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Find out who Julia Fox, the woman who replaced Kim Kardashian in the heart of Kanye West: “I love this journey” – World



Find out who Julia Fox, the woman who replaced Kim Kardashian in the heart of Kanye West: "I love this journey" - World

Kanye West confirmed his relationship with Julia Fox with a production for Interview Magazine, a publication for which she wrote about the moment they met – they were already spotted in the press at a meeting that took place in Connecticut earlier this year. Thus, the 31-year-old actress became the first official companion of the 44-year-old musician known as “Ye”.what is now his name on the record following his high-profile divorce from socialite Kim Kardashian last year.

Julia Fox and Kanye West spotted on a date
Photo: Getty Images

I met E in Miami on New Yearsand it was an instant call. His energy was so cheerful that my friends and I laughed and danced and smiled all night long. We decided to save energy and we flew to New York to watch the play “Slave”… After the show we had dinner at Carbone, one of my favorite restaurants, of course, “he began.

But it didn’t stop there: “At restaurant E did a whole photo shoot for me while people were having dinner. The whole restaurant was ecstatic and applauded as it happened. After dinner, E prepared a surprise for me, I am still in shock: it was a hotel room full of clothes, it was every girl’s dream. It was a real Cinderella moment for me, but I was so surprised who does something like this on a second date? any date? Everything between us was so organic that I don’t know where things are going, but if this is any hint of the future, I love this trip.Some subscribers to the magazine, however, note in the comment box that they are skeptical of this new relationship, accusing Kanye of trying to make his ex-wife jealous. that she is also with a new companion, comedian Pete Davidson.

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The native of Milan is descended from an Italian mother and an American father. She was married to the pilot Pyotr Artemiev, from whom she gave birth to a son in 2021 and attracted attention for her role in the debut film “Rough Diamond”. starring Adam Sandler, for which he was nominated for four awards. In 2021, he appeared in Steven Soderbergh’s film False Motion.

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“No one goes there to get rich…”



Pedro Mourinho revela quanto ganham os jornalistas para ir para a guerra na Ucrânia: “Ninguém vai para lá para enriquecer…”

Pedro Mourinho was one of the people present at the TVI celebration in São João do Porto. During the party, the journalist made several statements to journalists and eventually remembered the days when he covered the war in Ukraine.

In statements to TV magazine 7 days, Pedro Mourinho recalled the difficult moments he endured while covering the war in Ukraine: “Every night we heard bomb explosions. It was very intense. Nuno and I had to go through situations that we did not talk about, but which remain in our memory. There will be time to talk about it. But our lives are in danger.” disclosed.

In continuation of this issue, the journalist spoke about the fake news that has arisen around the value that a military journalist can earn: “There have been rumors on social media that journalists are making a fuss. This is completely false. And this is not a criticism, not a complaint. This is what pays. We have a sense of mission and that is why we go there, but in Ukraine we get as much as in Badajoz.” explained.

Ultimately, the TVI pivot disclosed the exact amount they received while in Ukraine: “Daily allowance – 89 euros, and overnight – 30. This will be the case for RTP, SIC and TVI. No one goes there to get rich, but to tell what they are watching, to do the best job possible, with a very strong missionary spirit for their channel, for their profession, and nothing else.”fired.

At the end of the conversation, Pedro Mourinho announced that he intended to return to Ukraine at the end of this year: “It’s not tomorrow, but I feel like I’m still going back to Ukraine this year. I am absolutely sure. Not now, because the war is in a difficult phase, in a stalemate, it is not the time to go back, but it is important to keep the coverage of the war alive so that it does not sink into oblivion.“.

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Eliana from Married at First Sight writes an emotional letter to her mother: “This is very confusing.”



Eliana from Married at First Sight writes an emotional letter to her mother: "This is very confusing."

This Thursday, June 23rd, Eliana Voith run to your Instagram page write an emotional letter to a mother who died in a fire more than 10 years ago and on this day she will have a birthday.

Hi, Mom. This is very confusing. The truth is, we are all tired. Tired of a lot, a lot of people, a lot of events. Tired of things you can’t even explain. Each with their own luggage. Each with his own cross. There are a lot of people here who we think are fine, but they are not. It’s just that someone is making a huge effort not to fall apart.”started talking.

“Today would be another birthday for you and it would certainly be the day to order Portuguese stew, your favorite dish. I would give anything to hug you again. I want you to see what I have conquered, where I have been and what battles I have fought. How many of them did I win? How much have I lost. And how I keep standing. Ready for whatever comes. Despite fatigue, difficulties, insecurities and fears”he said.

“Because that’s what life is, drinking coffee and facing the day. It is useless to sit and worry. What will be will be, and we will face it when it comes. But it would be much easier to deal with some of the hardships around you. Or just be able to count on hugs and ‘everything will be fine’.”he added.

“Whatever your day is, I hope you are calm. That’s all I want. You are sorely missed, momhe concluded.

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Recall that Eliana Voigt participated in the 1st season of the SIC program, Married at first sightwhere he exchanged alliances with Dave Hack.


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What will Anitta sing at Rock in Rio? “There were days and days of consultations with Portuguese friends”



What will Anitta sing at Rock in Rio?  "There were days and days of consultations with Portuguese friends"

Singer Anitta, who will perform on the Mundo stage of the 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa on Sunday 26th, admits that it was difficult to choose songs for the show and even says she asked for help from her Portuguese friends. The Brazilian artist will perform for about an hour, after Jason Derulo and in front of rapper Post Malone.

“Ugh… good. I think I got an acceptable result. Mission Impossible to put together a Rock in Rio Lisboa repertoire, folks. 1 hour show just because I haven’t been to Portugal for a while…because I’ve been trying to solve this equation for weeks,” Anitta wrote in social network twitter.

Also on Twitter, the singer reports that “all” the songs you like “in just an hour” will not be able to sing. “I wanted two hours of the show to sing everything,” he says.

“You will leave out one thing after another,” he writes, adding that he “provides as much as possible.”

Anitta also admits that she asked the opinion of Portuguese friends about the songs and tried to remember the ones she sang in Portugal.

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The artist performs at the Mundo Palco do Rock in Rio Lisbon on Sunday, June 26 from 21:00 to 22:15. Before her, HMB and Jason Derulo take the stage. Post Malone closes Mundo Stage after Anitta’s concert. You tickets for this day – the last of the 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa – sold out this Thursday.

This is the second time Anitta has performed at Rock in Rio Lisboa. In 2018, he already took Brazilian funk on “Cidade do Rock”.

The artist returns to Portugal on July 17 to perform at Meo Marés Vivas in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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