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Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S22 start at € 790, while the Galaxy Tab S8 starts at € 680.



Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S22 start at € 790, while the Galaxy Tab S8 starts at € 680.

After revealing the important specs of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series models, here are the prices for each of the options, and they’ll start at 790 euros.

The Galaxy Tab S8 hits the market at a lower price point that starts at 680 euros. But to get the top models of each series, users will have to fork out …

Galaxy S22 Series Pricing

Complete the prices for the S22 series and the Tab S8 series. S22: $ 899 S22 +: $ 1099. prices for the series in the near future.

– KFC Simp (@ chunvn8888) January 11, 2022

Already on February 8, the new flagship Samsung S22 series will be unveiled globally at the Unpacked brand event. The models that will be included in this line are already known, as are the main characteristics of each version.

What’s left to find out? exactly, the prices that have just been revealed on the Internet, on the social network Twitter. And all stakeholders should prepare their portfolio for the occasion. Since the prices currently published are in dollars, we have converted them to euros; For this reason, these will not be exact prices, but they will not deviate far from these values. ready?

So, the base model Galaxy S22 will sell in the United States of America for $ 899, which is around 790 euros.

For the S22 +, the price increases to $ 1,099, something around € 970. And when we get to the S22 Ultra, the cost is 1299, that is, approximately 1145 euros.

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Unfortunately, the leaked RAM and internal memory configurations are not specified, so we will have to consider that there will be different prices between options such as 8 GB and 12 GB of RAM, as well as with 128 GB and 256 GB of storage. …

The difference in price between Samsung Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13

And for users who are currently undecided about whether to buy Apple’s top model, the iPhone 13, or wait for Samsung’s flagship, here’s a little price comparison to help them make a tough decision.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 – 790 euros versus iPhone 13 – from 929 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 + – 970 euros vs iPhone 13 Pro – price 1,179
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra € 1.145 vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – € 1.279

As a reminder, the prices listed here for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series have been recalculated from dollars to euros, so it is likely that the actual price will still be subject to some adjustments.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: extended prices for the new tablet

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S8 will come with multiple credit @ OnLeaks / 91Mobiles options available

But also the prices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series have appeared on the network, this time in euros and with the correctly indicated options. The information was provided by the GSMArena website, which also adds that each model will have a Wi-Fi option and another option for mobile.

But without further ado, let’s find out the cost of each of the options.

  • Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 128 GB) 680-700 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 256 GB) € 830-850
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (5G / 8GB + 128GB) 830-850 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (5G / 8GB + 256GB) 880-900 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 128 GB) 880-900 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 256 GB) € 930-950
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (5G / 8GB + 128GB) € 1.040-1.060
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (5G / 8GB + 256GB) 1.900-1.110 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • (Wi-Fi / 8GB + 128GB) € 1.040-1.060
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (5G / 8GB + 128GB) € 1,200-1,220
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And as you can see from the previous list, the new Samsung tablet will have versions and prices for every taste and wallet. It is now up to the evaluation of the specifications included in each of these options, and of course the calculations.

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PlayStation Store Announces “Unmissable Deals” Until August 30th



PlayStation Store Announces "Unmissable Deals" Until August 30th

Game console

The promotion gives discounts on games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and The Crew 2.

PlayStation Store announcement "Offers not to be missed" until August 30
© Playback/PlayStationPlayStation Store Announces “Unmissable Deals” Until August 30th

BUT PlayStation Store (PS Store) announced this Wednesday (17) promotion “Offers not to be missed“, which is valid until August 30 and offers discounts on more than 600 games and DLC, especially Gang Beasts, The Crew 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Gran Turismo Sport and Diablo III.

Discounts are available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games, including additional content. It is important to note that some games have cumulative promotions for PlayStation Plus subscribers, while others are available in the Extra and Deluxe catalogs of the service. See some highlights below:

– Metro Exodus (PS4 + PS5), from 149.50 to 52.32 reais (-65%);
– Diablo III: Eternal Collection (PS4), from 249 reais to 82.17 reais (-67%);
– Evil Inside (PS5), from 69.90 to 34.95 BRL (-50%);
– Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe + Vergil (PS4), from R$169.50 to R$84.75 (-50%);
– Decision (PS5), from 199.50 reais to 99.75 reais (-50%);

– Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Standard Edition (PS4), from R$99.90 to R$29.97 (-70%);
– Source of Madness (PS5), from R$104.90 to R$83.92 (-20%);
– The Crew 2 (PS4), from R$179.90 to R$35.98 (-80%);
– Days Gone (PS4): R$199.50 to R$79.80 (-60%);
– BioShock: The Collection (PS4), from R$207.90 to R$41.58 (-80%).

The Unmissable Deals promotion is valid until August 30, and it is important to remember that before making a purchase, check the platform that matches your console – for example, if the game is for PS4 or PS5.

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WhatsApp already has a native Windows app that works offline with your smartphone – Computers



WhatsApp already has a native Windows app that works offline with your smartphone - Computers

WhatsApp already offered a Windows application based on the Internet browser format, but smartphone is required to be online at all times in order for the messaging app to work. A new version of WhatsApp has been released that runs natively on Windows and promises to be faster and more secure for users. The app was in beta, but you can already access the final version for Windows.

The new application has been developed and optimized for use in the Windows operating system environment. And in addition to increasing the response speed, when sending and receiving messages, it intends to be more secure. But the main feature of this special application is that you can continue to receive notifications and exchange messages even when your smartphone is offline..

See the gallery for images of the PC application:

Installing an application that you can access from Window, requires you to complete the same pairing process via the smartphone app. So, once installed on Windows, you should access WhatsApp on your smartphone, click on the three dots of options, and click on connected devices.

BUT The Windows app will provide a QR code that you need to scan with your smartphone to connect the system to your account.. From there, you can use the Windows app without a smartphone. You users can now connect four devices at the same time to your account, keeping messages encrypted.

WhatsApp says that native application for Mac operating systems is still in developmentbut users can already access the beta version, with instructions for accessing which can be found at statement.

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Transferring data from Android to another can be easy with MobileTrans. See how to do it!



Transferring data from Android to another can be easy with MobileTrans.  See how to do it!

Post content. More and more cell phones have a short lifespan, which means that device switching is a common occurrence for most people. What is little discussed are the difficulties that arise from there. You had everything set up nicely on your old phone, but now what?

There are many alternatives for transferring data from one cell phone to another according to the needs of the user. Most of them are difficult, and there are even completely unsafe ones, which further complicates the whole process.

To help you with these problems, in this text I will talk a little about a program called MobileTrans. With it, you can easily back up and transfer all kinds of data from one mobile phone to another.

What is MobileTrans?

MobileTrans is a program available for Windows and macOS that offers features for saving your data and transferring it between different devices. This includes transfer data from android to androidfrom Android to iOS, from mobile phones to PC, etc.

With MobileTrans, you can backup and transfer more than 18 types of data such as photos, videos, images, music, chats, and even apps. On mobile phones, it works for both the Android operating system and the iPhone.

In addition, the program provides security without deleting data from the original device or formatting the device. Its ease of use allows even people who are not used to dealing with such programs to use it with ease.

How to transfer data from Android using MobileTrans?

If you need to transfer data from an old mobile phone to a new device, this text is for you. Here I will teach you how to send data from one Android device to another using MobileTrans very simply and quickly. Come on!

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Step 1: Download MobileTrans

The first step is to download MobileTrans. This can be done on the program’s website through a free trial. Be careful to choose the correct version according to your computer’s operating system.

As soon as the program is downloaded, you will notice the presence of a file with the name “mobiletrans” and the extension “.exe”. Click on it, follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the installation to complete. The process takes only a few seconds.

Step 2: Run the program

Once the program is installed, you will run it. This can be done automatically (by clicking the Start button after installation) or manually by finding the MobileTrans icon. on your computer desktopthen double click and the program will open.

Step 3: Choose Options

Once you open the app, look for the “Mobile Phone Transfer” option that will appear at the top of the program between “WhatsApp Transfer” and “Backup & Restore”. You will then see new options about the possible types of data transfer.

For our purposes in this text, you can choose the option “from mobile to mobile”. Despite this, it can be said that you can also import data from a computer to a mobile phone (and vice versa) or even connect to iCloud (Apple’s mobile phone cloud).

Step 4: Connect mobile phones

The next step is to connect two devices: the one that contains the data you want to transfer, and the one that will receive it. This must be done using USB cables connected to the computer. follow up the need for authorization requested by smartphones so that there are no problems with the USB connection.

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Step 5. Transfer Details

As soon as you connect cell phones, they will be identified by the program. Pay special attention to their position in the “source device” and “target device” fields and click the “invert” button if necessary. It is very important!

Before you start, you must select (in the center column) what content you want to transfer from one mobile phone to another. Options include photos, contacts, SMS, voice mail, videos, call logs, notes, voice messages, calendar, and reminders.

It may be necessary to adjust some details according to the specific devices, but MobileTrans does a great job of helping users every step of the way when needed. data transfer from one mobile phone to anotherso that you have no doubts in the process. Follow the instructions and click “Start” to transfer.

Step 6: Finishing

After selecting the options and starting the transfer process, just wait. The time will depend on the number of files being copied, so in some cases you will need to be patient. In all cases, no more than a few minutes will be spent.

It is very important that you do not turn off cell phones during the transfer, otherwise the data will be corrupted. You won’t lose what you have on your old phone, but you will need to redo all the steps in the process.

And it’s all! Very simple, right?

With MobileTrans, you never have to worry about the bureaucracy and hassle of switching phones again. Follow the instructions in this guide and in the program itself and enjoy your new phone!

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