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Denser siege of Luis Filipe Vieira



Denser siege of Luis Filipe Vieira

The Ministry of State and the Tax Office are suspicious of the commissions paid to businessmen Bruno Macedo, Ulysses Santos, Giuliano Bertolucci and Isidoro Jimenez. 55 transfers under investigation at Benfica under the leadership of the former leader

There are 55 transactions related to transfers made by Benfica under Luis Filipe Vieira, which the Ministry of State (MP) and the Tax Office (AT) are examining more closely in the context of the Cartão Vermelho process.

When he was arrested in July 2021, former President Benfica was suspected of three transactions, now the number has increased. Yesterday, both CNN Portugal and Sábado magazine released information about the investigation obtained in the AT report, which lends more scope to suspicions justifying the constitution of Vieira, his son Thiago, businessman Bruno Macedo and José António dos Santos, king of chickens, spoke in as defendants at large after payment of the relevant bonds.

Regarding exclusively football Benfica, and supported by several public reports, the names of sports agents Ulysses Santos, Giuliano Bertolucci and Isidoro Jimenez are now associated with the companies under study, with researchers supporting the thesis that between 2012 and 2012. By 2020, these purchases and sales generated commissions of € 10 million. It is about Vieira’s allegedly unlawful receipt using the aforementioned businessmen and accounts in the names of his children, Thiago and Sarah.

According to CNN Portugal, tax inspector Paulo Silva and attorney Rosario Teixeira understand that the four businessmen mentioned above are close to Vieira and have been involved in the business of several athletes over the past few years: the channel points to names such as Seferovic, Everton. , Morato and Lisandro Lopez, but Sabado adds Vitsel, Samaris, Pedrinho, Raul de Thomas, Talisca, Jonas and Veigl to the list of companies under investigation.

And the case with the German is shown as indicative. The exchange of the Dortmund midfielder for Benfica in January 2020 cost the Eagles € 20 million and will generate € 2.5 million in intermediary fees. Presumably, it was the former president of the incarnate who indicated the name of Ulysses Santos as an intermediary in the transaction, but, according to the deputy, after analyzing the documents and intercepting the interception, this agent did not participate in the operation. “I think we should be signing Ulysses here so that we don’t have anything to do with the other guy who represents or doesn’t represent … We are the ones who should be contracted by saying that he is our representative here.” transcribes “CNN Portugal” from Luis Filipe Vieira’s audition included in the process.

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In another, published by Sábado, there is a conversation between Thiago Pinto and Miguel Moreira, then chief football officer and CFO of SAD incarnate, respectively, where both are worried about the possibility that Weigl will notice his contract and see him. mediation that did not exist.

Acquisition of real estate for almost four million

In the case of Pedrinho, which cost Corinthians € 18 million, the alleged receipt of commissions from both clubs by Bruno Macedo and Giuliano Bertolucci is being investigated. In the latter case, Sabado indicates that the agent will buy, three months after the striker was hired by the Eagles, a € 3,950 million Lisbon property from the White Walls of Vieira.

“The facts suggest a correlation between the player’s transfer and the real estate deal between the White Walls Society and Giuliano Bertolucci as a possible tool for sharing compensation with Luis Filipe Vieira,” Rosario Teixeira wrote according to the weekly magazine. The investigation sees more suspicion here of a possible return of money from commissions to the universe of Luis Filipe Vieira and where his family is also in the spotlight.

In another conversation between his son Thiago and the wife of the former leader of the eagles, Wanda, the former tells his mother that the aforementioned White Walls are going to make a transfer to Sarah’s account. [filha de Luís Filipe Vieira]”, an amount that” is still around 200,000 euros, which goes to Sarah’s account and then goes to make payments, “he is quoted as saying.

The GAME tried to get a reaction from those targeted by this news, but none of them were available until the episode closed.

Textor was not the first possible investor

The MP understands that Luis Filipe Vieira and Jose Antonio dos Santos were trying to sell 25 percent of the red SAD to North American John Textor, but this was not the first potential buyer. In conversations intercepted between the former president and Carlos Janela, another name, Chip Sloane, is mentioned as the alleged spokesman for these investors.

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“Surreal” business with a loss of 2.4 million euros from NB

The wiretapping of Luis Filipe Vieira’s telephone conversations also affected conversations in the field of relations with banks, namely with Novo Banco (NB). “Surreal” is the word that tax inspector Paulo Silva uses in his analysis of the real estate negotiations and the assignment of a loan to the aforementioned banking institution carried out by Vieira, José Antonio dos Santos and Avelino Carvalho, with a final loss of € 2.4 million to the bank. “


He arrived at Benfica in the 2017/18 season following the end of his contract with Eintracht Frankfurt. A commission of 1 million euros will be paid.

In the 2011/12 season he moved to Standard de Liege for 9 million euros, and the next season he left for Zenit for 40 million euros.

In 2019/2020, it was worth € 20 million paid to Dortmund. € 2.5 million has been set aside in commissions that are believed to be part of Ulysses Santos’ commission through a suspicious intermediary.

Purchased in Bahia for € 4.75 million in 2014/15, it was permanently shipped to Guangzhou Evergrande in October 2018 as part of a € 25 million global deal.

He was supposed to reach Luz for 20 million euros, but the negotiations were revised at 18 million euros. The investigation indicates that Bruno Macedo and Giuliano Bertolucci received orders from Benfica and Corinthians.

Raul de Thomas
In January 2020, Benfica officially sold the striker to Espanyol for € 20 million, equal to the amount they paid to Real Madrid last July.

In 2014, the Eagles paid Olympiacos € 10 million. The midfielder has resigned this season and signed with Fortuna Sittard.

SAD confirmed in its annual report that although it was acquired at zero cost in 2014/15, “€ 1.3 million for intermediary services” was paid.

The Eagles officially announced that they paid Sao Paulo 7.5 million euros for 85% of the center’s pass, in an amount that included mediation.

In the 2020/21 season, Benfica paid Gremiu € 20 million for the Brazilian player.

Mourinho veta … jesus

A summary of the red card eavesdropping process sent by investigators to Judge Carlos Alexander contains an excerpt from a conversation between businessman Jorge Mendes and trainer José Mourinho with Jorge Jesus as the main topic and a Special One veto on his return to Benfica.

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“Mourinho asks which coach Jorge Mendes will play for Benfica and Jorge says he is at war with (Luis Filipe) Vieira because he wants to go after Jorge Jesus. (…) Mourinho tells Jorge Mendes not to let Jorge Jesus go to Benfica, ”describes the aforementioned summary, in which the current Roma coach presents an alternative: Laurent Blanc. “Jorge tells Mourinho to give Luis Filipe Vieira a message about Laurent Blanc,” he wrote to Sábado in an interview to be held on July 1, 2020, two days after Bruno Lage was no longer coach of the eagles. In the same passage, Mourinho said that Silvino, the former guardian of the Eagles and his assistant, would be a good goalkeeping coach for the Reds. About two weeks later, Benfica announced an agreement with Jorge Jesus, which will be officially unveiled in August.

In this excerpt, Jorge Mendes revealed that he tried to accommodate Bruno Lage at Aston Villa and that he spoke to other Benfica variants such as Pocchetino, Unai Emery and Marcelo Gallardo.

200 thousand accounts and 22 real estate objects

The investigation into the Cartão Vermelho process involved a telephone conversation on January 11, 2019 between Luis Filipe Vieira and his daughter, in which Sara Vieira spoke to him about funding projects for NGOs with which she collaborates. “Jorge will already send the missing 200,000 euros … now when I go with him, I will tell him … Jorge Mendes has not sent him yet, I will talk to him,” said the then President of Benfica. This is how super-agent Cristiano Ronaldo is targeted. Neither he nor his company Gestifute reacted.

There is no doubt that for the public prosecutor’s office, Vieira’s daughter plays an important role in the investigation, because several million euros were spent on her (seven) bank accounts – only on the account of St. Galler Kantonalbank for the period from 2009 to 2010 – despite declaring an annual income of 37 thousand euros and owning … 22 real estate objects in its name.

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Victory and record after the attack



Victory and record after the attack

Wilfried Happio won the 400m hurdles at the French Championships and secured his place at the World Championships. And he did it with his left eye closed

Wilfrid Happio is a name that doesn’t say much to someone who doesn’t follow international athletics deeply. On Saturday, the Frenchman returned to what he does best by winning the 400m hurdles. It was at the French National Championships where he added a new personal best (48.57) to qualify for the World Championships in Eugene (USA).

Of course, none of this would be news outside of France if it weren’t for the pre-competition highlights that were only known yesterday: the 23-year-old, U20 and U23 European Champion. , was attacked during the pre-race warm-up (in the restricted area) and, as if that weren’t enough, he ran blindfolded over his left eye as a result of the attack.

According to his coach, the author was a guy who came “out of nowhere” 20 minutes before the final and punched him in the eye. by the police, allegedly the brother of Happio’s friend.

After the race, Wilfried Happio went to the hospital and filed a complaint yesterday, as did the French Athletics Federation (FFA), whose president also mentioned the case yesterday, helping to add to the confusion in the case by denying any responsibility. “Safety was guaranteed, as in all competitions. An unfortunate event has occurred and we will know how to accept the appropriate consequences, but this is not the fault of the federation,” began André Giraud, comparing: “We live in a particular society, I would say that every day, every weekend, the worst manifestations occur on the football fields aggression than this.

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“I want to play for Sevilla” ::



“I want to play for Sevilla” ::

He came to Portugal to play for Rio Ave but excelled even more at Desportivo de Chavez which brought him a move to Turkey. Marcão is now being linked to Sevilla and has come forward to ask to leave.

The Brazilian defender spent three and a half seasons at Galatasaray, has already played 141 matches for the Turkish team, won three trophies – the championship, the Cup and the Super Cup – and now he hopes to move to a club that will be the Champions League, as in the case of Galatasaray, finished the last championship in 13th place.

Faced with the news that Lopetegui is interested in hiring the Brazilian to replace Diego Carlos, who is heading to Aston Villa, Marcão was clear.

“I want to play for Sevilla so that my career develops,” he said in an interview with a Turkish newspaper. Nationality.

So far, it is known that Galatasaray has already rejected the offer of 15 million euros, but this offer came from Zenit. In Spain, they say that Sevilla are waiting for the perfect moment to start negotiations. Marcao’s statements may force the Turkish club to agree to a dialogue with the Andalusian team, which completed the last La Liga in 4th place.

Under a contract with Galatasaray until June 2025, the 26-year-old central defender was signed by Chavez for €4 million midway through the 2018/19 season.

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Benfica x Galatasaray - Europa League 2018/2019 - Round of 16 |  second hand

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BALL – Francisco J. Marquez and roller hockey classic: “FC Porto’s whistle was blown” (FC Porto)



BALL - Francisco J. Marquez and roller hockey classic: "FC Porto's whistle was blown" (FC Porto)

Benfica’s victory over Porto (5:3) in the fourth match of the final of the national roller hockey championship caused some criticism of the refereeing from the Dragons. After manager Ricardo Ares expressed disbelief that the Eagles had two fouls in 30 minutes, it was Francisco J. Marquez’s turn to use social media to reflect on opponents.

“The roller hockey championship will decide in the black on Wednesday night, but Benfica began to interfere in the decisive game as soon as the fourth leg was over, with the traditional inversion of the truth, taking advantage of very good refereeing. . Ricardo Ares [treinador do FC Porto] did not comment on the actions of the referee, limiting himself to stating that in 30 minutes Benfica had only two fouls, which would be surprising in a friendly game, not to mention a tense playoff match. In the 16th minute the foul score was 8-8, a natural balance in line with the history of the games between the two teams and even in harmony with the balance between the championship finalists. From that moment on, the whistle was blown at Porto and released at Benfica. Porto were winning 1-0 and the foul streak started for only one side, with Benfica taking advantage of the 10th foul to equalize. A new advantage for our team and a few more fouls for Benfica, who drew from a free kick on the 15th foul. At the 15th minute of the game the score was 7-0 on fouls, after 8-8 of the first 16 minutes. Until 21 minutes later, the ninth foul of Benfica followed, when the score was already 4-2. Only those who have never seen a hockey game might find it normal.”

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The PR director of FC Porto also spoke about the situation that happened at half-time at the Pavillão da Luz stadium, when Luis Senica, President of the Portuguese Skating Federation, was forced to leave the President’s podium after the fans heated up.

“Speaking of watching hockey games, Luis Senica, the president of the figure skating federation, can come to the Dragao Arena to watch the decisive game because he will not be mistreated or harassed. Our fans, as usual, will support the team unsurpassed,” he concluded.

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