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Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S22 start at € 790, while the Galaxy Tab S8 starts at € 680.



Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S22 start at € 790, while the Galaxy Tab S8 starts at € 680.

After revealing the important specs of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series models, here are the prices for each of the options, and they’ll start at 790 euros.

The Galaxy Tab S8 hits the market at a lower price point that starts at 680 euros. But to get the top models of each series, users will have to fork out …

Galaxy S22 Series Pricing

Complete the prices for the S22 series and the Tab S8 series. S22: $ 899 S22 +: $ 1099. prices for the series in the near future.

– KFC Simp (@ chunvn8888) January 11, 2022

Already on February 8, the new flagship Samsung S22 series will be unveiled globally at the Unpacked brand event. The models that will be included in this line are already known, as are the main characteristics of each version.

What’s left to find out? exactly, the prices that have just been revealed on the Internet, on the social network Twitter. And all stakeholders should prepare their portfolio for the occasion. Since the prices currently published are in dollars, we have converted them to euros; For this reason, these will not be exact prices, but they will not deviate far from these values. ready?

So, the base model Galaxy S22 will sell in the United States of America for $ 899, which is around 790 euros.

For the S22 +, the price increases to $ 1,099, something around € 970. And when we get to the S22 Ultra, the cost is 1299, that is, approximately 1145 euros.

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Unfortunately, the leaked RAM and internal memory configurations are not specified, so we will have to consider that there will be different prices between options such as 8 GB and 12 GB of RAM, as well as with 128 GB and 256 GB of storage. …

The difference in price between Samsung Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13

And for users who are currently undecided about whether to buy Apple’s top model, the iPhone 13, or wait for Samsung’s flagship, here’s a little price comparison to help them make a tough decision.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 – 790 euros versus iPhone 13 – from 929 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 + – 970 euros vs iPhone 13 Pro – price 1,179
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra € 1.145 vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – € 1.279

As a reminder, the prices listed here for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series have been recalculated from dollars to euros, so it is likely that the actual price will still be subject to some adjustments.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: extended prices for the new tablet

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S8 will come with multiple credit @ OnLeaks / 91Mobiles options available

But also the prices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series have appeared on the network, this time in euros and with the correctly indicated options. The information was provided by the GSMArena website, which also adds that each model will have a Wi-Fi option and another option for mobile.

But without further ado, let’s find out the cost of each of the options.

  • Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 128 GB) 680-700 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 256 GB) € 830-850
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (5G / 8GB + 128GB) 830-850 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (5G / 8GB + 256GB) 880-900 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 128 GB) 880-900 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (Wi-Fi / 8 GB + 256 GB) € 930-950
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (5G / 8GB + 128GB) € 1.040-1.060
  • Galaxy Tab S8 + (5G / 8GB + 256GB) 1.900-1.110 euros
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • (Wi-Fi / 8GB + 128GB) € 1.040-1.060
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (5G / 8GB + 128GB) € 1,200-1,220
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And as you can see from the previous list, the new Samsung tablet will have versions and prices for every taste and wallet. It is now up to the evaluation of the specifications included in each of these options, and of course the calculations.

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The new European Samsung Galaxy S22 will be equipped with an Exynos 2200 processor



The new European Samsung Galaxy S22 will be equipped with an Exynos 2200 processor

As the date of the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 family of smartphones approaches, publications begin to appear on social networks, which in some way confirm many of the rumors that have appeared.

One of the most pressing doubts is related to the new SoC (System-on-Chip) from Samsung. new exynos 2200, which features the new Xclipse 920 graphics controller using the AMD RDNA2 architecture.

According to this Twitter post, which lists the SoCs that will be distributed across different regions, it was created with firmware development in mind, which is being created for the new Galaxy S22.

If proven, the European continent will be the only region where the new Exynos 2200 will be exclusive, and the markets where both SoCs are available, such as Africa, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia, the rest will be Snapdragon 8 Gen1 exclusive. . . .

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Horizon Chase Gets New China Spirit DLC – Mobile Gamer



Horizon Chase Gets New China Spirit DLC - Mobile Gamer

Horizon Chase, one of best offline racing games per android e iOS it has a new update. The update brought a new DLC called Chinese spirit, which includes cars and new tracks. The price of new content is 10.99 reais.

The DLC is exclusive to the mobile version of Horizon Chase.

as it happened in other years, Aquiris releases an exclusive mobile update to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 1st.

This update comes with a new Lightning car (signs?) that looks like a Tesla. This car is also equipped with an electric motor in the game. The pack includes 4 unique coloring pages and 9 new tracks.

Watch the update trailer.

About chasing the horizon

Originally released in 2015, Horizon Chase is still being updated to this day (24). The racing game is one of the main games of the genre and one of the best offline racing games for mobile phones.

Created as a tribute to such classics as Top Gear (SNES), Out Run (Mega Drive) and Lotus Turbo Challenge (Amiga, the eternal “father of Top Gear”). Three super classics from the 90s, Horizon Chase also features Amazing DLC ​​with the eternal idol tracks Airton Senna.

A complete offline oriented game with so much content that it also ended up on PC and consoles. Horizon Chase is a must. A game that will appeal to both the generation that grew up on old consoles and the youth who like games that do not require the Internet.

Download links: ANDROID | iOS

Developer: Aquiris
Advertising: No | Offline game
Contains in-app purchases: only one
Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 7.1
Language: Portuguese | Size: 530 MB

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The James Webb Telescope arrived today at L2, its destination in orbit around the Sun – 01/24/2022



The James Webb Telescope arrived today at L2, its destination in orbit around the Sun - 01/24/2022

Nearly a month after launch, the James Webb Space Telescope will arrive today (24) at its deep space destination. According to NASA, the telescope’s thrusters are due to fire on Monday afternoon, when the giant is put into orbit around the Sun.

Released December 25James Webb will enter orbit at a point known as Lagrange 2 (or L2), about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. This distance is four times greater than the distance between our planet and the Moon. At this point, the gravitational forces of the Earth and the Sun cancel each other out, forcing the object to stay there effortlessly and using a minimum of fuel.

Once in his new home, millions of miles from Earth, Webb will complete instrument testing and calibration procedures before he goes to work. Work is only scheduled to begin in June 2022, a date that should also mark the delivery of the first images taken by the telescope.

NASA will not broadcast James Webb’s arrival at his new home in space. However, the agency plans several follow-up live broadcasts after completing an important part of the mission.

Starting at 5:00 pm (Brazil time), the agency will host a live broadcast with scientists and engineers working on the Webb project. The broadcast will be NASA Science Live as well as their profiles on YouTube, facebook e Twitter.

During the live broadcast, viewers will be able to ask questions using the hashtag #UnfoldtheUniverse or leave comments on facebook or on youtube.

Amber Strawn, Associate Communications Specialist for the Webb Project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and Scarlene Hernandez, Flight Systems Engineer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, will talk about the telescope’s journey and answer questions from netizens.

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The live broadcast will be followed by a press conference, also broadcast on the agency’s website.


The mission of the James Webb Telescope is to better understand the early stages of the formation of our Universe, to observe and discover distant exoplanets, and to try to answer questions such as: How fast is the Universe expanding?

The telescope, with a $10 billion investment, is the successor and collaborator of the Hubble telescope launched in 1990. Both were created for observation in deep space, that is, astronomical objects that are very far from the Earth. But while Hubble is detecting ultraviolet light and the visible elements of the electromagnetic spectrum, the novice will be able to see space in the infrared spectrum – invisible to the naked eye.

James Webb will be able to take pictures beyond the nebulae — clouds of gas and dust — that are the strength of his predecessor, and he will be able to show where stars are born. Thus, it complements the existing information.

In addition, Hubble will be able to look 400 million years after the Big Bang, and James Webb will allow us to observe the first galaxies formed about 100 million years after this phenomenon. Thanks to this, scientists will be able to better understand the conditions for the origin of the universe.

The researchers also intend to use the telescope to study the supermassive black holes that appear to occupy the centers of distant galaxies.

Last stage

With the arrival of James Webb at point L2, the mission comes to the last leg of the journey. During the 30 days that the telescope followed its orbital point, it completed the relevant assembly steps without much trouble.

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In early January, the telescope passed the most difficult stage fully open the heat shield, a five-tier umbrella measuring 20 by 14 meters – the size of a tennis court.

This equipment is necessary for observing space and is important for protecting scientific instruments from the heat of the sun and radiation emitted by the Earth and the Moon. Shortly thereafter, Webb achieved his goal. final configuration completing the “unrolling” of their mirrors two weeks after launch.

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