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the most persistent and persistent omens



signos mais perseverantes e persistentes

All signs are different and have their own characteristics. But some have certain characteristics. Here are the most persistent and persistent signs.

The term astrology comes from the Greek astrology, from the Latin astrologer. Both are used in the same sense.

Astrology is a woman’s name, which consists in the study of the position and characteristics of the stars, which are studied in order to determine their influence on the fate and behavior of people. The same research can be done to determine its impact on natural phenomena.

According to experts in astrology, in each sign it is possible to distinguish individual characteristics, temperament and individual traits inherent in each sign.

You can also highlight characteristics that share some characteristics, such as persistence. A characteristic that tends to be more expressive in 4 of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac: the most persistent and persistent signs


The term persistence comes from the Latin persistent… This female name means an act of perseverance, perseverance in something (certain behavior, choice …).

So persistence is the quality of one who is persistent; quality that reveals consistency; hardness; relevance. In psychology, persistence is described as the ability to willingly maintain the activity implied by a long-term task.

According to astrologers, there are people who have certain signs, were born in a certain period of time, who show a greater tendency to be more persistent. That is, there are signs that do not doubt until they reach their goal.

Persistent people do not give up in the face of difficulties and continue to struggle to achieve their goals. There are signs of greater persistence. People of these signs are not averse to making sacrifices in order to achieve what they are striving for.

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Capricorn: the most persistent and persistent signs


People of this sign are prone to tireless workers. Consequently, they show themselves as very persistent people who like to devote themselves to a professional business for a long time, giving all their body and soul. Their persistence drives them to achieve goals that seemed impossible.

Capricorns enjoy putting into practice everything they know and they also learn a lot in the process. They enjoy listening to those who know more in order to get better over time.

People of this sign tend to turn difficulties into opportunities, since they do not give up their goals when problems arise.

signs of mischief persist from persistent
Sagittarius: the most persistent and persistent signs


Sagittarius people are also used to working hard. So giving your best is part of your daily life, whether at work or whatever tasks you suggest.

They like to work hard. They are persistent and extremely dedicated in everything. Because they are dreamers, they need to have projects and be persistent in order to complete what they idealize.

When an idea occurs to them, determination makes them stick with it, because no one can convince them to give up. The fact that they are cool people is a quality in this context, as this characteristic helps them.

If others have doubts, it helps them because it motivates them not to give up and show that they are right. They persist in pursuing their goals despite facing many challenges.

signs of mischief persist from persistent
Aries / Aries: the most persistent and persistent signs

Aries / Aries

The Aries / Aries man is often very adventurous and impulsive. However, the person of this sign takes responsibility and his emotions.

When they offer to do something, people of this sign reveal that these qualities strengthen them, as they work hard until they achieve their goals. They are tireless.

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For the sake of achieving their goals, people of this sign make sacrifices. They even do things that hurt them a lot, sacrifice fun …

People of this sign know that in order to reach the top, they need to be persistent. They love to be recognized as successful people. Therefore, they do their best because they do not support mediocrity.

signs of mischief persist from persistent
Ox: the most persistent and persistent signs


Taurus people are so persistent that many call them stubborn. Their persistence is often confused with stubbornness.

The Taurus people are not going to give up. That is why, until they succeed in achieving their goal, they insist, insist, insist on following the same path.

An unusual trait that might even scare other people as Taurus maintains their faith by continuing to make various sacrifices in a situation where most of them would give up.

But they manage to achieve the greatest success thanks to incredible perseverance.

Or zodiac

The zodiac is often represented as a circle with several planets.

The planets are the main rulers of the twelve zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

If we combine the signs with the planets, we can learn more about the person’s personality. Based on this data, you can build a birth chart of a person, as well as learn more about his temperament.

Thus, the Zodiac is an invitation to self-discovery for each of us, teaches us to better cope with the unpredictability of the future, while helping us to better manage our emotions.

Note: This article is for a general approach only. It is designed to identify what usually happens in people with certain symptoms.

Remember that people are not just puppets and that they have free will. However, there are several variables that affect the decision-making process, and stars are one of them.

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Calendar signs

Aries / Aries | March 21 – April 19 | Fire
Bull | April 20 to May 20 | Terra
Gemini / Gemini | May 21 to June 20 | With
Crab / Cancer | June 21 – July 22 | Water
a lion | July 23 – August 23 | Fire
virgin | August 24 – September 22 | Terra
Scale / Scales | September 23rd to October 22nd | With
Scorpion | October 23 – November 21 | Water
Sagittarius | November 22 to December 21 | Fire
Capricorn | December 22 – January 19 | Terra
Aquarium | January 20 to February 19 | With
Fishes | February 20 to March 20 | Water

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RAMMSTEIN @ Estádio da Luz, Lisbon




Four years have passed since Stadium tour belonging RAMMSTEIN started in Germany. Much more since the itinerary was originally announced, and given the pandemic, it has been just under 365 days since tickets for the Portugal concert went on sale. However, after such a long wait for the return of the German band to the national soil, the day finally came when the titans of industrial metal honored us with their presence again. It was the stadium debut of a band that first visited us with two performances in 1998 at Paradise Garage and Hard Club and the national audience saw it grow step by step. Despite the absence we’ve been left with for the past decade (the last show here dates back to 2013 at the then Pavilhão Atlântico), the arrival of the Germans turned Lisbon into a black sea. In fact, a simple trip to the supermarket in the morning would be enough to realize that people from all over the country (and not only) have gathered there, the Portuguese almost all with backpacks on their backs, converging to host a group that is about to celebrate three decades careers. According to some, recent accusations that Till Lindemannthe band’s lead singer, has become the subject of much conversation on social media and the media in recent months – a story unfortunately repeated in the entertainment world.

Let’s face it, it was the national date for the third route Stadium tour on the Old Continent RAMMSTEIN arrived in Portugal in disgrace rather than grace. Even so, the metro ride to Estádio da Luz was electrifying. Inside, we were greeted by a sea of ​​people all along the useful perimeter, with bars packed to capacity and a cool breeze that began to rise in the late afternoon, chasing away any shadow of a potential stadium elephant. Whether you think about it or not, or realize that the future seems increasingly uncertain for the band (or for the band with Till), the truth is that everything is set to welcome you with open arms. You can understand why if you look ahead. A gigantic stage dominates the stadium with several towers dotted across the lawn. Up there, the gray sky is preparing to receive all the explosives that will be detonated all night. Let’s face it, it’s not every day that we go to a show where we have to spend a few very long minutes to even grasp the size and scope of everything that lies ahead of us. And yes, even though the lineup had been circulating widely since the start of the tour, expectations were still high for it. performance in itself. But let’s start because this scene is really impressive; built to recreate an impressive dystopian cityscape that could very well have emerged straight from the classic silent “Megapolis”from Fritz Lang, which is easily confused with the futuristic structure of the current SLB home. Result with the French ABELAR playing piano versions of the classic headliners (on a dais at midfield left), it was just right for a band with such a penchant for imposing, dramatic gestures to shine in all their glory.

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We could try to distort the text as much as we like, and at times it may even seem pointless to write about a show of force like that RAMMSTEIN. They are a HUGE, fiery band when needed; the choreography is thought out to the smallest detail – and, in truth, they have set the standard for what a great concert can be over the past two decades. with every tour becoming even larger and more imposing than the previous one, by this time nothing will allow them to give anything but an exceptional concert. Despite the restrictions, this unmissable event of the year also proved to be no exception to this rule, and once again the idea that no one represents a live show like these people was strengthened. The main export of German metal became famous for two reasons; they cause more explosions than a fireworks factory fire and play music at such a volume that it can often be heard 17 kilometers from where they play. Well, the same thing happened here, with a powerful and loud sound (perhaps too low in the place where we were present at the concert), well supported by sound towers strategically placed so that everyone can hear everything in loud and clear sound. . With the volume pumped up, you could feel the bass rumble through the foundation of the stadium. Taken into account: nothing much has changed on the stage since we last saw them, but everything has gotten bigger, much bigger.

01. ram song | 02. Links 2-3-4 | 03. Punish me | 04. Poisonous | 05. Yearning | 06. My heart burns | 07. Puppet | 08. angst | 09. Time | 10. Germany | eleven. Radio | 12. my part |13, Do you have | 14. sonne /// Anchor 1 /// 15. Engel | 16. Foreigner | 17. You smell so good | 18. Without you ///Bis 2/// 19. Rammstein | 20. I want | 21. Goodbye

Four minutes late – 9:34 p.m. seems to have been strategically chosen to ensure that the musicians would only take the stage at night – and the stadium went dark. To the sounds “Music for the Royal Fireworks”now made an anthem RAMMSTEIN, the group’s symbol hangs on the screen of the structure’s giant central tower. The stage lights up as we see Lindemann being lowered in the elevator. The first flames appear and RAMMSTEIN start engines, as is known, with the help of “Rama Song”. Cell phones stay in the air, capturing the moment, but bodies move to the sound of always benevolent “Links 2-3-4”with priceless Christian “Doctor Flake” Lorenz to remain unstoppable on the treadmill next to the keyboard, while the audience alternately dances and shakes their heads, lulled by undeniable hooks. Journey into the past withPunish me” e”Yearning“, how in “poisonous” in the middle of the passion subsided a little. This or all approached what he saw. After that there is a feeling “My heart burns” and alivePuppet” they made everyone sing in unison again. For two hours, the sold-out crowd at the Estádio da Luz not only saw the band play some of their greatest hits. It really happened. Played almost all big games hitsA “Germany”A “Do you have”A “My Part”A “Sonne”A “I want” and even the song of the same name, but it was the show itself – performance – which turned out to be completely out of this world.

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The level of pyrotechnics is indescribable: Lindemann wears a wheel on his back, spewing fire in all directions, and the guitarists Paul Landers e Richard Kruspe armed with two huge flamethrowers attached to their guitars and firing huge flames. There are more innocent things like huge guns confetti which envelop the entire stadium with paper tapes. And everywhere there is fire, a lot of fire. At times, heat was felt on the face, anywhere from the lawn to the stands farthest from the main structure, and waves of pyrotechnics lit up not only the stage, but also the four towers that towered above the crowd and left them. dark puffs of smoke hang in the sky. There was literally a feeling that we were among the rubble of some devastated post-futuristic city. Then there were more earthy things, with a small stage arranged in the middle of the hall (slightly to the left of those who are facing the stage), where musicians joined the crowd. ABELAR interpret “Engel”, which opened the first Encore. After that, the band members returned to the main stage in inflatable rubber boats and attacked the luxurious trio, consisting of “Foreigner“,”You smell so good»e«Without you“. in a second bis planned, but still very much in demand) there was still time to listen to “Rammstein“,”I want“and, at the moment of farewell, very appropriate”Goodbye“.

The images in the gallery are from GEORGE BOOTS.

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Exposed. Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn’t Defeated, He Just Fell



Exposed.  Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn't Defeated, He Just Fell

Brazilian actor Thiago Rodriguez, 42, was exposed by CCTV footage near the site where he was allegedly attacked and robbed. After all, he had just fallen from the structure on which he was sitting, and hit his head and face on the ground, which led to injuries.🇧🇷 He ended up lying on the floor for about 30 minutes until he was rescued by two people passing by who helped him. The case angered the Brazilians.

Thiago Rodriguez Injured” data-title=”Thiago Rodriguez Injured – Exposed. Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn’t Beaten, He Just Fell – MAGG”>

It was the Brazilian Civil Police itself that released the CCTV images showing that the thesis defended by the Brazilian actor, who is currently starring in the TVI soap opera Quero É Viver, is not true. Police Chief Bianca Lima confirmed to Record TV’s Domingo Espetacular that the fall was the cause of the actor’s injuries, not the robbers’ aggression.

The images were captured by cameras at a commercial establishment located in Plaza Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro, 200 meters from the Jockey Club where Thiago went to party and was expelled from. According to the records, it was 5:40 in the morning when the actor sat on a metal structure, which is located in the square, lost his balance and fell face down on the ground. Only at about 6:10 am he was rescued by two people passing by. However, it is not clear if these people stole the actor’s mobile phone, which has since disappeared, or if Thiago simply lost it in the fall.

The fall of Thiago Rodriguez” data-title=”The fall of Thiago Rodriguez is a revelation. Images Proving Thiago Rodriguez Wasn’t Beaten, He Just Fell – MAGG”> The fall of Thiago Rodriguez

As a result of the fall, the actor received cuts on his head and was even forced to put a few stitches on his head. After that, Thiago went to file a complaint with the police, claiming that he was attacked and robbed by criminals. But that theory didn’t make much sense as the actor still had the wallet and backpack he had that night. “A backpack with things, a wallet and a rope were with him. And we wondered if anyone who goes for such violence would take only a mobile phone,” the police chief explained.

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After all, Thiago Rodriguez was not beaten. The actor will be left alone – News



After all, Thiago Rodriguez was not beaten.  The actor will be left alone - News

Brazilian authorities have denied the story of an alleged attack that allegedly targeted Thiago Rodriguez. The police, agreeing with the video, which is already circulating on social networks, indicate that the actor did fall alone.

Security cameras in buildings near where Thiago Rodriguez was found show him sitting on an iron and falling forward moments later.

The G1 website guarantees that the authorities will suspend the investigation into a possible robbery, given that “the investigation has proven the absence of criminally significant facts.”

However, it is still necessary to understand where the actor’s mobile phone is located. The police, according to the same media, are trying to understand if it was stolen when Thiago was lying on the ground unconscious.

Recall that the 42-year-old artist said that he was robbed at the exit of a bar in Rio de Janeiro.

Thiago Rodriguez is part of the cast of the soap opera Quero É Viver currently airing on TVI.

Watch the video below, published by the Brazilian press, in which you can see the fall of the actor.

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