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Third Rome



Third Rome

This end of the year was an alarming warning of the importance for Russian sentiments of specific searches for the popular, history and political war in the sense that the First Rome fell, the Second Rome fell, but the Third Rome will never fall. This is not a general feeling that is sometimes sanctified by the fall of Sovietism, because I had the opportunity to visit more than one site of active religious communities and receive important information when I was part of a group chaired by Mario Soares, and closely followed the policy, which consisted above all in interfering with the leadership of Gorbachev, the last general secretary of the Communist Party. Since the Soviet regime put an end to the political and legal system and some part of the Empire, the policy of change of the European Union has made progress in the world, believing that first the inhabitants of the West, and the space of what belonged mainly to colonialism, that the principles of the UN, and, above all, UNESCO, will impose a Bill of Rights and the principle that “the earth is the common home of people.” Unfortunately, the development of these notorious principles is usually just a utopia that has created weakness due to the silence of legal events and the frequent adjective violation of the principles. The first proposal made by France was that political campaigns, often presidential ones, forced candidates and those who listened to them to deal with, above all, the horrific COVID-19 attack in order to demonstrate evidence of an intensified attack on national defenses.

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Unfortunately, despite all efforts to address the serious dangers of a covid-19 attack, the American general at the end of his post in NATO did not take long to announce his farewell to and from the war, as well as a farewell to war. United Kingdom of the Union, as if in line with the thought of the Cross of Lorraine, which has always worried Churchill, with the global consequences of growing challenges, contrary to the values ​​and goals of the UN and UNESCO. The press, never forgetting its global role, its responsibility for the globalization of Western values, took urgent measures.

30 years after the fall of Leninist Sovietism and the fact that the USSR is hatching a project to renew, with different convictions, positions (Peace, Sunday 19). In this sense, it is impossible to avoid the inclusion in the external issue of some understanding with China and ignorance of the United States, there is an obvious crisis of American thought, always with internal order and the redefinition of the goals of external responsibility. But what seems important in the Soviet line is the national significance of the Third Church, which “will never fall.” I recall the excellent essay that Putin published on this national value, and given the frequency of publications about defense and visiting national temples, his presence is always cited, faithfully, with a religious history, here you can see a restoration in his historical religious history. According to tradition, this is the embodiment of Westernization, including the Portuguese, who created the Order of Christ as the salvation of the French crusaders who were here, and thus saved them from the French execution. It would be helpful if the current peace-breaking reading was, above all, an easy reading of a book that organizes the ongoing intervention of UN Secretary General António Guterres. Or the words of the Dalai Lama. I got it a few years ago at the University of Lisbon. Recently he uttered the following words: “It has been 40 years since I was expelled from Tibet. They killed my faithful, destroyed my temples. I have nothing but the pity of the state that welcomed me, I have nothing and I do not hate anyone: follow the Pope. “

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Aristocratic powers in the Security Council with veto power that took years to effectively transfer to China. Fortunately, this did not happen with UNESCO, whose history of humanity was a step forward that was rarely used to avoid a series of serious threats that are now manifesting with great concern in NATO-Russia relations. The number of analysts who agree that conflicts will escalate, changing their own disparate histories of service to cooperation and peace, is compounded by a lack of solidarity and a clarity in the view that the legal stage of international order and economic competition target the conflict of military commitment that those who aware of the function, were able to characterize. Knowing when the effective and responsible intervention of Pope Francis, without even restraining the weakened intervention of American cardinals as president, brought Saint Bartholomew of the Martyrs to the altars, who left the appropriate words in the text, and will also say, and will certainly happen, the growing complexity of research and knowledge.

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Politics and Budget: Inseparable Variables of the New Government – 11/30/2022 – Opinion



Politics and Budget: Inseparable Variables of the New Government - 11/30/2022 - Opinion

Analysis of the situation in Brazil based on the coexistence of two types of crises—political and fiscal/budgetary—is a common occurrence in national public debate. Together they create an unattractive interpretation of the trajectory of the country’s economic and social development.

In fact, the use of the term “crisis” to describe the situation in Brazil is nothing new in the current context. OUR demand for political reform, the mother of all reforms and structural reforms, was present almost constantly during the period of the 1988 Constitution. Despite the sometimes inaccurate use of these terms, we read that there is in fact a connection between the political environment and the development of fiscal and budgetary policy. This equation is the most pressing issue of the new mandate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

The President-elect himself spoke about the severity of the political crisis in the country. In your opinion, result of the presidential race made democracy (and not itself) the biggest winner in this debate. The PT’s vision of democracy is not limited to the selection of the ruling elite through competition for votes, but is “something tangible”, “concrete”, “a tool to improve everyone’s life”, i.e. ownership.

A natural question in the context of inflated expectations: “For what money?” O budget 2023 represented by the current government has little to do with the economic situation and even less with the political situation. If the budget item was no longer enough to manage fiscal policy, then after the pre-election dispute it becomes even stronger and promises an increase in distributive ambitions.

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In her third term, Lula has task of determining the rules of the game with public spending, as well as a political balance that, in the limit, respects the imperatives of fiscal responsibility; now leads a coalition partly formed by members opposed to the PT’s economic prescriptions. Thus, such reconstruction will depend on the coordination of a diverse coalition pursuing equally diverse interests.

The fiscal policy of reconstruction should ideally be born signaling a new and valuable standard of performance in the face of rules. With credible commitment as a goal, regulatory change should replace spending ceiling to be a means, with its simply operational and naturally predictable role. The upheavals that ultimately threatened the new rule will matter less as a well-placed anchor will finally do its job.

Then the budgetary reconstruction will pass through a clear interpretation of the beneficial results of the past year. Only then, with the right diagnosis, will the country be able to deal with the legacy of the current administration, as well as deal with campaign commitments that have amassed billions off the budget.

We would know what moment is right for a choice and, above all, for negotiations. Complicated negotiations with political and legal backing, supporting in its trunk a society dependent on the government, which argues in the name of governability.

There is no easy way out BRL 90 billion license, BRL 175 billion or BRL 200 billion – which will temporarily have only a name. Focusing on the social will not be enough to contain the resistance that only sees what it wants to see. Only by joining forces will it be possible to get through the transition period and the next term without the precious political capital on the scene melting away and opening the way for new pre-election tensions before the next election.

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BUT reconstruction of public accounts would demand, finally, the resumption of the “golden age” of Brazilian politics, when democratic competition in general terms maintained political stability from protecting the core of rules and politics even between opponents, turning the dispute between parties into a mechanism for improving public policy. It will be a challenge of reconstruction and survival, not necessarily in that order.

Articles published by subscription do not reflect the opinion of the newspaper. Its publication aims to stimulate the discussion of Brazilian and world issues and reflect the diverse trends of contemporary thought.

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According to Lindberg Farias, PT will not “outsource the political operations” of Lira.



According to Lindberg Farias, PT will not "outsource the political operations" of Lira.

BRAZIL – Elected federal deputy Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) said this Wednesday, the 30th, that the elected government will not “transfer political activity” of the executive to the National Congress. PT has already formalized its support for the re-election of Arthur Lyra (PP-AL) as President of the Chamber, but intends to have its own political articulator and strong party base to drive its agenda in the Chamber.

“Lira in Bolsonaro’s government was a kind of prime minister. He was the president of the chamber and a major political figure in the interests of the Bolsonaro chamber. With us, everything will be different. He will be mayor, but we don’t want to outsource political activities, Lula’s government projects for the lira. This is the key. This is the new government. We are talking to the parties that will make up the government,” Farias said.

MP-elected Lindbergh Farias (PT/RJ) says PT is in talks with grassroots parties to form a bloc for Lula’s government.

The elected MP confirmed that the PT wants to chair the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), the main commission where all drafts and proposals are analyzed in advance, before voting in the plenary session. When asked about the possibility of Bolsonaro’s PL parliamentarian heading the commission, Farias replied that there was no such possibility.

“You can lead the CCJ for two years, but with a different mass party. Lyra knows this. It will kick the crap out of any deal. You put the president of the LP there, you separate everything. He doesn’t have it. You can’t get into one of them, support Lyra and still have someone from the LP in CCJ,” he commented.

The MP-elected said it was “important to guarantee this space for the government and fight to create a base”, which is not related to the PL. “We do not want to participate in a block with the LP. Each government, when it starts, creates its own base. We want to build this base with the parties that supported us in the second round, PSD, União Brasil, MDB. If we create this base, it will be the biggest block in the Chamber, that’s what we’re going to do.”

The elected MP also drew attention to the need for the PT to indicate its ministries of finance and political articulation as soon as possible. “We want to create a government base in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The political operator of the government, Lula, will be the leader of the government. There must be someone who will conduct these negotiations,” he said.

Farias insisted on the importance of the approval of the Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) for the Bolsa Família, but stated that this is not the only budget decision for the next year. “It’s not about the PEC and not about death. There are other alternatives, with consultations with the Union Accounts Chamber or a temporary measure of emergency loans,” he said.

Yesterday, the federation created by PT-PCdoB-PV, as well as the PSB, announced that they would support Lira as chairman of the Chamber. The parties that were part of Lula’s coalition made a joint statement in the House after meeting with the benches. With 94 MPs, the parties are in talks to build parliamentary blocs, a tool used to separate positions in the House of Representatives such as committee chairs and board positions.

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Bolsonaro accepts allies for a month of lockdown – 11/29/2022 – Poder



Bolsonaro accepts allies for a month of lockdown - 11/29/2022 - Poder

A month after losing the presidential election Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT)the president Jair Bolsonaro (Poland) cautiously emerged from the lockdown she imposed after the poll results were announced.

According to those around him, the president is already less depressed by the defeat, but still wants to remain a recluse. Gradually, he resumed his schedule of meetings outside the Palacio da Alvorada, the official residence.

The president’s conclusion, a few public words spoken over the past month, and a coup d’état by his party, the PL, to cast doubt on the election results were ultimately seen as a veiled inducement to anti-democratic actions by supporters in front of the barracks.

During his seclusion after the defeat, Bolsonaro was engaged in pleasing the allies and discussing the future of his political group in opposition. Among them is the race for the presidency of the Senate.

All conversations were conducted behind closed doors and, for the most part, in the Alvorada Palace. Last week, he hosted the allied senators nominated as candidates for the presidency of the House of Representatives: Teresa Cristina (PP-MS), Rogerio Marinho (PL-RN), Eduardo Gomez (PL-TO) and Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ). The meeting was attended by his eldest son, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ).

According to the interlocutors of the CEO, today he prefers the name nautical in dispute. The senator was his minister of regional development and is considered a man of good transit in Congress.

If he enters the race to command the Senate, Marinho will have to take on current President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG).

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According to allies, last week Bolsonaro worked to have two federal judges appointed to the STJ (Superior Court).Mesod Azoulay Neto and Paulo Sergio Dominguez were approved by the Senate.

Members of the judiciary and Lula’s allies wanted to leave the vote for the next year, but the nominations were approved by the senators.

On the other hand, Bolsonaro also appointed allies to the regulatory bodies and to the Ethics Commission under the President of the Republic.

Last week, he appointed his minister of the government secretariat and right-hand man Celio Faria to the President’s Commission on Public Ethics. Jr🇧🇷 He is one of the president’s closest aides and one of those who were with Bolsonaro the most during his seclusion in Alvorada.

Another candidate for the panel is João Enrique Nascimento de Freitas, Special Advisor to the President.

The nominations were published in an additional issue of the Official Gazette on Friday (18). Positions work with mandates – so they are integral and will be part of the collegiality for a good part of the third term of office. Lula.

In addition to them, Bolsonaro appointed Luciana Lauria López, who is the Secretariat’s Special Adviser on Strategic Affairs (SAE), Ombudsman for Antaq (National Water Transport Agency). She is also the wife of Freitas, Bolsonaro’s appointed member of the Ethics Commission.

In the same Official Gazette of November 18, Bolsonaro appointed Edgar Ribeiro Diaz as Ombudsman for Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency). He is the chief of staff of Celio Faria Jr.

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On the same day, the chief executive gave three more names to regulators. Everything must pass Senate review.

Since last Wednesday (23), the president has left his official residence three times.Palace of Alvorada to go to his place of work, the Planalto Palace.

In all cases, he never spent more than five hours there.

During this month after the defeat, Bolsonaro avoided speeches and public statements. He only spoke to the press once, two days after the results of the second round, when he asked supporters to unblock the roads, but said other demonstrations were welcome.

He abandoned the tradition of conducting live broadcasts, the so-called live, as he did from the beginning of his presidential term.

In social networks, Bolsonaro generally reduced his activity. In one of the rare publications, he published on Tuesday his photo over the coat of arms of the republic.

O the president this Tuesday (29) ended the month without holding motociatas – the events that marked his pre-defeat mandate Lula in the elections this year.

Bolsonaro was last at a demonstration and rode a motorcycle with supporters on October 29, Saturday, in Belo Horizonte, on the eve of the vote.

After the electoral defeat, his most radical supporters gathered outside the barracks to call for a military coup. At the same time, the LP has been used to question the legitimacy of the elections, although without pointing to any proof or evidence of fraud.

The attempt earned PL President Valdemar Costa Neto an STF (Federal Supreme Court) investigation and a fine of almost 23 million reais against the party.

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This Tuesday (29) Bolsonaro met in Planalto with the President of Firjan (Federation of Industry of the State of Rio de Janeiro) Eduardo Eugenio Vieira and with Valdemar.

In addition to the Planalto program, he and First Lady Michele Bolsonaro invited some 60 children to a Christmas cantata in Alvorada.

The event was organized by the Pátria Voluntária program coordinated by Michelle. No official photos of the meeting have been released.

Last Saturday (26) the president also traveled to the state of Rio to attend his first public event since defeat, a military ceremony in the city of Resende.

He remained silent at the event. Vice President Hamilton Murao (Republicans) was seen at the ceremony talking to Bolsonaro, but the president reacted listlessly.

“I told him there were a lot of people wanting to take pictures with him, I asked him to go there and take pictures with people, but he was a little sad,” Murao said on Tuesday of a conversation he had with Bolsonaro.

At a time of Bolsonaro’s greatest seclusion, Murao himself gave a different explanation for the president’s disappearance. Both the MP and other allies explained that Bolsonaro was recovering from a bacterial infection in his legs.

Murão also assumed the institutional role normally held by the President of the Republic. Last month, for example, he received credentials from foreign ambassadors who will work in Brazil.

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