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Daniel Oliveira’s Giant Headache and Christina Ferreira’s Revenge – The Mag



Daniel Oliveira's Giant Headache and Christina Ferreira's Revenge - The Mag

Daniel Oliveira has been suffering from insomnia since Sunday.
In the end, the debut of “Big Brother Famosos” constantly brought TVI closer to SIC. On Sunday, at the premiere, there was a “technical spat” (19.4%), although the reality show also touched upon the premiere of the new issue of “Hell’s Kitchen” of Christina Ferreira’s main rival, Lubomir Stanisic (we’ll talk about these two later). On Monday, SIC won with a share of 18.2%, while TVI won 18.1%. On Tuesday, the difference was still one-tenth: 17.4% for SIC, 17.3% for TVI. On Wednesday – the last day we have access, at the time of writing this news for the audited Marktest audience – the gap between competing stations has widened, but not significantly: 17.8% for SIC, 16.7% for TVI.

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The exchange of accusations between Bruno de Carvalho and Leandro nearly fell apart

At first glance, Daniel Oliveira is doing well as he continues to win – and most importantly – the final results of each day. But it’s not that simple to the SIC Program Director. Because despite Christina Ferreira’s many setbacks since she switched to TVI just over a year ago, the real truth is that the distance separating the two stations in terms of ratings is shrinking, hitting a low this week.

What is going on? What is Oliveira’s puzzle to solve? And what does Christina have to ensure that the result completely changes, what has she been waiting for for so many months?


If Big Brother’s debut became the topic of the day due to controversial competitors that spark curiosity – Bruno de Carvalho is the best example – reality show success goes beyond Sunday galasThis, yes, led by Christina Ferreira. The daily “specials” of the program have produced excellent results. “Extra” at the end of the evening has no competition for a long time, being the most watched program at that time – of course. As for “Extra” at the end of the day – prime time access – it nearly doubled the results of its predecessor, “Cristina ComVida”, which ended this week and was the biggest disappointment of any program planned. and presenter Christina Ferreira.

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The daily “Extra” can only come close to the numbers obtained by “Preço Certo” Fernando Mendes, who almost every day manages to position himself among the most watched programs of the day with a larger audience than most primetime shows. And what happens to SIC in those moments when a knockout is required? Daniel Oliveira’s new version of Stress 2022 has a title: Brazilian soap operas. These are those who do not succeed during the day (as opposed to what happened in the summer against “Cristina ComVida”) and even more so at the end of the night.

And if at night this is of paramount importance, then it becomes dangerous to be a third party when accessing the Jornal da Noit. Also because at the moment the results of the news, which are led by Rodrigo Gedes de Carvalho or Clara de Sousa, are an achievement. SIC starts to lose, wins with the newspaper, and then falls again. In other words, the audience “switches channel” to watch this space, but then leaves … which is troubling.

The opposite occurs in TVI. It is only after Pedro Mourinho’s Jornal das Oito that the audience returns to see another popular phenomenon: the soap opera Festa é Festa. In fact, its premiere was Cristina Ferreira’s first major victory – at the time already supported by Gabriela Sobral, who was in charge of the radio’s fiction, although Cristina was entirely responsible for the tone of the production.

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Take a look at the mistakes that happened behind the scenes of the TVI soap opera.

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“Party is Party” surpassed “Amor Amor”, getting better almost every day. Now it has a new ally: “Quero é Viver”, a new TVI feature film that has already become the most watched program of the day this week, although it airs after 22:00.

Where are we going then? For TV, do I take over? Finally changing the results? Will SIC’s defense strategy play with safe and familiar programs without “waves” or “inventions” to ensure its leadership? Is there enough information to address programming weaknesses? Or Daniel will continue to select new “packaged” programs that have already been broadcast – the most prominent example is Terra Nostra, I don’t know how much it is “worth watching again” over the same re-broadcast episodes. – editions of them.


For Christina Ferreira, this will also be an all-or-nothing year. If, on the one hand, TVI’s entertainment director “bites his own heels” in front of SIC, she will face trial with her former bosses later this year. SIC demands 20.3 million from Christina Ferreira for breach of contract with the station on June 17, 2020. The presenter, of course, argues and claims that she was deceived. SIC is trying to prove how much he lost in commercial contracts with the departure of the most prominent figures.

Lubomyr is relentless and will run against Christina

But this year, the courts still have to settle scores. Lubomir Stanisic, the star chef who canceled his contract with TVI on August 14, 2021 – just days after Christina Ferreira was officially introduced there as the entertainment director (i.e. the hierarchical boss of Lubomir) – will also have to answer in court on this matter. year about his attitude. TVI is asking the Yugoslav boss for a much more modest amount than SIC is asking for Christina Ferreira, but just as impressive: 1.2 million.

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In the meantime, this week, in a direct dispute with Christina on Sunday evening, Lubomyr was clearly defeated. His Hell’s Kitchen was far from Big Brother Famosos. But more than a problem for Lubomyr, it is a problem for Daniel Oliveira, who made a big bet on this “knight”, this time without the expected result. The truth is that the Big Brother format is much stronger than the rookie and enjoyable All Together Now, also featured by Christina, whom Hell’s Kitchen competed with in Season 1. Now the artillery is heavier. And it’s good that Oliveira begins to think about attacking weapons, clinging to something that has already brought too much, but surpassed it due to lack of courage, on pain of “death”.

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Jessica Lawson died during a study tour in France. After seven years, the process is completed and no one is guilty



Jessica Lawson died during a study tour in France.  After seven years, the process is completed and no one is guilty

Charges were dropped against three teachers who accompanied Jessica Lawson and other students on a trip to France. Seven years after the death of the Englishwoman, the parents are still waiting for answers and the outcome of the process.

Seven years after the death of a young Englishwoman, Jessica Lawson, during a study tour to France, the case being heard at the Palais de Justice in Tulle remains unimpeachable.

Jessica Lawson was only 12 years old and one of the youngest Wolfreton students to take part in the excursion to Club Correze in Maymack. One of the rubber bands on the pontoon broke, and the girl drowned, being under the platform. BBCpublished in 2015. the rescuer still dived twice until he managed to save the body of the childwho was taken to a hospital in Limoges, but already lifeless.

All children present at the study visit were minors.

The case has dragged on since 2015 in French courts, and just this week, professors Stephen Lane, Chantel Lewis and Daisy Stothers, who accompanied Jessica and 23 other students, were cleared of all blame, the report said. sky news. They were charged with grossly negligent manslaughter and faced a three-year prison sentence.

This Thursday, Jessica’s mother wrote on the Facebook page of a foundation created in her daughter’s name, the Jessica Lawson Foundation, an emotional text about the death of a child and the development of the process. “No wins, no losses, no draws. Enough. We as a family are proud and stand together. A closeness born of our tragedy. A closeness that continues to grow stronger through our guiding light. Her name is and remains Jessica Lawson. For the past two days, the world media has been chanting her name. And this is normal for our family. Unconditional love is a powerful thing. Immeasurable. I’m Brenda Lawson. I am Jessica’s mother. She is my little girl. No court in any country can take that away from me… ever.”

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The teachers’ lawyers argued that the three teachers acted on short notice and that it was an “innocent” accident as it is a protected and protected area. supposedly safe and the child was a good swimmer, but the fact that the pier overturned and capsized made the situation more complicated and caused the teachers to lose sight of the child.

“The territory was examined by a rescuer, the rescuer was present, the flag was green. (…) There was no reason to think that the floating platform could capsize. We do not know if the drowning occurred at the time of the platform overturning. (…) Thus, there is no evidence that they [os docentes e o nadador-salvador] were negligent – therefore they are considered innocent, ”said Marie-Sophie Vaguet, head of the Tulle jurisdiction, deciding not to blame the child for the death.

according to The keeperas well as the rescuer Leo Lemaire, who was on site, and the authorities of the city of Liginiac (from whom they demanded a fine of 45 thousand euros) were found not guilty.

The recent court decision did not please the parents of Jessica Lawson. The parent even left the courtroom after learning that the teachers are experiencing the same pain as the family, the publication reports. BBC.

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The Queen of Denmark regrets depriving her grandchildren of royal titles after she made one of her children cry



The Queen of Denmark regrets depriving her grandchildren of royal titles after she made one of her children cry

Queen Margaret of Denmark has apologized for depriving four of her eight grandchildren of their royal titles. However, he did not change his mind about this decision.

The 82-year-old monarchy, which celebrated half a century on the throne earlier this year, announced on Thursday that from next year the children of her youngest son, Prince Joachim, will no longer be called prince and princess.

Queen Margaret, accompanied by her children, Crown Prince Frederik (left) and Prince Joachim (right), at celebrations in Corsera, Denmark on August 29 to celebrate her 50th birthday on the throne. Mads Klaus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP/Getty Images

Therefore, they will only be able to use their titles of Counts and Countesses of Monpezat and will be treated as Excellencies as their titles of “Your Royal Highness” will be “discontinued” according to the royal family.

Helle von Wildenrath Løvgrin, spokeswoman for Countess Alexandra, Prince Joachim’s ex-wife, told CNN on Thursday that Joachim and his children were “saddened” and “shocked” by the decision, which Queen Margaret sees “as necessary proof for the future.” monarchy,” the royal house said in a statement on Monday.

“In recent days, there has been a lot of backlash against my decision to use the bonds for the four children of Prince Joachim in the future. This, of course, affects me, ”the monarch said in a statement.

“My decision was made a long time ago. In the 50 years that I have spent on the throne, it is natural to look both to the past and to the future. It is my duty and my desire as queen to see to it that the monarchy is always in step with the times. Sometimes that means tough decisions to make and finding the right moment will always be difficult,” he added.

The Queen said she made this “adjustment” to allow younger members of the royal family to lead more normal lives, following in the footsteps of similar decisions by other royal families to reduce the monarchy.

“Holding a royal title comes with a number of obligations and responsibilities that will be transferred to a smaller number of members of the royal family in the future,” he said.

Crown Prince Frederick, the Queen’s eldest son, is first in line to the throne. Frederick’s eldest son, Prince Christian, is second in line. Frederick’s four sons retain their titles.

His younger brother Joachim lives in Paris with his wife, Princess Marie, and their two children, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10. The prince also has two older children, Nikolai, 23, and Felix, 20, from his first marriage. Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg. Although the sons of Joachim would lose their royal titles, they would still retain their places in the order of succession.

“I made the decision as a queen, mother and grandmother, but as a mother and grandmother, I underestimated how much this would affect my youngest son and his family. It gave the wrong impression and I regret it,” said the monarch.

“No one should have any doubts that my children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren are my great joy and pride. I hope that now we as a family can find the peace to find our way through this new situation.”

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Britney Spears’ mother begs for forgiveness: ‘I’ve been sorry for years’



Britney Spears' mother begs for forgiveness: 'I've been sorry for years'

After many years of parental care, Britney Spears she has kept away from her family ever since she was freed from the pressure exerted mainly by her father. Still, the mother of the singer, Lynn Spearsalso does not avoid her daughter’s reaction, and they do not currently have any relationship.

Britney Spears recently left a post on her official Instagram account, where she again mentioned the difficulties she has faced over the years in family relationships.

For me, the real problem is that my family to this day, honestly, has no conscience about what happened, and sincerely believes that they did nothing wrong! They could at least take responsibility for their actions and admit that they really hurt me a lot.” began with a reference to Britney Spears.

For me, only a sincere apology would help me close this chapter, but to be honest, it surprises me every day of my life, even after what is already known about what they did to me. And they pretend that everything is in order! Their reaction shows that I don’t have a family at all that appreciates and respects me!“, – criticized the artist.

After the publication made by Britney Spears and according to the site Page sixthe mother of the actress Lynn Spears reacted to the situation, leaving a comment addressed to her daughter.

I’m sorry about your pain! I’ve been sorry for many years! I love you so much and miss you! Britney, deep down you know how much I love and miss you! I’m sorry for everything that hurt you. Please forgive me” said Lynn, who was still begging “personal meetingcom Britney.

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