Destinations for a complete premium experience.

Polestar 2: Tesla Killer arrives in Portugal for €49,900

The Polestar 2 is available in three versions in Portugal.

The Polestar 2 is a high-performance, compact electric vehicle, the company's first high-volume all-electric vehicle.

In Portugal, the Polestar 2 range will include three versions offering different performance and range.

Polestar 2: Tesla Killer arrives in Portugal for €49,900

Standalone version standard the engine will have a 170kW/330Nm electric motor and a 69kWh battery, giving a WLTP range of up to 474km, while a long range single motor version will increase the battery capacity to 78kWh with a corresponding WLTP band hopping. up to 542 km.

The twin-engine long-range version is equipped with two electric motors and a 78 kWh battery, with a total output of 300 kW and 660 Nm, with a WLTP range of up to 482 km.

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