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Fight between Paraense Voador and Portuguese postponed to UFC 270 | the fight



Fight between Paraense Voador and Portuguese postponed to UFC 270 |  the fight

The UFC hastened to find a new rival for Brazilian Michel Pereira, but Paraense Voador will still have to wait an extra week to play in the Octagon. Hours after confirming that Portuguese André Fiallo was hired to fight him, Para welterweight saw his fight being rescheduled from UFC Kattar x Chikadze the following Saturday to UFC 270, January 22nd.

The MMA Fighting website was the first to report the change. One of Pereira’s coaches tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday and the fight was postponed for a week in accordance with UFC disease control protocols.

The fight between Michel Pereira (left) and André Fiallo (right) will have to wait until January 22nd – Photo: Arte ge

At the same time, both the Brazilian and Fiallo will have more time to prepare the strategy of the fight, married on Tuesday. The original opponent of Pereira was the Russian Muslim Salikhov, who left the battle due to illness. On January 22nd, Anaheim, California, USA, will host UFC 270 with two title fights: the Heavyweight Championship between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane and the Flyweight Championship between Brandon Moreno and Daveson Figueiredo.

At 28, Michel Pereira has won three straight UFC victories. In the last two fights he fought in 2020, he defeated Zelim Imadayev and Chaos Williams. And in his only performance last year, he beat Niko Price. A fight with Salikhov would be important, since the Russian currently occupies 15th place in the rating, which, if won, could put Paraense Voador on the list. The Brazilian, who now lives in Las Vegas, has 26 wins and 11 losses, as well as two “No Contests” (no result).

A year younger than the Brazilian, Portuguese André Fiallo has competed in Bellator, LFA and PFL, with 14 wins, three losses and no competition. A member of Team Sandford in Florida, where he coaches the likes of Gilbert Durinho and Vicente Luque, Fiallo has won four straight wins – all by knockout – and his last three in the UAE Warriors Arab tournament. His last fight was in October when he knocked out Serb Stefan Sekulic.

UFC Kattar vs. Chikadze will continue with 11 battles. Check out the updated timetable below.

UFC service Kattar x Chikadze

OUR The fight UFC Kattar x Chikadze will be streaming live and exclusively next Saturday from 6pm (Brazilian time). In the same time, SportTV 3 e display “Battle warming“and then the first two fights, and the site follows the events in real time.

UFC Kattar x Chikadze
January 15, 2022 in Las Vegas (USA)
MAIN MAP (21:00 GMT):
Peso Foam: Calvin Kattar x Giga Chikadze
Peso Mosca: Kathleen Chukagian x Jennifer Maya
Flyweight: Brandon Royval vs. Rogerio Bontorina
Heavyweight: Jake Collier x Chase Sherman
Penalties: Bill Algeo x Joanderson Tubarao
PRELIMINARY MAP (18:15 Brazil time):
Middleweight: Jamie Pickett vs. Joseph Holmes
Welterweight: Court McGee vs. Ramiz Brahimai
Peso Pen: Gabriel Benitez x TJ Brown
Peso Lion: Dakota Bush x Vyacheslav Borshchev
Peso halo: Brian Kelleher x Saidyokub Kakhramonov
Minimum Weight: Silvana Juarez vs. Vanessa Demopoulos

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Glovo puts Spanish at the head of the Portuguese market



Glovo puts Spanish at the head of the Portuguese market

Glovo has a new leader in the Portuguese market. The food and grocery delivery platform has appointed Spaniard Joaquín Vazquez as CEO of the Portuguese market, according to an announcement made on Tuesday.

Joaquín Vazquez has so far been the CEO of the company in central and southern Spain. In his new position, a manager with a degree in sales and marketing management will lead Glovo’s next phase of growth in Portugal.

The company intends to hire more people, reach 75% of the Portuguese population and ship products outside of 90 national cities.

“Glovo is entering its fifth year of operations in Portugal and continues to grow year on year in the country – 2021 recorded growth of over 100% across all categories. We want to further diversify the products available in the app, think outside the box. and thus realize our vision: to give everyone and everyone access to everything in their cities,” says the new official, quoted in a press release.

Since 2021, technology has begun to rely on three delivery verticals: within 15 minutes (ultra-fast food and grocery delivery), within 30 minutes (food delivery), or within hours (planned purchases). Portuguese Mercadan and Spanish market Lola).

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″Already transmitted from Portuguese″. Brazil and Portugal or double negative



″Already transmitted from Portuguese″.  Brazil and Portugal or double negative

Portugal, my grandfather (Manuel Bandeira)

Book by Carlos Fino. Portugal-Brazil: Roots of weirdness is a very well-documented and well-founded historical analysis of the undeniable factual reality that are anti-Portuguese manifestations present, hidden or expressed in Brazilian culture. The reaction of living denial that this book has found in Portugal and Brazil illustrates the idea, which I will try to develop here, of the “double denial” on which the Portuguese-Brazilian relationship is based, which, paradoxically, finds in this double denial of passionate roots. their encounters and disagreements.

Noel Rosa in one of his songs reminds us that “everything that the scoundrel says / in a soft voice / is Brazilian, has already come from Portuguese” (has no translation, 1930). The transition from Portuguese to Brazilian was the obvious and natural destination of the Portuguese in Brazil. But this rejection of the Portuguese has its origin (as Carlos Fino shows) in the very project and dream of the Portuguese in relation to Brazil: to create a true homeland worthy of an empire across the Atlantic, away from the cramped piece of Europe that was ours. The king of Portugal himself said this when he decided to establish in Brazil the seat of an empire that, without the brilliance and richness of the past, still dominated the maritime trade network that connected four continents: Asia, Africa, America and Europe. How strange that the court of Rio de Janeiro, in the face of this grandiose project, preferred to transfer Portugal to the government of the English marshal? When we were a colony of Brazilians, we were in fact the colony of the Portuguese dream itself, formulated by António Vieira or Luis da Cunha and applied by Portuguese administration and diplomacy until it culminated in the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil, which could only have its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

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Being the independence of the Portuguese colonists against the intention of the Portuguese of Portugal to return the empire to the Lusitian territory of Europe, the assertion of a Brazilian identity so distant that it was from Indians and blacks could only be carried out through a process of negation. And this denial, which the Portuguese of Brazil inevitably had to make about Portugal, echoes today the denial that the Portuguese and Brazilians now express about the reality of this initial mutual rejection. Hence, negation of negation.

at your rehearsal negation (1925) Freud explained how “the content of a repressed image or idea can emerge into consciousness provided that it is denied,” suggesting that “denial is a way of becoming aware of the repressed, although, of course, without its participation.” accepting what has been repressed.” In the same way, the repression of the Portuguese content, so strongly present in Brazil, was a condition of independence, but it gave rise to a false consciousness, which began to be expressed in various nativisms, like the current denial of this reality. generally does not contribute to a better understanding between the Portuguese and Brazilians.

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“Any aggression against Ukraine will have consequences,” says Augusto Santos Silva — Observer



“Any aggression against Ukraine will have consequences,” says Augusto Santos Silva — Observer

You have free access to all Observer articles as a subscriber.

(in update)

“Our goal is very simple – to avoid an armed conflict in Eastern Europe, an armed conflict on the border between Russia and Ukraine, and that is what we are working for,” Augusto Santos Silva said at a press conference in Brussels on Monday. after the meeting of the Security Council with the heads of EU diplomacy.

The Portuguese Foreign Minister specified that the “politico-diplomatic path” still exists and is “far from” exhausted. “This continues and must continue.”

Augusto Santos Silva also indicated that the US “will give a written response to Russia’s request this week to the proposals submitted by Russia last December, and NATO will do the same.”

“We must all commit ourselves to avoid any escalation,” he added. “Any aggression against Ukraine, any violation by Russia of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine will have grave consequences that will motivate a response. In the case of the EU, a very difficult answer in political and economic terms. We are ready for such a response if necessary,” he continued, later referring to “tough sanctions.”

Ukraine. EU diplomats discussed the situation with their American counterpart


Santo Silva spoke of preventing a “serious crisis” of security in Europe, as well as “any aggression against a sovereign state and any violation of its territorial integrity.” The Portuguese minister also recalled the recent support of the European Commission in the amount of 1.2 billion euros provided to Ukraine, as well as a credit line.

The heads of European Union diplomacy met this Monday to discuss, among other things, the situation of tension between Ukraine and Russia over the threat of attack at a time when the US has ordered the removal of all workers’ families from the country. Embassy of Ukraine with fears of the inevitability of a Russian invasion – the EU says there is no reason to “dramatize” the situation. Today’s videoconference meeting was also attended by the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken.

US and UK recall diplomats from Ukraine, but EU says no need to ‘dramatize’

Also this Monday, NATO Allies put forces on alert and sent ships and fighter jets to strengthen defenses in Eastern Europe against Russian military activity near Ukraine’s borders.

In response to a question from journalists, Augusto Santos Silva clarified that the Portuguese embassy in Ukraine is “small”, which mainly employs local employees, that is, of Ukrainian nationality. “Neither we nor any other EU member state will carry out the withdrawal of diplomatic personnel”, he replied.

The minister also mentioned that there are 216 Portuguese citizens living in the country, with “the vast majority” holding dual citizenship. “We know who they are and where they are,” he said, while only a “residual number” live in eastern Ukraine – there is “special contact with them to ascertain their safety and health status.” There is nothing to report yet. He also recalled that since 2014, at the time of the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, Portugal has advised against traveling to the Donbass.

V interview In the renaissance era, António Costa spoke on Monday about the escalation of tensions on the border with Ukraine. “I am very worried. There are real risks that a military conflict could arise between Russia and Ukraine. We are following the EU and NATO frameworks, we are developing, we are stimulating political dialogue and deterrence.”

“Yesterday I had the opportunity to contact Ursula von der Leyen about our position, and I had the opportunity to emphasize that we must take into account that the decisions we make regarding Russia directly or indirectly affect African countries. next to us,” recalls the prime minister. “Portugal has a military presence within the framework of the United Nations in CAR, Mali. As we approach decisions and take positions, reactions are generated on a variety of fronts. Europe has not only an eastern border, but also a southern border.”

“As a militant optimist, I believe that the most rational is to find a solution within the framework of international law and territorial integrity, which actually allows you to find a deterrent solution,” he emphasizes.

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