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BALL – Reaction to Rui Costa’s interview: praise and criticism without 10 (Benfica)



BALL - Reaction to Rui Costa's interview: praise and criticism without 10 (Benfica)

BOLA invited three well-known Benfica fans to comment on Rui Costa’s interview on BTV the day before yesterday. There was praise, but there was also criticism after 90 minutes of explaining that Francisco Benítez, Gaspar Ramos and Vasco Mendonza were far from deserving of 10.

“There were things that I liked to hear, others that I didn’t like to hear at all, and there were things that I would like to hear and not hear,” summed up A BOLA Francisco Benítez of Servir o the Benfica movement that went to vote together with Rui Costa in the last November elections.

“I was pleased to know that the bylaws committee is progressing at a good pace and that there will be a draft at the end of February, a sign that we will have a structuring document about the life of Benfica that can help us change this dark page,” he listed without stopping: “I also liked to hear that the sport needs more attention and that the pavilions will open for fans, this is a good idea. And the renovation of the interior of the stadium… he said he would do it, and I completely agree.”

However, in other subjects he was deeply dissatisfied. “The audit should be in the Benfica group and, it seems, in the Ministry of Public Administration (MP). The first three contracts were analyzed to make sure MP did a good job, now another 55 contracts… Is this an audit? Benfica is interested in auditing the entire Benfica, to find out if there are crimes in the organization, in the relations between employees, companies and suppliers,” he said, continuing: “I also did not like that Benfica did not became an assistant in the process. They insist on whitewashing Operation Red Card, which means nothing, it’s Vieira’s own business, and he keeps pushing the situation with his belly. And I didn’t like it either, then Rui Coste was uneasy when he talked about how contracts are signed, especially when buying players. So, is he the administrator in charge of football and he signs contracts because he is there if there is no one else to sign?”

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Another negative point was the declaration of absolute confidence in Domingos Soares de Oliveira.
“He and Miguel Moreira are the only two defendants who remain at Benfica, and Domingos has been out of control of SAD for a long time,” he said.

Gaspar Ramos, the historic leader of the Eagles, found the explanation about Jesus “a little complicated” and felt that Rui Costa should have done better.

“He had a duty to prevent this situation from happening in due time, which discredited him and Benfica. So with your experience you don’t know what’s going on in the resort. At least he should have been informed about the structure by people if they didn’t… I think it’s poorly explained, even if it could happen, as he says it shouldn’t have happened. , he pointed out, believing that this trial was “a disgrace to all Benfists.”

The theme of John Textor deserves reservations.

Vasco Mendonsa, columnist for A BOLA, was also far from happy with everything he heard.
“I liked that Rui Costa introduced himself to the partners and took the time to do it. It was an unusually long interview and I felt like it tried to cover a lot of topics and provide a lot of clarification,” he said before moving on to criticism.

“I didn’t like how the signing of documents was described and that it didn’t amount to harmful behavior or a bad decision. As far as I understand, the administrator does not have direct contact with everything that happens, in an organization like Benfica, with the role of Rui Costa in SAD, who had a football portfolio, it is difficult to understand that someone says that he signed the papers, but this does not mean that he was aware of what was happening,” he stressed.

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Read it in full in the print edition or digital from SHAR.

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BALL – “Obviously we could have won: we are developing” (Torrince)



BALL - "Obviously we could have won: we are developing" (Torrince)

Torrense manager Pedro Moreira has lamented the attacking waste of the Ligue 2 formation he manages, which was isolated in charge of League Cup Group H on Tuesday evening, after a 2-2 draw with Estoril in the League Cup match. the fourth round of the group, held at the Antonio Coimbra da Mota stadium in Estoril.

“It was important to enter the game confidently and organized defensively. We took advantage of the first scoring chances we had. Since then, we have created more opportunities than during the construction process, more than enough for us to win and implement,” the Ligue 2 lineup coach of 17th and penultimate told Sport TV, but this continues. in the race for the “quarters” of the League Cup and left a good image in Amoreira.

“We had less possession but more opportunities. That’s why I say that we clearly could have won the game. This team should, as I said, develop, you can see it. I have to send this signal of confidence: they got the better of the game, they created danger with good possession, they created chances. I have to be satisfied and this is already looking at the important game that we will have in Ligue 2 [Tondela]”, concluded Pedro Moreira.

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Qatar began dismantling the 974 stadium for the 2022 World Cup



Qatar began dismantling the 974 stadium for the 2022 World Cup

This Monday, the stadium hosted the seventh and final game of Mundial 2022.

This Tuesday, Estádio 974 began to be dismantled, the day after the seventh and final game of Mundial 2022, to make way for green spaces and recreational areas.

Brazil’s 4-1 victory over South Korea in the 2022 Mundial Round of 16 was the last game at the stadium, which hosted six more games in the tournament, including Portugal’s 3-2 debut against Ghana on 24 November. , for group N.

The hull was built from 974 sea containers, thus receiving the telephone country code (00974), and was the first of three bidders to disappear after the “eighths”.

This morning, all the tarps and nets surrounding the stadium have been removed and the surrounding areas have been cleared, a process that is taking place even before the end of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The work was estimated at 300 million euros and became the first collapsible stadium in the history of the World Cup, which allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble it.



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BALL – “Cristiano has a great influence on his opponents” (Portugal)



BALL - "Cristiano has a great influence on his opponents" (Portugal)

Leonel Pontes is convinced that the team led by coach Murat Yakin will bet on eleven with slight changes in relation to the teams participating in the group stage. The Portuguese coach also emphasizes the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the behavior of the opposing teams and recalls that the Swiss national team is based on the major European leagues.

– How will Switzerland play against Portugal?

– He will play in a 4x2x3x1 formation, where the basic eleventh is left with very little change. Defensive sector with Gregor Sobel of Borussia Dortmund in the back line and right-back Widmer of Mainz, Rodriguez of Torino as left-back and centre-back Akanji of Manchester City and Elvedi of Borussia. He usually has two defensive midfielders left: Freuler from Nothing Forest and Xhaka from Arsenal. Up front and as an attacking midfielder Eintracht Frankfurt’s Sow, Chicago Fire’s Shaqiri and Augsburg’s Vargas on the flanks and as Monaco’s Embolo’s offensive defensive midfielder.

– Eleven people, many of whom play in the best European leagues …

– Yes. Base 11 players mainly play in the two most competitive leagues in the world, English and German. In this order of ideas, this is a selection with players of high technical and tactical quality, strong physically and with a strong mentality. They have the advantage that they have already beaten us several times and believe that the games against Portugal are balanced despite the 4-0 defeat in the Nations League. He has an alternative system: 3x5x2 with 3 central defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 forwards, which can create various problems and be a surprise factor in the game.

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– What is the strength of Switzerland?

– The base team has been playing together for a long time and the quality/experience of its players. The central corridor, from striker to goalkeeper, is very high quality and consistent. A very compact team in defense, mostly in the mid-low block. Very dangerous in fast attacks and counterattacks. A lot of physical strength in duels.

What about weaknesses?

– They attack with a small number of players and with an opponent behind the ball, they lack arguments to get chances. If they remain without the ball for a long time, they tend to increase the distance between the lines and allow them to play inside.

– How do you assess the Portuguese team in terms of strengths?

– A mentality in games with a higher degree of competitiveness and the elimination of the technical, tactical qualities and irreverence of its players associated with the work of Joao Felix, Bernardo and Bruno Fernandes. We have the best player in the world, Cristiano, who has a huge impact on his opponents.

What about weaknesses?

– The difficulty of creating scoring chances in teams closed in the middle block. Difficulty in attacking teams playing in defense with a line of 5 players. The lack of width in the game, taking the game too far into the center aisle. Lack of intensity and speed in the circulation of the ball, which makes the game more predictable. Lack of depth on the sides and slight imbalance in situations and 1v1. Few crosses and few chances to create a gate for the striker.

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– The best Portuguese player in the first stage…

-Bruno Fernandez

– The best game in Portugal…

– Com Uruguayan

– What would you bet on in the match against Switzerland?

– Diogo Costa, Diogo Dalot, Ruben Diaz, Pepe, Rafael Guerreiro, William Carvalho, Otavio, Bruno Fernandes, Joao Felix, Bernardo Silva and Cristianos Ronaldo.

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